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Marquis Rymarr Deepwood are a knight. So long as your heart is true and your intent pure, the rest will follow...

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Twilight Knight
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Deepwood
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 38
Birthday: 9/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Marquis Consort of Old Oak

Obituary: Died defending the church at Lost Tree, in single combat with a dread Eurusi champion. It was said by those witnessing to be the most valorous act they had ever seen.

Description: The look of a man from the Oathlands, Rymarr possesses tanned skin and short, scruffy, dark brown hair that often seems to suffer from a serious case of helmet-head. Intense blue eyes seem to perpetually watch his surroundings through faintly squinted eyelids. His angled jawline is covered by a neatly trimmed dark brown beard which has began to become infiltrated by silver-white hairs in a tuft of facial hair at his chin. While much of his features appear to be handsome, his nose is slightly askew which may give some inclination that it has been broken and reset a couple of times in what appears to be the roughly two and a half decades of life.

He is tall, standing at just over six feet in height and has strived to maintain a muscular body which speaks of a physical regimen that is almost religiously followed. The hands of the man call a number of calluses their own and a number of nicks and faint scars can be found across his hands. He frequently seems to carry himself with a noble bearing, chin elevated in an imperious manner, and his shoulders frequently squared. The mouth of the man is often set in a flat line and seems to effortlessly convey either mild cheer or open disdain with only the slight twitch of his cheeks.

Personality: When one is a Lyonesse it becomes routine to take everything as serious as possible. For Rymarr Lyonesse, this is no doubt a fact of life. He is an intense man, unaccustomed to good fortune seeming to befall him. Often he can found watching the world around himself with an intensity that speaks for such a history. Constantly alert for the next tragedy, misfortune, or dire situation to present itself; all the better to actively avoid it or even engage the newly risen spectre.

As a result of frequently being onguard for the next disaster, it has resulted in Rymarr becoming a rather serious man. While he may smile and laugh as much as the next average once-nobleman, he seems to action to words. In possession of a sometimes grave demeanor, it can result in his being viewed as cold or distant. Despite it all, he seems to carry himself with pride and noble bearing. With a chin often slightly lifted to the world, he carries his pride in his chin and squared shoulders. Both slightly lifted, as though defiant against the misfortune which has seemingly plagued his lineage.

Background: The second child of six, Rymarr Lyonesse grew up in the Oathlands. Son to a noble lord and lady, vassals to House Valardin. His life has always been one of mild hardship and none too few tragedies. Whether the untimely death of a relative, strife brought by conflict which has exacted numerous costs among his kin, investments turned sour, or any other number of tragedies which have befallen the Lyonesse family over the decades. Whether hardship derived by purpose, squiring to a Sir Jak Whitemane in his youth or through the misfortune suffered by his family. Among the family it is simply called The Curse. Whether or not such a curse was true, there is some credit to the ideal at least. Whether it is from children dying young, adults being killed in battle, foodstuffs rotting at the most inopportune time, or something as simple as a much-needed business deal falling through; the Lyonesse family has experienced it over the past few decades.

Throughout this history Rymarr was never destined to lead his family; such a duty had fallen on the shoulders of his older brother, Marcorr. He was expected instead work and work hard, to make something of himself in hopes that he could serve the family in whatever way which it may need. Eventually, over the years as a squire, Rymarr became a knight. Serving his family alongside their liege, House Valardin. He has fought hard, always to prove to the world that his family's name is not cursed and that they are both relevant and worthy of praise. Nor will the name of Lyonesse simply fade into extinction without a mighty roar to precede it.

When his older brother died, kicked by an unruly horse; Rymarr was thrust into the position of guiding his beleaguered family into the future while still maintaining his vows of knighthood. A difficult road lay ahead, one which would no doubt be fraught with dangers both physical, and sometimes far more damning: social. With the Lyonesse family struggling to stay afloat in their darkest hours, an offer came to Rymarr. An offer to join with the King's Own, an invitation to join with the personal guard of the king himself. Much to the surprise of many of his family and allies, Rymarr accepted. An heir was name prior to the Marquis of Tristfell March’s abdication was chosen in the form of his younger sister, the newly minted Marquessa Demura Lyonesse. For the King's Own exact a heavy price for any young nobleman; foregoing one's title, family, and loyalties to all but the Silver Sword's mandate.

