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Lady Neve Greenmarch

I tried to discover, in the rumor of forests and fens, words that others could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to listen to the revelation of their harmony.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Ethereal Heathen
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 6/27
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Milk

Description: Neve is a wild thing brought up in a world of deep forests and reverent silence. She is full of wonder, generous lips nearly always smiling. Blonde hair falls in wild waves and curls and braids, framing her sky blue eyes, and often adorned with little gifts of the earth; glass beads, feathers, twigs. While she loves the many silks and satins and laces of Arvum, wearing them well on her graceful frame, in the warmer weather she's often barefoot beneath them, doing her best to embrace the duality of her heritage.

Personality: In the Greenwood Forest, Neve was always known as a bright, smiling, bubbly girl of whimsical nature. When she ran through the forest, the sun shone just a little brighter, the wind blowing through the boughs a little more talkative. They seemed to give just a bit more shade in her wild, wondering presence.

Grown now, she wears her heart on her sleeve, filled with whimsy, love, and a curious nature borne from the dichotomy of her upbringing, blending the wildness and abandon of the forest into the refined echelon of the cities.

There are moments when Neve longs to retreat back to that bastion of greenery, when the city is foreign and overwhelming, the customs to learn abundant. But inevitably, the daughter of the forest finds some new spark of joy in refinement, some solace in a quiet place, some understanding of family and home, and her unquenchable spirit is renewed.

Background: Neve's parents both died the day she was born. In fact it is said that they both took their last breath the same moment she took her first. A battle had arisen, an old feud for territory and Roark rode out with his brothers to defend their home. At the same moment - Moira went into labor. It is almost impossible for anyone to know the moment of death for each of them - but it was simply understood that they died together - as though some unseen force had willed it so. In her world, that meant something. No sacrifice was made in vain, no offering went ignored or unappreciated. The world moved around them, and they with it and a part of it and always in tune. However, what that may have meant for Neve was always a mystery for her and nothing but a story of long ago, about people she had never known and knew nothing about other than they had loved her.

Neve was saved that day by Muiryn Greenmarch. He had watched her father die and laid prayers upon his body and made promises to a dying man that he never forgot. Neve has often wondered about that moment, how horrible and heavy it must have been for him to have suffered such deep loses and simultaniously have been shuffled neatly and unexpectly into fatherhood. But 18 years later, they were no less the worse for wear from it. So what if she may have spent her early childhood with her hair cropped like a boys because he could not deal with her howls when he tried to braid it. He put her atop her first Elk and taught her how to hunt, how to make her own bow and fletches and how to give thanks for every living thing that offered it's life to sustain them. He taught her how to skin and use every part of the beast, so nothing went wasted. He taught her of their people and their culture and for better or worse - her childhood was as charmed as a little heathens could be. It instilled a wilderness inside of her that could never quite be capped or tamed. As though she were always waiting for that moment when the wind would come along and whisk her away to all the things she's not done before.

Neve was Thirteen when the Greenmarch took the steps to join the Compact - and while her world was thrown into a temporary chaos of passions and pride - Neve was utterly charmed. She loved the life her ancestors and family have carved out for themselves, the work of their land and the hearts of their people but she was born knowing that possibility was endless - and finally... finally they may begin to see just how endless it may truly be. The night Muiryn told her they woulnd't be leaving Greenmarch for Arvum any time soon, was the first time she'd screamed at her foster father - and while it probably wasn't the last, it was the only one that lingered like heartache in her memory. She'd been more careful after that and bided her time - knowing that her wind would be waiting. So now five years have passed and she has grown into a woman - though still windswept and wild. She is finally in Arvum - the heart of Arx - where she expects every light to sparkle and every voice to sing and praise. She's heard tails of parties and gowns and dresses... She's heard stories of the elves and other creatures thought lost to lore and myth... She's heard of the beautifully appointed salons, the lush, rich finary... and all manner of things that she's never quite been able to manage. She has nothing but confidence that her two worlds the old and the new both, will be able to live in beautiful harmony.

