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The only weapon you can count on never to fail you is one that never rusts, and is never truly sheathed.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Pugilist
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 6/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: tall
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: bottle green
Skintone: pale

Description: Were it not for the concentration of corded muscles in her arms and core, it would be easy enough to mistake Sydney's frame for that of a dancer's - tall, lean, and with long legs that seem well accustomed to subtle, quick movement. By contrast, her hands are rough and almost always beset with callouses, bruises, and scrapes - this is a woman who gets value out of putting her hands to use. She possesses a combination of natural and rugged charms - expressive, startlingly bright bottle-green eyes, and a flash of auburn hair head up the former. Light scars that cut through her freckled cheeks and above her brow, a slight tweak in her nose that's proof positive of a poorly-set fracture from days gone, she's got her fair of rough edges. The sum of her parts add up to a woman that looks just as home with a beaming smile as with an intimidating snarl.

Personality: Everything's smiles, until it's not. Sydney tends to give even the most openly hostile a chance to work their way past her first impression of them. As a result, those she counts as friends come from all walks of life, something she prides herself on. She's fiercely loyal to those that endear themselves to her, and nothing incites her anger faster than injustices or hostilities aimed at those she calls friends. With a mixed upbringing, she's been known to adjust her manner of speaking depending on who she's talking to and where she's talking to them - and that's to say nothing of the stark difference in the way she writes and the way she speaks. Sydney tends to wade into situations headlong, a devil-may-care grin on her face, and if it bites her in the ass, she corrects it. She's not above making an ass of herself on things she thinks might work. Pride is cheap. Results are priceless. She's not prone to overlong bouts of wallowing, even with the bad coinflip that life's thrown her way thus far. That's time better spent on making her future a brighter thing, one step at a time, even if the path is arduous and winding.

Background: It's easy enough to trace back a misfortune to its root, in Sydney's case. After her father succumbed to an illness that swept through him like wildfire, she accepted a loan with unfavorable conditions 'just until she was able to get established'. As it happens, that took just a little longer than she anticipated.

As a smithy's apprentice by trade, adequate coin was meager to come by - too meager for the patience of her unscrupulous debtors. After missing one payment too many, the shop she apprenticed for just so happened to turn up scorched down to the foundations overnight.

Apprenticeship opportunities don't just fall out of the sky, and Sydney wasn't fortunate enough to find another. Left with a sturdy set of arms for swinging and smelting, a personality unfit for a courtesan, and a mountain of debts left to pay off, she landed herself a position as a brawler.

Being a touch less than half-bad at taking and giving a beating proved a boon... as did taking the occasional dive here and there to pad her pockets, when the situation called.

Dreams are for the debtless. Sydney's aspirations are simple: To get out from under the debt she owes and do something more than just scrape by. If cornered, she'll insincerely talk about opening her own shop one day. It's a fair sight better than the truth: She'll go where the coin is best until she's allowed the luxury of having her dreams be her own again.

