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Ronja Sandreef

You'll never cross the sea just staring at the water.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Sea Dancer of Eventide Vast
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Sandreef
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/19
Religion: Pantheon (Mangata)
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Tanned and Tattooed

Description: A wild, wavy mane of auburn hair runs down past Ronja's shoulders, and given some semblance of fashion by braids woven in and beads threaded on here and there. Her skin is as sun-baked as her way-out-west islander drawl. Large, sparkling, thickly-lashed hazel eyes fail to keep any secrets as to her emotional state. The rest of her face follows suit, with full lips well-suited to both grins and pouts, and an elegantly slanted nose that can still perfectly crinkle when needed. She has the strong, thin build of someone whose level of activity outweighs their caloric intake, with only slight nods to feminine curves in the traditional model. From her neck down, her flesh is inked with a motley collection of tattoos. Rather than thematically unified works of fine art, her tattoos read like a collection of souvenirs, haphazardly assembled, often crude in their linework and sometimes quite rude in their content.

Personality: Ronja is a free-spirit of the water. She's never been settled in one place. She has stories to tell - it's hard to tell what's real and what may just be on the edge of fantasy. She's seen things and done things that have brought her both fame and notoriety. Quick with a rapier, but quicker with her tongue, she's charismatic, a natural charmer, and exudes a fluid, open personality that just bubbles beneath a surface of wanderlust and adventure.

Background: Ronja Sandreef has only known the sea her whole life. She was born on a cog of the fleet of Westrock Reach. She grew up between her parents on crossings between the Mourning Isles and Arx. She saw what she thought would be the end of her life when her mother was murdered during a pirate raid upon the ship they were on. Ronja, all of eight, attempted to fight back valiantly - and it was that fight and not begging for her life that caused the Pirate Captain that raided their ship to take her in. She was made to work and earn her keep, just like any other pirate.

Over the next decade, she worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming the first mate of her own ship. Then she took over as Captain. She became known for her flash and open attacks in the Vast, with little fear of repercussion. She had assumed her father had abandoned her - until she was reading the Captain's old blacks and found out that word was sent that she had passed. With this in mind, she reached out to her father, now the Sword of Westrock Reach and wanted to make a connection. Thorley's response 'Prove it' set her on a path that turned her against the Pirate King and she fought against the Gyre. Her ship was heavily damaged in the contact and she now finds herself both under repair - and sought by both her former associates and those that she now tries to find her place with.

Name Summary
Aethan I'd be interested in hearing her story.
Ahmar Quite the story teller... I like her candidness as well. Seems an interesting woman.
Ajax A sailor, seemingly fun to be around. Keeping her away from Emmerly.
Arcadia All I want to do is either sit and play with that hair all day or go out and cause a whole ruckus of mischief. She is amazing.
Asriel See? I knew I had heard of her. She tipped me off with all her talk of shrieking and pecking out the eyes of the seaward sailors. As a sailor myself, I am thankful to have survived my encounter with the Ronja. Only time will tell if it is a blessing or a curse, and just why a gull would ever need a ladder.
Athaur A delightful Sailor, pushing the bounds of morality and shocking others. I like her.
Bonnie Shared experiences make understanding easier. Whether it's how it feels to be without a ship to call your own or how sometimes the worst thing that can happen to hardtack is getting to eat it.
Brigida Reminds me of someone from my yout. This girl however has a boldness to her that is impressive. As long as she learns to temper it with wisdom she could go far.
Cahal Sailor and talented storyteller who may or may not be making it all up (she says not).
Catriona Rarely are my mornings so... energetic. This woman was a real window into what the world is like when you've got nothing important to wake up and do. Ironically, it's was very sobering lesson.
Ishmael Some variety of sailor. I do not know which kind exactly but someone to keep in mind.
Kaldur She is a curious woman and it's a miracle she didn't spill any of the half-dozen drinks foist upon her.
Lisebet Reminds me a lot of her father; I bet she won't like me saying that.
Mabelle Could it be I found a new partner in crime? This needs to be looked into!
Marisol A Pirate. Or rather a sailor for the more delicate ears. She is a lively companion and tells a great tale. Nearly chilled to the bone when Ektor and I found her I believe it was to my benefit alone that we aided her, not the other way around. The Valardin Halls are in great need of such vibrant life. I must invite her again, if she will come.
Michael Boisterous, loud, and bad at pranking. I hope she stays bad. My backside isn't going to be unharmed the rest of these weeks, I'm sure.
Mikani A sailor like me. Spunk and tattoos. I really should get to know her better.
Monique I'd pray to Mangata too, if I'd seen what she's seen. I suspect there are a great many more stories to hear from Ronja, and I'm looking forward to hearing them. I wonder if she likes whiskey...
Orathy I got enough trouble than ta be havin this one give other people iders.
Orrin She seems to aspire to a sort of propriety she hasn't yet learned or worn, but the trying itself is rather charming.
Petal She likes trousers and would look nice in lily trousers with red lilies and umbra. She seems very nice and easy to speak with.
Quintin A very enthusiastic spectator at duels!
Reese She has been through some difficult times and has came out as a Captain. She seems intelligent and thoughtful. I would like to learn more about her. I think the Blades are blessed to have her back.
Tescelina A rugged and dashing sailor. She is a living flame, which I sought to grasp, and perhaps burn myself upon -- for a little while. Her dancing was splendid and lively.
Vega A delightful young woman with a talent for stories and adventure. We really need more like this in the city.
Wren Oh, this one I like! She doesn't take herself too serious, but there's something salty about her also, which means she likely knows what it's like to ride the waves, to leave the shore behind for the unknown horizon. I always appreciate that in others.
Wyatt Bonnie seems to really like her, and I'm largely reassured after meeting her that she didn't break in to steal all of our things.