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Orathy Culler

Ain't any of us choosin who we be born as, jist who we die as.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Working "Professional"
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 45
Birthday: 9/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tanned

Obituary: Vanished without a trace under marginally mysterious circumstances. Of course, people vanish without a trace under marginally mysterious circumstances from the Lowers all the time. Nothing to see here, really.

Description: Swarthy and solid, with heavy, callused hands, and a heavy, fierce jaw, there is a controlled threat in Orathy's stillnesses. There are men whose strength comes from carefully cultivated athleticism and then there are men whose strength is of a rawer form, and his is the latter. He is stocky and muscular with a broad, barrel chest, heavily built and solid. Tattoos limn his neck and collarbone in a dark circling pattern of inky black needling, but lacks any cultural significance as other tattooing. When clean shaven, he shaves off a good few years, but most of the time he keeps the sturdy brush of his beard because the extra salt of age -- it tends to come in with a few flecks of gray -- loans the seeming of more experience than he has strictly earned.

Personality: Orathy isn't the smartest crayon in the box, but it's hard to say how much of that is deliberate. He often seems to be listening, but how much he understands and processes is left mysterious. He has a rough and tumble sense of humor, and a low taste for the lewd. He's not interested in fighting for fun but he is very interested in fighting for coin. He likes to make money, and he'll make money doing pretty much anything. It's hard to say that Orathy is trustworthy; it would be more accurate to say that Orathy can be trusted to do exactly as Orathies are wont to do. He will take money; he will fight hard; he will drink hard; he will laugh at terrible jokes; he will get up tomorrow and do it all again.

Background: There are a lot of gutter rats in the Lower Boroughs, a lot of poor people who do what needs getting done and get on with their lives. Many of them never dip into crime at all. Many of them are fine, hardworking folk. Orathy has no problem with those people, but he's not one of them. Many of them cling to their hard-won pride and their hard-earned coin and work day in and day out, stevedoring at the docks or carting materials here and there or who knows what else. Orathy grew up in one of those families. He watched as his father and mother and brothers scraped and saved and worked their asses off trying to do life the "right" way. He watched as they got sick. He watched as they teetered between better and not. He grew up gangly and scrappy and decided that he wasn't going to be having any of that crap. He started young on learning to fight and take care of himself and take care of business, and ended up attached to the Cullers for the simple reason that Furen Culler recognized talent when he saw it, and took the boy under his wing -- not quite adopted, but /taken/, and /trained/.

In his adulthood, Orathy became a guy who did work. He became known for it around the Boroughs. Regardless of family background, of the type of work involved, of the number of bruises needed delivered or the angle of the knife that ought to be thrown, he became known as somebody to seek out. Maybe not by name, maybe not directly, but if you went to a certain den or bar and dropped a hint to the right person that you needed something done ... well, maybe you'd be found by somebody who knew somebody like Orathy, and if he walked away sufficiently richer, the work would get done.

Relationship Summary

  • Magpie - Grayhope 'n all. Be the creed of the streets we ain't get along.
  • Laric - What he do is why...

  • Acquaintance:
  • Rey - She be a strange sort that I be liking.

  • Family:
  • Raja - She showed resilience and grit when she was a kid. Picked her out of the gutter and tossed her at Culler. Been watching out for the kid since and she's made me fucking proud.
  • Torian - Brothers we are aye and the world otta know I will lay them low if they fuck with you.
  • Acacia - Reckon she be having more sense than me and rightfully so.
  • Lore - Supposin it would nah hurt ta be what ya want me to be.
  • Mae - She be a success of the family reckon so.

  • Rival:
  • Silas - 1-0
  • Asger - 1-0
  • Talen - 0-1
  • Reese - 1-2
  • Corban - 1-0
  • Joslyn - 0-1
  • Agnarr - 0-4
  • Sparte - 0-2
  • Atherton - 1-0
  • Derovai - 1-0
  • Artorius - 1-0
  • Valdemar - 1-0
  • Caspian - 1-1 (kiss my ass he did)
  • Amaratha - 1-0
  • Calaudrin - 1-0
  • Echo - 1-1
  • Jericho - 2-0
  • Jordan - 1-0
  • Orrin - 1-0
  • Kanean - 0-1
  • Mirari - 1-0
  • Jeffeth - 2-3

  • Lyceum:
  • Belladonna - Fer a time I be oathed to 'er 'n saved 'er life fer savin mine.
  • Jaenelle - Gave me an axe 'n work 'n favors like that a man never be forgetting
  • Sebastian - He used ta talk to me 'n we used ta do things together 'n I used ta be carin for him. Now it ain't that way. People do be changin.

  • Deceased:
  • Furen - I Will Find You I won't Forget.
  • Max - 0-1 (Your skills didn't keep you from dying)
  • Sivard - 1-0 (Son, you should've known you weren't ready yet. Killing be different than sparring.)
  • Estaban - 3-0 (aye, ya couldn't kick me arse 'n that should 'ave been a clue)
  • Ford - 1-1 (aye, hope the rest of us catch on to wantin to be free)
  • Tessa - Wolves got ya darlin ... reckon it ain't be happenin if ya brought yer own old wolf 'long to protect ya. Miss ya sweetums.

