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Lord Darrow Darkwater

Sorrow is a reflection of the inevitable.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Knight of Sorrow
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Darkwater
Gender: male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 25
Birthday: 5/4
Religion: The Sentinel
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Midnight Black
Eye Color: Watery blue
Skintone: Pale

Obituary: Died in Darkwater Reach, leading the siege defense of the Redoubt. Or perhaps somewhat after - but he did not return from Darkwater Reach alive.

Description: Stoic, this man's features are hardened and stern. The strict and angular lines of his face are austere and aesthetic, but hold little warmth. Severely cropped, midnight black hair is flecked with seafoam grey, prematurely. Watery, the blue of his eyes are like a deep reflecting pool, their depths tending to hold sadness despite his circumstances. Muscular, but in a manner so spare as to seem rawboned, as if food had been an afterthought in his life. His skin is fair, marked with scars left uncaringly healed.

Personality: It is rumored that Darrow of House Darkwater has not laughed in fifteen years. Even as a youth and squire he was known as 'Dour Darrow', and his somberness is matched only by his relentlessness. While not openly hostile, he can be curt and is often laconic, though his words are known for intelligence when he does speak. He's harshly just, stoic, and severe in his dealings with others. He doesn't exactly lack charisma, though those that gather to him are the type more interested in doing, not saying.

Background: The third son and fourth child of Dameodred Darkwater, the younger brother of the former Count of Darkwater, Darrow has had a life marked by trajedy. Darrows' mother passed in childbirth with a stricken younger sibling, and alternatively watched his father rain harsh blows upon he and his siblings, or spend nights weeping, spilling tears and heavy drink in torrents. During the rebellion of Duke Titus, the keep of the Weeping Isle, Lacrimus, so nicknamed from Dameodred's gloom, was stormed by Tyde reavers. Dameodred was killed with wine, not a weapon in hand, and his men and thralls put to the sword. Three crosses faced the waves and the gulls - his two brothers and sisters lashed in the sea crucifixion which had already become so familiar to the losing rebel side. Darrow, the youngest, was left bound to the rocks at the shore, and was found, thankfully, but the tides had already reached his neck.
A third son and now of a gutted family, Darrow was warded amongst the Thrax at Maelstrom. He grew up a sullen child, the focus of numerous fights for his lack of interest in many of the youth's games, but his talent for violence was found and trained. He squired for Sargax Shipbreaker, and was knighted at the turn of his fifteenth year for his defense of Sargax's fallen form at the battle of Hellespont, suffering no fewer than ten wounds.
He is known, now, in knighthood for being one of the few postulants of the Sentinel, as the Knight of Sorrow, after his stern disposition and bloodied history. Oddly, though some of more sensitive tastes find him depressing and a bore, many folk of the common ilk have lauded him, at least silently, for his strict protection of their rights, scarce as they may be. He has even been known to champion a few of them in cases of perceived slights, to the shock and scandal of some.

Relationship Summary

  • Abbas - Lord Admiral and brother-in-arms.
  • Harald - The Duke
  • Ford - His Liege
  • Victus - High Lord and training companion

