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Princess Jaenelle Velenosa

A mourning dove amongst foxes still sings as beautifully.

Social Rank: 2
Concept: The One Who Survived
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 5/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: champagne
Eye Color: sky blue
Skintone: cream

Titles: Archduchess of Lenosia, Grand Duchess of the Lyceum, Legendary Humanitarian

Description: Lovely beyond compare, Jaenelle embodies all that is perfect about a woman. Her large blue eyes sparkle with a joy of life, even when staring off into space. Her creamy skin, unblemished by the trials of life, looks as smooth as satin. Soft highlights of pure gold set her flaxen hair ablaze as it curls ever so slightly about her cherubic face. More often than not, her expression is filled with cheer and mild, delighted mischief.

Personality: As an adult who has found her place, no longer desiring to live only certain parts of herself for certain people, Jaenelle has come into her own. The mask she hid behind to appear unassuming enough so others never quite caught on that there was more beneath the surface shattered into pieces. Her simple minded giggles have become laughter that invokes her entire being, and quick grins that form from inside jokes. The vacantly held stares have morphed into deeply thoughtful, meaningful glances. Composed and calulated, generous to a fault and fiercly loyal, she has found the perfect balance between remaining sociable and sweet while being someone others should never underestimate again.

Background: Jaenelle led something of a charmed life. As the granddaughter of Prince Donrai Thrax, she was distant enough from the Prince of Maelstrom to be spared the more dangerous side of Thraxian politics but still close enough that she was given an excellent betrothal match to a handsome, well born noble. A Velenosan prince, even! They met and courted in Arx, sparing Jaenelle again from the more dangerous Lyceum and married in a beautiful ceremony that celebrated the renewed ties between two of the greatest houses in the world. Of course, not everything could be good luck. They weren't married long when a tragic accident took her new husband from her. While she's very sad, the Duchess Esera Velenosa assured Jaenelle that she's still a welcome and important part of her new family. So that helps. Yay!

Relationship Summary

  • Dagon - Level Headed Cousin
  • Victus - Protective Cousin
  • Talen - Protective Holder of Secrets
  • Margot - Tyde Tower Personafied

  • Spouse:
  • Mydas - Inevitable Complication
  • Noah - Chaos

  • Deceased:
  • Fergus - Melting Iceberg
  • Rohkir - Enigmatic Northern Prince
  • Freja - Leather Bound Princess
  • Barric - Storybook Prince
  • Eleyna - Legacy of the Lyceum Garden

  • Friend:
  • Prospero - Moving Target
  • Alaric - Stubborn Sandcastle
  • Vittorio - Gilded Lining
  • Hadrian - Confidant of Many Titles
  • Arik - Deadly Pincushion
  • Rorik - Anchored Broken Compass

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mirari - Dangerous Companion
  • Venturo - Contortionist Instructor