Life soon became a long string of training, patrols, sleepless nights, and further duties. It all changed in the form of the King’s Rest, with Rymarr being left at Crownguard Tower to carry out his duties to the Crown in Arx while King Alaric IV departed Arx with a large retinue; whether lucky or unlucky in that regard, is often a matter of debate for the Rymarr himself as it meant he was safe and alive in the capital. When King Alaric Grayson IV arrived returned to Arx in a far different state and the political climate began to ramp up, Rymarr held fast to his loyalties and his vow to the Crown. The safety of the Crownbearer, and even the palace itself at times, became an obsession for the king’s knight. There he invested himself fully into his duties as one of the royal guard. He encountered a great deal, oversaw much, and was present for many historical occasions during his time in the King’s Own and it did grant him a great deal of insight into the political workings of the Compact; whether for good or ill.

Duty remained the motivating factor for Rymarr, but his duties changed when Lord Commander Leona Thrax of the King’s Own decided that she must attend to some of her own duties, beyond the conditions of her rank as the leader of the Hundred. A ceremony later and Rymarr took up the sword, carried by many Lord Commanders of the Sovereign’s Own Royal Guard before himself, and assumed the mantle of leadership for the royal guard. After that his obsession seemed to become even greater with it being rumored that he slept very little, while allegedly keeping himself honed and focused on his sworn duties through sheer determination, liberal applications of various stimulants, the desire not to fail in his protective duties to the Crown, and what has often been affectionately referred to as ‘Watch Stew’. During this time he became something of an unofficial student of his mentor, Duke Gabriel Bisland, the acting regent of King Alaric Grayson IV. Hours were spent discussing the many aspects of warfare, leadership, and how to conduct a successful campaign against an enemy.

The change came abruptly however. Rumors of a foot chase through the palace with the Lord Commander attempting to run down an elusive palace servant, whisperings of an assassination attempt, some said mixed loyalties, some uttered about visions and prophecies, and yet others simply shrugged off the sudden change in Rymarr Lyonesse’s duties. Having served for years in the King’s Own and as their very own Lord Command for nearly a year, Rymarr was suddenly no longer counted among the One Hundred. Having gone from Sir Rymarr of the King’s Own and abruptly back to Lord Rymarr Lyonesse, only a few short months before the Siege of Arx by the Army of Silence. A few short months later and he married, transitioning from House Lyonesse to become the Marquis-Consort of House Deepwood, married to its own Marquessa Samantha Deepwood.

It is there Rymarr has been since his marriage, serving the House of Old Oak as the ruling Marquessa’s martial arm. His life has been one of warfare and battle, whether against the tribes of the Abandoned who threatened some lands of the Compact, to his encounters during his time as a knight of the King’s Own, the siege of Arx itself, leading a cavalry charge under the collective banner of House Grayson at Farhaven, and more. Rymarr has immersed himself in warfare and always seem to come out on the other side, unfathomably unscathed. For now.

Relationship Summary

  • Monique - No one truly changes forever. We'll see.
  • Luis - I will always be watching. That bush? It's not a bush. It's me, in disguise. That giant vase? Not a vase. Also me.

  • Family:
  • Abigail - Cousin. A credit to her name.
  • Grady - Determined to tear me from my shell. Kicking and screaming, drunken.
  • Jessa - Unafraid of a challenge. Rises to the occasion.
  • Emily - I'm grateful that she changed her mind.

  • Sibling:
  • Demura - Steadfast. Dependable. Penchant for fire.
  • Anabelle - Nothing can stop her.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Hana - Talented with her metals.
  • Darren - Distance happens.
  • Lark - Shrewd, calculating, the best choice for Grayson.
  • Ida - Polite pugilist.
  • Dawn - It's unfortunate that amends were never made.
  • Bethany - Longest honeymoon ever.
  • Reese - The way she has grown into what she is today is impressive.
  • Edain - Never place your unfailing belief in a punchline.
  • Sophie - An understanding pen pal.
  • Iona - One of the few in this city that puts me on my toes.
  • Aleksei - Conducted marriage. Didn't botch it.
  • Tristan - Common born, yet far more trustworthy.
  • Leona - They say destiny doesn't exist. She proves that belief wrong.
  • Kael - A well balanced nobleman. None too serious, yet not a walking punchline.
  • Veronica - I imagine I know what I may look like with long hair, now.
  • Felicia - One of my best decisions. No matter the start, the journey can change if given the opportunity.
  • Thena - From Guard to Grandmaster, A Thena Story.
  • Calaudrin - Not big on speeches and being the center of attention. Big on JUSTICE, probably. Married Esoka. At least I remember his name now.

  • Ally:
  • Mia - Adopted the path of the pie. Flexible.
  • Thesarin - The Sentinel will judge him harshly, probably.
  • Esoka - A long and dangerous road it has been, but I would entrust fewer to stand at my side or back.