Name Summary
Adalyn She took on an axeman with only her fists during the Rite of Gloria. Is that mad? Maybe. But she's fierce and fiesty and she's got guts. That's my kind of people!
Adrienne I met Sydney Waterfall at a House Blanchard event. She is what I pictured from reputation albeit quieter and punctual. I wonder if she brings the same traits to the dueling ring.
Alecstazi I like her. She didn't demean or condescend to Caleb and while she clearly pulled her punches, she didn't patronize him either. It makes me instantly like her, really. That is not a common thing.
Alexis Sydney the Waterfall is a former smith's apprentice from the Lowers. I'm quite certain if she wanted to, she could still be an asset to the Guild. As is? She's bold, and ferocious, and I wish the Compact had a thousand of her. As it is, I'm glad to call the one of her my friend.
Anisha Sydney, just Sydney. A brawler with a courageous heart and a not-so-quiet confidence. I appreciate her sense of humour. I wonder what she's like when she's not being challenged to a spar.
Apollo A sister in good hair and willful spirit. I like her drunk. I hope I like her sober.
Appolonia She is so close. I can't blame her. She doesn't know in her bones. TAKE EVERYTHING.
Arcadia A quiet woman with a good sense of humor. What easy company she makes.
Astraea When I first met her I already had the bias of Legate Cass lingering in my forethoughts but it mattered very little because I still enjoyed meeting her and getting to see that first touch of humanity. When she returned fire with the jokes and stuff. Right then I knew she was kick-ass and why Cassandra thinks so highly of her. Any knight can consider themselves a Templar if they wish to swear oaths and don the holy mantle of a Godsworn. It takes depth of character and principle for someone without that background to carry themselves like a true holy knight should.
Aswin Apparently a fighter that works with Ras. She seems to be a tough sort, though you have to be on the streets. That doesn't make it any less respectable. Maybe I'll get a chance to work with her and see what she's really made of.
Bellamy All that glorious hair! And she's quite the excellent boxer. Perhaps someday I'll get to know her more.
Bianca Truly bold, and truly interesting. I envy the wellspring of confidence she seems to possess. At the least, anyone who would partake in the Rite of Gloria with just their fists must have a heart of fire, and that alone is a valuable and impressive quality.
Brigida She certainly seems to enjoy getting a beating as much as she gives one. I fail to see the benefit in doing it without making a point to someone.
Caspian They might not rank, but a decent contender for People's Favorite in The People's Tournament
Cesare On first glimpse one might be forgiven for thinking Sydney a creature of entirely fire and brimstone; further conversation reveals she is nothing so prone to burning out, but carries the deep determination of a trickling stream, able to wear through rock itself given enough time.
Cornelius Somebody must teach her a lesson in how she ought to respectfully address her betters.
Corrigan Surprisingly pretty upside-down when viewed from the floor, which was technically the circumstances by which I got my first impression of the woman. Judging by her build and casual suggestion of a brawl in the ring with my cousin, I've got a feeling I'm not alone in this perspective.
Delia A fellow lover of whiskey, and owner of a really rather fascinating pair of gloves. She fits in as well at a Whisper party as she does in the Boroughs and I am thoroughly impressed.
Delilah Asking thoughtful and considered questions in a highly charged meeting will always earn my regard.
Dianna I recall how bold this striking woman is when she fights, as I saw her, once, thought I did not know her name. She has a fury to her that I would not wish to face without my own weapons to match - and she fights unarmed, with brutal beauty.
Domonico So she bested Colette in a contest of unarmed combat. I must be wary of this one.
Drusila As I watch her cling to that dress as if it's the one thing anchoring her to this dream, I get the sudden urge to teach her how to wear it with pride. I want to see what earned her the name waterfall, poetry in motion I expect.
Dycard A pleasure to watch fight. And a champion, if I overheard her correctly. From what I gather from certain recent Whites, there'd be a poetic justice to hiring her to settle my disagreement with my Lord Father.
Emily Oh the snark but at least in brutal honesty all things come to light. She's still someone I would work with again.
Esme She's a curiosity. I cannot tell if I annoy her by simply being or she just doesn't give any thought to my presence. Strange and yet, I'm sure we shall one day be friends
Evaristo Looks fetching in mud and she ran like... a mud monster! I hope we meet again, but perhaps with less mud involved.
Evelynn Very insightful, even in subjects she claims no expertise on. Someone with her wits is a delight to know.