  • Sibling:
  • Galen - Tempestuous Older Brother
  • Leona - The Intimidating Twin
  • Valerius - Lazy to Liable
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne The Archduchess Regent is a fixture of the finest social events in Arx. Her public persona is as lovely as she is; admirable, generous, graceful and gracious. She simply happens to also run one of the five - no, six - Great Houses houses of the Compact.
    Aethan Very dextrous.
    Agatha My cousin just bid 75,000 for an hour of someone's time. She is definitely doing something right, and she had good taste.
    Aiden She recalls our first meeting, I can vaguely remember leaving her abruptly about some matter of birds. Regardless, the second meeting with her I have found her to be cordial. We had discussed the foundations for a good leader, that cannot be physically impressive, which she might be just the teacher for. She has this quirk though to feed people weird stuff from a tavern's baker.
    Alaric When you say someone is demanding, it's usually not in a complimentary context, but I think Jaenelle simply feels that things ought to be efficient and amusing as soon as possible, and what's wrong with that?
    Alarissa Fornerly Thrax, then Velenosa and then still Velenosan. I like when I get a chance to meet with her. A delicious ray of light. Would that we still had her, wha fortune we would have.
    Alecstazi Oh cousin, are you still in there? Or has the wine and heat baked the salt from your blood? Tell me it is not so. Still, a possible ally, should we find a common ground once again.
    Alexio A knowledgeable woman and a master of numbers. I look forward to both learning and collaborating with her.
    Alexis The Princess is truly an astounding hostess, offering her guests unique experiences and managing to make even this lowly commoner feel at home in her company.
    Alis She is somewhat smol, like me. And she has a streak of mischief a mile wide; like that thing she said about the mountain, that was totally made up, and resulted in a billion messages asking about a mountain I know nothing about. THANKS JAE!
    Amund Playful despite the weight on her shoulders. It will be good to watch her closely. See how she does it.
    Angelo A sight to behold, this comes as no surprise given her position. Thankfully with a good head on her shoulders, though troubled by gossip I'm not privvy too. I can tell she wears an entirely different face behind closed doors, and it's not because she has an image to uphold. Something is eating at her. Nonetheless, a pleasant woman, with what little I know.
    Anisha As Archduchess-Regent, I was introduced to her grace at the Path of the Puppetmaster - though we've exchanged letters before. She is ever a gracious delight to be around, and with her talent I don't think it's too much to say that she might've had a slightly unfair advantage when it comes to proving adept rulership - or a gift for courtly intrigue.
    Apollo Exceptionally gracious. I think she sees artisans in a way few in her position would.
    Ariella The Grand Duchess of Lyceum is as gregarious as they say. Watching her command the room without saying a word is, indeed, something else. Seems a tad bit uptight at first glance, though that much is to be expected of someone in her position.
    Arn Thrax princess. Now a southerner. Raving maniac pirates to stab you in the back rogues. At least it's warm down south. Thinks she's funny. She's not.
    Baldessare i guess I can't assassinate her. She's actually a good person. A great leader.
    Belladonna I did not give Jaenelle praise when she rose to the ruling seat of the Lyceum. That was a regretable decision. Having spoken to her at some length, I can say that making her regent was Eleyna's finest hour. If the Lyceum is to endure and thrive it will be on the back of her excellent leadership.
    Berto A jewel of a woman, infinitely kind to a poor trader who crossed her path. As she says, a friend is a wonderful thing to have.
    Bliss A woman who clearly understands the whimsy of the Nox, and is excessively polite. I will need to spend more time with her.
    Braith Spider. There is a spider on her head. But she's gracious and poised despite it. I am not sure if I should be amazed or worried. Maybe a bit of both.
    Brigida A daughter of the Mourning Isles who is as Lycene as any native child of Lenosia.
    Cadenza I am lucky to have a cousin with such a wide variety of strengths. Grace, leadership, the ability to command respect. I hope to be more like her one day.'
    Calista I've only known the Princess as a fellow Lycene though she is Thraxian by birth. She's wonderful company and has just the right amount of spark to her to be properly mischievous.
    Calypso It's been rocky (my fault, mostly), but I think most of the rocks are past. It's good to have my friend back.
    Caspian After running into her before, we finally gotten to speak to each other! A Thraxian in The Lyceum? I'm curious, I want to ask her more about her new home some time.
    Caspian She's one of my favorite people in Arx. I consider her a good friend of mine. Also she has a cute kid!
    Cassiopeia She has a heart for adventure, someone who values a good story and invests in the knowledge of others. There are formidable qualities, in a woman and in a leader.
