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Aswin Ulbran

"First blood is mine, last blood counts for more."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Calculating Rogue
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Ulbran
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 12/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: dusky brown

Description: Bright blue eyes gaze forth from beneath a pair of dark brows with an alert inquisitiveness for the world around this man. A dusky tan complexion from hours spent beneath the sun graces a face blessed with high cheekbones and a strong jawline kept clean shaven every morning. He possesses a roguish quality that manages handsome, but there is an undeniable quality about him that speaks of a hunger and intensity fostered by a life of survival. His black hair is worn closely cropped in a neat style.

His attire is simple and functional. A set of darkly colored breeches of a fine leather covers his lower half and are tucked into a set of well worn leather boots, while a dark blue shirt can be seen beneath the leather body armor that covers his chest.

Personality: Aswin could be described by some as cold-blooded and calculating, but the truth of the matter is that he is a creature of extreme discipline and attempted order in a world where so much of his life has been the product of wild circumstance. While his early life in the Lowers was chaos, Aswin learned to channel what order he could over what he had control of... himself. And so he considers his actions, be they in service to his family or in service to himself, carefully. Weighing the probable outcome of each action in an effort to bring about his desired result. Cynical in most cases, Aswin tends to think most matters could be settled with a blade rather than pandering around with lengthy words.

Background: Aswin doesn't really know if he was born an Ulbran, or if he simply fell in with the family around the time that he took his first steps. He has no memories of his mother or his father, they simply were never there. The streets of the Lower Boroughs are a tough place for a child to grow up, especially by themselves, and while his parents were not there the Ulbrans were. Survival became not only possible, but he learned at the instruction of his family how to thrive in the dangerous streets. As soon as he was able, he was put to work as a lookout and pickpocket, the innocence of his youthful appearance presenting an opportunity that was not to be wasted. And then by the time that he entered into his teens he was being trained to fight and sent along on more dangerous work, a life that Aswin took to quite well. Now in his twenties, he fills whatever role the family needs of him.