Ezra She seems sensitive to being accepted in her arts. It's difficult to state whether the desire to be accepted by peers is more important than the skill. If you happen upon her, you might be able to tell. Still, for those dismissive of hand-to-hand, ought to see how easily they can wring a chicken's neck if they never have. They may not have the stomach for violence as much as they believe.
Fecundo One hell of a fighter, and weaponless as well. Also keen to help the Mercies.
Gabriella She seems as skilled with a turn of phrase as she is of fist. There is a look of strength to her; I admit, I am curious to see just how strong for myself.
Gerald An interesting young woman and one who I hope will go far.
Hamish Scrappy. I kind of want to see her hit someone. Else.
Harlex Plenty of fighters in this city. This one might be worth her salt. Few career brawlers manage to keep their good looks.
Ilira The fire of her hair suits her brutality. She is beauteous in her viciousness, so that I can nearly forgive how my neck cricks when trying to make eye contact.
Ilsa Bold and well spoken. And not afraid to speak truth.
Iroh There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. I am happy to see that Sydney, a new acquaintance of mine, is the former. She knows who she is and knows of her strength. The future is bright for her, I could see it in her eyes.
Jaenelle Though I was not able to speak with her for long as I attempted to beat Jeffeth, she seemed troubled. One day I would like to ask if everything worked out.
Josephine A precious one, with an infectious smile when one is permitted to see it. She's got sass too.
Jules You met her at a party and she came up to you to ask you a question. You almost always like people who come up to talk and she fits the bill.
Korka Surprisingly good head on her shoulders for the friends I've seen her keep. Interesting sense of humor as well.
Lenne When I recieved her note, I expected a scholar. She seems deeply intelligent. Yet, in person, she's a scarred and battered warrior. She reminds me a lot of people from home.
Leola I get the impression she deals with the nobility about as carefully as I. I really do need to impress on her I'm a farmgirl. Maybe if I made more pies ...
Lierre Excellent reflexes; she punched a flying snowball into mush before it could hit her. As for her demeanour, she seems pleasant, friendly.
Lora An interesting woman who keeps curious company across a wide social field. Surely scrappy. I wonder if she is another causeless, wandering star.
Lucene Has a nice energy about her. Makes me feel significantly less odd for enjoying a good fistfight, too.
Mabelle Met her as a patient and she was not able to speak, but she let me take care of her. Humility is a rare gift.
Magpie Magpie was all too happy to strike up some friendly rapport with a fellow 'People's Choice' champion. He enjoyed the conversation with her, especially her frank look at life and sharp wit. She's more than welcome to get drunk at the Murder of Crows anytime.
Martino She very enthusiastically got into the fight. Now, I think at one point she was chanting for me. Maybe! Either way. Don't get on the end of her fists. That's obvious.
Matteo A ferocious fighter and a ferocious conversationalist. I like her straight forward manner.
Mercedes Those with powerful lungs should back them with stronger purpose, and something of steel about them. She certainly has that. A shame she is so defiant of authority, but I understand this, too. These are dark and fearful times. I hope she stands alongside her friends when she's the only thing standing between them and something much worse than an inquisitor's badge.
Merek She fights nice, really confident, a great person!
Mirari She's not at all impressed by wealth, and she's got all these appealing sharp edges. I kind of want to see how badly she can cut someone with them. Maybe me, maybe someone else.
Mirella Tough, witty and bold. Those are all good traits.
Mirk A brawler from the Lowers with the mysterious nickname 'The Waterfall.' There's a story there, but I'll have to pry it out of her another time. Sensible, though, and aware of the bigger picture without having a chip on her shoulder about it.
Monique There are no words. Absolutely none. Nightmares. For MONTHS. Brave woman. BRAVE.
Nina She's so athletic and lively! And she has grace under fire like a performer!
Nycelani Pretty. Smart. Fierce. We can be friends, I think. I mean, maybe Ras'll take a liking to her. We're both redheads. We both got green eyes. She's kinda tall, though. Maybe if she's sitting down he won't notice.
Orelia Could probably kick my ass six different ways before I got my sword out, and three of them still after.
Orland The Champion of the 1011 Games, apparently named the Waterfall, a known brawler and a friend of the Softest Whisper. From what I saw of her run, she has a dogged determination too.
Petal A fighter who took on Caspian and might beat him next year and made a great showing at the People's tournament. She seems friendly too.
Piccola She confesses to not having skill on a horse, but she really ought to learn. She seems the sort that would gleefully fling herself against a front for sport. Such tactics are not seen often, which makes them all-the-more-effective.