Name Summary
Aleksei She's a...well, she's kind of ethereal, isn't she? Bright and curious and very much in touch with the natural world around her.
Alessandro A child of the Greenwood -- I would like to learn more about what that means.
Arianna She's so innocent seaming, but wise at the same time. I like her bubbly personality and her unique perspective on life. She revivifies my faith in mankind, even though she is certainly more exceptional than just another gal.
Asralyn It's unfair really, how /cute/ she is, babbling on and on about things. It sounded very smart.
Calaudrin Well, this is a strange young woman. I feel confused but, I also hope that I'm going to see her again soon. And I hope she takes me up on some of my advice. If she remembers it.
Calla Peculiar, whimsical with a fantastic tush that speaks as if she knows more than I do about the world.
Cirroch A wonderful sense of interest in all things small and tiny.
Damiana Her passion is like spring with flowers daring to bloom in new places. A person who has a deep connection to the Oathlands, someone who takes her duty seriously on protecting it. This is commendable.
Darrow From a girl on a beach dancing shoesless, to tip-toeing over the Maw, she's a strange bird, but there may be import in what this bird sings.
Dio A force of nature possessing boundless energy and deep wisdom wrapped in kindness.
Domonico It seems she needs to work on this 'stinkeye' of hers.
Drake She's a high-energy woman, a quick wit, and a great judge of character. Her descriptions of others are quite astute. And a crack shot with an arrow, to hear her explain.
Edwyn She showed me how to invade a dame's personal space. How interesting! A Greenmarch.
Evaristo Shot at one man, missed, killed another - and the mistake proved a boon. That's a story to tell!
Haakon Think she's cracked in the head. Curious sort of healer, talks a lot about.. whatever it were she was talking about.
Isolde A sweet girl, sincere in her concern for a friend. There is a certain sense of wonder and hope to her that one rarely sees in the South. I'm almost envious. Instead, I'll settle for being intrigued.
Jeffeth According to this lady, she's a forest in ladyform. That's nice. You hardly ever get to meet whole forests on account of meeting the trees.
Kaia Lady Neve is so sweet and amusing! A lovely young girl with an inquisitive mind. I like her!
Lustry Curiously to learn more about this Greenmarch, I feel a possible new friendship budding.
Medeia Who does she think she is? What kind of person says that to someone they've just met? What a horrible, rude woman.
Merek A Lady from the Greenmarch. She seems to be nice enough though shy in social situations. Merek thinks she would make a wonderful friend!
Mikani Best hugger ever.
Miraj Her and her fox are a ray of sunlight in the dark. Sparkling, refreshing, and lovely.
Miranda Well... She's confusing, but nice. Granted, I'm not quite myself, so could just be that I'm confused and she's not. Still, she seems nice enough. I hope she figures out who she is, because I'm as confused as she seems to be.
Monique We have had our ups and downs, but we are still family.
Piccola I have seen and met the woman at least twice, yet not enough to fully make up my mind about her. I overheard something she said to my cousins, and wonder whether she isn't imparting the right wisdom to the right people.
Porter Seems like a nice enough young woman even if she appears a little confused about place shamanism has in the Compact.
Reese I have no idea what to make of her. She doesn't seem to like the Graysons and that troubles me. She knwos of a darkness hunting us and well I have to know about this darkness that hunts us too, so I can do my duty and protect my family as I should. She claims to be a daughter of a god and well I hope that she will tell me later of this darkness.
Renata A cheerful and talkative young lady of House Greenmarch who has a fox as her companion! Colour me intrigued.
Rhue She flies, sort of. She has a fox, and a sleepy spirit friend, and we dress alike! I hope she swoops by again some time when I'm at the Stone Grove.
Romulius A wild thing - open and honest, but with a perspective beyond those confined to the city's walls.
Rysen A noblewoman wise in the Old Ways, whose knowledge runs as deep as the roots of the Greenwood.
Sasha A fun loving woman who is welcomed within my manor at any point in time. I think she has the same love for stuffies as I do. I am curious about her own collections.
Sophie If all she says is true she could be a valuable asset to us all. At first I thought she was... completely insane. She's growing on me though. I want so much to just pick her brain and listen to everything in it.
Sorrel A bit skittish. Nervous and maybe a little awkward. Sorrel hopes she gets to meet Neve at some point when Aurelian isn't around to chase her off, as she certainly seems to have the potential to be interesting.
Svoli She has a fox! I want a fox! Don't don't if Alban will approve though.
Tamsin Lady Neve Greenmarch is not your typical noble, nor even your typical prodigal. Her views on life are very clearly different than what most people would have, but it's left her with what comes across as a sweet disposition. I think we'll be braiding each other's hair. Is that weird to write?
Thea Far more clever than people realize. Even if she does reside under pillows.
Valerius interesting discussion on natural weapons
Valery She looks a bit weird, but nice and friendly. Val got a bit upset because she thought she was calling the Redrains lazy... but she soon noticed it was just a misunderstanding...
Yrsa Chatty. Super chatty. But also friendly and full of interesting advice. She strikes me as the kind of person who has never met a stranger, just a friend she hasn't made yet.
Zoey Very open and talkative. While neither is a bad thing, I hope she is being mindful of who can hear her.