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What was supposed to be so special about a full moon? It was only a big circle of light. And the dark of the moon was only darkness. But halfway between the two, when the moon was between the worlds of light and dark, when even the moon lived on the edge...maybe then a witch could believe in the moon.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Wide-Eyed Wanderer
Fealty: Redrain
Family: None
Gender: third gender
Marital Status: married
Age: 18
Birthday: 6/21
Religion: Shamanism/Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Transgressive
Height: tall
Hair Color: pale blonde
Eye Color: stormy sapphire blue
Skintone: pale

Obituary: Vanished during the crisis to protect the Lodge of Petrichor, in the Battle of the Grove.

Description: Over six feet tall, and with a slender frame and willowy limbs, Cybele maintains an effortless grace and economy of motion. From the golden hair cascading in waves, to the pale, almost glowing skin and the stormy eyes fixed just beyond the horizon; the Prodigal maintains an air of the Ethereal. High cheekbones and a pair of beauty marks above plush lips at the left cheek adds to the delicate and ageless beauty of the Shav. Exotic like the lights that dance in ribbons across the night sky in Everwinter. Curious, like a soon-to-be dead cat - and that, too, is visible in those elfin features.

Personality: Possessed of the immortality of youth and a burning curiosity about the world, Cybele embraces life with joy and fearlessness, certain of the adventure awaiting around every corner. There's a certain wide-eyed wonder to how the Prodigal approaches the new homelands of Arx, along with an almost childlike fascination. Irreverence comes with Cybele's shaman tradition - as Walkers Inbetween are supposed to cross boundaries and engage in transgression. Still, one can only transgress so far before one's new liege lords disapprove in a manner of consequence, and that, at least is a lesson Cybele has learned - if not taken entirely to heart.

Background: There are places past Whitehold, in the Everwinter, where night starts and then continues for several months before the sun rises again. Where midsummer means the sun stays in the sky until autumn comes. Where the stars wear ribbons to dance at night, shimmering across the sky in celebration of life and creation.

The Children of the Sun and Moon are a Shar'avani tribe leading a semi-nomadic style along the tundras far north, following the yearly trails of their pray and returning to their ancestral homes at roughly the same times of the years. The Children divide themselves into those who hunt , gather and raid(Sun) and those who take care of the homesteads (Moon), which led to a ritualised set of roles in their society. Mostly, Sun and Moon arise along gender lines, but overlap is common, and a Child of the Sun is a Child of the Sun by their own declaration, rather than any accident of birth. So it also goes for the Children of the Moon.

Cybele was born among the Children, and was a fey child prone to dreamings and wanderings that could land a youngling in trouble. With declarations of fealty to both the Sun and the Moon, it wasn't long before Cybele's parents sent their youngest off to the ones that stood apart. The Walkers Inbetween. Cybele, after all, was approaching an age of maturity, and would need to declare to the day or the night, to the Sun or the Moon. To the hunt, or the hearth.

Except... Not. The Walkers Inbetween were the crossers of boundaries, a shamanistic tradition embracing transgression in many things - including gender and gendered expressions. Imbibers of alchemical potions to shift the balance in their bodies, and granted power by their unique position, never belonging but always in place.

So when Cybele was asked to choose between Sun and Moon, Cybele choose neither. Taking the third option, and guiding the Children while standing apart, like others had done before.

The Apprenticeship was long and full of secrets - there are things in the Everwinter that Arvum - and the Compact - rarely hears about.

What came next came as a shock and a disappointment to Cybele's tribe. After the final test, and being declared a Walker, the newly-blooded shaman picked up what meagre belongings had been gifted over the years, and walked south.

Cybele was nearly killed by house Halfshav, but eventually they were convinced of the Abandoned's earnestness, and accepted a prodigal oath. Since then, Cybele has continued south.

And now, the shaman is in Arx.

It will be a grand adventure.

Relationship Summary

  • Darren - Great Bear. Larger than life in many ways.