    Cecilia Always appreciate someone who knows poison stays between friends.
    Celeste The Archduchess Regent is everything she's made out to be, and a wonderful successor to lead Velenosa. I found my time with her far easier than I had worried it would be, and would be grateful for her company in less trying times.
    Cerys Archduchess-Regent Jaenelle Velenosa: I can only imagine the sorts of people that this poor woman must deal with on a regular basis. I certainly look forward to dealing with her more closely as time passes, and I hope to exceed her expectations.
    Cirroch Generous and has lovely stories about their family. Good to see that exists across the peerage, and not just limited to a few.
    Clover Glittering and charming, a perfect leader for the Velenosa.
    Constance I admire people who speak truth, no matter how unappealing. Princess Jaenelle not only speaks truths, but she makes unappealing truths more palatable. It's a rare gift, and I hope to learn whatever rare gifts she hides.
    Corrigan Note to self, ask Laric for a description of this woman's mug, then see a potter.
    Cristoph A very gracious princess from Velenosa. We met to discuss trade and she was quite kind to the young woman we encountered in the inn. It spoke well of her. She also was very knowledgeable on the trade we discussed. I look forward to forging further ties with her and her family.
    Dante One of my best and oldest of friends - kind, generous, warm, and understanding. I need to make more time for her, she must suffer under the burden of her duties and responsibilities. She is also wise and someone that I would like to work with much more, if for no other reason than to be a help to her.
    Daria A wonderfully welcoming Princess that I hope to keep in my close circle of contacts should she need any of my services
    Denica She hosted a dinner party with blindfolds? She's a true artist and she probably doesn't even know it.
    Desma The Archduchess knows how to bind prople together with the shared memories of those they have lost.
    Dianna Archregent of Lenosia; I shall endeavor moreover to present myself to her aide, as her heart and mind have so deeply impressed me.
    Domonico Elegant and gracious, she definately deserves to hold the title and responsibility of the rank that she holds.
    Dorian Charming, thoroughly so, though still every inch a High Lady. Still, not so different as I remember her; she's taken the responsibility well.
    Edain It feels strange to finally meet the Princess after we have been ships passing in the knight for the nearly 6 years I have been in the city of Arx now. She's been a constant fixture, but our paths have almost never crossed. She is every bit as charming as her brother and sister have claimed she is. I feel like she might well be to diplomacy and courtly etiquette what her sister is to the sword and knightly virtue. We are blessed to have her in Arx.
    Eithne The minister of all that is good for merchants, crafters, and business owners in Arx. I met the Princess at her first meeting and she seems to really have her shit together. Thank gods.
    Eleanor The King introduced me to her. She was kind enough to let me join their dinner, and extremely gracious.
    Eleyna When I first arrived to Arx, I was constantly being mistaken for Jaenelle since blondes are a rare sight in the Velenosa family. As time has passed, I realize that we share a lot more than our hair shade in common. She may not have been born a fox, but you certainly wouldn't be able to tell now.
    Elizabetha My sister-in-law, the /Archduchess/, a woman I once stumbled over myself and my words at the mere presence of. Look at us now. Noah calls her his Poison, a sobriquet that I think I understand: the sweetest things are always our undoing. I look forward to all the years and larks ahead with you, sweet sister!
    Elora Sometimes, someone understands the way things crash into each other.
    Erik a lovely woman, exquisitely friendly and charming. I felt immediately welcome in her presence and yet I saw that I should not underestimate her, there is an iron strength there that can show suddenly, without prior warning. I think we can get along charmingly.
    Esme My captain, oh my captain. She is far less uptight than one would think of one in her position. As well, we are going to get a boat and go sailing. She seems very fun in this meeting and I'm sure we will be the best friends that have ever best friended.
    Evaristo Amazing. Alluring. Impressive. Scary. Pleasant. I mean, those words are just a few of a long, long list to describe her.
    Evelynn The archduchess-regent has done a wonderful job ruling the Lyceum and I'm grateful for all the support she has offered my cousins.
    Everett The Archduchess Regent of Lenosia, Grand Duchess Regent of the Lyceum Princess Jaenelle Velenosa arrived at the Farmers' Market just after closing time, engaged in a cryptic discussion with Ibasia about throwing people through mirrors. Very strange. Broken mirrors sound expensive, both in silver and also in Bad Luck? In any case, the Archduchess has come to see that the event went smoothly. I think it did! Ye gods I do hope so.
