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Cai Falken

One thorn of experience is a worth a whole wilderness of warning.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Grizzled Ranger
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Falken
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 39
Birthday: 10/22
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Ranger
Height: 6'
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Weather-Tanned

Description: Tall and lean, Cai posses the marks of a man who has spent a lifetime outdoors. From the weathered skin, to the scars on his face to the grey-silver mane of hair that's usually kept tied back and the beard that tends to be more trimmed and short than unruly and wild. Eyes are the color of amber jewels, almost yellow in some lights to dark gold in others. His usual bearing is one that suggests a bit like someone who constantly looks like he's annoyed, even if he's the exact opposite. His steps carry the air of a man confident in his own abilities, but doesn't shout them outloud for all to see.

Personality: Gruff and aloof, Cai is a man who prefers the great outdoors to confines of city life. A man of means, anything he's needed, he's done by barter and trading, living off nature and the woods. While he might be rough around the edges and having to live in a city has done nothing for that, he's at the very least someone dependable, even if most of his opinions are laced with a certain degree of sarcasm. He's practical, and while he'll offer a helping hand, it doesn't mean he won't grouse a bit for having to do so.

Background: Cai follows a long line of hunters, rangers, warrior and other woodsy-type from his family. It's what his family was good at, so he followed suit, and found his life richer for it. Didn't seem like it was even an question when he was a boy, and now that the years have passed, when he looks back to what could've been, he's since decided that he couldn't think of anything else he'd rather do.

He can remember back to a time when they had no association with the Compact. While he might've been happier to have nothing to do with them, it's not like he held any kind of negative feelings toward them either. Things change, it's a constant in nature. Just as the world changes through seasons, so do people, mentalities, and all those other kind of things that he only cares to a certain degree about. He always respected the leadership in place before the Compact, so he followed suit along with the rest of them. For the the majority, it hasn't had a great impact on his life. Still in the woods, still hunts, still does what he's always done. Until he had to relocate to Arx with the rest of the Greenmarch brood. Not the biggest fan of the city life, but it could be worse. Thing changes, and nature seems to abhor things staying the same for too long.

Relationship Summary

  • Eirene - Gruff medic-turned-student
  • Calypso - General and sparring partner
  • Anze - A challenge

  • Friend:
  • Monique - Friend and compnaion
  • Fiachra - Former student and pseudo-adpoted son
  • Rowan - Former student and confident shaman
  • Costas - Best. Wingman. Ever.
  • Monique - Friend and companion
  • Niamh - Favored former student
  • Name Summary