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Lady Lilith Melaeris

Witnessing the life drain from someone you love can make you fear death but I don't fear death. I fear having never lived.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Dynamic Diplomat
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Melaeris
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 30
Birthday: 10/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Fair

Description: Lilith is a pixie-faced former princess with a mischievous twinkle to her wide, expressive green eyes. She has a long neck and a heart-shaped face with small, delicate features and high cheekbones. Her beguiling smile often graces her soft, rosebud lips and frames her slightly pronounced top front teeth. Hidden behind her attentive eyes is an alluring look betraying her lust for life and excitement.

She has fair, baby-soft skin and a subtle smattering of freckles dancing from her cheeks over her nose. Her long, soft curls and waves of light beachy brown hair cascade down her back and over her shoulders. She is a lithe, long-limbed and graceful woman with a strong posture, very in touch with the physical world around her.

Her voice is like down feathers with a soft Mourning Islands accent, gentle, stylish and serious. Her trilled R and sing-song tone are like the whistle of birds. Her presence is often calm and competent, if not with a little stony, rebellious attitude.

Personality: Lilith is a doer and not overly concerned with theory, abstract concepts or discussing global issues and their implications. She leaps before she looks, fixing her mistakes as she goes. She enjoys drama, passion and pleasure, not for emotional thrills, but because it's so stimulating to her logical mind. She's observant and makes critical decisions based on her immediate reality.

As a girl, schooling was a challenge and her teachers would have to relax their regimented, lecturing approach to get Lilith to really begin to thrive. She was a rambunctious child and saw rules as optional always. As an adult, she struggles with these impulses. All authority is subject to her scrutiny. Does her compliance help her, her friends or their goals? If not, she's likely to rebel.

Lilith is skilled in noticing small changes. She's able to read people, sometimes even seemingly able to pick up on hidden thoughts or motives most wouldn't notice. She can sometimes use these observations immediately, calling them out and asking questions, sometimes with little regard for sensitivity. If she isn't careful this bluntness can overwhelm more easily offended people. Feelings and emotions come second to facts and reality to Lilith. She has difficulty acknowledging and expressing her own feelings, even, except sometimes with close friends.

Background: Lilith's early childhood was spent navigating Maelstrom, watching the thralls work and rebelliously hiding from her teachers and nannies. Soon after the Tyde Rebellion started, she was eleven years old and sent far away to Sanctum to ward with House Valardin. She was a special child, intelligent and curious but not one for rules. When her Oathland tutors and foster parents relaxed their reins on the girl she began to flourish and make friends. Around the White City it wasn't uncommon to hear her name yelled after her as she dashed away from her guards.

News of the war was mostly kept from the girl and when she was sent back to Maelstrom at the end of the Tyde Rebellion she was 14 years old. She watched as her grandfather, Donrai Thrax, executed the rebels, including both of her parents, her aunt and her uncle. As an observant child, she learned an important lesson that day on the serious nature of the world around her. Her innocence and naivete died as she realized that loyalty and obedience were matters of life and death sometimes.

As someone with the natural aptitude for capturing the attention of others she learned the urbane ways of a courtier, learning to advise her kin. She supported many a Thrax prince in their goals, fiercely attacking the hurdles to realizing them. Her ties to House Valardin also allowed her ample opportunity to travel to Sanctum and Arx on diplomatic missions. On one such mission she nearly witnessed the Tragedy at Sanctum when the high lord and his heirs were murdered by shavs. Shaken by this she returned to Maelstrom, the joy in her life diminished once more by death.

Shortly after this and while on a diplomatic mission to Astarrea, she met Marquis Raviv Melaeris. House Melaeris having a rocky relationship with House Thrax, had only narrowly avoided destruction during the Tyde Rebellion. After several diplomatic missions to the island, Lilith and Raviv married and she became his marquessa consort, beginning to heal the strained relationship the march has with their liege's liege.

Raviv's sister, Verasha, upon returning finally from her long voyage met Lilith, her new sister-in-law. They became close friends which was fortunate since the marquis later tragically died during the Pirate War. With her husband dead and her having not produced for him heirs, Lilith became a widow lady-in-waiting for the newly envassaled Marquessa Vera, opting not to return to House Thrax. After some time of mourning she travelled from Astarrea to Arx to see to attending to her new liege.

Name Summary
Alexandre We were introduced at the tournament, and I found her company to be pleasant indeed! We did not talk much, I fear taking care of my nephew split my attention some along with the surrounding chaos, but I hope to meet her again.
Coraline Charming and with a wonderful sense of humor, I am amazed that we haven't met before now, and very glad that we have indeed now met. I hope dearly to get to know her better.
Cullen Seems to have quite the storied background with having spent time in Sanctum...a most distinctive voice, an accent one could listen to a person speak in for awhile. The subject matter was grim, though, so perhaps in the future we can get to know one another over less solemn matters...but that seems to be more of the way of things these days.
Denica How long has it been since I last saw my cousin? She still radiates that same quiet strength that I've always known her for, it's so exciting to have her back in my life! I can't wait to show her all around Arx!
Fecundo Looking forward to exploring Arx some with Lilith. Maybe some parts neither of us know yet.
Gianna She likes the arts. I hope she meant it when she said she'd attend concerts and such at the College.
Jasher I do not know you as well as a brother should, but that what you went through had not broken you is a testament to your strength. Perhaps one day we can make up for lost time.
Marian She has a sharp wit and quick mind. I am rather enjoying our conversation in the graveyard. Strangely, no one seems off at the setting but then again we are followers of the Queen of Endings. There is a comradeship in that designation.
Niklas Lady of Tyde, former Thrax Princess and a theater buff. Where were all of these people on the Islands when I grew up there?!
Perronne Well. She's a noble, and what she was raised to be. Pleasant enough, at least, and who knows, she might be a customer in the future!
Prisila Youthful, cunning, beautiful beyond compare and aware of just how that can be used to devastating effect. I like this one.
Sebastian It has been a long time since I first met then Lilith Thrax. I suspect much has changed since we knew each other when we were little. I look forward to getting reacquainted with my cousin once more.
Terese It is a rare treat to run across such a lovely surprise in reconnecting with a childhood friend after so many were lost. While many things have changed, here is to another new beginning and hopefully a fast friend.
Victus Different face, but underneath I can still see the old Lilith in there. We didn't know each other well at all while we were both in the Maelstrom. I mean, I was drinking and fighting to an early grave that never happened and she was being useful. I'm wondering how well we'll get along now. My gut says 'good', but my mouth is still saying 'SHE OLD' when I don't want it to.