    Fecundo Very generous of her Highness to take the time to have a good discussion around diplomacy. She was very welcoming and open to ideas and banter.
    Ferrando For a daughter of House Thrax not only to end up in charge of the Lyceum but to arguably do a more successful job of it than the native sons and daughters of House Velenosa recently really says something. Somehow the whole experience even hasn't made her nearly as world-weary as you'd think! Hopefully for all our sakes, this trend holds up.
    Galen My dear sister! As lovely and bright as I remember, I've missed her! I believe deep down that she and I might have hearts more similar than my other siblings.
    Gareth Princess Jaenelle as bubbly as she always has been but somehow finds a way to seem tolerable. It is fortunate she wasn't smashed into a flaming barrel and burnt to death.
    Gaspar A beautiful woman, home within the Lyceum and leading with the grace of one of my blood. Now, more than ever, we need strong leadership. Velenosa will do more than survive, it will thrive with her.
    Giada I've always admired the way she runs things. Thank the gods for the competent.
    Gilroy One does not have to be born in the Lyceum to be a true Lycene. Sometimes one realizes at some point in their life that they've been Lycene all along. A gracious host and a graceful archduchess (regent).
    Giulio An interesting woman, well-adorned and with certain great talents. A good bride for Mydas and hopefully a surcease for past pains. With her connections to the Nox'alfar, an ally most worth pursuing.
    Grady She seems to find her own balance in a conversation by putting other people off of theirs, which makes for a scintillating challenge to navigate that's refreshingly free of interpersonal conflict. I'm not sure if I shall really have her as a houseguest, but I wouldn't be sorry if it were to come to pass.
    Gretchen As poised and picturesque as I expected from such an esteemed woman. Genuine and gracious.
    Hadrian She carries herself with a level of charm that is difficult for many to surpass or equal. Where others may slide into the background in a setting that is occupied by new faces? She steps forward. Where others will sit in silence around strangers? She engages. There are moments where she gives the impression of being an recent acquaintance, but also an old friend. She's personable. That will certainly carry her far. She can still go farther!
    Hamish The archduchess is an absolutely amazing person and proof that ones origins do not define ones future.
    Harlan Though I have seen her often from afar, the grace and beauty the Archduchess is renowned for was a bit of an understatement. In fact it took me nearly three minutes to recognize that she'd admitted to killing several people. Hrm.
    Harper She's gonna be a great Archduchess and she'd have my loyalty just because of Talen and Mydas. But, she's earned it all on her own. And even more than that, she's already an even better friend! I've got her back when she needs it.
    Ian There's something -- else about her. I can't put my finger on it. I wish I had a clearer idea of what she wants from me.
    Ignacio Princess Jaenelle seems to be an intriguing women speaking of interesting exploits. I think I would like to get to know her better.
    Ilira Her Grace is a warmth to the room. She invited me, very readily, to join she and others of acquaintance. Now, let's see where that talk of a ball goes.
    Imi She is a woman of more talents than most people realize. And a sense of style befitting the House she leads.
    Isolde I wish more would see just how truly compassionate she is. And how much she cares for her loved ones, blood or no.
    Jamie Perhaps one of my more unorthodox first meetings. She seems to have a good sense of humor, and I imagine is quite the storyteller. Mysterious as the drinks she poured us.
    Jasper A woman who has been through some hardships and loss of her own but has found happiness she can call hers. A good leader for her people and a caring one. It's an honor to get to know her.
    Jeffeth The Princess of Ministry of Somethingsomething, she was escorting the King. She seemed a very nice sort, I wouldn't mind running into her again.
    Jordan The twin sister to Dame Leona; she's delicate and tiny to Leona's tall athleticism, but her strengths lie in another arena altogether. I do not underestimate this Princess of Velenosa one bit; some people know how to use their beauty as the foot in the door for great things, and she seems the type to know how to do so just as well.
    Josephine A princess of Velenosa, formerly of Thrax I am told, and a lovely woman. Always popping in and trusting me to tend to her metallurgical needs. A delight to be around.
    Josephine The Archduches-Regent is a grand and lovely Princess and ever when our paths cross in business or pleasure, it is a delight. You forget that she wasn't Lycene born.
    Juliana What can you say? She is beautiful, smart and fearless.. she is family.
    Katarina A cunning mind pairs well with power. Let it never be said that the Archduchess is not superb at matching.
    Keely She is terrifying, but appears to genuinely love my cousin... despite all the talk of murdering him.