  • Friend:
  • Juliana - Ain't ever thinking a silk would be so quick to turn my beliefs on its head and yet here she be fucking it all up.
  • Duarte - Mustache ain't satisfied with much but I do be thinkin I put a smile on his face
  • Aviana - Even if we ain't what ya wanted because of that dipshit Knight yer still a friend.

  • Spouse:
  • River - Little shit got me this ring 'n I supposin I like it.

  • Ally:
    Name Summary
    Adora Culler. Drinker. Loud. Weird accent. I don't like him.
    Agatha His voice may someday be as big as mine. HAH! His urge to fight something may be as big as mine. Hah HAH hah!
    Agnarr Crazy Culler man, but his sort are the best way for me to earn more coin. Niece ain't bad looking either.
    Aleksei Exactly the sort of rough and tumble you'd expect of someone who's survived the Lowers.
    Alessandro Doesn't leave anything to chance.
    Alexis Name of Orathy. Appears out of nowhere. Apparently generous but having a habit of sneaking up on people? Can't help but wonder if he's part of the past Lyiana spoke of.
    Amund A good axe to have by your side, controversies notwithstanding.
    Apollis The guy is the Lowers as far as I've seen. He is abrasive and crass and a good time. Looking forward to getting to know him better.
    Arcelia The first time I met Orathy was pleasant enough but brief and I hardly recall the meeting but the time I do remember, and the one that will stick with me, is the time that he made it feel like the death of my family was meaningless and unimportant. He also attempted to make it seem like I am a self-centered individual who cares nothing for people beyond what people can do for me. Thankfully, the opinions of this one man means very little. The Gods know my heart and the people I have helped do too. That is the only thing that matters. All this man knew how to do on this occasion was be crude and rude. Perhaps next time we meet he will be more pleasant company though I have my doubts since he is so judgmental that he can't see past the tip of his own nose.
    Arn Some thug. Probably didn't have a father so he comes begging at my doorstep. Maybe if he is useful or can mold himself into something useful he can do me some good. Probably not. I don't have high hopes for my children let alone some scruffy punk.
    Artorius An excellent fighter...his endurance and stamina is noteworthy. Perhaps soon I will face him again, no?
    Astraea The kind of guy who you'd describe as someone with a world of personality. He's reserved but not overly so and his skill in the ring is nothing to turn your nose up at. Despite the fact that we have an age gap between us, I like that he doesn't treat me like a child in the way others have in the past. Some might describe him as gruff but I find his direct, no bullshit mannerisms to be refreshing.
    Barric Claims he robbed a bank to loudly to be true but I admire his dedication to it. Would like to spar him sometime, even if his manner is uncouth, the challenge would make it worth it.
    Belladonna Bold. Anyone else would be annoying, but there is a... earnstness in Orathy that makes him... kind of adorable.
    Bonnie When the floors rolling back and forth underneath - from the tides or the drink or both - your feet, it's easier to get along with this type.
    Brady An intimidating man, wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. The silks are nice, though.
    Calaudrin The Duchess seems to really like him. As long as I don't have to tackle anyone and throw them into a jail cell, none of my concern.
    Carmen Lecherous drunk is sneaky as a snake.
    Caspian With quick, witty humor like that he is a man after my own heart.
    Christine Rude, unpolite and a bit threatening...
    Dominique A flirt. He's definitely rather forward. Oh, perhaps in my younger days I would have swooned at such a man then.
    Duarte I'll keep this one short: I like him.
    Echo He hits hard with his axe and though he might come across as a bit of a tough, scary guy, he seems rather generous in sharing drinks among others. It's hard not to respect someone when they swing their axe like that.
    Eleyna The first time I was properly introduced to Orathy, he was cutting a Bringer's head off. Perhaps not a typical social introduction, but it definitely made an impression. He's as common as they come, but he saved my life. Besides, I have something of a reputation for having a soft spot for commoners.
    Evaristo This man has been a legend since I was a kid and no less now.
    Fiora Hmm. Nope.
    Flora Well, at least he's not going hungry.
    Gareth A cocky swagger and a hankering for a handful of female anatomy. I'm sure his parents if they were with us, would be ever so proud.
    Gaston I was not...impressed with his relationship with his horse. But it is hard to fault his skill with an axe, and despite his doubts he met the spirit rite...relatively bravely, considering.
    Gawain The man fought nobley, taking every blow and pushing a trianed Knight to his physical limit. Most well doen indeed.
    Gretchen Oh, he's going to be a lot of fun.
    Harlex Surely is a tough old goat. I can respect that.
    Ian He's good. He knows how to set and break patterns in a way that lets him come at his opponent from unexpected directions.
    Itzal Uncle Orathy missed his calling when he decided to not sail the seas. Still, he's a good sort, and good company besides.
    Jacque It was fun to watch his fight with Caspian Wild, and it was even more fun to be able to stand in and write my witness account. Definitely can see us becoming drinking buddies, which would make for a strange but very fun friendship, at least.