Name Summary
Adalyn A man who hails from the Lowers. His fighting technique has been honed by necessity and the will to survive, molding him into a formidable opponent with a blade. An interesting man. I've a feeling there are depths to him, though they may not be easily uncovered.
Arcadia Quiet type. Definitely a commoner with that tongue.
Auda Certainly more than meets the eye!
Braith His blade work is amazing and he is elegant in his use of it. I can not express how much of a delight it was to watch him. Very well done.
Calla Met him briefly in the hundred cities inn, didn't get a chance to talk to him much before he had to leave though, since there was a bit of a crowd.
Caspian Look past the name and see the man. A friendly sort, quick with a smile and laugh and even quicker with a blade! If he wields the scissor and comb half as good as he wields a knife, he might be the finest barber in Arx!
Cassiopeia He's quick, clever, and can jump ship in the best ways! A great man to have on your team.
Catalana At first seemed as common as they come, but there's something about him. Some common interest and his company is enjoyable once he loses his attitude.
Celine I don't think I've ever seen anyone so skilled with knives. He said he didn't do exhibition work, but he knows and I know that he actually does. At least once.
Cora A cousin, all grown up, and so much fun. I can see we have some shared interests, and those might be truly fun.
Delilah A bright man, to say the least, and unexpectedly brought me a gift of insights and understandings to a topic barely scratched. He shows a fortitude to seek deeper.
Dio A man who knows what it means to protect his own. Good with a blade too, from I hear.
Drake Hell of a fighter with a dagger, it seems. I'd hate to be on the wrong side of him in the Lowers.
Eleanor He's got a sweetness about him, despite his age and ...everything else. I wonder if he'll ever show up for drills.
Elysio Typical. Judges a book by its cover. At least his eyes were opened when all was said and done, that I have my title for a reason.
Evaristo An Ulbran with a good sense of humor, is the best sort of Ulbran. Also the ones that do NOT stab you, they are also good Ulbrans. I got a good feeling about this one.
Evelynn I like the way he thinks. He has foresight I find admirable.
Felicia Bloody Ulbrans. I'll grant he's efficient and unflinching, they always are. Professionals on a job. But I'd sooner trust a snake.
Gaspar Who am I to question the appointment of my wife? Though I wouldn't say I'd have likely ever chosen an Ulbran to be the captain of /my/ guard, he has done his duties diligently. I'll learn more from him, and soon. I must. We have a lot of work to do together.
Gretchen A hard working, honest man from the Lowers. I meet so many of those. The Lowers must be a great place to grow up!
Ian He's going to need to learn to control his temper if he's ever going to be really good with a knife.
Ilira A man who lingers in his shadows is the finest to know, in my experience. I'll catch him there again.
Jacali Slender'n sleek, that one, bet he could get into all sorts of places, him, all manner of crevise and crack, ey? Bet he could. Might well wager I could have a use for that, I could.
Jennyva Had a beer with him at the Hollow after a long day at the Graveyard. He's not bad company! And he's not bad on the eyes. Great sense of humor too and made me smile even though I didn't even feel like it.
Kaia A good trainee, Messere Aswin Ulbran. One eager to learn, and determined to get better at, the fine arts of archery. He is a bright mind this one, despite his humble upbringing. That much I can tell.
Karina He thinks punching is in good fun... but is it really? I feel like this Brawl Royale will have me out of commissions for a few days. Perhaps I can convince him to come stroll through the menagerie with me, sometime.
Katarzyna He's good company at the Murder. I will have to see if he's just as good outside of it. We both have purpose in the Lowers and I'm betting that our paths will cross again in the near future.
Kritr Every shieldwall needs a good knife man. I'd take his seax over an axe in a shield wall. From what I understand though, the Compact doesn't form shieldwalls when fighting. They use cavalry and formations instead. So... it begs the question. Why does one need to be so good with a knife?
Lark I'll never comprehend why Commoners always choose to have so many little jobs instead of just one. Industriousness has its limitations. Nobody needs their hairdresser moonlighting as a guard. What? Rent is how much?
Lena A nice enough fellow.
Lenard An Ulbran, from the lowers as you might guess from his name, though he seems a decent sort. Skilled with the dagger, though he seems to prefer the bow, which he is no doubt skilled with as well.
Lucita A man who poses deep questions regarding moral dilemmas and Justice. He can hold up his end of a conversation and has surprising bits of information. Will be interesting to talk with him again.
Magpie Magpie isn't used to seeing Ulbrans hanging around the Murder, but if they must, Aswin made for pleasant enough chit-chat and wasn't hanging around in the wake of a bloody bar brawl. You have to watch those Ulbrans. It's all fun and games until you make one angry.
Mirari What a witty man, with the most charming of smiles! I'm sure he'll be great fun to get to know.
Nurie Quick and devastating upon the training sands, but a most warm and engaging conversationalist outside of it! He has an intriguing line of work, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that a barber has both a deft blade and wit. I believe he'll be one to watch, and pleasantly so.
Ophelia He was kind to me when I needed a place to dwell for a short while. I'm sure our paths will cross again since I pass by his shop whenever I visit the Lowers. Only time will tell.
Orelia Ballsy. I've heard the saying about going high when others go low, but I don't think stabbing him in the eye when I went for the legs was quite what they meant.
Pasquale Sometimes, in a crowd, it is difficult to work out who a person is. That was the case with Aswin. Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to him in a smaller group one day. He seems as if he might be interesting.
Piccola The man and I probably share more in common that either of us would believe. He is independent and determined, and these qualities are not easily found.
Porter The man is formiddable! And fast. And also capable of making himself quite small which is very inconvienent for me. He seems a little angry however. Maybe we can have a pint of ale together someday! Or not. Who knows!
Raja Another Ulbran, but this one runs the barber shop.
Ras Aswin's an Ulbran. He's kinda smarter than most folk. It's the kinda smartness that makes some people shit their pants.
Rebecca Nothing puts a more terrible taste in my mouth than a commoner with too many opinions, especially, when those opinions concern my marriage goals and my desire to have a family. Humpf.
Reese Seems like an interesting man. I do very much wonder about what path he will eventually take
Revell Not at /all/ what I've come to expect of an Ulbran. Most of the ones I've met would rather look dour and scary that risk showing weakness by letting a fleeting smile past their icy facade. Not this one, he strikes me as the type that knows when it's time to be threatening, and when it's alright to crack a joke. Which, funnily enough, makes him potentially the most dangerous of the bunch.
Rosalind I could probably pester this man all day! With questions! I have so many. And he took them all with well--not a smile or anything. I'm not sure his face moved. It was like stone. But he wasn't unpleasant either. So it worked out! I'll take it!
Rowenova Damn! Since I started learning to fight, I never lost a fight so fast as I did at the Sip N' Spar verus this Ulbran. He is one stabby man!
Sabine Common or nobleborn, what I respect most in others is how effective they are in achieving their aims. Though it's early yet, he seems the efficient sort.
Samira Not a big talker, stoic and possibly a bit hard to read at times, but he's not so reserved that he's lacking in sympathy or feeling. In my experience, those are the ones to watch out for - the quiet observant thinkers, the ones who rarely show their hand. An Ulbran too. Someone worth getting to know better.
Savio So good with a knife! I will see him if I need a haircut, or if I need someone quietly murdered.
Shade Oh, young Aswin, how much you have grown. Good with a razor, an important skill for a barber to be.
Sorrel Good at small arms, one would do well not to underestimate this dangerous opponent.
Stygia I like him. Just the right balance for an Ulbran. If Ulbrans ever have a balance.
Sunaia Respect is so very important, isn't it? ...Yes, I know who he is. But, the fact that he can engage in a respectful conversation with a silk is worth a lot to me.
Sunaia I can forgive for not being a rider, but I won't forgive him for taking first point. Caspian was right there! I hope I don't have to wait long to pay him back. I've found another fighting style to learn from. Gratitude.
Sydney Hard to know a man's measure at a glance, least of all in the Lowers, and I'd be hard-pressed to say he looks like a good sort, but he looks like a useful sort. That's arguably better. Doesn't hurt that he's got some experience in the pits. Wonder if we fought before. Wonder if we'll fight again.
Tanith Smart, learns fast, humble enough to know he's got more to learn. Also an Ulbran, and you know what they say about them.
Temira Although his first shot with a bow was rather...lackluster.. He did show his skills in fighting in close quarters. He also complimented my bow, which proves at the very least he has good taste
Terese A very skilled sparing partner, I look for another chance to meet him in the ring once more
Thea A serious man with a hell of talent with a dagger. He is quite the fighter and I'm looking forward to being in the ring with him with the proper gear.
Venturo A reserved man on the surface, one who holds his cards close to his vest. One can't fault it, for I of all can understand the reasons why. Poke beneath, and there is depth, interest, ideas that might yet be supported.