  • Spouse:
  • Samantha - It's apparently not fashionable to call people flowers these days. She'll always be Daisy.

  • Deceased:
  • Zhayla - My heart doesn't weep. It only increases in resolve. She attained some of her dreams.
  • Kima - She had many layers, like an onion. Most of which would have likely been deadly.

  • Friend:
  • Orazio - He gets me and I get him. We get each other.
  • Gabriel - Unofficial mentor, couldn't have been blessed with a better instructor in how to wage a war.
  • Silas - I don't say it enough, but I'm incredibly proud of his many accomplishments.
  • Kenna - How her body contains all of her good cheer, good nature, and the rest? I'll likely never know. That doesn't mean I can't be appreciative and thankful for it.
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr A froofy knight, but heard enough of him to suggest that he isn't merely an ornament. Fine enough company, or knows his courtesies well. Didn't disagree overly with my take on elves.
    Aiden I should think of all the military leaders, words from Rymarr are best to be heard when they are spoken.
    Alaric The former Lord Commander's intensity and dedication is never in question. Sam likes him too, so that's also a good mark for him. While the King's Own will miss his service, House Deepwood will be all the better for his presence.
    Aleksei He has a stick up his butt, but it's a very noble stick. And so long as he keeps treating Sam well, we'll be friends. (But not if he doesn't!!)
    Avaline A firm and stern man, and I'm told a military minded one. Beneath that tough cold exterior is warmth that I caught but a glimpse of. Perhaps with time I can peel back the layers to discover the man within.
    Barric I like him. He speaks plainly and truely which is something I wish more people would do. We need more like him in Arx for sure.
    Cristoph It's been years since I've had any sustained contact with Rymarr, between him leaving to join the King's Own and subsequently marrying off, well... It's easy to lose track. Still, I was happy to run into him at the tournament the other day. I hope to invite him and his wife over soon, it'd be nice to reconnect. Old friends are valuable beyond words.
    Echo He comes across as a stern and disciplined man, but hidden beneath that rougher, weathered warrior exterior he's probably a lot softer, oozing with a delicate sweetness. I've seen a lot of couples in the city, but the Marquis and Marquessa of Deepwood get along so ridiculously well that I can't help but smile.
    Emily He's serious and focused, I can appreciate that. I am glad he has command of Deepwood's troops.
    Esoka When I first met Rymarr, he was Lord Commander of the Kings Own, and kicked me around the yard to help me improve my swordwork. And made me run around a building with a log over my head. It was most fortifying! It gladdens me to have him in Deepwood and wed to the good Marquessa. He is as stalwart a knight as one can find, like the ones spoken of in the tales. Would bleed next to him again.
    Jacque As a man from the Oathlands, Marquis Rymarr represents the utmost of our tenets in the Oathlands. He is a knight in quite literally shining armor, with a shining blade to match. A man of readiness and martially aware of his surroundings. I know little about him, just yet, but I seek to learn more.
    Jaerith By all the Gods, have you seen the size of this Marquis? I swear by almighty Mangata's beautiful buttocks I thought he was a knight at first. I would love to see this man crush someone's head... bets are on that he could do it one handed.
    Katarina Once the Lord Commander of the King's Own, and now Marquis of Deepwood, Rymarr has easily won Katarina's favor with his stoicism and penchant for militant discipline in all facets of daily life. He often bestows upon her a wealth of wisdom when she needs it, and she counts him amongst her growing list of friends in the city.
    Katarina There are few more stalwart and reliable than a Lyonesse, and that is doubly so in the case of the Marquis of Deephold. He's been a calming, reliable force within Katarina's life, and she values her long-lasting friendship they've come to have over the years.
    Kenna He seems so severe sometimes, but then other times, he's all happy and cheerful. First ice, and now this shindig. What a curious man.
    Killian To be frank, when first I met Rymarr I didn't know what to think of him. He's a strange fellow at times, with..odd things that happen around. He made me more than a bit nervous, but, as time has passed he has seemed to be less..unsettling than I originally thought.
    Luis Stoic and yet every now and then there's a crack in that hard exterior, a pair of flashy-pants, a cracked smile, even a chuckle every once in a rare moment. Luis can respect the desire to remain steadfast in the midst of such wanton fun, that does not mean that Luis will not encourage the man, or at least find playful fun in the midst of it all.
    Margerie He was, unsurprisingly, at the Deepwoods shindig. and while I may not have had the chance to speak with him, watching the stalwart figure in armor leave, and the young man in spangling shiny clothing and gossamer shirt return to ice skate? Well. The man appears to have layers. Whether plate or sequins, he was surely the shiniest of the night.
