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Lady Kaia Malvici

In a land of treachery and deceit; and, after coming so close to meeting the must learn to tread carefully and adapt in order to survive.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Charming Socialite
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 09/04
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue/Grey
Skintone: Light Tan

Titles: Founder of Luxury Damask

Description: Petite and lovely; this young lady possesses a fair complexion and a slender curvy body. The light tan skin a testament to her time spent under the sun. Her hair, a beautiful mane of long, silky and wavy tresses in a rich dark brown shade. Often, adorned by luxurious and exotic ornaments. A gentle mouth, dotted with heavy lower lips, blends well with her fine dainty nose and striking big blue-grey eyes. When bare, her once flawless body is now tainted by several scars around the sides and back of her torso -remnants of a tragic murder attempt on her life. Overall, she's a simple beauty; and, her stride and movements as supple and elegant as it is expected from a noble of her class.

(Her lips are tinted with a rosy shade. There's an amicable air to her features, a gentle smile, a kind but piercing blue gaze - made ever more prominent by the dark shadow resting upon her lids in the classic southern fashion. The tone of her voice is sweet and melodious, and holds a notable Crownlander accent despite her Lycene appearance.)

Personality: Highly influenced by her socialite mother, the small lioness, excels in the aspects of organization, with a sharp eye for aesthetics, and all that requires being creative. At first glance, and quite often, appearing to be somewhat self-centered and overly enthusiastic; most have learned with time it is all but a shallow facade. Underneath that frivolous exterior, she has come to be known, by many, for her devotion to the gods and over pouring generosity for those in great need. A kind-hearted and frisky spirit that looks up to the world and everything around her with an idealistic optimism, and an opportunity for gaining both knowledge and adventure. Honest and courteous to those around her - Kaia is not afraid to speak her mind and be both forthright and feisty with her retorts. However, as daring and witty as she may be at times, her flaws are laid empty when it comes down to the matters of the heart. She is a naive sucker for love; and therefore, a victim of it and the perils it brings with it -especially when she is against the compelling bad-boy sort of type. Time, however, has made her realize that in order to survive in the new world she had treaded into - she must become more firm, stern and resolute.

Background: The youngest daughter of Samael and Sabitha Bisland. Showered in wealth and a long military heritage, Lady Kaia Bisland --just like her eldest sister, had the finest education growing up. She was found to be a very competent and insightful intellectual. Relying mostly on reason, knowledge and intuition, she would continue to perfect her abilities as both a charmer and mediator; leading to her tutors to eventually recognize her potential as a future diplomat of the house. Few could rarely find the strength and willpower to tell her no. No wonder she grew up so spoiled! An innately perceptive leader and commander, skilled with the bow as much as her words. The little bossy lady of the house, according to Dariel, would always be ready to host with the great Bisland glory and might.

Her father being one of the finest lawyers in the Compact, meant that he wasn't around very much; whilst for her mother, life was a constant flurry of social occasion and diplomacy. She spent most of her younger years in Pridehall and Bastion - getting acquainted with a few of the nobles and royals from an early age; that was, apart from the occasional trip with Sabitha and Zoey to the Oathlands to visit their Laurent cousins, as well as a few trips here and there to the various vassal lands. Pearlspire being one of her favorites. It was during this time that she built up most of her social connections with both the Laurent's, Grayson's and vassal houses.

Not at all pressured by the weight of being a Bisland firstborn; and, caring far too little for the family's long list of formalities, she would often sneak out into the Pridehall gardens where she would find herself daydreaming about the adventures, fabled romances and faraway places she had only read about in the less scholarly books. Her chatty spirited nature contrasted to that of her quiet and soft-spoken sister. Who unlike her- would spend long hours of study in the library, along with their introverted cousin Lailah -in hopes to toss aside her fears of not measuring up to the Bisland firstborn standards and expectations. Good thing that was not her! No pressure here! Oh - but if only she had known the role that awaited for her in the future.

The sister's relationship was a good and healthy one. If Kaia was ever in trouble, she knew she could trust in Zoey to have her back and protect her. Nonetheless, she would suffer her sister's occasional exasperation and 'THE LOOK' if she followed her for far too long. Predictable sibling reactions, right? Overall, Zoey was the perfect role-model for Kaia - who loved her and admired her deeply. Even if, at times, it would all be tossed aside when she chose to become Michael's partner in crime. Ah, the brother she had never and would never have - that was Mikey. Brace yourself for the pranks and mischief! Slipping straw behind the other's necks, running around the rooms with muddy shoes, shooting dung bombs to the guards, crazy snowball fights, climbing up trees and the stables - actually, that one didn't end quite well for Kaia. Forget it! You shall not hear of it. Let's stop here. Moving on!