    Khanne First time I met her? Oh, I thought she was a mystery, a gorgeous, intriguing mystery. Who knew, at the time, we would become such good friends? She spoils me. Truly. Far too generous, extremely... wonderful.
    Kia She works hard to throw a wonderful event. She also is rather humble for a Velenosa princess. That's very refreshing.
    Lark My would-be sister-in-law has always been a woman who could hold her own, but it is a pleasure to watch her shine in her new position even as she is reminded of her old roots.
    Lenard Her grace is an interesting woman, I can see how she can keep the Lyceum under control, she's charming but leaves no doubt that she can be terrifying when she needs to be.
    Leola Why do I keep end up working for regents? Do I do something to my liege-lords? That said, while she shows the silk of the glove freely, I have a dreadful feeling there's a dark steel somewhere below there. Of course, that could just be common sense; she is Grand Duchess Velenosa now.
    Lora The weight of so many masks must be nigh unbearable, yet she always keeps her head high. We could all learn a thing or two from that.
    Lorenzo A very busy woman, though I enjoy her stories. And even if I doubt I'll take her advice, I'm sure she has my best interests at heart when she gives it.
    Lou A voice who shows that she cares for her people, and asks the questions needed to see to their needs.
    Luca "Don't worry, I can remind you of who you are. You're a lovely piece of artwork with eyes like the summer sky when there's not a cloud in sight and it stretches on for so long and forever that you question your importance in such a big, big world. You laugh like a warrior fights, freely and bravely, and honestly. Your enthusiasm, that of a child's when given a gift they did not expect. You're sweeter than any treat on that tray. Also, you're upside down, which is a new thing, but I think I'm enjoying this new perspective."
    Mabelle A woman with passion for life. A desire to capture all that is good in this world. While her words were not directed at me, they did make an impact.
    Macario Appropriately terrifying for the Archduchess of the Lyceum. But also friendly! But tough on bartenders.
    Magpie Magpie has been trying to meet Jaenelle for far too long, but they always kept missing each other. She's sharp of mind, competant, and doesn't over-flower her words with poetry as so many of the Lycene try to. There was a personal matter that left the man frustrated, but personal matters aside, she was every bit the role of Archduchess she's stepped up to hold.
    Martino The embodiment of refined grace, duty and adapating to one's situation. The Archduchess' grace and reign will be written of in the archives as a fine era for the Lycene for her children to be inspired by.
    Marzio The Archduchess Regent of Lenosia. For someone of such a station, she is surprisingly easy to talk to. I find that on the occasion she has time to meet with me that time seems to pass in the blink of an eye. I hope one day that we can become fast friends.
    Mattheu Kinder than I have thought one in their position to be, with a near weight of an entire fealty upon their shoulders. I would have expected that they did not have time to discuss such frivolous notions with me.
    Medeia For all she has been through, she maintains grace and dignity and poise. And yet? The archduchess is one of the most accessible and approachable leaders of the Compact.
    Melody I've only briefly bumped into Jaenelle a couple of times, but what sticks out most is the time that she offered me a spot at a fun and intimiate gathering without having ever met me before. So, in other words: She's a very nice and wonderful person.
    Merek The Princess-Minister of Velenosa. Merek thinks much of her for being a member of the family which he serves. She's done nothing upon meeting to make him think of her as any different than the other members of the family he respects.
    Mikani First time I met her, she said the most wonderful compliments about me. I will cherish the words and the confidence she instilled in me. That must be why she is Arch-Duchess.
    Miranda The Archduchess... I have no words. I mean.. I met her! Wow!
    Mirari Business-minded princess-minister. Always good for help with a project.
    Mirari Always so sweet and concerned with people, especially her husband. I hope she has an adorable baby so I can hold it once and then never ever think about babies again.
    Mirari Elegant, savvy, and with a good head and heart. You could ask for little more in a woman tasked with leading the Velenosan family.
    Mirk Thoughtful and insightful, those were the two words that came most immediately to mind. A deep thinker, but alas I didn't have time for a longer discussion.
    Mydas An unexpected meeting led to even more surprises. With an effortlessness that cannot be taught, she showed rather than told how she could combine beauty without match, intellect whose depths and nimbleness could prove a match to any emerite scholar, and a confident control, that I find entirely too amusing to try and disturb. The rest? I'll keep for myself.
    Narcissa Generous with her time, as pressed for it as she is, but even more generous with a smile. I do hope all of her 'touring' does not wear her thin.
