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Lord Mirk Halfshav

If I make it through this, I'll give up...

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Spiritualist and Dealmaker
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Halfshav
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 40
Birthday: 1/01
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Dealmaker
Height: average height
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: rock grey
Skintone: fair-skinned

Titles: Voice of House Halfshav, Legendary Ritualist, Scholar of the Wastes

Description: This man is stout and well-built. He is not a specimen, he is not impressive, but he is sturdy with broadly sloped shoulders leading into thick arms with a strong chest and reliable legs to match. He has a full beard from ear to ear and a mustach to keep his face warm too. His brow is forever furrowed and his hairline is high giving him a windswept looked. Curling and tangled light brown locks are kept done up in a bun or knot at the back of his head, some charms hanging from it. Tattoos mark his forearm and entire left side. When visible they depict animals, abstract concepts, and places all woven together in a confusing tapestry of black ink against fair-skin.

Personality: Mirk is not a talker nor is he a charmer, he is a dealmaker. You want a little of this, you want a little of that, you don't know what you want? He'll make a deal with you, with your mother, with your brother, with your horse, he'll even make a deal with the spirits of your shoes. It's just his way he either sees what people want or convinces them he knows. It's all about connections.

Background: Halfshav does not always kill shav tribes nor force them to kneel at the tip of their swords. Sometimes they talk to them. The spirits are a universal touchstone and so is want. Lord Mirk Halfshav has always had a connection with the land and spirits. He even views them as separate things the spirits of the land and the nature of the land itself. It's those distinctions and subtle connections that color his worldview and the way he approaches problems.

Born to Eoghan Halfshav and cousins with Brianna, Seax, Arik, and Khanne the man is the eldest of that generation. He was the first to titter about Whitehold as a child. He remembers the births when he was a young boy of 6 even back then he saw the desires of people. The pride of fathers, the wish of mothers, the envy of Uncles. By the time he was in his mid-teens he was already a wanderer. He would leave Whitehold to visit different village shamans and speak of the world with them. While he was at it he'd visit the local tavern, the local matchmaker, really anyone of note. He spoke to them all and learned their stories but he never made up stories to compete always sharing his humble tale as it existed at the time.

It was in his eighttenth year that Mirk Halfshav encountered his first village of shav. He had been hunting for a meal, looking to bring back some pelts to a tanner in a nearby village. He stumbled onto the shavs hunting grounds and was captured. Lucky for him he is a Halfshav and he quickly illuminated the benefits of just moving a little closer to the settlement and instead of competing for game in winter and lands in summer working together. It worked! That was one of the several tribes he convinced by brokering a deal to kneel to the Compact. It wasn't all glory of the blade and he took pride in the knowledge that there always seemed to be a path towards satisfaction for all sides.

Now it is years later and the wandering spiritualist comes to Arx to see his family and bring his particular brand of talents to the complicated politics of the city. Half Savage and Half Hero if Mirk can balance those two ideals he can certainly balance the scales of the Houses of Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Tesha - Both friend and ally.
  • Delilah - A continual source of enlightenment.
  • Cadern - Fellow Scholar, and one to commiserate with on the joys and frustrations of scholarship.

  • Ally:
  • Rowenova - Scout and universally helpful servant.
  • Acantha - Still irritated that Arik snapped her up first.

  • Family:
  • Vercyn - Formidable Duke of our House.
  • Khanne - Cousin and fellow Shaman.
  • Arik - Cousin, troublemaker, and desperately in need of my services.
  • Brianna - Cousin. More reliable than she lets on.
  • Drea - Aunt. High Shaman. A source of wisdom and advice, even now.
  • Name Summary
    Aella Self proclaimed boring man. But at least he sees that he's boring, perhaps he can rehabilitate himself. With a lot of booze.
    Aella The elder is wise, keeps his peace, and challenges himself on behalf of others. A pleasure aboard my ship.
    Aella If you can speak to this man, I implore you to do so. He might be elusive to get ahold of, but his wisdom is never ending and I truly cherish it for all that it's worth. He will always be a true friend to House Ravenseye.
    Agostino A pleasant nobleman from the North, full of courtesy. I hope my advice helps him in his stay here.
    Ahmar A Knowledgeable man. Helped me figure out what I should do to at least ease my own soul over Azzy's death. I like his views on not hurting people when possible.
    Aiden He is in possession of much that of which I do not. I should think we would have common ground despite the differences in upbringing. Very much so. Yes.