When her sister Zoey moved to the city of Arx, the distance made it hard to communicate; but still, they made it work. It wasn't long before she got word of her sister's engagement to one of the Kennex's - Lord Ian. She was happy for her sister; but also, genuinely apprehensive with the recent development. Having her parents, horrible, marriage as a direct example; she had grown to be a bit lethargic regarding the concept and nature of the noble's wedlock -which was often mere business, treaties and strategic arrangements above all else. This, however, did not prevent her from dreaming and hoping that when the time came for her to marry -unlike her mother, she would be corresponded and be perhaps even happy.

In the aftermath of the Lodge, duty to the family called. Securing defenses and both social and financial positions was a must. She was instructed to journey fast and settle at the Bisland's estate. There, she was appointed Minister of Histories. (Remember all those books she didn't want to read when she was younger? Well, too bad! Say hello to her little friends: quill and ink.) Her life was now an endless journey of research, scribbling, and LOTS of reading! Darn it Michael!

Presently, here in Arx, she hopes to find more about herself and her inner desires; and, now, with talks of a wedding soon on the horizon, admittance to the prestigious Scholars & Society of Explorers, and danger brewing and rising in all corners of Arvum. What adventures could possibly await?

Relationship Summary

  • Sabitha - My darling mother is a picture perfect of class and sopphistication incarnate. Always fashionable; always the socialite.
  • Samael - My dearest papa compares to none when it comes to the matters of law and justice. I admire him greatly. Still, I wish we could spend more time with together...he's always so busy.
  • Zoey - My sweet sister is truly a joy and an example to follow. Her sense of fashion, duty and thirst for knowledge are just mesmerizing. I could have not gotten a better one.
  • Michael - my dearest cousin who is like a brother to me.

  • Patron:
  • Mason - the Eurusi prince is a boon to us all with his savvy and intellect. I am lucky to have him as my patron.

  • The crown:
  • Saverio - A handsome man with great allure. An admired mentor and fascinating conversationalist.
  • Domonico - A steadfast man with flooding war and combat knowledge. A most respected mentor and admired brother in law.
  • Miranda - A delight of a woman and fellow fighter and adventurer. I adore her. Will she steal me from my husband? We shall have to see!

  • Deceased:
  • Arcadia - A talented archress, rebelious and charming.

  • Friend:
  • Thea - The best training buddy one could have; I am blessed by her friendship.
  • Dariel - My dear talented cousin and confidant! He shall acomplish great things. I'm sure.
  • Neilda - my dear training and adventure seeking buddy from the southern lands.

  • Ally:
  • Delilah - A guide and mentor in all maters intellectual and expeditionary. I've come to admire her a great deal.
  • Liara - A witty and fascinating woman with a sweeping domain in all matters social and sophistication. A joy and inspiration to be around.
  • Lisebet - A woman of intellect and great beauty.
  • Peri - My daring and adventurous childhood friend. I admire her intellect and bravery greatly.
  • Emily - A friend from Old Oak. I recall practicing my archery with her in our teenage years.

  • Spouse:
  • Martino - The handsome fashionable devil and tease of the Lyceum. Now all mine.~

  • Mourning isles:
  • Valdemar - a man of intellect, wisdom and good taste whom I'm proud to call friend.

  • Oathlands:
  • Artur - He is so lively and energetic! His good spirit is contagious and I simply adore him!

