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Lord Rysen Crovane

O sing, bright muse! Of Nature's myriad wonders, glorious feats of arms, and the mysteries of all-ruling love!

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Bardic Knight
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Crovane
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 10/12
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: storm grey
Skintone: fair

Titles: Voice of Crovane, Knight of the Northlands, Defender of the Faith

Obituary: In a skirmish with shavs near Stormwall, Lord Rysen Crovane was thrown by his horse and killed.

Description: The young man's dark brown hair is short and wavy, and his grey eyes resemble the textures and colors of storm clouds. Though his face is expressive and open, he bears a large scar on his right cheek, and his animal-like gaze often lingers. He is of average height, and a lean build, and his movements are fluid and natural. The skin of his left arm is covered by a dark, intricate marking running from his shoulder to the tips of his fingers.

Personality: Often respectful and curious, Rysen is a seeker of both knowledge and experiences. He is thoughtful and reflective, but wears his emotions on his sleeve, which often shatters plans and expectations in the heat of the moment. He seeks to earn honor and glory in the arts of war and poetry, but knows that he has much to learn, and is more at home in the country inn or wooded glade, than the glittering halls of court.

Background: Rysen was born the second son of Lord Bothas Crovane, the youngest of Erskine's children, and Lady Annya Crovane, formerly of House Telmar. Lady Annya is a devout follower of the Faith, and invited the famed scholar Dame Judyth of Sanctum to educate her sons on religious matters, court poetry and the practice of virtue in everyday life. Rysen was also trained by Grodin Vales, a veteran soldier of the north, and Sir Roland Sky of the Telmarch, who taught him marital skills, survival techniques, and the tenants of the chivalric tradition. He fostered for a number of years in the Telmarch with his mother's family, before returning to Stormwall in order to serve House Crovane as a knight and diplomat.

Shortly before the Gyre forces invaded Stormwall, Rysen was sent on a diplomatic mission to speak with Abandoned tribes in the west. When Negotiations broke down, Rysen's team was slain and he was taken captive. With the help of an Abandoned woman named Lygeia, Rysen managed to escape his captivity, eventually making his way to Stormwall only to find countless bodies of the fallen, and the city on fire.

After recovering from his time spent in captivity, Rysen is rumored to have gotten into an altercation with a godsworn relation of his former lover. He was sent to Arx by his father, where he met Princess Sorrel Thrax and Gianna Whisper and joined the Bard's College as a poet. When Duke Asger Crovane was murdered in Crackneck lands, Rysen led an investigation into his assassination, and was asked to became the Voice of his cousin and new Duchess of Stormwall, Fianna Crovane. He then sought and obtained an interview with the Master of Questions, Prince Laric Grayson, and joined the Inquisition in an effort to fulfill a vow to protect the Compact from the powers that destroyed his homeland.

Relationship Summary

  • Fianna - My wise and talented cousin.
  • Kaldur - Cousin through marriage. He's thoughtful, strong and organized.
  • Clara - My cousin with a gift for healing and growing plants of all kinds.
  • Nakoa - First born son.
  • Emma - Eldest twin daughter.
  • Arcadia - Youngest twin daughter.

  • Sibling:
  • Lenne - Wildly curious.
  • Locke - Always charming, and now a prince, yet still my brother.

  • Ally:
  • Gianna - My ally in the pursuit of artistic glory.
  • Faye - An intelligent and capable inquisitor with the fire of Lagoma burning in her heart.
  • Orrin - One cannot receive more wisdom than listening in this man's hall.
  • Marian - Legendary warrior, commander and mentor.
  • Arik - Mentor and guardian of the traditions of the Northlands.
  • Laric - A star in the void.

  • Spouse:
  • Mikani - Adventurer, champion of freedom, and beloved partner.

  • Friend:
  • Peri - A fellow seeker, and an excellent leader.
  • Merek - Trustworthy knight and skilled weaponsmith.
  • Ian - More reliable than death.
  • Willow - One of Arvum's greatest artists, whose ideals I admire and friendship I cherish.
  • Niklas - Keen wit and blinding genius.

  • Protege:
  • Rukhnis - Not an optimist, but utterly trustworthy.

  • Patron:
  • Sebastian - His vision reshapes the world.

