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Camilla Baseborn

Performing should hurt. Toes should bleed and throats ache and close until lungs burn on the verge of collapse. Only pain can birth what is true, and only a cacophony of sighs and suspires should ever welcome it.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Sinister Courtier of the Silken City
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 06/05
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: obsidian
Eye Color: onyx
Skintone: pale

Description: Camilla is eerie sensuality, a simple glance to her gait and eyes warning a passerby the Suspire is not one they should want by their side or on their bed. And yet, the dark beauty of Setarco is hard to resist, clad in a mien of shadow and mystery. Camilla is feral swagger and sinister allure that is enhanced by gifted looks and artful use of words. More than a tryst, the courtier is the promise of something unforgettable.

Physically, Camilla is notable for her pale, dotted skin and ever shifting mass of obsidian-colored hairs. Her eyes, pools of deep onyx, invite a brave one to gaze upon her soulful self, drawing attention away from her perfectly sculpted, chiseled angular features. Where most would coast on their heritage's blessing to seduce, Camilla intoxicates with airs and moves, sways and subtle quirks of brow and the corners of thick lips.

Camilla's body is a dangerous hybrid of lean muscle and dramatic curves, serpentine grace gifted to her by the blood of Sins making the courtier's sensual flesh a lethal weapon in the hands of a deadly duelist.

Personality: Camilla has a dark edge to every thing she does: from how she slinks across ballrooms to the way she talks and dresses, there seems to be an natural disposition in the woman to evoke that which might find taboo or sinister. That makes the Setarcan a very specific kind of woman, and a very niche sort of courtier. Those drawn to dark forests at night, to the whispering of the graves and mirrors and reflections tend to find the woman fascinating. Those afraid fo such cannot help but feel unsettled.

Camilla's values are simple: Only pain can give way to truth, and truth is beautiful. She is constantly, and subtly, pushing and urging others to face their reflections, always in playful ways that mask her intentions, at least at first. To Camilla, there is nothing to be learned when someone is in stasis, accepting of who they are. In peace nothing is gained, so she pushes, planting seeds for growth and change. Using her charisma to lure others into her games, Camilla is never bored, making the world beautiful by undoing one lie at a time.

Background: Camilla was born a bastard, the fruit of a one-night affair between a Lady Madeline Pravus and a foreign noble. As a child Camilla was taught how to read and write by her mother, and was well on her way to learn other languages when Madeline's rapidly-deteriorating mental health took her agency and wits. Before the young girl was ten, the Pravosi noble was a shell of her former self, a husk mumbling in bed about the man who had taken her heart away.

In the night when Lady Madeline finally lost her ability to communicate, withdrawing further and further within herself, Camilla was desolated. Along with the servants she stared as her noble mother was tended to by the local physicians, and seared in her mind were the sights of one of House Pravus' best reduced to nothing. Camilla could not reconcile with the fact there was nothing she could do, but before her anguish was turned to action the girl was approached by an envoy of the House of Silken Sighs of Setarco.

The woman sat with Camilla and they talked throughout the night. Come the dawn, the courtier offered Camilla tutelage in the House free of charge, pleased with the conversation. None would know the nature of this conversation for years to come.

The Pravosi bastard's time at the House of Silken Sighs is not publicly known, but it was, supposedly, shock full of its own trials, failures and successes. Whatever her exploits, Camilla left the place an educated courtier and the woman she is today, hailed far and wide as the best alumni of the school in decades. To those who have seen her talents, Camilla is a soulful fury with uncompromising artist vision, a desireable artiste who, once, was just a bastard, and now saw her contract acquired by the Duchess of Pravus herself.

No more a simple bastard, the woman is now a highly-sought courtier whose's fame is not insubstantial. She is finally ready to meet her family, and join the Sins in Arx.

Name Summary
Anisha Camilla Baseborn is notable in many things. Her sense of style. her art. She holds a position of respect among the Suspires, and the admiration of so many among the Pravosi elite for a reason. What she will make of Arx, and what Arx will make of her remains to be seen, of course. But it promises to be a spectacular show.
Ilira There's something that glows about her darkness. She is all danger and allure, menace and sensuality, but her heart blazes like the wildest fire. I am drawn to her in every way, as Arx will be to her--and us, for together we could rule this city.
Mabelle One can appreciate the wisdom procured from life experiences. She's observant. An enlightening conversation.
Orland A Suspire that clearly has appreciation for restricted and controversial things.
Pasquale Probably quite dangerous.