    Aine Large and intense, my cousin is also gentle, kind, knowledgeable. He is exactly what Halfshav is, both wild and elegant.
    Ajax A lord, surprisingly generous. Perhaps, suspiciously so. I wonder what his end game truly is? I wonder if I would regret profiting off it? Eh, worry about that when it comes time.
    Alecstazi I fear I have not made a positive first impression with my big mouth, he has, however, treated me with extreme respect and seems to be a very knowledgable man. Not sure about the shamanism though.
    Aleksei One of Khanne's cousins, right? Seems steady enough.
    Alessandro A Halfshav cousin who I do not know as well as some of them -- but by all appearances a good man to have at your side in times of trouble.
    Alexis Lord Mirk Halfshav is a man of contrasts and surprises. Spiritual and thoughtful, he holds himself with a quiet honour. I could do worse than stand at his side, in a battle.
    Amari Too serious to dance, despite my best efforts. Still, he wasn't impolite about it. That was kind of him.
    Amund Someone to keep in mind for present and future challenges and an ally to Telmar.
    Andry I'm looking forward to working together
    Anisha Shaman, diplomat, dabbler. Many things to many people, Lord Mirk Halfshav has an aspect that appeals to me.
    Ann Good man. Knows what's expected of him and knows the path he takes may not be the easiest but it is his and that's what counts.
    Appolonia This one is a puzzle, but I like puzzles, so I think that means I like what I've seen so far of Lord Mirk Halfshav. He is smart, willing to share knowledge rather than hoard it, observant. I hope that he continues to prove interesting. Those are the best sort of people.
    Appolonia I think he thinks he owes me. I don't remember. But I like this relationship.
    Arcadia Happily answered all my questions. I will have to bother him more often now I know his patience level.
    Arcelia A seemingly wonderful man. He asked about my family and I, naturally, asked him about his. I'm sure he'll find his Lady in the future even if he doesn't expect it or now protests.
    Arthen That's one fine northerner, if you ask me. A diplomat, so I hear it told! He ain't bad with tellin' a tale, either, and that endears him to me. I look forward to gettin' to work with him, as it looks like we are destined in the days to come to share a project or two.
    Asher Knowledgeable, helpful, and more than willing to explain as much as he can. But won't follow down a road of self-destruction. Wisdom. I like him. But he likely thinks I'm reckless.
    Ashur This Halfshav lord possesses wisdom in measure, and the calculation and bravery to use his words for the greater good.
    Aslaug Elder Mirk. He has welcomed Eadwacer and myself into the Spirits Hall. Even if there were no other reasons than that, he has my respect.
    Astyr The charms tell a story, but he keeps their details close.
    Austen A man of noble upbringing. He seems to appreciate Ida's work, which is never a bad thing. He is, perhaps, a little standoff-ish, but I could never fault someone for that.
    Bahiya A tall man, by the sound of him, a pleasant voice that reminds me a bit of running my palms over warm, rough stone. The scent of earth and linen and leather clings to him, crushed grass, and something else. Herbs, faintly fragrant but subdued; perhaps in his pockets? A man who enjoys the world beyond the walls, I think, and knows some of the secrets of the forested wilds.
    Beatrice A genteel Northman I met at Princess Helena's poetry reading. He made idle talk amusing and for that alone I owe him my thanks.
    Bedivere Off and on, I encounter this shaman of the North, the patron of Jyri. He seems to be a sensible man with a healthy respect for the Gods.
    Berenice A curiosity. He at least did me the honor of indulging me for a brief time.
    Bethany It's nice to see someone who understands that being a strong warrior is no substitute for good manners.
    Bhandn Apparently I'm not the only man who gets out to do multiple things. First pie, now prayer and plants, except I have no real gift for anything but the first, if my experience is any indication.
    Bianca A genuinely generous man, it would seem. He has the right of it. We could use more of just that; charity, most especially of the spiritual variety.
    Bianca Though perhaps not the most talkative, he is possessed of a clearly keen mind, and a font of valuable knowledge -- and a willingness to use that knowledge towards worthy ends.
    Bliss One of this generation of Halfshavs who isn't out to prove how much of a man he is? I don't trust it. He hasn't tried to anger me or intimidate me once, so I'm not sure how to deal with this - I guess I just get to be polite? Well, where's the fun in that?
    Bonnie Backing your family with support is just good behavior; backing them up with money and drinks too is some real nobility.