  • Deceased:
  • Arcadia - You died saving me; I will never forget you.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I met Lord Rysen at a gala, where Sebastian introduced him as his protege and a poet of reknown. I can see, too, that Rysen takes after his patron in some regards.
    Aethan An artistic lord of Crovane with a keen eye.
    Aindre A well-spoken and perfectly polite Crovane lord from the north. He strikes me as thoughtful and curious by turns. I was priveleged to make his acquaintance in the Hall of Heroes during my earliest days as a more permanent resident of Arx. I wouldn't be terribly upset to find myself caught in more conversations with him.
    Alarissa A strong minded but clear minded man with a heart that beats strong for his house.
    Alecstazi Before I would not have known his name if you told me, now I know him. I think I liked it the other way better. Still, a man has instincts to defend his family. I can respect that. I'd respect him more if he could also acknowledge the basic truth, even if it shows him in poor light.
    Alexis Sir Lord Rysen Crovane is courageous, skilled, and tenacious. What man gets up from his near-deathbed to recount tales of valour to his fellow? Sir Lord Rysen Crovane, that's who!
    Anisha Lord Rysen is Lady Lenne's brother. A man of knightly ideals as stout as any Oathlander, yet with a unique northern flair to it. He carries heavy burdens with grace.
    Apollo Remarkably forthcoming. Stunning, actually, I don't know if I'd have managed to speak so plainly about anything that troubled me, not ever.
    Appolonia A storyteller who chilled me to the bone... mostly from discussing the north, of course; the hunt itself sounds exciting.
    Arcadia He is kindness and compassion and yet he can tease and mock just as easily as any brother I have.
    Arthen I can respect a man what has got some obvious leadership qualities to him. I was real impressed by how he handled that mess up north when we went along to Grassmere. Even if he missed out on the bear attack and the White Raven shav that tried to murder us, it's a good sign just knowin' how to keep a level head a bunch of folks come back wounded from what was goin' to be just a bit of a sight-see.
    Athaur A good natured lord, and a good hand with the Lute.
    Beatrice One can't attend a party of any note in Arx this season without Lord Rysen's voice accompanying it. A treasure.
    Bhandn Training is always obligatory if one wishes to be of aid in fighting. I can't say I understand the attraction to poetry, but then again, some would say the same about myself and my attraction to tea. He and I have an understanding, I think.
    Bianca Courage, compassion, grace, faith... his words are a thing of beauty, old tales told brought back to life as though by magic.
    Brady I remember wanting to dislike him sooo bad. He makes it hard, though.
    Braelynn Smiling. Direct. I like that.
    Cahal I don't know much about him yet but I think it will be pleasant to learn.
    Caspian Sure, you have a 'battlecry' at that stuffed wolf. I believe you.
    Catalana A quiet serious lord of the north. He is one to watch. The intensity of looks and the depth of his thoughts and need to help will make him popular, but also put him in great danger.
    Clara Best cousin!
    Constance A Crovane Lord who cares for his companions, and takes their troubles onto himself. He seems diligent and loyal, and I can not think of two traits better suited to one another.
    Corrigan Good head on his shoulders, this one. It's also really weird having a Most High Peer of the Realm show respect to a humble lowborn such as myself. Weird, but not unwelcome.
    Dagon A good drinker and one I would gladly share another with.
    Dante Sharp eyes and wit, there's no stopping a duo such as ours!
    Dante A learned man with talent on the battlefield, a poet friend of my sister's. Socially graceful despite saying otherwise, pleasant in manner. No doubt someone good to know to learn more and talk with.
    Delia Well-spoken and witty, and with a wish for diplomacy some would do well to share.
    Dianna Cool and composed, with a wonderful song and pleasant demeanor. I quite enjoy being in his presence - particularly on the road.
    Domonico Another person who carries a mirror around to see things clearly. This man probably would be a very good person to pay attention to.
    Drake The skills and knowledge of a bard is so important to bring glory to a knight, so it is quite good for him to have both talents! A knight always needs someone who can announce him properly.
    Esme He liked my dress! Then he really fell for the performance, I'd say it even stole his breath.
    Evaristo Getting the hang of the dancing. Is he not the poet I've heard about? Would love to meet more properly at some point.
    Evelynn Knowledgeable, perceptive and strong. A worthy ally in any venture.
    Evonleigh The lord poet has a good sense of humor and is a good sport when jests are made at his expense.
    Ezra He's Mikani's husband, you didn't have much of an opportunity to interact with him but he seems the casual comfortable sort from what you gathered. You're not really certain about much with him though, seems to be fond of his wife and uncle from what you gathered.