    Niklas Busy princess just got busier.
    Niklas The Archduchess is the busiest woman I've ever met, but she still finds time every day to be the most glamorous person in the room. (Well. Second.)
    Nina Wow... she walks in wearing a full spidersilk gown! She's so pretty and elegant! I'm trying not to be jealous.
    Nisaa I did not get to speak to her, but I could not help but notice that she is a beautiful dancer.
    Noah The Archduchess of all things Poison. I'd probably be willing to be dead husband number three. Her luck, I wouldn't die though. I'd still drink her wine. But alas, she has turned down my offer. One day, Poison. One day.
    Norwood She is... generous? Or perhaps creative. For very sure she is imaginative. Asparagus cake?!
    Olivian Lovely as the rising sun, and with a wisdom born of experience I would guess.
    Orathy Years back, aye, worked fer the woman. She be good to me 'n see that I be properly armed fer the service to 'er as body guard. It ain't last too long though, reckon, it were still good memories 'n the woman has my axe any time she be needin it.
    Orrin She's not as old as I am, of course, but she's also perhaps not as young as her years.
    Oskar A lovely young woman of the highest stature, eminently charming yet does not hold herself to much seriousness. Which makes her all the more dangerous, really.
    Pasquale Everytime I've been to a party in her honor something remarkable has happened.
    Petal She is very nice and helped me out in a crisis. I was so afraid. I am glad she stepped forward to help me.
    Pharamond Lovely and sweet; a hope to get to learn more about the Velenosan Princess!
    Poppy For an Archduchess she seems very friendly and approachable but I have been advised that everything in the lyceum should be treated as if covered in thorns or poison. I imagine she has that inside of her. Maybe deep down though.
    Porter Princess Jaenelle Velenosa, Archduchess of the Lyceum. Well, she's going to give Rorik a run for his silver, that's for sure. She's definitely a better dancer than him, in my personal opinion. We'll show her our SPECTACULAR unicorn costume, promise.
    Prospero She's grown up in so many ways since I last walked the streets of Arx. And it's in the best of ways.
    Quenia The Archduchess has ever been supportive. I can only hope that I can return her support in kind through the various services I perform for her. And, it seems we might be something of kindred spirits of a sort.
    Raja A very beautiful woman. She offered me a chance to work with her on improving the Lowers. I hope I didn't fully mess that up with my antics.
    Raziel One doesn't become, or stay, Archduchess by lacking steel. And a good head on their shoulders. Add beauty to it and you might say it's utterly unfair that this one gets away with it. The perfect life, mm? But things are rarely as they seem, especially in the Lyceum.
    Reese She is Luca's cousin, but not really by blood. She seems quite sultry and playful.
    Renata I cannot imagine a greater sense of duty than that which must rest in the hands of the Archduchess of the Lyceum, and yet she carries it with wit, poise and grace.
    Ripley How did she get that? Oh, to be her, I am envious. She's well taken care of, so beautiful and looking at her, I could just get lost for hours staring at her hair. And her ears. Her eyes. Her nose. Her....
    Rook Refined. Elegant. Graceful. Only a few words that could be used to describe one sculpted so perfectly in mind, body and in words. The Archduchess has no rivals.
    Rorik Potentially needs saving from invisible horses with daggers in their hooves. Or teeth. Or anywhere, really. Humorous and beautifully blonde, a great combination.
    Rowenova The Archduchess of the Lyceum is a fun and interesting noble woman with impressive style and grace who can sure skate! She is the Best Freestyle Ice Skater during the First Annual Great Northern Iceskating Championship! I think she wants me to run away with her, though... Hmm.
    Ryhalt Seems quite good at bringing those in the city with trade interests together and getting them to mingle. That's good. Money in the same place makes more money.
    Sabella A very capable woman who balances a huge load of work for the city along with keeping up personal friendships and starting a family! She is an inspiration and I am glad my cousin has her to rely on!
    Sabella I have always found Arch-Duchess Jaenelle to be both fair and approachable even back when she was just a Princess. She has a knack for knowing what a person is really saying without them actually saying it and it often two to three steps ahead of almost everyone else in a room. She's also got a keen wit and I am extremely happy to consider her a friend.
    Sabella If words are a weapon, she is a master of wielding them. I should let her use them - I imagine if she feels compelled to call someone an idiot, they must be.
    Sabella The archduchess is just lovely, isn't she? Who could ask for a better cousin-by-marriage than the one that took Noah? Her strength and compassion are admirable.
    Sanya The Archduchess is amicable and good humored. I can see why many are keen to write her regularly.
    Saoirse Jaenelle took Saoirse out for drinks on the town and introduced her to the king! Not a bad lady to know, eh?