  • Frenemy:
  • Noah - Ever. So. Charming. *Sarcasm Intensifies*

  • Protege:
  • Kalani - So bright and competent. I am lucky to have her as a friend.
  • Valarian - a man of many talents and great ambition.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn As soon as she described herself as a treasure-hunting explorer, I was intrigued. A woman after my own heart.
    Adora Goes out in the snow without a cloak. Typical silks. I don't like her.
    Aethan Zoey's sister, and the resemblance is obvious. Sweet, and not afraid of getting bruised.
    Ahmar A kind lady. She keeps bringing me food. Guess I am looking thin?
    Aiden A cousin of mine from the House of Bisland. It's been a while since I've seen her and I really hope she doesn't prove me wrong about shooting herself in the foot with an arrow. It's good to see yet another of the Bisland family coming to the city to become more active in the Compact. I do admire her humor and her understanding of responsibility.
    Ajax A lady full of zeal and energy. With beauty and charm to match, she however makes this habit of making me tired watching her.
    Alarissa The Lady Bisland is a wonderful woman and a credit to her household.
    Alecstazi She seems to be cautious, thoughtful and willing to see out the long play. I am impressed.
    Alessia It's easy to see why the Malvicis are so fond of her. She's as sweet as can be and welcoming.
    Anisha A charming lady with an eye for fashion! And Lord Martino's fiancee!
    Antea I feel bad that she was seeking social connections and instead got stuck with me. I should be certain to point her towards my cousin Alessia next time.
    Apollo Every craftsman wants a customer like her - eager, generous, proud to show what you've made.
    Arcadia She's so pretty and bubbly and great with a bow and arrow.
    Aswin Who would have thought that she would be such a skilled archer. I look forward to more lessons with her. It could very well be that I can learn more from her than just the finer points of archery, given that she seems to be quite well read as well.
    Athaur A most attentive and lovely hostess
    Audgrim Did NOT expect to see her in Arx, which is silly - where else would I run into her again?
    Bethany A very pink noblewoman.
    Bhandn She seems companionable enough, when it involves conversation. Beyond that, I am not sure what else to say.
    Blacktongue Quick and clever. Worth watching.
    Brigida Expressive.
    Brigida A good shot with that fine bow of hers. She'd make a good hunter for the Lodge.
    Calypso I don't do the social thing, so I'm really glad to have people in the house who do. Martino made a good choice in wife.
    Caprice Vivacious and elegant, essentially perfect for an ambassador of style! I anticipate great things in the future.
    Caspian Beauty and brains is such a captivating combination. I hope to cross paths with her again soon.
    Catalana Zoey's sister! She seems just as bright and wonderful as her. I wonder if I could steal her away from Martino. Lady Kaia Kennex sounds so lovely.
    Charlotte Polite and kind. She reminds me a little of my sister when she talked about shooting things. Must mean we'll be friends.
    Cirroch Another that might be able to help me learn a better route towards diplomacy versus the Mountain's go to of setting it on fire.
    Clara An amazing archer. Maybe she can teach me a thin' or two about archery sometime.
    Cristoph There are *so* many Laurent cousins. Kaia is a sweet girl and I remember her from her days visiting the Oathlands. It's good to see her in the city once again, I wish her the best in her upcoming nuptials.
    Dariel My lovely and also sympathetic cousin who most certainly deserves a more enjoyable nights out!
    Delilah Bisland has its many lions, but not all roar. Kaia is perhaps the gentlest and quietest of them, but enthusiasm glittering in her eyes shows a keen interest in the world.
    Dianna Bubbly and sweet. An interesting balance for Lord Martino Malvici, but they seem to make it work.
    Domonico Kaia Bisland. Cousin to the scholarly Lailah. Attractive, diplomatic and rather easily embaressed it seems.
    Drake Negotiated well under pressure in a difficult situation. I am impressed with how well she took command for someone so seemingly unassuming at first glance.
    Elias Although she is a bit unaware of her surrounding, she seems like a virtuous, graceful typical noble lady. But then I saw her took out a fearsome bow and I heard she beats a man up with a sword. Wew.
    Emrys Once a student, now a Lady of age and a newly minted explorer. Some would dismiss the courtly arts with such in mind, yet not her, and for good reason. It always pays to be polite when knocking on the door of the unknown.
    Erik Lady Kaia is great company for an evening of drinks and light conversation, she has a penchant for adventures, which is always welcome. I'd love to her about her future exploits at the Society of Explorers.
