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Princess Berenice Velenosa

To the courtiers flushed with wine, life was pleasure, and pleasure life.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Scandalous Socialite
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 4/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark sable
Eye Color: warm brown
Skintone: olive

Titles: The Oleander of Lenosia, Legendary Socialite, The Refinement of Lenosia

Description: Berenice is a creature of slim lines and subtle curves, her assured confidence lending her a statuesque air that her height doesn't quite earn. She is a classic Southern beauty, from the golden olive of her complexion to the high angle of her cheekbones to the rich darkness of her hair that falls in loose waves down to her lower back. The full pout of her lips is prone to mischievous curves. Her eyes are a dark, warm brown framed by thick lashes and given life and expression by the manicured arch of her brows.

Personality: Charming and tempestuous, Berenice loves to flirt with scandal. She enjoys sidling right up to the edge of it, hips swaying, and nudging at it with her toe. Possibly while maintaining eye contact and a smile, like a cat nudging a glass off a table. She quite enjoys people, with all the delights they present, and can traverse the social web with delightedly deft skill. Of course, friendship with Berenice may come with it a fiery blowup or two, but just wait a day: either the slight will be forgotten, or the friendship will. She is, at the very least, never a boring companion.

Background: Berenice grew up afforded all of the privilege and benefits one might expect for a Velenosan princess: she has never wanted for much, and what she did want for, she often wheedled her way into getting. She had a knack for the social web of Lenosia that her family identified and cultivated early, and she did well having some direction rather than letting her whims take her wherever she wished.

As a rather indirect cousin to the main branch of the family, she had to make a bit of noise to get noticed, but she was nothing if not willful. Unfortunately, she was also not /entirely/ tamable to her family's will: when a potential match with an upstanding Valardin prince began to be arranged, and she found herself violently, VEHEMENTLY against the idea of being shipped off to the OATHLANDS, she /may/ have misbehaved herself /just/ enough during a visit to muddle the whole affair before it got too far. Instead of the Oathlands, she ended up shipped to Arx, where it was determined she would make herself useful if she was going to make a mess elsewhere.

Relationship Summary

  • Arcadia - Grow up, darling.

  • Frenemy:
  • Karadoc - My number one favorite noble!

  • Family:
  • Eleyna - Not just /the/ Archduchess, but /my/ Archduchess. What an inspiration.
  • Saoirse - My dearest, most bookish cousin. At least she doesn't try to cook anymore.
  • Ophelia - Best for gossip and giggles.
  • Lorenzo - Best hugs.
  • Alessandro - /Wishes/ he were best hugs.
  • Silvio - Almost as delightful as I am!
  • Luca - A bit belated, but a dear.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Harlex - My Wolf.

  • Friend:
  • Juniper - Warmth and wit.
  • Venturo - Pretty words and more beyond.

  • Protege:
  • Sabine - My dearest, /oldest/ friend. Honestly.
  • Mirari - The best sort of trouble.
  • Name Summary
    Aedin High intrigue to accompany high fashion! She is a splendid and truly gorgeous young princess, as well as magnificently sharp.
    Aella What a sweet thing, far better than that other Velenosa. I'd like to punch him right in the veleNOSA. But she on the other hand wanted to take care of me, I like her.
    Aethan A Velenosa -- a lot more I could say, but that probably covers most of it. Not that that's a bad thing. Necessarily.
    Agostino Among the best drinking companions I have discovered. Engaging, funny, and beautiful, her Highness is someone I would certainly enjoy running into again.
    Aiden I give credit where credit is due. I admire someone asking for clarification before just taking someone's word for it. No matter what is presented, facts and proof, are something that cannot ever be turned aside. I have seen the Princess speak boldly and I do believe, she is a solid choice to follow, should times call for it.
    Aisha Velenosa Pincess and very fashionable. Maybe she'll do my fashion for me so I don't have too.
    Ajax A royal who acts like a royal. Someone to keep at arms length, but useful to know. I look forward to speaking to her in the future.