    Savio Intelligent and knowledgable about esoteric things. A picture of elegance, someone who knows how to wield confident charm to best effect.
    Sira The archduchess knows what she wants and gets what she wants. I'm only too happy to give it to her.
    Sophie It is good to see my former Patron again. A very generous woman. I am blessed to know her.
    Sorrel Galen's beautiful little sister might truly be the prettiest one in his family, and she does have fine taste in clothes. She is charming, well-connected, and personable, and I hope to get to know her better in the future.
    Stefano A former Thrax princess, married in and then widowed into House Velenosa. A new Voice, I'm sure she'll make her second house proud!
    Sudara Sweet-natured, charming, and a true delight. How did Thrax ever manage this? And how fortunate are Velenosa to acquire her?
    Svana Looks delicate, but probably isn't. Good natured. She wanted to annoy Arik - so that's kind of funny, but don't tell him I said so.
    Sydney Look, she's... really pretty, and she tried to armwrestle the Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace. She didn't /do/ well, sure, but she tried. She has a spider on her head. I think. Am I drunk? I'm drunk.
    Talen Clever. Innocent. Pretty. A Thrax-turned-Velenosa. She's come home and she doesn't wish to leave and Talen will never let her, unless she changes her mind. Just as the prince-who-wasn't sat on the edge of the Velenosa, so too did the widow-who-shouldn't-have-been.
    Tarik I find it odd that I have never met the ArchDuchess before. It was a deep honor for her to come to our event, and she competed too. She must have traveled to the North to learn to skate.
    Thea She reminds me of someone. I'm not exactly sure but...I'm trying to figure out why I haven't sat and talked to her more. May have to do that. I have a feeling there.
    Theron Princess of Velenosa, born as Thrax. Beautiful, Galen's sister, and a good businesswoman to get in touch with. She owes me a kiss! But I'll collect it at some later time. I enjoyed my conversations with her, so far.
    Titus She isn't simply a perfectly beautiful woman, she isn't squeamish with Vaevici bloodthirst and her own matches. Intoxicating to be in her presence, a ruler that has captured his respect immediately.
    Valarian Yet another Princess to leave me broken hearted. I have the worst luck with that. I should have stolen the ship and her with it. If only I knew how to any case, she's quite the charmer and conversationalist and didn't give me a hard time for being...overly curious...about a damn fine boat. I didn't end up overboard, this does her credit!
    Valdemar A bright and cheerful woman, I would never have guessed she was born Thrax.
    Valerius Amazing what we've accomplished. Hopefully you don't need to protect me as much now.
    Vanora I've known her for some time, though only in the sense that we traveled in the same orbit. She is well loved by people who I love however, which convinces me if I get to know her I'll feel exactly the same.
    Venturo A Princess Who Likes Stories. If she believes in luck and good booze, she may well belong in a story book. Or a very tall tower. Wait, did she say a ship? The last time I was on a boat it.... <the thought trails off here>
    Veronica For an Arch-Duchess she sure would make an excellent partner in crime. Clever and friendly! I do hope Prince Baldessare is ready to have his swords held hostage by the likes of us.
    Victus A flower in the dawn. She got the luckiest in the genepool.
    Videl Her grace, the regent is an intelligent well-spoken woman, as is to be expected I suppose. She does genuinely interested in the opinions and welfare of those beneath her, a commendable trait.
    Vitalis The Archduchess has had a circuitous route to her Seat, and fraught time upon it, but I found her gracious and warm and her hands gloriously cool.
    Vittorio I'm not sure what exactly I expected when meeting the house to whom Gilden is sworn and yet also the leading house of Velenosa. She was gracious, warm and willing to support Caith's goals with no obvious gain for Velenosa.
    Viviana I think that the Archduchess of the Lyceum is a very canny individual.
    Wash She's at the tippy top of the circus. I'd like to help her out with the docks when there is a chance. Not out of generosity, I've rebuilt three smaller ones, Arx would be a masterpiece.
    Willow Beware of purple apples! Splendidly well dressed and intriguing.
    Ysabel Someone to look to for inspiration. One would almost think she was Lycene by birth.
    Yuri It was such a pleasure to finally meet the Archduchess. I just hope she does not find me the tricksy sort, no thanks to Barto there. But she was ever gracious in her compliments. I wish her all the good grace and health the Gods can provide.
    Zakhar Overly generous, and makes for a good writing partner
    Zara She represents Velenosa well: cunning, but not careless, and mindful of the shared virtues of all the compact. I have _so_ many questions about the geese, though!!
    Zoey Decisive, no-nonsense leader. Probably fun to drink casually with. Her spider bothers me a little, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.