    Eshken A charming, attractive noblewoman, with a fondness for sweets. Was a pleasure to meet.
    Esme OH! The Lady Kaia is beautiful. She has done a service to love to see it through the 'complications' that the path has presented and she has come out victorious in it. We should all meet someone like her
    Estil A bright and charming lady, we share many of the same interests. I hope we have more chances to meet and talk about those interests, and possibly find even more that we might share.
    Evander A long time ago, she answered the message I threw out into the wilds of the seas. Her correspondence opened my eyes to new parts of the world, and her paintings were impressive even then.
    Evaristo A social creature, that much is obvious. At ease on the dance floor!
    Evonleigh Lady Bisland is sweet and quick on her feet, and a good person to have at your side in a spot of trouble.
    Fiora It was cute how she screamed when she won. I was like that once I think, maybe. Probably not.
    Gabriel Bright, cheerful, and very competent. Kaia is more than a treasured niece, she is a minister and a valued advisor.
    Gaspar An otherworldly beauty with a smile that demanded attention, even if she did not. She tried to bankrupt me and I'm pleased to say that she failed, but not without a valiant effort.
    Giada Bubbly little thing.
    Gilroy Nice Bisland Lady! Appreciates a good chicken!
    Gretchen She seems sweet and rather quiet. Surely she's going to be a repeat customer!
    Haakon A woods walker. Good shot with a bow, and keeps a fine falcon. Another Malvici, so it's no surprise to find she's fair at the hunt.
    Harlex A young Bisland Lady, saw her in attendance at some training sessions and the joust, I believe. I sense that curiosity about her that always finds trouble. Nothing a lion can't handle.
    Ian Zoey's sister.
    Iliana She understands the need for defense, and she's charming and friendly to boot.
    Ivy A steady woman with a good head on her shoulders. Definitely knows her way around a bow.
    Jace Aside from the initial feathered chaos, Kaia was very kind in inviting me to join her conversation and seems to be a good friend to have.
    Jasher Lady Zoey's sister, with the spirit to match. I wonder what will happen should they choose to commit to a task together.
    Jeffeth What a lovely little lady. She doesn't say much, but she seems awful pleasant.
    Jules Lady Kaia is Lady Zoey's sister. She's always been delightful to be around and kind to you. In spite of her kindness, she's most certainly capabable of commanding authority!
    Jyri Kind and cheerful, apparently a big fan of my art. An artist herself, I look forward to seeing her work.
    Kaldur A lovely daughter of Bisland, full of mischief and verve.
    Kastelon I saw her while observing a melee. She overheard my jesting, and clearly has no sense of humor.
    Kenna She seems so sweet! Strange that she's related to Michael and Lailah.
    Klaus The Lady loved my singing. She must like cats singing too, but it was very nice and generous compliment.
    Leola Married into Malvici. Is there a reason the family so often marries Graysons? The sense of adventure, perhaps, the relentless push to be better than they are, mixed with the Malvici drive to rule. It's a potent combination
    Liara She knows her own mind and she's certainly confident about speaking it.
    Lorenzo A charming and tenacious woman who is pleasant company. Lord Martino seems quite enamored of her, which is sweet to see.
    Lottie Such a kind woman and it seems like she's one with a great amount of love in her heart. Oh, my! I might get to make her wedding cake!
    Lou Lady Kaia is a fine woman, and she made my husband happy the day she agreed to be his protege. Plus, she has an adventurous spirit. What more do I need to say?
    Luca She carries a beautiful blade. What can I say, I'm a sword man. I can't say if it suits her seemingly sunny disposition, but maybe I'll find out one day. She's skilled enough in easing herself into conversation like she'd always been there. Perhaps she's just as subtle with a weapon?
    Lucita Such a lovely Lady who shares an interest in exploring with me. She is to marry into the Malvici family.
    Lustry I am eager to discuss fabric ideas with her.
    Lyra It's years since I last saw Lady Kaia, but she's just as lovely as ever she was. Moreso in fact. I shall have to invite her to dinner as there is much catching up to be done.
    Mabelle My sweet cousin who shares my love of cooking, fashion and events. And then some.
    Maddox A young and somewhat starstruck lass, new to the city. She is a bit bright eyed, and young at heart, but refreshing. I am hoping that we will become close friends.
    Magnus Lady Kaia is an explorer to the bone! Always eager to know more about distant lands, she has a talent for creating maps, which might come useful when I want to map my own lands. In return, maybe I can show her the best Bonespire has to offer to an avid explorer.