    Alaric The sort of fashionable, confident, and ambitious Lycene Princess mother tried to warn me about, she rather delightfully leans into the part. I haven't had much opportunity to do so, but she seems wonderfully engaging to talk to.
    Alaric A mind sharper than any blade a man can craft, Berenice is a force to be reckoned with that demands all of one's respect. Not even a king should make the fatal error of underestimating her. How fortunate are those whom she bestows with her favor.
    Alarissa A lovely Velenosian princess.
    Alecstazi She makes poisoning more fun. No. Wait. That was the other one. This Velenosan Princess is made of ebony and pearl, she is everything the foxes are supposed to be. Langourous, dangerous, divine. There are so very few regal royals in this city. She makes up for a lot. She has my admiration.
    Alessandro Enchanting cousin recently come to Arx. She always was one of my favorites -- even if she is mistaken about hug quality.
    Alexis In many ways, I think her highness is exactly what people expect from a Lenosian Princess. She's engaging and entertaining and knows well how to balance on lines.
    Amari She's just what I always imagined a Velenosan princess to be; fun, clever, refined and gorgeous. And very /discerning/, of course. One has to be, to so artfully skirt the fine line between joke and scandal.
    Antea As beautiful and refined as her reputation suggests. Actually, I lie. She far surpasses her reputation. I can see why she has it, however. Were I one to mingle in societal affairs, I would beware this one. She's an apex predator of the first water.
    Aodhan Much like truth and beauty, reality is in the eye of the beholder.
    Arcadia She is so mean! In a brilliant way, really. I'm impressed by it; it's almost like an artform for her.
    Archeron A most lovely princess, able to put up with my self effacing company.
    Arianna Mostly what I expected. How very quaint.
    Arman The Oleander of Lenosia is the epitome of grace and charm and even were we not related I would be hard pressed not to repeat the same.
    Artorius She has a way with words that leads the imagination. It's pleasant!
    Aurora A pleasure to work for, her imagination in design is truly inspiring.
    Azova Composed and eloquent even when proverbially banging her head against the wall. She definitely has my admiration.
    Baldessare What does one say about one's sister? Her star rose high and fast, and she wears it well.
    Beatrice She sparkles in manner and appearance like a diamond and has, I'd judge, a bit of the edge of one, too.
    Benedetto Do I love her out of true affection or terror? Does it really matter? I adore Bee more than anyone else on this planet. Even if she *is* utterly terrifying. Still, if anyone ever dared upset her I would make sure they regretted it for the rest of their life. No one may harm her unpunished.
    Bianca It is one thing to question, it is another to question with an air of contempt. Even so, the princess is a lovely woman to behold and while her sharp tongue and firm opinions are something to appreciate, I fear our first meeting was dampened by a firm boundary I found affronted. I have hope that as a friend of my friend, that brief discontent will not hold firm in its flavor for the remainder of our interactions.
    Bliss If anyone wonders how I might have turned out if I had been born noble, one simply needs to look at Princess Berenice Velenosa. There are, of course, differences, but this was a woman who it was easy to befriend and relate to, and the fact that she has drawn so much attention to herself is certainly no accident - I have never met someone so cunningly calculating before.
    Brannen Princess Berenice founded a school for courtiers at a young age and seems well-versed in conversations and communication as well. Her confidence is... infatuating.
    Brianna A delightful Lycene woman who is going to help me get fashionable again. Gods, won't that be nice?
    Brigida Witty, beautiful and just a little cruel. Odd to run into my younger self.
    Cahal Exactly what you'd expect from a Velenosa princess but I rather doubt that is everything she is.
    Cambria One of the latest additions of Velenosa to Arx. She strikes me as clever and cheeky.
    Carmen Pretty as a picture and fiesty as a wet cat.
    Caspian Clearly a fun, if not slightly evil person. Only slightly though! Just enough enough for it to be charming. And you are cute!
    Cedric I'm sure the lycene find her incredibly endearing.
    Clara First impresisons are said to last forever and not every first encounter is a good one. But perhaps our next encounter will be a better one. I am sure she is a wonderful person and one or both of us was just off our game that night.
    Col Princess Coffee. The Lady of the Dark Brew. What else needs there to be said?
