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That's cute. Now, watch this!

Social Rank: 9
Concept: The Last Laugh
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Inverno
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 02/14
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Swashbuckler
Height: average height
Hair Color: warm black
Eye Color: feral gold
Skintone: caramel

Description: Sinister, yet sensuous; there is a carnal appeal to that caramel skin and feral stare made nefarious by the easy curl of generous, dark lips that can't help but issue warnings so easily ignored in their mysterious meaning. Those eyes are large and expressive, blessed with a lush fan of dark lashes that cast subtle shadows made all the more dramatic by the smudged khol lining that darkens the periphery of playfully predatory golden gaze. What benediction brought about the beauty beheld in that swarthy visage does not stop there, however, extending to the healthy curves of a body that lives for extremes -- broad hips and over-slender waist, long and graceful limbs both strong and lithe, and the gift of gentle femininity laid like silk over steel. Long, thick tresses of warm black tumble freely in feathery frame, falling well past her waist when liberated from chaos kissed updos or messy buns and ponytails that never quite seem to contain that maelstrom of a mane.

Personality: Playful, but dangerous; she seems to have very little in the way of concern for how her actions affect others, though this seems borne of personal hedonism rather than any ill will. Bold and brash, she is prone to a devil-may-care sort of lifestyle, ever-moving, always changing, as though she believed that if she ran far enough, fast enough, she might be able to escape whatever darkness lurks beneath the veneer of mirth in her bittersweet reverie.

Background: Just another amongst the seemingly endless orphans of Setarco, the begining of her life was far from glamourous but further yet from being over.

She got in a lot of fights as a mislead youth trying to forge her way in a bitter world, always challenging some rival or another to duels, claiming even then that she was the best there ever was, or ever will be, unreasonably convinced of the validity of these claims.

Kids have such wild imaginations.

... She did not grow out of it.

Her primary source of rivalry, however, over those long and numerous years was a fellow orphan by the name of Raven. She was a challenge. She wouldn't back down. Clearly, she had to be broken. For years she tried, and pushed, and fought her, but in the end all she had managed to do was hone her craft, and Raven's right along with it in some cruel parallel that continues even to this day. Though she would deny it with her dying breath, Raven is perhaps her best friend, and doubtlessly biggest challenge, but it is Sindri's hope that together they might aspire to something greater.

Something worthy.

Now all that remains is making it happen.

Name Summary
Vicente She's vibrant, full of life, and not afraid of mentioning the fact your older where everyone else seems to skittish about it. You like that boldness.