    Maja Oh my gosh, she has the /cutest/ kitten! And her taste in fashion? To die for! The outfit I saw her in was just absolutely stunning!
    Malcolm She's a very bright and friendly sort. Seems like Bisland's got a lot of folk like that - which I appreciate. Good folk.
    Marisol Lady Kaia is warmth and vigor personified. I can see why many are drawn to her upon entering the room. Lord Michael's cousin they both seem to hold a measure of charm that makes them noticeable.
    Martino Such a stylish woman, picking out excellent silks and seems to know my brother. Also, easy to turn a shade of red. Always fun to see.
    Maru Such a busy young woman, and a gracious hostess. But there's more there than just a social butterfly.
    Marzio She has a good head on her shoulders. Her knowledge is impressive. I am interested to learn more of her, but she seems to be quite capable.
    Medeia A tamer of beasts, the Lady Kaia is a gorgeous and kind woman who I hope to call friend alongside her husband.
    Merek Makes great food, also she cares about people. A nice person to meet, if you like!
    Meriah A sweet little lark. I bet she can sing.
    Michael My sweet, young cousin. So eager to get to the work of nobility. So ready to take my tasks from me. Perfect.
    Mikani Didn't get to speak with her much. But she was entertaining to watch.
    Miraj A wonderful archer! I can't wait to see how she fares in the next round. Maybe I should buy her a drink to congratulate her.
    Miranda I enjoy her ability to take jokes and teasing with humor. I expect she'll keep Martino on his toes for some time!
    Mirk A young lady of House Malvici, now, it seems. I trained her bird once, and the care she showed that animal speaks to her character by itself.
    Nazmir Her and her husband presented a truly inspiring picture at the Grayson Ball. Pleasant and friendly, I could see myself getting to know them better.
    Neilda She's the sweetest person I know. It will be a real feat if she can hang onto that.
    Neve Lady Kaia is buxom, beautiful, and usually I'm attracted to people's hair. I love braiding it, and brushing it, and just all around touching it. She has splendidly beautiful hair, however her beauty really extends beyond what's outside. I wouldn't want to touch her hair because she wears clothing that just drapes over her. From chest, to hips, to midriff it really sits perfectly. She has a certain shape, look, and even personality where everything just flutterfalls into perfection. I could look at her in different outfits all day - and wish I fit into them. Where I make everything look hipsy, she makes me wish I wore clothes that settled on me. She's patient (you kind of have to be around me) and kind, she has a certain radiant beauty that radiates from the inside out that draws you in and makes you just want to talk about the pleasant things of the day all day long with her.
    Niklas Not a bad dance! Not clunky at all!
    Niklas Lady Zoey's sister is so unlike her, yet the similarities are striking. She is brilliant, compassionate and a boon to her family.
    Nina A wonderfully graceful dancer! I am quite impressed with her poise.
    Noah Ugh. She's like the rest of them. Straighten up, Noah. Show your teeth when you smile, Noah. A smirk is not a smile, Noah. Don't insult the host. I mean, she's all right as far as it goes. She's just always been around. Like you know, a shadow or something. I WILL NOT BE TAMED, KAIA!
    Norwood Unlike her cousin, Kaia seems to respondas a //proper// noblewoman ought to.
    Nuala Owl: quiet and watchful, keeping a perch on a stray branch. May never see her come or go. But when she speaks up it's hard not to notice her.
    Olivian Even just being the one who snared Martino says a great deal positive about her, but also kind and wise. An intellect to rely upon.
    Orathy Easy on the eyes 'n a little rosy cheeked dish, aye, but it always be the small ones ya gotta watch out fer, cause ya walk by 'em 'n the next thing ya know ya got an arrow up yer arse.
    Orelia A quick wit and a sense of humor. My social life is better because of her.
    Orrin A warm and youthful sort. I'm unsurprised Peri has found in her a friend.
    Otho What makes a hunter is bringing something home when you hunt. Nice shot, that hunter.
    Pasquale One of the Greats in the Lyceum at present.
    Petal Kind, welcoming and approachable
    Pharamond She's playful, a good friend of Olivia's it seems, and part of the Grayson fealty. Of course she's going to be someone I like!
    Pharamond Marriage seems to have done her well. I look forward to seeing her on our trip.
    Piccola I wish I knew more of her. She seems very much like the other nobles I've met from her House, only just a smidge more positive and agreeable.
    Qadira A gracious hostess, I think, willing to help a lowborn wench learn to dance. I'm certain she'd have made sure I had a partner, if I wasn't fortunate to run into one myself.