Porter MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Whoever you are. You are /definitely/ right about the rope.
Qadira She's definitely something. In another life, perhaps I'd have been like her, instead of fighting to catch up. Makes me wish I'd had the backbone to get out earlier, instead of caving to the worst kind of men. It's one thing to meet your objective betters, but when those of your 'kind' are this much better than you...
Quenia She has a bit of a temper, though she was goaded on to have such a temper. I'd like to see what she's like when not goaded by an over stuffed Thraxian oaf.
Raja Seems like a nice enough woman. She offered compliments and advice during a brawling bout at the training center. I wonder if she likes ale..
Ras Got a lot of life in her, and I see those knuckles. Reckon she's punched a lot of folks in the face.
Raymesin Tough as they come. Canny, too. And great coconuts.
Reese Quiet in the good and thoughtful way. I am interested in learning more about her. I heard she is a hand to hand fighter.
Revell I. Like. Her. Like, a lot. It was such a silly thing but she still helped me out without any complaints and very few questions. Maybe we can be good held-at-arms-length kinda friends one day.
Rinel We are united in grief, now. I pray it does not break her--as it has broken me.
Romulius A sharp tongue and a quick mind give Sydney an energy that threatens to be infectious, and any roughness to her edges is more amusing than irritating. The first 'House Fist' I've run into - I'm not sure that I'll ever find another.
Rosalind She was outspoken and had the best analogies! Someone I wouldn't mind in my corner. And she has red hair!
Rowenova Fellow fisticuffer. She is a good-natured sort, and I somewhat wonder if she has Northern blood in her.
Rysen One who knows the struggle for survival. Rather than die, she has chosen to fight.
Samira Some people are able to present themselves as capable and confident without even trying, and Sydney seems like one such person. Good company, even when in her cups. Or maybe especially then, I'm not sure yet. Either way, she's likeable.
Savio She's following me, about 30 feet back, she knocks down a townsperson and breaks into a sprint, she's gaining on me...! SYDNEY! Ahhh!
Shard Smiles a lot and seems friendly, which is not something you always run into in the Murder. Said she's a pit fighter, and I suppose she's got the nose to prove it.
Sirius An ox and a tribal Princess came together in an entirely truculent act to bring the advent of her into this land. The world is a wooden house and Sydney's a fireball.
Sophie I pray to Our Lady of Change, that she will help Sydney in the transition between the pit fighter with calloused knuckles to a force to be reckoned with. She shows great potential and I look forward to seeing where it takes her.
Sudara Somewhat akin to my own leather-clad right-hand woman... but with significant competence in the kitchen!
Sunaia She seems clever, seems to know her strengths and weaknesses. I'll have to see her fight, sometime.
Svana I know she fistfights and I know she was kind to me when I needed it. I may need to make friends with her.
Tanith Handles her barstools well, lemme tell ya.
Tarik I met Sydney the Waterfall at the Golden Hart. She was playing some sort of strategic game with a bunch of other women. I must confess she has the most amazing name.
Tatienne A skilled pugilist, painfully so. At least it was just in practice, but I think I'll feel this for a bit. Seems people look down on her chosen field, but I know she deserves our respect.
Tescelina She claimed to be a Waterfall, I was not sure what this meant until I saw her in motion. It is a thing of wild beauty, though she might take offense to that. A very tall, strapping figure with hair like fire and -- I ought not keep staring.
Thea Rambunctious but with potential I think.
Thomas She certainly wasn't shy about putting it away at the feast when we met. Or shy about anything else. It is a way of life in the Lowers, I understand, and I cannot help but respect it.
Verity She's like me, but bigger and punchier! This is a compliment, to be clear. It seems like such a fulfilling life, teasing inquisitors and punching annoying people. I hope that we can find further solidarity -- but, regardless, she can call me Ver all she likes.
Veronica Sarcastic and straightforward, and I imagine I could learn a point or two about brawling from her too.
Vitalis A brief interaction, and one that's left me questioning a lot I held so certain.
Viviana She has a taste for the thrill of the fight that I've rarely seen, I think. Little surprise that has caught my cousin's attention.
Wagner Loyal to her own, I can say that much at least. Tendency to sulk.
Willow Red hair, tall, and tipsy - makes Arx feel like Stonedeep because that's the feel of the North.
Wulfrum Freefisting, Salt Licking, Uppity. One out of a hundred does something that's impressive but it hain't normal!
Zebulon At first she appeared quick to anger, reckless. But perhaps I misjudged her. There appears to be a calm wisdom amongst her energetic passion. Like a match, she'll either burn bright or flicker out, only time will tell.