    Brady What's not to like? So he's been a good conversationalist.
    Braith Cousin Mirk is an interesting egg. I enjoy is witty sarcasm and the banter we share but there is more beyond that. Family kinship that allows us to have those moments but also offer companionship in moments of need. If Arx has one person I know I can rely on it would be him.
    Brianna My cousin needs to spend less time on paperwork and more time drinking whiskey. The paperwork always sorts itself out in the end, and the whiskey makes the papercuts feel a lot better.
    Brigida Looks like a savage but appearances are deceiving though as this man has considerable wisdom to him.
    Cambria A lord of Halfshav. Somber. Serious. Who wouldn't be given the situation at the time? Well, aside from Hadrian and I.
    Caspian He seemed like a nice enough man. Didn't respond to my provocation about whiskey being dish water, so good on him?
    Caspian A diplomat! A champion's natural enemy. Though he seems like a good enough man.
    Catalana What a wonderful, insightful man. I thoroughly enjoyed his company, even if he did own dogs.
    Cirdan He's a wise man, though I don't use the words in the way one might expect when speaking of one so familiar with the Spirits. For all of his duties as shaman, he does not fail to take into account the realities of the more human realm.
    Cirroch He seems like a nice enough man.
    Cirroch The shaman speaks plainly and with authority - I am glad he does not shy away from his beliefs nor his strength of knowledge
    Clara Another Halfshav and Shaman... I look forward ta gettin' ta know him better.
    Col Seems a very busy man and not keen on using his own title. Looking for pups of his own I wonder if he intends to start breeding his own animals.
    Coraline A noble in the truest sense of the word, and not a bad patient besides. I am very glad he has Rowenova to help him out.
    Cosimo A learned Northerner with an unusually keen fashion sense even by my standards. Polite, forthcoming, and curious - a combination traits complementary to the pursuits of a scholar and a Voice. Sabine's estimation of him seems to be correct, too. In short, I like him.
    Cristoph A man that's grown up in an entirely different region from me and without a different life, not surprising, one would never say the Oathlands and the Northlands were identical. I enjoyed his company and his perspectives. I think we're going to establish a very good and workable relationship.
    Cullen Seems like a shaman version of Lord Arik - older, but favoring the same kind of dress, humor, and the like. Very much a Halfshav, but far more personable than Seax.
    Dante A rather wise northern lord. I do not know many from that region, but his erudition and calm in the face of peril is commendable.
    Danvir Meet with mirk at the tavern we had a good scene and enjoyed it. He is an information broker and Shaman good guy look forward to meeting with him again
    Danvir I am grateful that we have Lord Mirk on our side. His wisdom and knowledge are things I find myself going back for with frequency.
    Darren The typical Halfshav direct candor is present in Mirk, and I appreciate it. His desire to contribute to the social arena bodes well for the future of his usefulness to the fealty. He has become involved in the sort of projects that are near and dear to my heart, and I'm curious to see what he'll make of himself.
    Darren A man far wise and intelligent than perhaps one would give him credit for. Resourceful, easily approachable, it isn't a surprise for Darren that he finds himself seeking the shaman's company and advice when he can.
    Darren Elder Mirk Halfshav is a fine man. An authority on the Spirits, and I am always grateful for his guidance. The North would be darker without him.
    Delilah A conundrum to be unwrapped slowly: the wine-drinking diplomat, the northern lord, the academic shaman. Fascinating, never presenting me the same facet twice. He's fast becoming a gem to be held up to the light to see what shines through and how it reflects. A mind worth knowing.
    Denica I don't know how he was just walking around with a wound like that all this time. Took his treatment like an adult too, which is more than can be said for most soldiers. I hope he's a bit more careful in the future.
    Dianna I might still be giddy from all that's happened, but discussing points of faith - be they spirits or gods - with this lord does bring me welcome relief and direction. I shall have to follow up with him on his knowledge of the spirits when we are back in the city, as I remain so very curious.
    Domonico A shaman of Halfshav. Has been given the role of a builder of a townstead. Not a glorious role but necessary.
    Donella He is a man of honor and that is to be regarded above all else. I enjoy being able to have proper conversation with him, sometimes it is rare, and thus it is a delight to find.
    Drake I do believe he managed to talk down a bear, or at least, cooly took its attention away without panicking in the least. Maybe he's part bear himself.
    Draven Rowenova says lots of the Halfshav people are nice! I don't know! They don't seem to like me much! I don't know if he likes me or not! I will try to be useful! Maybe he will like me then!