    Constantine She has an energy about her. Inviting and flippant in the same breath.
    Coraline Amazingly fun to talk to, or listen to, as the case may be. I find her entirely charming and hope to get to know her better.
    Cornelius A playful and intelligent young princess. I pity the one who attempts to cross wits with her.
    Cristoph I'm not sure I'm going to get this lipstick print off of my cast. But I guess that's rather the point! An other lovely, charming princess of Velenosa.
    Cullen A rather mischievous and charming Princess with an eye for statuesque men -literally- and boats. Can't say I blame her on the latter, and it's a shame I'm not the former. Still, seems like delightful fun, I'll have to speak to her more, given the chance.
    Cullen My eyes were blinded by her sheer beauty, I couldn't recognize her from it, like radiance burning out my vision itself. But no, all dazzling and grace and wit, just as I recall.
    Dante Keen intelligence with a very perceptive mind, there's a lot to compliment her natural beauty. Quite the impressive Princess. I will take much with me from our talk.
    Delilah The mistral blows with this one, and unsettle in its passing as much as she heralds much by her arrival.
    Denica Very discerning taste. Liked my dress even if it wasn't to her particular taste, seems pleasant and with an eye for fashion, I imagine there could be many things we could discuss
    Denica Mysterious in a way only the Lycene can be, she seems to enjoy herself well, which is always nice in a drinking companion.
    Dianna Bright and beautiful; I quite like her style. And what a wonderful hostess! I can hardly wait for her next event.
    Dimitri My wife's cousin commands a certain level of respect, regardless of the position that she holds. Beauty defined and with a grace that few could hope to ever master. She is certainly someone to keep ones eye upon and I would do well to learn what I can from her.
    Domonico She definitely appears to be a Lycene in the truest sense of the form. She seems to have struck a friendship with Lieutenant Harlex. Not the worse person to choose. At the very least she's be noticed even more.
    Donato Oh, well now. This one. Sexy, lethally so. Charming, and knows it, wields it like a weapon. Mysterious, and a sense of wit that would skewer a lesser person. My, my. Someone to know far better.
    Drake Lovely to see Berenice again at the baths. Her greeting was warm but her smile toward me was a bit inscrutable. A mysterious woman thinking dangerous thoughts.
    Draven Princess Nice Berry! I like her. She reminds me of berries. Very nice!
    Duarte Reputation precedes her, certainly, but I found her to be shrewd and practical. Setting matters, it would seem.
    Eleanor I can't imagine anyone could find a better patron in society than her!
    Eleyna Lenosia is full of flowers and Berenice is one of the most lovely. Her sense of fashion is only matched by her cleverness. I think we'll make a project of seeing how high our little Berenice can rise in the social spheres of Arx.
    Elgana Definitely my sort of princess this one. She is clever and has a sense of humor that I feel is lacking in the nobility at times. Definitely one to seek out again.
    Emilia I don't mind the words she told me. She is my better, after all. But I was impressed with her intelligence and how she stood by her convictions, no matter what they are. I wish she'd put more of that energy into broadening her horizons, though.
    Estil A grand wit, and a great source of sharp rejoinders. I am amused, and think I could always find her company enjoyable.
    Eurion Loves the sea and is lovely company - I look forward to meeting her again.
    Evaristo Playful, joking, charming and a princess all in one. Like a perfect combination.
    Evelynn An amazing dresser.
    Evonleigh The picture of Lycene grace with a sharp mind that doesn't miss a thing, I think.
    Ezekiel A lovely, considerate woman. Her Highness is clearly the epitome of grace.
    Faruq I am not sure what to make of this Princess, and I think that's exactly how she likes it. Mysterious beneath the flamboyant beauty. I hope to show her Ischia sometime.
    Fatima A proper Princess, in that she knows precisely our lofty place in the world! I'll have to keep in touch, in case I ever need an ally in issues of mutual fine pedigree. And I hope Seb *does* paint her. A vision like her is the inspiration he needs.
    Faye I have never before received a random invitation to enjoy the company a couple of princesses. I'm glad I took the opportunity, though. She is clever and entertaining company, and I don't think I'd like to be on the receiving end of intimidation she wished to dish out.