    Faye A colleague within the Inquisition, sharp and apparently willing to chase down leads. I like that. I'd definitely work with him again.
    Fianna A true knight of the Northland, my cousin makes me proud each day. He carries Crovane honor with him wherever he goes and I commend his efforts to make our world a better place to live.
    Gianna One of the finest poets I've ever met; I'm beyond pleased to have him as part of the College. He does our establishment proud.
    Gilroy The Northerner Warrior-Poet. Maybe one day he'll end up in the Hall of Heroes and balance out all the Northerner heroes with the big beards.
    Giulio A most interesting lord. I shall have to endeavor to speak further with him.
    Gretchen He has a great way with words and if Princess Reese doesn't kill him in the ring I hope to see a lot more of him at the spa!
    Gunnar First time running into my cousin Rysen after who knows how long. He's grown older, but not changed overmuch. I'm still quite proud to call him cousin.
    Gwenna Lord Rysen Crovane is not someone I know well, at least yet, but without doubt he is a driving and inspiring force for House Crovane. A true knight of the Northlands, his reputation has quickly grown in the past year. He and Princess Marian have worked together a few times, and her high opinion of him alone leads me to consider ourselves fortunate he is part of Redrain.
    Helena A charming and talented poet who I am sure will find confidence in his voice with time.
    Ian Level head. Reasonable drawing skills.
    Imi Aeterna's got its uses for long travel on the road. He carries himself well and shows that the luxury of aeterna doesn't define him so much as his own purpose.
    Isidora Entertaining master of ceremonies.
    Jeffeth He seems a good man. A good sort indeed, many of the Crovanes seem wonderful and this one is no exception. It was an honor to meet him.
    Josephine Such eloquence. His words make me smile. IT was a lovely poem and I look forward to hearing more of them in the future.
    Jules He's the husband of your lady employer and so very kind.
    Julian Quite the fighter. Stubborn and hard to get off his feet. I am sure he is a boon to Stormwall.
    Juniper Where there was danger, he ran towards it, at risk of life and limb. That says a great deal about the man!
    Jyri Smart one, this Lord - would probably fit right into the Iron Guard. Looks like he can use those weapons, too.
    Kaia A most courteous gentleman and gracious dancer! I hope he doesn't hold my little stunt, at the dance lesson, against me later on!~ *giggles*
    Kaldur Popular with the ladies, this one. I can see why my sister favored him. Gracious, attentive. Michael Bisland could take some notes.
    Karina Lord Rysen has a keen eye and appreciation for art, and thus I have an appreciation for his candor and insight. The sort of warm soul that made me feel at ease even in the House of Questions. Better keep my nose clean!
    Kastelon I have heard tell of his valor at Sungreet. Good natured and good hearted, too, it appears.
    Kritr If Rysen Crovane can't gain acceptance from the Compact there is no hope for me. The fact that he's doing well means I probably ain't allowed to give up on that yet.
    Lenne My brother is every bit the perfect knight, in my view. But if he could stop getting himself nearly killed every time we near a reunion, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Lianne A poet worthy of attention. If only we could hold one another's for more than a passing moment.
    Lisebet Thoughtful and kind, though it took me a bit to warm up to him. Still, I believe over time we may be good friends.
    Lora Compassion in a curious place, like a rose found growing in the snow. I wonder how it works when he asks his questions.
    Lorenzo A friendly and interesting man, with ambitions to write a saga. A gifted poet and storyteller, and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.
    Lucita A poet who likes music and is charming. He was kind enough to share some of his poetry and listen to a song. I look forward to hearing more from him and sharing more with him.
    Mabelle A man who appreciates good humor. I'd love to talk to him and know him better one day. Guarntee some amusement.
    Macda Knows a lot about a lot and doesn't back down from a challenge.
    Marena A child, masquerading as a man.
    Marisol The Lord Rysen has time and again proven himself a man of taste and decorum. His musical ability is much the same. It would be a benefit to get to know him better.
    Martino He has some - amazing - scars which means he has likely some incredible stories. Remind me to ask him about them, okay?
    Mikani Tattoos and scars. Sounds like he has many tales of adventures.
    Miranda I don't think I've met this fellow before, but his poetry is divine! And he plays the Lyre! A true bard! Beautiful from the music to the words. Such a glorious song. To have such words to express oneself...
    Mirk A Crovane lord, newly arrived to the city. A swordsman, but a thinker. I doubt a fighting man is all he is, but time will tell.
    Monique An incredible poet, he truly does have an elegant way of turning a verse.