    Drusila If all northern men are like this one, then I've been missing out something dreadful. I don't think he trusts me very much but any lasting relationship is built transaction by transaction.
    Eleanor A shaman. Since we'll be spending some time together in the near future, I'll have to ask him about that.
    Elgana Not what I am used to seeing from House Halfshav - Lord Mirk is pleasant, a good conversationalist and doesn't seem to buy into his cousin Arik's attempts to sell me off as a bride. I see potential there for perhaps a friendship and I do look forward to future dinners.
    Elias Collector of debts, destroyer of coinpurses.
    Elora Clear spoken, intense and thoughtful. Honest. My husband admires and trusts him as well, and that speaks volumes.
    Elora A friend and ally of the Whitehawk family. I have several questions that could lead to interesting conversations with him. The hardest part will be catching him when he has a free moment as they seem few and far between these days. Still, I look forward to our next meeting.
    Elsa A shaman, though that is far from the only thing about him. I appreciate his viewpoints and hope to be able to dicuss more with him as time allows.
    Ephrath A new client and perhaps one will lead to more. Wholly Northern, though: I fear I'll never understand their type.
    Esme He seems nice enough, but really it would have been fun to gamble on chance, yes? Next time, I'll come up with something he wants badly. Still people should come and meet him, it is sure to be entertaining.
    Evaristo Some nobles just impress you with their very being - he excudes confidence, calmness, knowledge - and that is a VERY fancy outfit too!
    Evelynn One time fellow adventurer, Braith's cousin and holder of intriguing tales of distant lands.
    Ezra Mirk is a shaman. This might be enough stated in certain cases but there's the interesting element that he honors the spirits but it's hard to tell whether he loves nature for nature's sake. He has plenty of knowledge and it will be interesting to see if there's the passion behind it or if it is more scholarly. With that said, he's cordial and approachable and doesn't seem overly sensitive if you don't line up with his line of thinking.
    Ezra He talks to weather. I can appreciate that in a person.
    Fairen A wise northerner who thankfully brought much in the way of knowledge to the gathering where I met him. I do not know enough from the north, I should change that.
    Faye A thoughtful and curious man, and we tend to agree on a surprising number of topics. I don't know much about Shamanism, but it makes me think I should learn more.
    Fianna Lord Halfshav, a fellow northerner and seasoned drinking partner. Knows a thing or two about whiskey, while I know plenty about drinking water. Good balance there.
    Galatea A spiritualist and scholar. One would think the one diametrically opposed to the other, but I suppose that depends entirely on whether or not one accepts spirits to be real.
    Gaston Wise, as one would expect from a shaman elder among the Walkers, and also generous. I am impressed by his thoughtful and serious approach to my dilemma, and the helping hand he extended was more than I could have hoped for. I am in his debt.
    Gaston A man who understands that one does not have to be in the middle of an event to find enjoyment. That sometimes one can learn more just by observing.
    Gawain He seems like he could be fun to spend more time with. But alcohol might have to be involved.
    Geralt One of the Halfshav's. Seem wise enough, and I imagine good company to have an ale with.
    Gianna An excellent diplomat and a pleasure to work with.
    Giuliano A Northerner with a very interesting taste in beard ornamentation. Rather admirable, really.
    Giulio A most eloquent individual with a deep understanding of certain underlying truths. I do look forward to future discussions.
    Grady An Elder and a Lord, as he told me upon our meeting. But I think, having talked with him, he's more the former than the latter.
    Gwenna I do not know Lord Mirk Halfshav half as well as I should, much to my genuine dismay. I suspect we play similar roles for our houses, at least in the ways of diplomacy, and it's my hope to get to know him better quite soon. As well, he is family now, being a direct cousin of Lorenzo's.
    Haakon He's mad in the way old Branimir is mad.. which I begin to think isn't that mad, at all. He could pass for one of us easy enough.
    Hamish Clearly a deeply spiritual man. With emphasis on spirit. Still, he seems a dedicated northerner lord and a credit to the Halfshav name.
    Harlex You can count on a Northerner, diplomat or soldier, to be a steady as that hard land they come from.
    Helena Friendly and easy going, willing to put up with the strange mercurial moods of this Redrain princess. We'll have to have one of those man-to-man discussions on the secrets of our world someday.
    Ian Talk of the Spirits is getting to be as hard to dodge as talk of magic.
