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Lord Killian Ashford

Surely you can't seriously expect me to take this seriously?

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Burdened Young Knight
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 12/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: ice blue
Skintone: pale

Titles: Paladin of Ideals

Obituary: He died standing as defense between a group hunting agents of the Gyre. Once the Paladin of Ideals, who stood against Tolamar Brand, Herald of Silence, and brought him down, he continued to act as a Hero of Arx against all who threatened the Compact.

Description: A man of lean stature, he stands just shy of the six foot mark. He is athletic, with obvious strength in movements that betray the guarded gracefulness of a trained fighter. His skin is paler than one might expect on a man who seems no stranger to exercise, but it is the shade of his hair that might gain the most notice from a distance. Pale to the point of white, it seems not to match his generally youthful look at all. He keeps the hair in a long ponytail usually, reaching past his shoulders, framing eyes of an icey blue. He smiles often, though it is somewhat reserved and often seems as though the smile doesn't quite reach those eyes. He usually dresses in stylish though comfortable clothes, the garments often covering most of his form. The smooth paleness of a burn scar covers much of his neck, trailing up a bit onto his right cheek, just below where his beard is trimmed when he wears one. A matching scar is visible on his left temple, though smaller, and if one were to see him with more of his body uncovered he has quite a number of similar scars on his form.

Personality: Some might despair at times of ever getting Killian to take anything seriously, a mischevious and quick-witted nature his usual. Flirtatious and outgoing, he seems to have a knack for asking too many questions and being too interested in basically everything, especially if it sounds like an adventure.

Background: Born second son of one of the branches of the Ashford family, Killian was forever in some form of trouble. Mischievous, adventurous and entirely unlike his older brother he seemed to always have a knack for trouble and for talking his way out of the worst of it. Of course, the shadow of his older brother ever loomed, and after a particularly troublesome prank might have reflected poorly upon his older sibling he was sent away to squire in Bisland. After being Knighted, a brief return home was all it took to make it clear that his family, or at least his older brother, would far prefer he spend time 'abroad' as a Knight Errant. Of course, being an Ashford, he took that to mean that it would be preferred if he went to find out what was over that next hill and help out along the way. He has wandered surprisingly far for his relatively young age, seeking out the places where the myths that were his escape as a youth might hide in the world.

Relationship Summary

  • Valencia - Such a delightful bundle of all sorts of trouble.
  • Serafine - A truly skilled Knight, I shall have to strive to remember not to call her Princess.
  • Silas - Dear and trusted friend and ally.
  • Ainsley - An old and dear friend whom I trust and respect.
  • Luca - A friend from adventures long past, now a dear ally and trusted comrade.
  • Sparte - A solid man in a fight and a spirit of courage and decency that can be depended upon.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Alistair - A comrade who shares a troubled past, can often be depended upon.
  • Lark - Though our relationship is not as close as it once was, I remain always and unwaveringly loyal.

  • Ally:
  • Reese - A strong ally militarily as well as personally, in whom I place tremendous trust.
  • Arianna - It would be hard to find someone who knows me as well, or in whom I place so much trust. She is often at my side.

  • Deceased:
  • Addison - Would that I could have killed him myself....such a disappointment as a brother.
  • Pietro - There are not many whom I trust, and I miss him greatly. A strong ally, but more than that, a kindred spirit. You are missed.
  • Dawn - I don't know that Dawn is dead, but I fear it so greatly. I owe her so much, and yet in the end I feel I could do nothing to help her ultimately, despite wanting to so badly. She rescued me, and made me more than a nameless vagabond wanderer.

