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Zeriax Moonsong

Saccharine secrets dance in twilight corners, eager to slink away from the shining sun. What fun would it be to a partner make of meek shadows, clinging desperately to another's heels under the burning sky, when the beautiful night brings promise of a full embrace?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Sibylline Explorer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Moonsong
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 8/3
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Philosopher
Height: tall
Hair Color: ash
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: warm honey

Description: Tall, but not overly so, Zeriax is built like someone born in the harsh, unforgiving wild. Raised by wolves might just be an expression, but the physicality exuded by the man gives pause to those who would scoff. Broad shoulders top a muscular build, arms of corded muscle ending in hands made for climbing rather than writing. His complexion isn't nearly as fair as a Northerner, having been lightly caressed by the sun.

Memories of mishaps and violence are engraved in his flesh. Claw marks drag across his back and arms. Wounds from sharpened blades and arrow tips long since healed show along many parts of his body, and even odd shapes from rips and tears of vines and stone lash across his form. While certainly each scar tells a story, more prominent against his skin are the darker lines of ink.

Each tattoo is small and geometric, some grouped together to form a coloured pattern. Those who dabble in ciphers might recognize certain patterns within the imagery displayed along his thighs, back, and arms...if ever they were to have the chance to see them.

Rounding out his rugged appearance is his ash coloured hair, grown out long enough to fall just beyond his deep amber eyes. When combined with his perpetual stubble, his wild semi-unkept hair and yellowish eyes provide for a most 'wolfish' countenance.

Personality: Potentially eccentric to some, mystical to others, Zeriax is equally as enthusiastic as he is withdrawn. While managing to be informative and engaging, he remains oddly reticent and impersonal. He possesses a large amount of energy and bears an easy confidence, but for those perceptive enough to see through the barrage of words and actions, he'll likely give off the impression he's hiding something, keeping all his cards close to heart. He's quick to smile, quicker to share stories, and even quicker to ask questions, his inquisitive and playful nature coming to the forefront of any interaction.

Background: The common born Zeriax hailed from the Northlands originally. At least, that's what he'd admit to. His build, while certainly fitting of the more 'barbaric' people, doesn't quite match his more southern city-state mannerisms and eloquence. Even still, his physicality and temperament sometimes drift into those found in The Mourning Isles. If ever asked, he'd just say he's 'been around'. While that much may be true, the extent of his travels have never been pinned down.

The events in his youth that set him trailblazing around at an early age are alluded to only in passing mention of a drunken father and flighty mother, neither of which are spoken of with any endearment. Despite the dangers between populated areas, he began his journey alone. That idea soon lost its sway after a violent encounter with a large cat, Zeriax discovering the meaning of 'safety in numbers'. In the years following, he managed to fall in with groups travelling between population centers, bringing him from city to city as a drifter. Menial labour in exchange for safe harbour was common, though stowing away on ships in secret or shadowing caravans weren't exactly uncommon either.

Eventually, he ended up in Arx, and has remained anchored there ever since. Ventures out into the world aren't uncommon for him, returning to the city with new tales to tell each time. Or, in some cases, new trinkets and baubles to show off and aggrandize. The skills he acquired throughout his travels seem eclectic, but he manages to make them work for him, earning coin and reputation with his penchant for pairing entertainment with enlightenment.

Relationship Summary

  • Evaristo - Rogue of song and charms.
  • Peri - Ranger of industriousness and hair.
  • Mikani - Ranger of ascention and ink.
  • Reese - Warrior of kindness and hearth.
  • Rhiannon - Ranger of purpose and stoicism.
  • Selene - Sage of serenity and civility.
  • Ophelia - Huntress of flight and finery.