    Fecundo Lovely dress with a lovlier lady inside. She agrees I'm not a peacock.
    Filshiar A glamorous princess I enountered at the Queensrest inn. A clear master of the social scene and more than a touch intimidating, though charming.
    Fiora She's just going to grab someone by the face like that and just do that out in the open like that. When he probably has sweat and dirt and germs inside his mouth and there are people looking and just right out and just right out there. Just out in the open like that. She's just going to do that. Really.
    Galen The cutting edge of fashion and luxury, personified. Charming and incredibly gorgeous, too. I see a future in becoming drinking companions, if I can persuade her to see the benefits of the wondrous heart-curative that is Thrax rum.
    Gaspar My sweet cousin. Beautiful. Protective. And far too intuitive for my own good.
    Gaston It is strange that all the tension you gain around someone never really goes away. It simply ages like a fine wine, and becomes more complex over time.
    Gianna A woman with an eye for fashion.
    Gilroy Fashionable, aloof and insinuating. Taking anything she says at face value would be a mistake. Except for the things she wants you to think shouldn't be taken at face value. Probably. It gets confusing.
    Giulio An aesthete of no small talent. One understands well why she might be considered an arbiter on such things.
    Grazia Charming and expressive with excellent taste in clothes, even if she must cover up during the bitter winter.
    Gretchen Every bit the fashion icon that was described to me. A trendsetter that's going to be getting a lot of free samples.
    Gwenna Princess Berenice Velenosa is a warm and charming presence. More than bright, she adds a vivid joy to a conversation and is as wonderful a listening as she is a conversationalist. It hope, sincerely, that our paths cross often in the city going forward.
    Harlex A princess. Sure she is nice, gracious in her lost bet. But she seems to have the qualities of a feline. Should be weary.
    Harper Walks like a princess. Talks like a princess. Yep, she's a princess through and through. At least she didn't faint at the sight of blood in the training ring. I'll give her that.
    Helena Graceful and confident in a room full of people. She belongs in the center of attention.
    Helia Elegant, poised and fabulous. She's the sort of woman I'll never be, which makes it all the more fun to admire the way she breezes through life with such glorious stylishness.
    Ian She'll give Zoey ideas one of these days.
    Ilira A warm conversationalist, smooth as any Southern Fox.
    Isidora Quite a talker. Though she seems to like what she says.
    Jasher It may be safer to do battle with a kraken than this woman.
    Jasper Met at the Telmar Gauntlet event. Her support of a stranger was a surprise, but welcome all the same.
    Jeffeth A Velenosan Party Princess! She seems very Velenosan and very lovely. Someone fun to have around, I'm sure.
    Jennyva A larger than life Velenosan Princess. She embodies everything you should adore in the Lycene and is someone good to know, I think.
    Jordan She's got a bit of a wild streak in her, but more so, she likes to try and push as many boundaries as she can. I'll look forward to our next interactions - with all due care one might take so as to not rouse the wrong type of attention from this type of royal.
    Josephine Such a lovely and well put together princess. Delightful to have had the opporutnity to sit by them.
    Juneau The first Princess I've ever met. She's beautiful isn't she?! I have been told all others will pale in comparison and I totally believe that!
    Juniper For all of her finery, she gleams in a way that fabric, metal and gems can't achieve! This is the sort of princess we children would imagine back home around the fire, when we spoke of such things.
    Jyri The Tournament of Roses was the most well organised event I've ever had the pleasure of joining. For that alone she deserves all praise.
    Karadoc Princess Berenice Velenosa. She seems to have the kind of exuberance and brightly amused nature that one would find utterly contagious if they weren't lazy (like me.) Hopefully, some of that enthusiasm might transfer when we meet again.
    Kastelon The Legate says she is a subtle and courtly princess, but the side of her I saw was as sharp and cold as a moonlit blade on an icy night.
    Keely She carries herself with almost intimidating Confidence and Grace. It would not be florid to say I was struck speechless upon our first meeting.
    Kenna A lively woman full of good humor and ready to tease. What fun!