  • Family:
  • Max - Cousin and Count
  • Venta - Aunt
  • Max - Late Cousin, former Count
  • Sameera - Bastard Cousin
  • Ariel - Cousin
  • Atrid - Cousin
  • Name Summary
    Alarissa He is, without a doubt, a very ice cold bucket of water. Which is not to say that is a bad thing. The Knight of Sorrows, from Castle Lament, is someone to who Alarissa finds... refreshing. Darkwater he may be, and at times, terribly blunt, there's something to be said for not needing to verbally dance and his choice of strict formality is something that Alarissa can get behind.
    Amarantha A serious, dour knight of Thrax. I don't get the feeling he much likes me.
    Arcelia What a serious seeming man... I'm curious about him though. Perhaps I will meet him again soon and get to learn more about him.
    Astraea The man is quite grim at first glance but now I can see he has a great deal of responsibility on his shoulders. Even with such an immense burden to bear he does so without complaint and possessing of a certain grace. His calm demeanor is grounding and much as I enjoy someone with a good sense of adventure, so too do I love someone pragmatic.
    Caspian One of the many nobles who I met at The Ebb and Flow Inn. Serious sort, like Lord Ian, but at least more approachable.
    Christine Such an interesting man... He seems to be only interested in violence and death.
    Costas This taciturn Thraxan is something of an enigma. It's no secret that I have a colored perception of their people, but the few traits their culture values that I consider laudable: pragmatism, fraternity, and a hard-iron edge for the enemy this man seems to embody.
    Cybele Stormcloak man! He is not very happy I think. He has stood so long in the winds and the salt that it has turned him into a human rock-thing. But maybe there is still nice things inside if he cracks the salt away?
    Dominic Returned my harpoon and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you Knight of Sorrow.
    Echo Lord Darrow of Darkwater is very realistic on the upcoming situation, and he comes across as moreso grim and brooding, but, hey, at least he's sharing drinks with me!
    Fatima The Knight of Sorrows, fuck I hope I get to see him dash someone's skull in, or lop off the limbs of the unfortunate asshole who would stand against the Champion of my brother. He seems a somber man but perhaps like sea there is an ebb and flow to his moods. Only time will tell.
    Faye Kind of a jerk, but I'll miss him.
    Harald The Knight of Sorrow who spreads his namesake by his swordhand. A worthy warrior, bereft of false affectation.
    Ian There's a political animal under there somewhere. I wouldn't want to get in his way.
    Isolde I wouldn't like to be on the wrong side of the Knight of Sorrow's sword.
    Joscelin A serious lord, intense in his focus. A person you can trust to do honest business with.
    Katarina The Knight of Sorrow, someone Katarina only encountered fleetingly months ago in the Capital before it all came to head in the most important battle of both their lives. He'd already given his all to protect the Redoubt and, in the end, he too had succumbed to the lure of the Nightmare. Their fight is one she can never forget. She regrets not knowing more of the man he once was.
    Killian Seriously, I'm not even really sure who the man is, but I can definitely say he saved my life. I'll have to take him out drinking if I am ever allowed to leave this damned bed.
    Lorien A serious gentleman with the thoughts of his people on his mind. I can't help but sympathise that for such an event, perhaps something more solemn was expected.
    Mira Very bitter. Very standoffish. I tried to approach him about combating the Gyre, but he didn't seem to believe the Compact--or I--would really help him.
    Petal I noticed that he wasn't very warm toward me, but I'm not surprised or even all that concerned. He is a noble and I am abandoned, so seems pretty normal to me. Maybe one day I will learn more about him.
    Reese I was not expecting to run into Lord Darrow. He seems to be an honest man and a fighter. He is ready for battle at all times, but I can relate even if I am in a dress right now.
    River So cold, it makes me wonder if he could ever be taught to smile.
    Roran He seemed in need of a little change and who doesn't need a little Joy. It will be interesting to see it. The change.
    Sasha A curious Lord of Darkwater. I wonder if he ever smiles
    Skye I know he has doubts on my ability to bring Blackshore to it's former glory, but I shall find a way.
    Sorrel Helpful in a fight. Sorrel thinks it might be nice to make his acquaintance when people aren't trying to kill them.
    Sparte He seems to be very concerned about family. A very important trait in a person of his station. I just wish he'd asked for help with something I can, well, help with.
    Tesha Brackish and bitter. It's as good a self-defense as any other, I suppose. Expect nothing, after all, and you'll seldomn be disappointed.
    Theron Competent, deadly, incredible fighter. I hope we fight beside eachother in the future. He is more than a challenge in the arena for anyone. My shoulder'd say so very much.
    Thesarin Proud, and dour, and a bit prickly. Doesn't make him wrong.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Vanora Vanora did not 'meet' him so much as see him at Brother Driskell's sermon, but his questions about dark passions held her attention and made her wonder more.
    Victus He never smiles, but he never needed to. He does his job better than anyone.
    Wash Hard to talk to when I'm feeling up. I can't imagine we'd have much to say to each other in worse circumstances.