    Mason Mason can't help but be wary of a person that speaks so openly of topics that can bring so much danger to themselves and others. It could be simply that Rymarr is young and enthusiastic, but these days, all things of this nature must be handled with care and suspicion, even there there likely is none. He is going to keep a closer watch on Rymarr and perhaps have some private discussions about when to hold things back.
    Merek %bThe Marquis certainly seems like a reserved man to Merek in some aspects, but in others, he seems to be kind enough as well.
    Mia Given a choice between breaking bread with a man who is jovial and one who is effective, I would choose the latter every time.
    Michael My foster-sister's husband. A quiet young man. Which I blame on myself, having to grow up with such a loudmouth I am sure she sought refuge in a man of few words. I like him well enough.
    Norwood He seems a stern and serious man, down to business.
    Otakar A living legend. I don't know how else to put it. A walking paragon of chivalry and knighthood with an amazing list of accomplishments and a mind to try new ideas for new threats. Amazingly easy to communicate with as well, the Marquis would be an absolute boon for the Academy.
    Quenia Marquis Rymarr draws a hard bargain, but he has the good of his house in mind when he does, and that's an admirable thing.
    Sabella A very noble Marquis who seems to be very busy with a lot on his mind. I should make it a point to bring some cheer into his busy schedule!
    Saedrus Such a stern and stoic man. Though I have seen him smile, he does not do it terribly often, he even wore the same face through most of his wedding if I recall. He does have a wonderfully adorable daughter though, I will give him credit for that much, and he must make an incredibly effective commander.
    Samael A very stiff man. I am looking forward to loosening him up and learning about him.
    Samantha I think the reason so many women have been attracted to him is about more than just his good looks - though he is unequivocably exceedingly handsome. He has held himself apart, out of necessity and sense of duty. Such stoicism is like a lure to any who wish to break that barrier, and earning his smile is a triumph in and of itself. To find myself having earned it, I could not help but desire to earn it more. I respect him so much, and cannot wait to see the Marquis he is, and the father he will become.
    Sasha Now Marquis of Deepwood, I have heard he is very proper and kind.
    Silas Silas first met the Marquis when he wasn't a Marquis, but a knight serving in the Knight's Own and looking to hone his skills in the Training Center. He soon became the Lord Commander of the King's Own, and later Marquis of Deepwood and the husband of one of his childhood friends. His ascent isn't surprising to Silas: by all appearances Marquis Rymarr Deepwood is the epitome of a Valardin knight: strong, dignified, courageous, dependable, trustworthy -- merciful when necessary and just when he needs to be. He wears his stately armor far better than Silas does!%r%r%tBut Silas also knows, deep down, that Rymarr can joke and relax like the rest of them. Which is good, because otherwise he would likely go insane with all the work he has to do and the responsibility on his shoulders. He is now a member of the Iron Guard -- likely one of the most overqualified -- as well as one of the lieges of his liege. Silas is grateful to have another kindred spirit in the midsts: if he gets eaten by a dragon, he can trust Rymarr not to follow suit.
    Sparte An extremely capable leader, with a good tactical mind. Rubbish throwing arm, but a good aim.
    Thena Of course he's been associated with the Guard during some of the same time as I have, but this is the first time I think I've been in the same room with the man, barring large gathering. Interesting ideas about parties. Quiet surly type, but I imagine he's paying attention to /everything/.
    Thesarin Husband and war-chief to my liege-lady. A good fighter. A good leader. And a good man besides.
    Tikva Rymarr's first impression on anyone is that he is stern and serious and super important. All of those things are true, even if not immutable. But he's also pretty sweet. And keeps stuffed animals under his armor. AwwwwwwWWWW.
    Turo Talked a lot about himself. Seems like he had a lot to talk about, though, so I can't fault him for it. And at least it didn't sound overly like bragging.
    Veronica The Marquis of Deepwood is somber and stern. And intense in a way that people have only described me in the past. So strange, it's as if I'm staring into a mirror, and he is a reflection of me!
    Violet A man of very noble and elegant bearing is the Marquis of Deepwood. While I only got to speak with him briefly, I hope that we can speak again. Historians don't take their worth nearly as seriously as they should.
    Wylla Sir Rymarr is a kind man, even if he doesn't think Jayus calls to him. I know Jayus does, somehow, as he does to everyone. I need only find exactly how he calls to Rymarr, even if something tells me that will be a long road ahead of me. He seems like he may be worth the effort, though.