  • Friend:
  • Sophie - Sister Sophie Valardin. She walks a different path, but I think it weaves between as well, in some ways.
  • Drea - Mother Bear. She has accepted me. I could listen to her not talk for hours.
  • Signe - Nightgold. Heart of the Forest, Heart of the Mountain
  • Freja - Scout of the First Snows, Bringer of Whiskey
  • Mae - Tiny Bit of Trouble. I like trouble.
  • Lailah - A heart that beats in time with mine.
  • Khanne - a wonderful shaman and one of my first friends in Arx.
  • Anze - f'an. Gone south.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha All the people that are taller than me, but! That is okay if their wisdom is taller than they are. Cybele must be tall since their wisdom is so big, they could not see the top of it if they were small! With so many jobs it is nice they will spend time talking to me.
    Aiden Anyone who introduces themselves as the Walker Inbetween the Children and the Sun, as well as a Curator to the Scholars and a Mercy of Blessed Lagoma... is an important woman, regardless of what she says. There are different measurs of importance and those are titles show the impact she has in the world. She's a healer, a scholar, and whatever this Walker is! She doesn't quite understand some of my wit and wordplay. Her compliments are a little off kilter too, but this woman is still a least, making compliments. That's a start, right?
    Aislin Walker Cybele is one of the spiritual teachers I look up to. Some might think they're an odd choice -- I'm a Vellichorian, after all, and so to learn from a shaman seems strange. But I don't think the pantheon and the shamanic belief systems are all that different -- and Cybele has a sort of quiet wisdom to them. They're not always right, no, but I often feel a little more grounded, a little more centered, after we've spoken. Or perhaps that's just my northern blood speaking.
    Amarantha Their calm command helped save two brave souls. I won't soon forget Cyvele's face.
    Ann Knowledgable in so many ways. She is a wonderful teacher (possibly the best I've ever come across) and it was a blessing to sit at her feet and learn for a while.
    Armand While a Shaman, she nonetheless put her body and soul on the line for the Compact. She might worship the wrong Gods, but her heart is in the right place.
    Astraea Smart. Cool. Confident. Definitely well learned. They remind me of angels...although I'd be embarrassed to tell them that directly.
    Avaline I suppose she's Cybele the cat. A vibrant young former Shav'arani turned prodigal from the North. They have an energy to them that I so rarely see in anybody at all. It's refreshing.
    Bianca The enigmatic Cybele has always been a respected member of the Academy. She holds a deeper wisdom that I feel many overlook for all her graciousness.
    Caith I don't even know who I just met but never before have I encountered someone so serene, so centered. I felt very much at peace when I was near Cybele -- they are like an ethereal thing that I cannot begin to comprehend.
    Cleo The reason I traveled south! They are doing well here though I fear they never wish to return home. I understand their feelings though, there is so much to learn here! I am glad they have survived these hot lands.
    Coraline A brilliant, and very strong woman, a teacher and a leader. I truly am grateful to be given the opportunity to learn from her, and more than that to gain such a wonderful friend.
    Costas Every sailor knows a cat board is lucky. That they can talk to spirits. 'Course I always thought that was a bunch of superstitious bull. How about that?
    Cristoph Cybele was kind enough to pull the splinter out of my finger when I couldn't do it myself. Most people would have laughed at my whining and inability to use a pair of tweezers properly. But they never give me any indication they thought that I was incompetent. This was much appreciated, spectacular bedside manner. Or should I say fingerside?
    Darren Shaman, Honored Ones. I'm honored to extend my social protection to you. You have much to teach me, I know, but perhaps I will have some things to teach you as well.
    Darrow A man of spirits, who claims to be a cat. I do not understand this, as he is obviously not a cat.
    Delilah A cute cat who enjoys her milk! She's quite strange, but strange minds work in strange ways, and she might be able to share a different viewpoint.
    Echo She's got an interesting way with words -- It's rather endearing. She's quite talented and she helped fix up my ankle, too!
    Eleanor They aren't like everyone else you meet, but it's nice to find someone determined to be themselves. I wonder if it's a shaman thing or a Cybele thing.
    Esoka Appreciates coffee! And is also a learned shaman, who has dedicated herself to the Mercies as well. Intriguing and wise.