    Iseulet A delightful Northerner and not what I expected of him. Not like Lord Arik in the slightest, but maybe he favors a far different side of the family. The more I learn however, the more I wish to know. Ah, North Men.
    Jaenelle A man of deep importance to his people and family. Lord Mirk showed his willingness to assist to preserve all and not just those his duty oversees. The Compact is all the better for his man, and others could take example from his actions.
    Jasher For a Halfshav, he somehow avoids being as infuriating as the others of his family that I know of.
    Jeffeth He said he was making me uncomfortable, he didn't make me uncomfortable until he said I was uncomfortable. He confused me a little bit, but didn't make me uncomfortable until that very end part. Either way, I think he's a good sort.
    Jordan Ambitious, talented, and proficient. Lord Mirk Halfshav and I have a lot of business to do together.
    Josephine One who, it seems, believes in the spirits, as opposed to the Gods. Though he asks many questions, they are done with immense respect.
    Jules A noble from the Halfshav house that helped you get some information on how to establish some trading outposts and directed you to other people with it.
    Julian A Lord of the north and a good friend to the Baroness, so a friend of mine.
    Juniper Imagine when one day the South's impression of the North includes men like Lord Mirk, as well as the screaming fur-clad warriors whose early raids so terrified the border lands?
    Jyri Patient and wise, a Shaman that I felt an immediate trust in. Maybe I should visit the Grove more often?
    Kace It's no wonder he was named an Elder. He's ever been a rock, a strong foundation to lean on.
    Kaldur An embodiment of Halfshav's words, I found him a man both pragmatic and visionary, both.
    Katarina Lord Mirk holds much knowledge that eludes many in the Compact -- some willfully hiding from it. To use this knowledge wisely requires a sense of right and wrong, though. It is to his credit and our benefit that Lord Mirk has this sense.
    Kedehern I don't know him well, but he's certainly touched by the Air. I imagine in time, we'll come to know each other more.
    Kritr This man knows how to worship. Probably remembers all the names.
    Kutazer He appreciates animals, he is polite and pleasant company, and he is friend to my sister, this marks him firmly in my good books.
    Leif A shaman and lord. seems a good man
    Lenne I don't think I've ever met a shaman with so deep and easy a wisdom as Elder Mirk. It's intimidating beyond measure, to stand before so powerful and learned a man. Yet, he seemed willing to teach a fool girl.
    Leola Elder Halfshav is thoughtful, careful, and as methodically inexorable as an avalanche. I greatly respect him, but if he heard, I'd never hear the end of it.
    Lianne Focused. Composed. A competent ritualist despite dire distractions. Whiskey well-deserved.
    Liara Well spoken and clear about what he wants, cares about the good of his House, and amenable to forthright discussion. Certainly proud to show his roots, by the way he dresses.
    Lisebet Searching for insights, as I am. Lord Halfshav is thoughtful and takes his family duties as well as the compact seriously. This is always a good thing.
    Llewella A dedicated scholar, a passionate shaman, and an absolutely delightful companion. I look forward to more time with Lord Mirk discussing related topics of academia.
    Lora A kind man, and patient. Otherwise we have nothing in common, but I gather I could learn a thing or ten from him.
    Lore He has manners. And charm. Are you SURE you're a Northerner? Another illogically likeable Northerner.
    Lorenzo A good cousin and a knowledgeable man on all sorts of unusual things. I would take his advice on even the oddest of topics.
    Lorenzo A Halfshav cousin I know I can always depend on. Certainly, we are due a long conversation soon to catch up on details.
    Lottie A lord of my patron's house and a kind shaman. He even went so far as to apologize that our first encounter was cut short due to some plans he had. Of course there was no need to apologize, but that he followed up to tell me that means a lot and speaks well of who he is as a person I think!
    Lou I have had the opportunity to work with Lord Mirk a number of times, and he always seems competent and capable of handling himself in any situation.
    Lucene Pleasant. No, the word doesn't quite do him justice. Comfortable may be more appropriate. Words were never my strong point, but I do know that I enjoyed our conversation. It is rare that I feel able to speak so freely about.. well, anything. Be it differing climates or sharing tales of wanderlust.
    Lucita One of the Halfshav men who eventually will seek my help in some house matters. He is mature, has a strength of 'no nonsense' type personality. Will be interesting to see what happens as we talk next time.