    Klaus A stunning and svelte young woman in all lace and aeterna. Dorren liked her though the same perhaps could not be said. Very charming to a solider such as me.
    Kutazer An absolute delight and willing to join in with humor. I am thoroughly charmed.
    Laurel The Princess has some fight in her. That much I caught in the midst of all the chaos. That is something to be said when faced with odds and the strange occurrences that were present.
    Leif The Princess is a fairly humorous one, friendly and with an inviting air to her. I'll be interested to see how her skills with a hairpin develop in the future.
    Lenard A charming princess of equal parts wit and humor. A pleasure to enjoy the /lovely/ weather with.
    Leola There are more delightful things on the faces of noble than the scandel of a commoner who cares for her horse; but I can't imagine a sweeter one on this Princess's face
    Leonidas A kind and seemingly playful Princess, as Velenosans go. I wonder if she can hold her liquor.
    Liara She's chatty, she drinks wine, and she's splendidly dressed with an appreciation for decolletage, all fine features.
    Lore Velenosan Princess. I don't think she quite gets the relationship between Artiglio and Velenosa yet, but she will!
    Lorenzo A cousin, no less delightful for being a distant relation. Always pleasant to chat with. I'll have to bring her flowers in the springtime.
    Lucita A Velenosa Princess, personable, pleasant, witty and an easy conversationist. Looking forward to getting to know her better.
    Lumen A credit to House Velenosa and all of the Lyceum. No doubt her Highness could tame a savage beast or cut it down in a single verse. /No doubt she has/.
    Lys What a lovely Velenosan princess! I had better watch myself around her, however, or she's likely to steel my dresses straight from my person!
    Malcolm Princess Berenice. Very, very much a princess. Can't think of more than that.
    Marisol She's quick, funny, exuberant and vivacious in a social setting. I think she likely could run circles around others. Pleasant and vibrant company.
    Marzio She seemed to be a friendly one, which certainly seems in line with what I've heard of her. She didn't seem to keen on children, but then neither was I before I had any. I'm sure she serves the Archduchess well.
    Matteo Sharp tongue, fiery pride, clever wits. What more could one ask for.
    Melody A positively good bit of fun! I need to catch her more often!
    Michael Absolutely astonishingly beautiful. And almost exceeding her beauty with pure sass.
    Mihai The fox that is sly and shameless both, and thus able to do anything she wants, anytime she feels like it. It's a dangerous combination, to be sure, but damned if it isn't extremely fun.
    Mikani Likes to spread social fertilizer like it's going out of style.
    Miranda A sense of humor, but also a bit of a playful edge. It's good to see in a woman! Plus, she called Harlex "grumpy" and lived to tell the tale!
    Mirari She seems to be quite lively and friendly. I imagine she's going to enjoy the city a lot more than some do.
    Mirk The consummate socialite: Friendly, affable, and always looking to make connections.
    Modi A very beautiful princess, one of the south, of the silk and scandal. I only spoke with her briefly. I had wish it'd gone on longer.
    Monique A wonderful dancer, but not a very nice person. Of course, it's open to debate whether that's an asset or a drawback.
    Mydas My cousin, dazzler of crowds. She offered embers that turned into frost and then flight. It was entertaining.
    Nicholaus Most definitely not boring or predictable and a joy to converse with. I think I'm taking a liking to these Velenosians.
    Nigel A lovely Velenosan princess. Clearly a talented socialite, with the advantages of rank. I do wonder what else those smiles conceal. Perhaps in time I shall discover more.
    Nijah A gracious person, and bright vibrant company. Has good taste in wine and good life advice!
    Niklas A very Lycene princess. She seems nice enough, though someone should probably get her a warm blanket.
    Niklas The very picture of a Lycene princess. Fashionable, beautiful, always at the center of things and exceptionally dangerous.
    Noah The Voice of Velenosa. She tries to be unreadable, and perhaps she is. For she only lets you see and read what she wants you to see and read. When you walk away, you will think you have an understanding but you don't. You have only become part of her puzzle and the riddle she is forming. If you are lucky, you get to be there for the answer. Few are that lucky.
    Norwood Ah, a princess through and though I think. She bets easily, and I'm afraid I lost her money.