    Neve He's pleasant and easy to talk to. He doesn't make assumptions, and beleives in the spirits. I was maybe not the easiest on him, but he took things well.
    Niklas As much a bard as any who have ever been given the title. His verse is genius.
    Niklas A bard, a lord, a warrior. What can't he do?
    Norwood He brought people together to talk about knightness. It's a good thing.
    Orchid He seems like a very nice lord. When he started coughing while we were discussing what I do, I got very worried after him. I hope to run into him again one day.
    Orelia Knows how to put on quite a show
    Orrin A well-spoken and thoughtful young man - it is no wonder my daughter speaks so highly of him.
    Petal A very talented poet. Seems like an interesting and thoughtful man.
    Quintin A Northern lord, handy with a blade and quite the poet, as I understand it. A good fellow.
    Raja I met him sporting bruises after a rather harrowing experience he encountered. Still, he got up and refused to just lie down. He has earned my deepest respect. I can't say that of many.
    Ras Stormbird's lord. Dealin with some weird shit, but I guess he cares about her. He's got... uh, dignity.
    Reese Seems like an interssting and talented Lord. I hope to learn more about him and see some of his work.
    Reigna A Lord of Stormwall, whose bravery, chivalry and honor serves him exceedingly well. A friend to the Physicians, and a man I am glad to know.
    Riagnon I suppose being an Inquisitor explains being so inquisitive! A friendly Northerner and HIS shamanistic wedding was allowed to be PUBLIC. Ehem.
    Rinel Very interested in Sayyida Rukhnis. I am going to keep my eye on him. And Atreke's eye. And others...
    Rosalind He plays the lute but self admittedly confessed to growing soft of the cold. Oh no! I really like that smart woman he keeps near! Shes great!
    Rowenova A lord of Crovane who came to the the feast in honor of Duke Vercyn to pay his respects. He is a poet who knows it, a loving husband to Mikani, and good to Sir Flop!
    Rukhnis Suffers from deplorable lapses of either memory or understanding, but a decent and truly chivalrous person at heart.
    Sabella A wonderful poet! There is so much creativity and passion in his works. He seems a bit nervous to present them, but I'm sure with enough praise that will fade in no time!
    Sabella Lord Rysen is definitely a kindred spirit with his love of song and poetry! He always organizes the most fun events and brings people from differing social circles together to mingle and make friends. He is an absolute delight!
    Sebastian A gifted poet, even if he unestimates the value of an excellent wine. He seens the world for what it is, clearly, and such insight is a rare gift to be treasured.
    Selene An experience to hear his poetic soul in action. Those words traipse across the tongue and the soul, quivering with promise, and speaks to his particular brand of creativity. I look to hear more from him.
    Shard Seems well-meaning, with a decent head on his shoulders. No problems whatsoever with walking up to negotiate with a giant angry wolf, though maybe a little more hesitation would have been wiser.
    Sigurd A good man, likes his drink, much more gregarious than I am these days.
    Sorrel A bard and a swordsman! Someone after my own heart. He's got a lovely singing voice, and he's learning to use his sword so that his swordplay might match his poetry. A poetry of motion in addition to poetry of words!
    Svana A Northern noble with a kind demeanor who is always very welcoming!
    Sydney He's the sort who looks... honorable. Ain't sure if that's a compliment or an insult, just yet.
    Teagan Appears to be utterly preoccupied in others much of the time.
    Tescelina He says nice things to the stars. A waste I'm afraid, alas.
    Thea A poet knight. I'm not sure what to do with that. You cut people with words? Luckily I've seen him fight and know he can rely on blade and not words alone. Thank gods!
    Thomas A Knight who sets the bar high for our Order. His Night of Reflection was inspiring, and I am glad to meet him.
    Valdemar An effective leader, at a time when the Compact is sorely in need of them. I am grateful that Asger's house appears to be in good hands.
    Venturo Lord Crovane demonstrated tremendous talent during the Kismet Hall, commanding a crowd who wasn't certain what to expect when it came to the carnival in Arx. His choices were perfect and perfectly performed, and I look forward to future viewings of his works.
    Veronica As steadfast as an old tree, and not prone to panic under pressure. I'm glad he chose the career path he did: He's an ally I wouldn't want to do without.
    Vitalis Keen mind, though not one to leave to his own devices in the wilds. Strange, I thought Northerners came by woodcraft with mother's milk.
    Volcica A lover of poetry and lore, and a good friend.
    Wash A hunter first, but a socializer second, and that is where Wash can meet him as equals. He's been very outgoing and gives Wash hope that long-term ties with Redrain may be viable.
    Willow So, attractive, Northern, and a poet. What's the catch?
    Wylla A knight, confessor and Crovane lord, with a family and two cats. I can't imagine he ever has a dull moment.
    Zoey Level-headed and well-spoken.