    Lycoris Healthy teeth, good muscle to fat ratio, and I hear his feet are worn but the arches are sufficient. What more could one ask for in polite company? Sufficient conversation. His wit far exceeds any expectation I might have had; I could have engaged in conversation with him for hours.
    Mabelle Seems rather cold and calculated. Seemed bothered by my presence.
    Macda I assaulted him with questions at a leather store. He took it well...until he ran away. Maybe he'll come back!
    Macda Shared a drink with a shark. Lots going on under that calm exterior. I'm convinced he was a farmer's son. Convinced.
    Maeve I just LOVE the beard! The beard trinkets are a nice touch! He also has a dog! His dog surprised me when I was hiding in a bush. He is such a good dog!
    Magnus He seems to be a kind man of the Halfshav family. I missed him at the Fealty feast, but he caught up to me at the Spirits. He seems quite friendly, and I will have to make a point to learn more. He would be a good friend to have, I think.
    Magnus Lord Mirk is a very councious and dedicated leader, he knows much about the spirits. I should stick by his side and hope that some of his knowledge will rub off on me.
    Malcolm He knows how to do things that other people don't. Stuff that has to do with the spirits, I think. He also survives pretty good. Excellent guy to take on an adventure.
    Maren A lord of Halfshav, and a nurturer of life. A very engaging companion of conversation, I suspect that there are many interesting contrasts within him, and hope that our paths will cross once more so that I might see another facet of this intriguing young man.
    Marzio A Lord of house Halfshav. He seems to be quite knowledgable of things that I really have no understanding of. I can respect him for that. Perhaps we might forge a friendship and be able to develop a situation that is beneficial for the both of us.
    Marzio Lord Mirk is as wise as ever. A fount of knowledge that always proves to be timely and direct. I look forward to the day that I might be able to name him as a friend, rather than just an acquaintance. If we are able to get into some adventure in the future, maybe that day will be sooner rather than later.
    Medeia Wise, encouraging, kind. A chance encounter has resulted in much to think about and several ideas to work out.
    Mikani First time meeting a Shaman ... I feel oddly calm about that.
    Miranda Ran the brawn contest at the Winter Festival. Stones. I'm going to borrow that for my men. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Mirari A northern shaman I met while I was lost in thought and wandering. The meeting is somewhat hazy... Oh, well. Perhaps I should seek him out.
    Monique A Halfshav, and so kin to my cousin Lord Percephon, and thus, kin of the heart to me. Seems selfless, and very dedicated to his family. Both excellent traits if they're balanced by flaws.
    Morrighan Yet another Halfshav, but this one has more of a familial resemblance, at least to Arik and in part Khanne. I think that is about where the similarity ends, aside from his ability to hold his drink, doesn't seem to care for fighting all that much. Think perhaps I can get along with this one, too, but only time will tell.
    Narcissa Exquisitely dressed in finery that one would not expect from with a surname that includes the term 'Shav'. Still, he is a patient and well-versed teacher who speaks with a passion for his Path.
    Neilda A huge man. Quiet type. I'm intrigued.
    Neilda Knowledgeable, but ugh, so vague! Why do those always go together? It's not like wine and cheese!
    Niklas Lord of Halfshav and wise in the ways of something about which I know absolutely nothing.
    Nina He's very wise in the ways of the Spirits. I so appreciate that knowledge and those stories!
    Nuala The generous wolf that brings back the kill to the family rather than rushing off like a night-stalking cat on his own. He granted largesse at the Spirits and that gesture was a welcome, unexpected thing.
    Olivia One of the better friends I have, and a kindred spirit.
    Olivia Lord Mirk is a steady and calm presence, full of knowledge and wisdom. Pretty much everyone should know him.
    Olivia A fountain of information and a kind soul, always a pleasure to catch up with him.
    Ophelia I enjoy meeting people at the Lodge of Petrichor, especially during the spring months when the grounds come alive. I crossed paths with Lord Mirk by chance while venturing out with my bow to hunt. He is a grounding sort and someone that has an ability to bring an airy princess back down into the moment. I do appreciate that.
    Ophne A deep fount of knowledge. The map ahead of me is becoming clearer thanks to him. I will be greatly indebted to Lord Halfshav for what he has done for me.
    Orchid He seems fun and interesting to speak too. I rather hope to run into him again.
    Orland This guy knows a lot. A LOT. I can see why he's called an Elder. I feel very honored I got to meet the guy.
    Orrin Capable at offering calm in a situation that is anything but, and knows the spirits - a valuable ally.