  • Family:
  • Gabriel - Mentor and guardian during a trying time in my life, there are few who I respect more.
  • Cara - Addison's Widow, a dear friend, a confidant and one of the few who can truly understand me.
  • Aislin - Cousin, mentor, friend, ally...Aislin is the sister I never had growing up.
  • Olivia - Oh what a delightful ally in causing Aislin headaches! I do wonder if I might find a way to help her get over this strange aversion to animals though..
  • Harlan - Duke of Ashford, Cousin, liege. I have given him oath by my own name and word, and am in awe of how he has stepped forward to shoulder his fathers burden.
  • Avary - Wait, I have a sister!?
  • Barric - Bisland Brat Pack, No Relation, Barric and Killian were almost the same age so trained extensively together as young teens.
  • Iona - Guardian and surrogate mother after I was sent to live in Bisland.
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Little flashy, some other lordling with an alaricite sword. Brave enough to call out and face a Bringer personally, though, so can't be too bad.
    Aiden We may have got off on the wrong foot but after I've shared matters with him that I know are quite important, I've changed my mind about him. He is someone I can see working with and will be working with, as well as trusting. He's the Paladin of Ideals after all, and I think he can show me a lot when it comes to life lessons. I look forward to helping him and seeing him in Command in the field.
    Aislin Months ago, my first scene with Killian was actually a family dinner with Harlan freshly returned to the city, and Killian just back from his exile. Looking back at the log, he was enthusiastic -- albeit a little verbose and flowery in his dialogue -- but it was so refreshing to see a new Ashford face who was active and enthusiastic. And, of course, Killian's gone on to be one of the most valued members of the family. :)
    Aleksei Even more reckless than I am! I mean, sometimes. Killian's all heart, like I am, which is probably why we get along. He's one of those people that I know would be at my back as soon as I called for him. There's no bonding quite like killing a Herald together.
    Alexis The Paladin of IDEALS! Is there anything better in life? I mean, maybe, but a girl's allowed to be a little star-struck, right?
    Arianna This is one of the Paladins whom fought Brand? Hm. I wonder if he he has been touched by the Gods and if I could ever capture his attention if but for a single conversation. Interesting man, interesting indeed.
    Astraea He is every bit the pious man I expected him to be. Just from the brief conversation I was able to share with him, I could tell he is the kind of person I can admire. He is quite funny and almost as charming as he is devout. It's easy to see him as someone who stands apart, and I can honestly say that I believe he walks the path of righteousness and virtue that I strive towards.
    Calaudrin I'm not sure what happened to Lord Killian since we last saw each other. But I'm glad to have him back. It'll be good to have a new, fresh set of eyes on some of these matters. Especially eyes that also have some experience. So... experienced fresh new eyes. Oh whatever.
    Clara Perhaps a bit on the wild side of life? The rush in there sort... But he's cute, so there is that.
    Darren So he ran into a wall trying to be the Big Damn Hero. So what. He got into that fight like it was nobody's business, kicked ass and took names. Next time though, we go for something a little more relaxing.
    Darrow Could hardly recognize him underneath so many dead Shav'arvani.
    Eilonwy He has many scars and perhaps he even remembers how he got most of them. He fought bravely, and has some humor to him. Maybe I'll even learn his name eventually.
    Gisele She met the Paladin for duty, having been given the task of remembering those who might be vanished by fancing Brand. He struck her then as a thoughtful and deep-feeling young man, and very much cut from the same cloth as other Ashfords-- driven, dedicated, loyal, and perhaps a touch inclined to run headlong into danger to spare others doing the same and suffering the risks inherent. It was deep relief that she needn't serve as his memorial, that he came away from the confrontation with Brand unscathed. She doesn't doubt the world will demand more from him.
    Hana A repeat customer of a unique type: Killian is so far the only person Hana's met in Arx who had one of her weapons from /before/ she moved here. He came to her shop to have her repair a sword he'd bought from a traveling merchant caravan years before, and she recognized her own early work. Ever since then, he's sought her shop out any time he needs a weapon.
    Isolde Alistair's friend. He has that going for him! Seems like an interesting man, even if he doesn't trust me.
    Khanne At first, I felt thoroughly out of place in the Grayson Hall. Partly because of how regal they all were, including, and possibly especially, Killian. He made me a little angry with a couple things he said, but then, I have to remind myself I am running on high stress and low sleep... other things he said, I have to admit, he has a logical and intelligent mind. Wouldn't mind talking to him again in the future.
    Lailah I don't know him nearly as well as I wish I did. I've known him a long time! We share small moments, times when our interests intersect and though those times are rare, I always enjoy them when they occur. I need to get my nose out of a book once in a while and learn about the people in my life.
    Laric So long as Killian doesn't teach his children to shout random things to break the ice, Laric will continue to be quite okay with the Paladin of Ideals. Maybe they'll even be friends one day.
    Lark There is a wealth of sadness that exists between us and more, and I do not know how to erase the space.
    Leola The Paladin of Ideals. In many ways, we've nothing at all in common; he deals in thoughts, feelings, and morality; I deal in practical concerns and the day to day life that must be lived. That said, I think we both come to the same conclusions in different ways; we might take different paths, but our destination is the same, I think
    Malesh Finally met the Paladin of Ideals. I hear my sister fancies him. His hair is... interesting to say the least. Especially at his age. I could see how she might find him handsome, perhaps ruggedly so given the scars. A warrior indeed.
    Merek Merek doesn't know what to think of Killian. He's met him a few times in the past, and sometimes he thinks the man can believe all the answers are clear. He almost envies it. But in either case, he will stand with the man and fight alongside him as best he's able. He hopes Killian someday realizes that he has learned to wear armor.
    Monique He's SO pretty. And nimble. It gives a Lady bad thoughts. Not that I'm a real Lady...
    Reese When Reese first came in contact with Killian he spoke of their spar from the past. She only had a few pieces of armor and so he loaned the rest to make a set. She was kind to her when she was struggling new warrior without good gear and losing all her spars. She has been willing to teach her as needed and happy to support her tasks. She considers him a friend and ally.
    Ryhalt Went on a boat voyage and saved both Clover and I from being thrown into the water, so he's A-Okay in my book!
    Rymarr He looks at me strangely. I've wondered if he has some sort of unspoken feelings for me. Then again, the few times we've interacted, it's been around those he seems determined to be protective over. That's probably a more accurate reason. Regardless, I'm sure with time, he'll come to realize that... I just don't have the time or energy to worry about who he feels the need to feather his chest up around, when I come calling. Eventually he'll just learn he needn't do it to begin with, I hope. Seems a good sort though, just has a hard exterior. I understand that very well.
    Samael I think I saw them at the Prayers of the Sentinel. They must care about justice.
    Samantha I'd like to say I've known Killian since we were children, but truth be told, I don't really "know" him. Still, he is one of the Pridehall Horde, and by virtue of this tie alone, I am willing to count on him as a compatriot. I do envy him his snow owl, though!
    Sebastian The Paladin seems an interesting man, with a head for organization and perhaps a bit of impatience with lack thereof. He seems good to my cousin. It was a pleasure meeting him.
    Shard I don't know this man, except that his opinions on the Abandoned are surprising and on point. And that he spoke up when it was needed is damned appreciated, particularly since he's better at voicing them than I am.
    Sorrel He split the party! Yet he's quite the fighter. Sorrel would like to get to know him better when everyone's healed up.
    Sparte Killian was the very first Lord in the city I met. I had opportunity to help nurse him to wellness shortly after we met, and I've liked the man ever since. Except when he is talking.
    Thena Well he certainly looks different than he did the last time I saw him. Attitude's still about the same though. I liked the bit about the Sentinel.
    Wash His view of the Great Sinking from the North Road gave him an impressive view. I'll trade mine in the water for his from the shore any day.