    Raimon I have not seen her since she was much smaller. She seems to be doing well for herself.
    Ras Thought she was jumpy and silly for just a beat there, but actually - she's pretty tough. Not everybody can take a beating the way I seen her do in that yard. Reckon it won't be long before she's flattening anyone that crosses her, and ...that ain't gonna be me.
    Reese She seems friendly and comes from quit the family. I am curious to learn more about her.
    Romulius Lord Martino's wife. Gentle and attentive.
    Rosalind For someone so little, she sure has a loud bark! I bet she wears the leathers in her marriage. I bet we can be friends!
    Rowley Lady Malvici, formerly a Bisland as far as I have learned. She is quite friendly, which is refreshing to find. Enjoyable to be in the company of.
    Rysen A charming and graceful young lady, and a brilliant actress. I hope she comes to teach at the Bard's College some day.
    Sabella She seems a bit lost but very nice! I'm sure Zoey will sort her quickly!
    Sabella The Bislands are an amazing family to have so many likable people in their ranks! Lady Kaia is even more outgoing than Lady Zoey and I absolutely adore all of her tea parties!
    Salvador A young noblewoman that I met at the Hundred Cities Inn, we talked about travel, the Lyceum, food and fashion, though I'm not much of an expert on the later.
    Samael I only regret that it took so long for us to meet after my return to Arx. My daughter has matured into a confident, accomplished Lady, and many have come to speak her praises.
    Samuele The cousin of my brother-in-law. She is rather polite and pleasant to make conversation with.
    Sanya A lovely lady I met at the Queensrest. We had an interesting disussion, I hope for another opportunity to do so.
    Saverio Very familiar, though never be mislead that the familiar can not also be dangerous.
    Sebastian We met under rather unusual circumstances. Well -- quite normal circumstances with odd accompaniment. It would be poor form of me to judge her from that one event, especially as she seems to have weathered it well.
    Selene The lady has an easy, sunny sensibility about her. How very hard not to laugh when enjoying her company! Her sense of humor readily comes to the fore, and someone who can take the world in stride with a warm giggle or rejoinder to a joke will go far.
    Sophie Well, sometimes you meet someone and you declare. "This person will be my friend!" I did, and she is. Simple enough.
    Sparte A curious mind and, one day, an able explorer. I gave her a challenge she didn't pass on the first attempt, but I have the confidence she'll rise to it and surpass it. Because I can see she has the confidence.
    Sunaia Thank you for always standing by my side - no matter what the situation.
    Tabitha Just lovely! The life and soul of the party, and just ever so nice, really. A fellow painter too! I hope we'll be fast friends.
    Tabitha She's a lovely young woman, isn't she? Bright, bubbly and with a quick wit. We should have tea and cakes and a chat, I think.
    Thea So.much.happy. Does she stop smiling? She loves my brother and I'm not sure if that makes her smart, but---I there's something there.
    Thesarin The young Bisland girl all grown up. Sweet girl, and kind, how I seen.
    Valdemar An outgoing and pleasantly inquisitive noblewoman who seems to fit into the Lyceum quite well from what I have seen so far.
    Venturo Warm, cheerful and charming, one can see the reason others are pulled into her orbit like ships into a whirpool, and with a request for a drink that I look forward to making sure strikes just he right note.
    Vicente You really thought she had hosted a tea party but apparently you're not entirely certain how you recognize her. Perhaps the difficulties of old age are actually catching up. Hopefully this will not advance too quickly as you hopefully have too many years to deal with these problems already.
    Videl Lord Martino's wife, a Bisland I believe? A pleasant woman, intelligent. I'm sure she'll be the counterweight Lord Martino needs to ground up him.
    Vitalis A soon-to-be distant cousin-by-marriage - I hope to see her around the Society hall or, better, on an expedition.
    Vittorio Bright and friendly, her words are often touched by a note of excitement.
    Vittorio The Lady Bisland now a glowing mother named Malvici. I hope she would still be as kind as to offer my fashion tips.
    Vulpiano One glimpsed previously but truly met later, Lady Kaia Malvici proved to be an excellent conversationalist and fellow witness to the wonders of parenthood.
    Willow We look very similar! I should have liked to have attended her tea party.
    Xanthe She almost died last time I saw her. I don't mind her company. She is quite chipper, though.
    Zakhar appears to enjoy praying for kittens in flight
    Zara She comports herself with a warmth and ease that makes it very easy to like her.
    Zoey My dear sister, whom I will dote on as aggressively as I would defend her.