    Oswyn Ledgers, numbers, and diplomacy instead of a battle axe. An appreciation for the preservation of knowledge. A curious mind is always welcome.
    Parisa A draught of icy-waters in the middle of summer.
    Pasquale Every so often Mirk's name will come up as a man of great knowledge and experience. I wasn't dissapointed.
    Pepper Lore master, a heavy title to hold. But he seems to hold it with pride. Getting to know what information he has would be a great opportunity.
    Petal A HalfShav Lord who is well spoken and neogiates for his house. He seems to understand prodigals and has a good way with words.
    Pharamond A serious seeming fellow. It will be fun to see what type of travelling companion he makes!
    Porter I guess he's right, you can't sail a ship on the land. It's a damn shame though. Horses are a big pain in the ass.
    Quenia I am forever grateful for the help he was willing to offer to myself, and to my city of Granato, helping to work toward a common goal to save my city from a potential dark threat.
    Quintin He seems wise and speaks with the sort of quiet authority that's easier to trust than boasting or condescension.
    Raimon A man full of Wisdom; A man full of Stories. Patient. Open. A Keeper of Knowledge. I thank Mangata for the chance to meet him, Blessed-Be, the Breath of Her Name
    Raja Helping out the lowest of the low in the Lowers. Not many folks do that anymore. My respect.
    Ras A guy with a serious job. Did him and his folk wrong, and he doesn't hate me, least not outright. Gave me a chance to make good, though that's goin slow. Guess I'd say he's... your stern, wise, shaman sorta fellow.
    Reese He seems like a catch! Actually he reminds me a bit of Arik and I don't think he wants to be a catch. He seems like a decent sort of guy. Probably knows the forests well. We might have some things in common in that way.
    Reigna Halfshav. That alone earns him marks in my book. That he understands the value of a good hound only increases my estimation.
    Rhue This shaman elder is a great source of knowledge and guidance, thoughtful and steady in his faith.
    Riagnon Khanne's burly, terribly trustworthy cousin. Of course, can't really say for sure if he's trustworthy- oh, but I already just did so... it's probably true!
    Richard A polite man of poor luck. Who places a piece of paper amongst the tools for a throwing game? I will ensure to have him poured a drink out of a desire to see some form of cosmic balance.
    Rinel A prodigal lord, but sensible, and open to the wisdom of the Faith. I believe the Gods have drawn us together for some reason--there are too many coincidences tying us together and to the Oathlands.
    Roran He is one who though he follows a different belief, is none the less respectful and welcome before our flame whenever he wishes.
    Rosalie An interesting man with refreshing views on a number of subjects. I may have to walk a few of my ideas past him, get his insights.
    Rosalie A shaman of no small repute, I found him enjoyable to speak with and knowledgeable on mutliple fronts.
    Rosalind Insightful and perceptive. I liked him a lot!
    Rowenova This Halfshav noble sincerely regards his born duty to our Northern people, is quite skilled with animal husbandry, is a clever man with witty humor which often gets me, is a fun fellow with whom to group study, and always seems to somehow exude a calming presence despite my overzealous enthusiasm.%RWe were Shot in the Back together during the Riverbend op, too!
    Rysen An intelligent Halfshav lord with a deep connection to the old ways. He seems both honorable and trustworthy, preferring the paths of peace over brutality.
    Sabella A man of good humor, but poor aim. At least, with balled up pieces of parchment! But in truth it was a funny way to be introduced to a circle of friends that were playing a game, even though I declined to partake for health reasons. The health of others, that is!
    Samuele Definitely seems like an intellectual sort.
    Sanya Pleasant company but more importantly a worthy ally to have when facing the unknown.
    Sasha A cousin of one of my trusted friends and a man whose work ethic I admire. I am excited to see what his wise mind will offer Arx while he is here.
    Sasha Another whiskey-drinking Halfshav lord. I may not understand his affinity to the drink, but his taste for research is no mystery to me.
    Savio Wisdom and balance. He seems to remember things that much of the Compact has forgotten, and it is a relief to me to hear it.
    Sebastian Unicorn-wrangler. Speaker of strange languages. Finder of clothes. A good man, all in all.
    Shae Odd. Very odd. Smells funny too.
    Shae Gruff and rough around the edges at first, but there is a lot more there. He has layers to him, and I think it's pretty great when he can get a smile out of him!