    Fortunato A shaman with an odd, if effective and poetic, way of seeing and speaking. We've different paths, but they intersect in some interesting places I hope we can explore. Between places, always.
    Ian A healer. Good at her job.
    Jayanthi A shaman and a good one, seems llike. A prodigal too. Seems liek a good person to spend time with. Perhaps even paint or sculpt. Humm.
    Jeffeth They seem very nice! Lovely!
    Khanne I never have gotten to know them as much as I would like to. Cybele intrigues me and makes me curious. They are very talented as a shaman, and I have heard as a healer as well.
    Lailah From the first moment, there was something special about this most unique person Lailah had ever met
    Leola Cybele is a weird shaman who seems to know more than they should and is pretty and a little worrying in a good way also Cybele cares. About everything. It's a bit overwhelming.
    Lou She was an absolute delight to talk to, and I learned so many things from her. I think she could be an asset to have on hand in.. well.. everything. I must talk to Reese about her.
    Maeve Cybele seems to be pretty amazing! I had fun sitting and discussing things with her in the Stone Grove.
    Marian A little blunter than what I was expecting but still the shaman has a way about her that invites candor. I truly enjoyed our first meeting. She has me laughing while I discuss my many flaws.
    Merek %bMerek met Cybele a while back at a scholar meeting. They are a curious one, but he has learned that they are generally nice, and quite knowledgable about many things.
    Mirari An intriguing person, who can help you learn how to teach.
    Mirari A formidable Shaman from what I've heard. I'm not sure how I feel about people who communicate with Spirits, but I will say that they do not push too much, which is *always* appreciated.
    Morrighan Mercy Cybele, one of many highly skilled Shamans in the Redrain Ward, and recently newly appointed Mercy of Lagoma. This one has a wisdom about them, and one that has helped me on occasion or two on some matters. Always friendly, easy to approach, I highly respect their talent and ability.
    Mydas A good shaman, from what I have learned, and thus far a good person with an interest in my sister. Which, I don't claim to run her life. Or care to, so long as she's happy.
    Naka Shaman who taught me some principles of observation and perspective. Also, incidentally, showed me the Stone Grove, which is a new perspective in itself.
    Orazio Prodigal shaman. Eager to learn, although not properly respectful of the Compact, the Pantheon, and the gratitude owed by a Prodigal to those who have taken them in. Still, the enthusiasm for everything is rather charming, and there is a sharp mind and clear desire to do good, and to help people, and that must be considered before making a judgement. More information is needed, I think.
    Petal She is very wise and I hope to know her better soon. Us Shamans should stick together! It will be fun to make a dress for her.
    Philippe A teacher of investigative theories that taught me these theories. Reminded me of the knights and sisters in my youth whom would come to visit with books and knowledge to share. These were the people those stories were made from.
    Reese She is very willing to help teach people which is great. I find her mysterious and feel like I don't havee a full read on her yet.
    Rinel I can't remember. There was pain beyond imagining. Grief beyond bearing. But I remember a soft voice, a steady hand, and long, caring arms.
    Shard Shaman. Can't fight. Apparently also from the Northlands, their tribe isn't familiar.
    Skapti Cybeles are Cybeles, or so I hear. Young, but it seems she's got her fingers in more than one set of pies, and fairly well regarded in them to boot for that matter. Not bad for a Prodigal from the Everwinter.
    Snow It is as if she is like me. Healer and blessed by spirits.
    Sparte I don't know why she is touching me but it is something important and maybe it'll help me shake this fatigue. Wait, did she say sponge bath?
    Sudara Someone directed to me as part of a (somewhat complex) exchange of knowledge and tuition by then-Archscholar Aldwin. As a shaman from what even the Truesworn would concern the Far North, conversation and lore can both be filtered through intriguing lenses.
    Theron Knows their business, I can see that. Mercy.
    Valarian A friend of Petal's from the North, with a really neat staff that had symbols on it, and she was very caring of her health. A good person, I'm sure. Seems to be true of a lot of the Northerners.
    Valery The shaman is always interesting and nice to talk with.
    Vayne A protean creature, truth spoken and unspoken.
    Violet The Shaman will guide me in learning the gift that has been granted me. She sets me to ease and around her is a calm. I am lucky to have been told of her, the spirits continue to guide.