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Lyiana Averdeen

A world is nothing if not beautiful. The terrible and beautiful come together to create a masterpiece not yet known to men. If the terrible is devistation, the beauty makes up for it by the shere power of it, and thus, the world is put together once again.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: intelligent, well-mannered woman
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Averdeen
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 20
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: The Pantheon
Vocation: Tailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn, with highlights of lighter russet reds in the strands
Eye Color: a soft emerald green
Skintone: fair

Description: Slender and fine-boned, this woman is not very tall, standing at a modest five foot three without shoes. Auburn hair falls loosely down her back in a cascade of waves to her waist, containing russet highlights from the outdoors in the strands. She has a high, arched forehead with thick eyebrows, below which rest large emerald green eyes with curled lashes. Her face is heart-shaped and delicately boned, her features almost doll-like in their appearance, with a short slim nose and full plump lips. She has a slightly pointed chin, leading down into a supple throat with the barest hint of freckles dusted on the slope of throat and collarbone. She has slim, small shoulders which lead into similarly slim arms with that same dusting of freckles near her delicate wrists, unless they are covered by an article of clothing. Her hands are small and fine-boned, with callouses on the pads of her fingers from labor. Her nails are kept uniformly short and trim. She is full-breasted and has a slim stomach with very little fat upon it. Her waist is an almost tiny thing which leads down into narrow hips and athletic, well-muscled legs.

Personality: She is a soft-spoken woman with an eye for detail, especially when working with a piece of clothing. Her demeanor could be described as kind and almost submissive, but she is often mistaken for such do to her soft vocal range. She has a goal of owning her own tailoring shop when she has enough money, but for now, she is working for whomever she can find. Her most outward traits are the constant smile which seems to grace her lips, and the way she will often tap her fingers on her thigh as she observes the world around her, often doing that without realizing it. She has a temper, though it's often hidden under a layer of carefully controlled emotions, though it will often emerge when she is tired or not feeling her best.

Background: Lyiana Averdeen grew up in the bustling city of Arx. Being the only child of Serina and Arthur Averdeen, she was doted upon by her Mother and Father and given everything they could afford, which wasn't that much, but it suited the young girl. Her Mother was a tailor, having worked in the profession when she was 19 and having met Lyiana's father there, so the girl started the same profession, or the beginnings of it, when she was fifteen. She often worked with her Mother in their small house and they sold clothing out to the commoners of the street and repaired children's old garments for reuse. When they were low on money at one time, Lyiana went out and got another job working at a tavern and bringing in a little more so they could have food on the table. When she was ready to begin working on her own, and having learned all she could from her Mother, she began to look for tailoring work elsewhere, even going so far as to work odd jobs fixing garments for other people without her Mother's guidance. Now, she is still working those odd jobs, but is hoping to gain recognition for her work.

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