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Sir Leif Redrain

Many will hate me for my choices, many others will love me. To glorify the Gods, I will ensure that I honor and protect both with the same passion and the same zeal.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Northern Templar
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Redrain
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: ruddy

Description: Tall and thick of frame, this man is a fine example of Northern bloodlines -- he looks like the person someone would come up with if asked to paint a Redrain prince. Sturdily built and well-muscled, he has a warrior's form: heavy shoulders, toned biceps and a chiseled core sculpted by years of extensive training and hard labor. His blond hair and reddish beard are kept in Northern styles but are neatly trimmed and well-groomed; so while he might be a bit of a barbarian, Leif is a well-kept and refined barbarian. The collection of small scars littered across his body paired with his calloused hands mark him as a veteran but these features have done little to mar his rugged handsomeness: if anything, they enhance his boyish charm. In particular, the notch across his right eyebrow is a source of alluring mystery to those who might gaze into his rather blue eyes.

Personality: Northerners are often known for their love of fighting and drink and their enthusiasm for life, but Leif stands as a respectful contrast to that. He will go out with his fellows, enjoy himself, have fun, but at a respectful remove: he's not at all prone to excess himself, be it drink or brawling or otherwise, but is always a stalwart and reliable friend. He would never talk down or dismiss the northern spirit, he has a deep rooted fondness in himself for the cutlure of his kin; even if that northern spirit isn't as firmly in him. Leif has always been contemplative. Not necessarily quiet, but with a deep well of patience and consideration; he's a man who would rather say nothing at all than offend a potential ally. He is deeply respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others, which has always been a necessity for a fervent follower of the Pantheon growing up in the lands where Shamanism is most popular. Even from a young age, Leif was considered wise beyond his years, a patient man who is quick to listen, but slow to speak, and slower still to anger. Leif loves to delight those he cares for, whether it be with songs, gifts, or complex conversation. He may not agree but he tries with everything in him to refrain from judgement.

Background: A Redrain prince, born to shepherd the north, and be a blade at the front. From a young age, it was clear that Leif had a wisdom most children his age did not. He was both empathetic and patient, even as a bratty child, that often drew respect from his elders. As he grew this only increased, Leif began to train as a warrior, though many turned to him for his point of view and perspective. He often was able to see the issue from both sides, and mediate whether it be for peer or elder. He approached issues with a calm, and open demeanor which garnered him respect from both the warriors that were under him and led him.

Leif's younger sisters were a prize to him. He spent as much time as he could with them when he was not being called on for his warrior or princely duties. The young Redrain prince was becoming something quite promising, an inspiration to his people, a strong blade, and a kind and wise man. At one point Leif's popularity was nearly unrivalled at one point, there were simply not many that could find a quarrel with the man. Of course you cannot be all things to all people, but it was hard to dislike a man who only poured out kindness and loyalty to those around him.

And then Stormwall happened.

The Pirate King attacked the Compact, and of course Prince Leif Redrain was amongst the warriors who defended the city from the attack of the undead. He cut down many of the enemy but eventually was separated from the rest of his forces. Early on, it was thought that Leif perished in Stormwall. Until it was later revealed that the Prince did in fact survive, rescued by a company of Templar. After he returned, there was a short amount of time until Leif no longer practiced shamanism. And only a short amount of time after that, did Leif renounce his title as a prince and take vows as a Godsworn Templar in the Faith of the Pantheon.

His decision was pretty unpopular in the north, and despite the criticism that he has received, Leif has maintained a deep love and respect for his people. He has a deep respect for their history and their roots of shamanism, but he cannot deny the path and the calling he has found from the Gods. Adamant and passionate about his new solidified faith he has determined, it is the way forward. And so, Leif reports to Arx as a Godsworn Templar.

While some will say he has abandoned his family, and others will call him a brave hero for his choice, Leif maintains that he must love and protect both sides. Hated or loved, he is called to serve, and he will not turn from that calling.

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