    Nurie She is as beautiful and lush as every whisper of gossip I've ever heard. And she spoke kindly to this servant with a minimum of fang bearing, compared to many of our Lycene courts. She cannot hold a candle to my Sabine, but she is one to watch regardless! I do not doubt that she is one that you discount at your peril!
    Ophelia My favorite cousin and secret keeper! So beautiful and /so/ well dressed, I strive to be more like her in that sense. She can certainly teach me a thing or two about fashion!
    Orelia Beautifully attired, and with a hint of a wry, vaguely wicked wit that I find, of course, to be particularly appealing.
    Orelia Hilarious, witty, and possibly allergic to children.
    Oskar We have the same sense of humour, I think. I like her, I think.
    Peri She is bold in speach.
    Perronne My first client! Thus, clearly a woman of good judgement and high refinement. Also, with a lovely sense of humor.
    Petal She seems lovely, popular and worth fighting wars over.
    Pharamond This probably seems way too simple but first impression: She seems like a lot of fun.
    Philippe Lycene Princess, ran a very good race at the beach and gave me a chance to race even when I was late.
    Piccola In war, the fate of a battle may ride upon the bravery of a seemingly random soldier; so as these soldiers usually commoners, it befits a good general to be concerned for all.
    Quenia I find her to be a woman that craves excitement and adventure, and has a boisterous spirit and there's nothing wrong with that. We could come to be friends, I think.
    Raimon A pleasant person with a heartwarming smile and deft conversational acumen, the Princess Berenice Velenosa and I shared a bench as we all watched Harlex utterly demolish people while howling. Talks about stark contrasts!
    Ras So that's the silk who caught the wolf's heart. Case solved.
    Raven Beautiful and charming, I lost my hat to her as a result of a wager of a spar between myself and Harlex. I'm sure she'll look better in it than I did!
    Reese Lovely, popular and always has company. I can see why she does. She carries herself well.
    Reigna I am leery of this one. She seems to be so very full of herself and her position, but there are hints, glimmers of something deeper under all that sparkly exterior. Pity she is related to the other one. Still. I will try to keep an open mind.
    Rey A lovely Princess who interests are purely social. This is find interesting and I hope to meet again to hear what she thinks of the social going on in the city.
    Riagnon How delightful! I think she's part of a traveling musical troupe.
    River She seems quite polite. New to the city and related to the Greenmarches I think? Mhm.
    Ronja My greatest allegiance to whichever royal is not determined by their house or by their fealty, but by how much they'll let me banter about the sea. To that end, I'd be quite loyal to Her Highness.
    Rook A fashionable princess of House Velenosa, Rook first met her at a modeling show and auction, and she seemed very surprised by his degree of fashion. One does not know why, it's really rather his -thing-. Clearly his reputation needs to spread even further, or she's a new arrival. It is assumed the latter.
    Roran A Velenosan Princess with some of the finest fashion tastes that I have seen in the Compact. A sheer delight for the eyes.
    Rorik I wonder if the rest of Arx knows how funny Princess Berenice is. It's definitely an understated sort of humor, but it's there! I see it!
    Rowenova Hung out at the Traders Tavern with us (Val and I). Lovely company in fine silks with expert advice on clothing acquisition as well as apparently knows all the great gossip, too!
    Roxana Dressed to the nines to matter what time of day, with perfume and humor equally intoxicating, I'm a fan.
    Sabella One of those mysterious Velenosan Princesses that didn't exist until recently and I am quitr glad she does because she is utterly delightful! Perhaps a bit mischevious, but what else would one expect from a Velenosan? I think we could definitely be fast friends, much to the headache of many!
    Sabella I would never say we were rivals because I like her far to much for that to be so, as she is a Princess that's known for her grace and beauty and we have gone after the same protege who end up did choosing her and that was fine--it's fine!--and her fashion sense is impeccable and I find it quite fun to see which of us is more discussed in social circles each week. And of course I am very happy for her when it's her. It gives me something to aspire to.
    Sabine How her tail lashes.
    Sanya The princess is certainly enjoyable company and I admire the way she wields her influence.