  • Patron:
  • Natalia - Are you prepared to be proven correct?
  • Name Summary
    Ajax A man who likes to ask too many questions, hope he finds his person er' whatever.
    Amund There's a carefree veneer in his demeanor that holds something more dangerous under the surface. He's led by a set of motives he keeps hidden from others. Life must be like a game board to him.
    Ann Zeriax, Sexiest Man in Arx... seems to be the alright sort. Didn't seem to know that his good, public buddy was excommunicated by the faith though. Seems eager, and is an author - what's not to like?
    Arcadia clever, intelligent and a joker. Hopefully he'll help me master this new language.
    Athaur Almost certainly a rouge of some variety. Perhaps a cad. Hard to say for certain at this juncture. Not that I am judging.
    Cambria Perceptive. Engaging. If our paths ever cross again, I would definitely like to hold another conversation with him.
    Delilah A mass of contradictions, the author and the son of the wilds, the philosopher and the curious student, sage and word-weaving artist. In the end I don't think I will ever quite know what lies entirely underneath without some determined social efforts, but that's hardly a bad thing, now is it?
    Domonico A wolfish, almost feral dressed man with an intense stare who seems out of place at the Queensrest. Takes advice well though.
    Evaristo His sense of humor is great. He's also obviously very smart. AND he enjoys a good party. I sense a kindred spirit of sorts, but he's probably smarter than me.
    Fiora No. No, thank you.
    Helena On a second meeting, Zeriax is quite charming and the life of the party, despite looking a bit damaged. We've apologized for our behavior at our first meeting, so no first impression needed to be recorded.
    Jasher Peculiar, poetic, wielding words as a peer wields silver. His bearing is reminiscent of one from the Mourning Isles. Curious.
    Jeffeth Huh. He is uh.. Hm. Talks like a whisper, looks like a prodigal. Probably is neither of those things. The way he acts, I couldn't tell if it was off-putting or endearing. He was either attractive or disagreeable. But I honestly couldn't tell you which. He made confused in all sorts of ways.
    Jennyva He likes bats; I like bats. We all like bats! Bats are the best! (And Zeriax is pretty cool too). If he finds a bat he HAS to show one to me. Has to, or I'll cry at the missed opportunity.
    Jyri Smart man, this. Picked up on things right away and presented some really good theories.
    Lou An eager explorer who took initiative and held a meet and greet event. I might have crashed it with a story, for which I hope he'll forgive me. It's, well, habit.
    Lucita A man who did not quite manage to drink Shard under the table but seems to be a happy, cheerful person when on the verge of passing out. He seems to know his booze!
    Martino A very large man for one sat behind a desk all day. Curious that, but he is very confident.
    Mikani A kindred spirit. Like me he is interested in knowledge and seeking it out. He called me spicy which I find entertaining and delightful. I hope to have many more conversations with Zeriax in the future.
    Miranda He organized an opportunity for Explorers to get together and gave a pretty speech... I'd like to say it was drivel, but it was really quite inspiring and true. We'll get along just fine, I think.
    Monique A man of wild adventures and books. And riddles. I shall enjoy trying to figure him out. I mean them. Of course I meant them...
    Niklas A good man with a passion for knowledge. But he should stop being manly around my wife.
    Peri What stories could he tell? They are inked and scored all over him. I tried not to stare but I would like very much like to hear the tales written on him.
    Petal A big and wild man who is likely close to Petrichor.
    Reese He seems friendly, intelligent and interesting. I liked his thoughts and advise.
    Roxana Oh he's quite funny.
    Sabella My, I never knew there were so many different ways to do push-ups! Quite impressive!
    Selene He has quite the interest in mythical creatures and cider. Full of surprises, but I do believe I answered that provocation to his satisfaction and more.
    Tabitha What a unusual man. He laughs like he's not laughing. I don't know what to make of him, really. But I'm not fearful of him. I'm fearful *for* him. He seems the type to invite danger to his door.
    Vitalis Scars and tattoos, seems this one has some stories to tell. Conspicuously unremarkable clothing and equipment. I wonder what he carries in those in those pouches...
    Willow There is something in me stirred by the spirit of a wolf. Every time.