    Shard Steady. He seems steady. I haven't seen him lose his shit when terrible information gets thrown at him. I don't think I've seen him so much as blink when terrible information gets thrown at him.
    Signe The Halfshav shaman. I suspect he has many things he could teach me, in time.
    Sigurd A good man, with the right priorities as far as I can tell. Bets good money on drinking contests too which says something for his character.
    Sophie I could sense that there was information he wouldn't share. He doesn't trust easily, but that's ok. It's better than trusting too easily, like me.
    Sorrel This intense Halfshav is an Elder Spirit Walker and one of the best sources of information on the spirits. His devotion to his House, the North, and the Compact is to be commended.
    Sparte A man of the north with a clear vision for what he believes. I admire that, though I wonder how he comes to his decisions on truth. Perhaps every truth is a personal one.
    Sunaia I don't know what "negotiator" stands for in the Northlands (the folk I've met in those reaches use weapons more than words in their negotiations, so I've found) and he claims not to be an architect in spite of being in the middle of building a city. Such a mystery.
    Sunaia It's good to meet a man who is both intelligent and wise - as well as well-spoken. I look forward to helping him as much as I look forward to his help - and, perhaps, friendship.
    Svana He is wise, like Lady Volcica. Would love to ask him more questions about the Spirits and shamanism.
    Swift Very clearly one of the more interesting people to know. I will be sure to apologize to him later. Perhaps with an offering of whiskey.
    Sydney A level head on those not-insubstantial shoulders. Another example that I was born too far south.
    Sylvi A shaman that does maintain an interest in learning about things that are outside of his faith, but quite knowledgeable and curious.
    Teagan Making deals without anything concrete is not something I like to do, even when it's necessary, but at least he doesn't withhold until the blood has been laid to parchment. I can respect that at least and appreciate it.
    Thea Knowledgeable in almost everything. I've appreciated his insight and patience with all my questions and the help he's given. He is a trustworthy man to have.
    Thena Calm in the face of terror. Better at his work than I was.
    Thorvald I like the way this Halfshav Lord holds himself, but then I would expect that of a Halfshav. There is a wisdom in him that I think I may need, and he may be the one to help bring me closer to the spirits and their intentions for me.
    Titus Of his steadfastness to his beliefs, I cannot fault him. I hope there might be someday an opportunity for great differences to turn into greater commonalities.
    Turo Buys drinks. Has the right friends. Can't complain.
    Tyrus A humble and knowledgeable soul. He may not be a sailor, yet he knew of very interesting things and I'm glad to have met him. The wonders of pure chance meetings.
    Valarian A Halfshav shaman with a connection to the spirits, it would seem. I got to see him at work from a distance, couldn't tell much, but he survived some giants so he must have done something right.
    Venturo A staunch supporter even before we first met true and well face to face. Not only did he enjoy the festivities, it was clear the man's mind was already working at what it means for the House Halfshav.
    Vercyn Eldest of the next generation of Halfshavs, son of my cousin Eoghan, I value Mirk's center and his ability to balance his views. He is arguably the least hot-headed of his generation, and I will see him take on more responsibilities in the future of our House.
    Vercyn A strange sort for my family. The desire to discuss and mediate is not always what comes to mind when you think of Halfshav. But, it is a tool we can use none the less. I appreciate his insight and value his skills.
    Vicente Mirk is an interesting man that, you don't really know that many shamans but he's not exactly what you expected. He's outgoing but not pressing about the spirits or religious things. Perhaps some of this is being able to discuss other matters as well. Thankfully he seems to be willing to speak about whatever relatively freely.
    Videl Lord Mirk Halfshav is a man who teases people with stories that he then refuses to tell, such cruelty. I guess I'll have to pester him some more for these stories.
    Vitalis A gracious host. At first I wasn't sure what he was paying me for, now I wonder why it is I haven't been back.
    Volcica A helpful Halfshav. Perhaps the city isn't so bad.
    Volcica An elder shaman, who's been absolutely invaluble since I first arrived in Arx.
    Willow Another Shaman. Well met, brother. Thank you for not turning my inquiry aside when I stumbled upon you and your lovely companion.
    Ysabel A northern man with a very beautiful beard. He even puts little beads in it. Fascinating. I wonder if they have meaning. Probably. Very kind.
    Zakhar Stoic and a fine beard
    Zoey Hospitable and knowledgeable. The tattoo on his hand reminds me of the line Northerners walk between the civil and the wild, but I have no doubt that he belongs on this side of that line as much as I do.