    Saoirse Look, Berenice, just because you accidentally make an entire dinner party ill when you're, like, 9, doesn't mean you're hell bent on poisoning ALL your future dinner parties, OKAY?
    Sasha A lovely princess who is quite the lovely conversalist.
    Sebastian A Velenosian princess I would be honored to paint... if I could produce anything I was even vaguely happy with. She seems to have a wicked humor which I can certainly appreciate, however, so I'm willing to make an attempt.
    Selene What a splendid outfit she had, and she wore it so well, too! She was good company, and professes to be the troublemaking sort, which is often all the more entertaining.
    Solange A lovely example of the wicked edged beauty of the Lyceum and a model Velenosan. I would not want to cross this princess.
    Sophie Charming. Fierce, as some might call her.
    Sorrel She's a source of interesting conversation, even if she is new to the city. I'm sure she'll adjust before too long. She does have lovely taste in clothes and jewelry, at least.
    Sunaia Princess Berenice Velenosa is both Locke's cousin-in-law and the wolf's intimate - reasons, both, to take a liking to her.
    Sunaia Can't help but wonder what mess the princess has gotten herself into, but I'll sort it. Of course.
    Sylvie A woman who seems like she could make as formidable an ally as an enemy, but I think we can be quite good friends.
    Talwyn Lycene through and through, she has a commendable sense of self-preservation to wrap herself in furs on the chill of early spring, and a definite charm about her. Many will fall before her should they not exercise caution. Then they may well be thankful to cast themselves at her feet.
    Talwyn What a Lycene Princess! If you want to see every virtue, value and belief the Lycene have. Find Berenice. A delight to be around, a captivating presence and one I will be in again soon.
    Terese A lovely lady, as Harlex proclaims, as beautiful as she is eloquent.
    Tescelina She is a treat, certainly, like a summer evening.
    Theo My darling cousin. She is under the mistaken impression, I think, that she is prettier than me; wrong though she may be, I can't find it within me to hold it against her. A dear.
    Tomwell She has a dreadfully annoying habit of getting secrets out of me without even seeming to try.
    Turo Captivating woman. Insightful and a wonderful conversationalist. Excellent at hiding pockets.
    Tyrus The Oleander of Lenosia. I had heard the monicker before, but had never met the woman until now. I cannot claim that she broke all expectations, for I did not possess any. She was intelligent, insightful company and selfless in moments she did not need to be. For that, she has my gratitude.
    Valdemar Bright and lovely, but questionable taste in weather.
    Vanora This Velenosa princess is charming and engaging, I've yet to meet a Velenosa I don't adore.
    Vayne It's always a pleasure to meet with someone who knows what she's about, and is comfortable with the practices of the Shrine. That she seems to be well-spoken and interesting is a double pleasure. I hope we can work together to resolve the matter at hand, and I look forward to seeing what we learn.
    Venturo There are lenosian princesses, and then there are Lenosian Princesses. Vain, prideful, arrogant. Some may see only this, but in them? I see a marvelous story to be told, and a quite fine partnership when it comes to the races.
    Vincenzo Fireweave and iridescite. Gods she's as irritating now as she was as a child. Always having to be right, always one last quip or barb to set under the skin. It does not help that she *is* often correct, much to my chagrin. But her tongue spits fire and that nervousness cut me straight to the quick. Fucking family.
    Vitalis Spoiled. Difficult. Dismissive. Playful. And much more I hope to learn over a course of study.
    Vittorio She seems the epitome of a Velenosan, beauitful and sharp. It is shame, then, that my strongest mental image of her is now that of a wet cat. It's probably worth my life to keep that thought to myself.
    Willow Clever, ruthless, and utterly delightful.
    Yasmine I hope she is as bad as Rook says that she is. Scandalous women are the most fun.
    Zara Clever, witty, and just a little bit scandalous. She seems every inch a proper Velenosan princess: a terror to her friends, but worth the price.
    Zoey She is every inch a Velenosan. I suppose I'm safest by keeping her entertained!
    Zoey I hope she is kind to her bookish cousin. The pursuit of knowledge is a noble one.