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Modi Blackpelt

Hear the trees rustling? The forest is singing to you. Stay and listen, you might even hear the words.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Sociable Prodigal
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Blackpelt
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 45
Birthday: 1/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Skintone: pale

Titles: That Guy With The Necklace

Description: Painstaking effort has been put into the man's appearance, almost as if he had something to prove. His black hair is short and trimmed around the edges, sprinkled with hints of grey. His face is shaved save for a fine mustache that curls outwardly around his mouth. Broad shoulders betray a once much more active lifestyle, although he's not built quite as strongly as a warrior would be. His arms are slim and long, usually being folded behind his back or clasping his hands at his waist. The only blemish that hasn't been hidden away or painted over is the faded scar upon his forehead, which runs in a straight arc down the right side of his face and ends at his jaw.

His choice of attire is almost always something featuring umbra and the color black. If it wasn't for his accent placing him somewhere in the deeper North, he wouldn't look out of place among the high society of Arvani. Clearly he's done his work in ensuring that any trace of Prodigal origin has been buried deep.

Personality: Many would call Modi an eccentric fellow and promptly write it off as his Shav'arvani origins. Regardless of appearances the man is always quick to smile, quicker to offer niceties to strangers and friends alike. For all the time spent in the wilds he does make great efforts to 'fit in' with civilized society. His voice carries a rough and tumble cadence that tries its very best to be polite, but rarely succeeds. He is inquisitive, perhaps to a fault as he continues to learn his newfound life. Though for all his social hardships, the long periods of time spent surviving the harsh colds of the North have left their mark. He is a survivalist when out of city walls and within them, with keen eyes to the path least traveled and innovative solutions to problems. If anything could be said for certain, it's that Modi tries. He tries entirely too hard.

Background: Far in the northern reaches of Arvum is where Modi came into the world. He was born the only child of a Shav'arvani mother and father, committed to the clan known as 'The Blackpelts'. They were a martial people, with deep superstitions rooted in spiritual belief. Modi was raised on the oral traditions of the clan, marring his childhood in hunting and shamanistic ritual. He was destined to one day take his place within their hierarchy as a leader in the physical trials and the occult. However, such a fate was pushed to the side entirely when the one they called the Horned God arose. Soon their tribe was beset by the whispers and machinations of that terrible force. Faced with their enslavement, Modi and his peers traveled into the snow-covered forests to beseech the spirits for guidance. They returned with claims that their survival hinged upon finding solace within the Compact, with which they had lived independent of for generations. Few would accept this stipulation. Their idleness allowed the seeds of doubt to grow. One by one, they followed the call of the Horned one. The Blackpelts were no more.

Modi was one of the few to flee from the chaos, running south after his home gave in to darkness. He boldly claims that the predictions given to him had led him down this path. He'd never looked back until he made it to the city of Arx, where he bent the knee to the Compact's way of life.

Though the life of a prodigal has won him little happiness, it has kept him alive. Everyday is a new challenge in adapting to this strange land. It is a trial that he's taken head-on, spending his time tutoring with the Whispers in learning proper etiquette and sociability. Along with offering his skills as a hunter to the common-folk of the city. His intent is to be useful, as useful as he possibly can be to his new people.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Adora Gods, he's going to be one of those customers. Who has strong thoughts on bookcases? It's a gods damn box with shelves. I don't like him.
Aella Seems like us prodigals are everywhere in Arx. It's good to see another even if briefly.
Amari Quite an interesting person of a quiet manner and solid presence. He didn't shirk on his end of the debate, but crafted a thoughtful counter. Very curious!
Amund Compelling arguments about family. Maybe there is some wisdom to be gained here, after all.
Arthen That's a tall man, right there. Cut him in half, and I'd still have a hard time rufflin' his hair. You'd expect a man that big to be fighter, but he claims to deal in words. And he seems a fair hand at wranglin' words, so maybe he ain't full of it. A lot of wisdom in him, I think. Guess we'll see.
Berenice Quite a lot of serious things to say, but also possessed of quite a charming smile. Alas, had to leave rather directly.
Braith A prodigal and well spoken for one. Well dress and truly learned. But it is his verve, his passion for that which is lost that I think draws us together. That and the North. A path taken is easier traversed by more than one person. It flatens the ground and makes it easier for thost that walk it after. But the most important thing is that you never hae to make those choices alone. Let us see how far we may walk together.
Calandra Necklaces? He has necklaces? I'm afraid I'm going to have to pester him until they shake loose now... poor man.
Clover My protege's protege, does that make him my great-protege? Even so Master Modi Blackpelt is a pleasant conversationalist and I can see that he has a keen mind. I look forward to getting to know him.
Faye An interesting man, and it is the misfortune of the evening that we could not discuss everything we might have wished. Another time we should definitely make up for that.
Harlex Northern Prodigal. He has marks I've seen elsewhere. History, hidden under fine silks. We all try to move on from our pasts. Myself as well.
Jordan A pleasant Prodigal man who has lived for a long time in the Lower Buroughs. He's friendly, and he's a protege of Mistress Champagne's. He's incredibly well-connected, and endorsed good people.
Joscelin The gentleman Prodigal, tall, severe but only when he isn't smiling.
Juniper That's something exceptionally endearing about large fellows navigating unfamiliar waters with all of the charm and conviction they can muster. The man deserves a medal for keeping up with Princess Berenice.
Katarina A prodigal with an acquired taste for the lifestyle of the excess provided to him under the employ of House Champagne. While there's always a part of Katarina that finds some unease in social-climbing common-born testing the fluidity of social classes, she is far more intrigued by the bright mind and untapped potential she sees in Modi Blackpelt. There is a hope that he'll eventually be tempted into becoming a member the Salon soon enough if she can entice him with exploring some of his more obscure interests.
Kenna He seems to be an open-minded man, a trait I find to be something that speaks well of one.
Lore A sweet man, humble even despite his clear skill and poetry. -Excellent- taste in jewelry.
Macda Calm sort with empathy for others. Refreshing really, but what does that say about Arx?
Monique This man certainly makes a strong first impression, based on looks alone. From the North, and not afraid to show it. Furs and bones, I wonder if he is a Shaman...
Niklas Mistress Yasmine's protege and a member of her new house. Clearly someone anyone in Arx's social strata should keep an eye on!
Orrin I didn't expect the opulence, though I might have considering his association with Whisper House. I think he integrates better than he thinks, if only he believed it.
Roxana Rugged man at precisely the age that one can start pulling off 'rugged' and he does it well. Amusing
Sabella He seems very articulate for a prodigal! And he must have many talents if Mistrss Yasmine has taken him on as her protege.
Samuele I am not sure where to begin complimenting first, well dressed well spoken, Attractive in both an exotic and rugged way. A shame that he is already sponsored by a Patron. MM. I will have to make a bid for his loyalty when the time comes.
Selene There's far more to him than meets the eye. What I know isn't something I intend to let you know. Find out for yourself.
Sparte An unexpected listener, but someone who at the same time seemed to genuinely care when he saw a man unwell. That doesn't mean I've seen the full of who he is, but that alone is enough to make me like him.
Talwyn A traveler, a very far traveled one. For all the rough, practical nature of his clothes, he received many people's interest well. I have countless questions if he would tolerate them.
Zoey A curious sort, but he's friendly and open. I hope he finds Mistress Lottie's with no problems and settles well into life here. It's not easy being a Prodigal in Arx.