    Jeffeth He got old. We were friends when we were young. Seems to be the same sort I would scrap with when we were younger. Either way. It's good to see him again.
    Jev He has a big axe. I hope he doesn't kill me.
    Jordan Another victim of some royal's assumptions regarding their expensive gear. I feel empathy for that situation, since some people really need to be studying their own etiquette, not just us common people. So, far as I'm concerned, the dude's pretty damn tough.
    Kaia An impressively flexible man. He managed to dodge one of my stray arrow like a god! I must thank the Pantheon for that!
    Kaldur Pick a side, man. You can't haave it both ways. When you do - I'll be waiting for you.
    Killian This fool gives gutter trash a bad name, but then, gutter trash has at least a few standards and a purpose.
    Mabelle Just what you can expect from a rat. Stealing your cookies and leaving footprints on the table.
    Magpie Magpie really shouldn't have called out Orathy Culler. It was a foolish decision and the man didn't pull any punches. That said, Orathy didn't kill him either. If you poke a bear and live to tell the tale, that's something.
    Malesh Another commoner forced into using violence to get by I believe. Big and dirty and mean, so likely he gets by just fine. Glad to have guards around when needed, regardless.
    Margerie Oh, yes, a butler. A highly weaponized butler. Yes. I absolutely believe he is a butler. Quite the butler he. ((He is the least butler to ever not buttle. Butler my lily white noble calves!))
    Meriah I bet I could get his heart. I bet it'd look lovely in a jar. He seems like a good time kinda fella.
    Miranda Menace in inky black boots. Might be a chip on his shoulder, this one. Might be a brick.
    Mirari Not exactly my favorite person, I hope I can trust him to be a man of his word.
    Mirella I mean, I'm not saying I'd laugh if a dog bit his unmentionables. Either way... eh, I don't know. He's tolerable, I guess?
    Orrin Gods help us, is this craven creature who we fight for?
    Peri He has such a blatent disregard for the sensibilities of nobles that I cannot help but laugh despite being one. And one should not laugh at a dangerous man. One might get stabbed while he laughs along.
    Pharamond The man's gotten himself into a tough spot but I think he's got some good folks trying to help him out of it. Good luck!
    Quintin Very rude, but good with a blade. Skilled footwork at least.
    Raja I guess I would consider Orathy more of my mentor. He was the one who was responsible for getting my scrawny butt off the streets those years ago. I suppose I impressed him when I stole his lunch and gave him the slip. Though, I nearly choked on my food when he found me shoving his food in my mouth. I thought I was in for another beating, but instead, he made sure I had a roof and actual food to eat.
    Ras Someone I trust warned me that someday, Orathy Culler would try to convince me that he knew how I felt. That's never happening.
    Raven Not sure what he was talking about. Loud, asking questions, but I was a little distracted.
    Raven An interesting and lively man. His presence at the Festival certainly made the whole thing markedly more festive. I believe he could give me lessons in swearing. It's really quite impressive.
    Raymesin It's been a while, and that's for sure.
    Renata Duke Piero always told me that you can't judge a book by its cover. Orathy's cover on first inspection looks to be of the commonest of leathers; coarse, old, and rough about the edges.
    Riagnon Not a bad stander!
    Rinel A blasphemous fool who should learn the ways of the Faith and hold his tongue before someone cuts it out.
    Ronja A tough customer, as they say. Like a bear walking in two legs into a tavern. Or, I assume that's what a bear is like. You don't get many of them on the ocean, so I'm going by reputation...
    Rosalind He doesn't seem very open and seems--cranky. I feel badly for his horse. Maybe I can sneak out one day and relieve the poor creature. The horse, not the man...
    Sabella A very good fighter who knocked down Sir Jeffeth in the arena. He can also count to ten!
    Sebastian It's interesting to see the man again after nearly a year hence, though I'm not surprised that he doesn't recognize me. We met only in passing. Can't help but agree with him though. There is a time for quiet. And a man who lives a life of fighting who can avoid a blow is better off than having to heal one.
    Sivard A grizzled old bastard, much my Father. Though, unlike my Father, he doesn't hold back and for that he has my respect. Despite our first meeting being what it was, I look forward to seeing this one again.
    Sophie I wonder what he could have become if he had the privileges of our society. He's coarse and vulgar, but that is a side effect of his environment.
    Sparte He has always been a tough one to read, even for a Culler. I figure he wants to make something of himself, but every time he sees someone who signed up for the guard he assumes I'm here to make his life difficult. That is only true maybe half the time.
    Talen Orathy, a commoner, just like Talen-- at least in the blood. Served Jaenelle for a short time though that didn't last. A couple stories of him upsetting people. None of that concerns Talen, not when he knows the man can fight well with a knife. Sometimes that's all you need to be; a weapon.
    Tessa Wrath - he's big and strong and full of delightfully rough edges. And he strips on commad, that's always a charming quality in a man.
    Torian Met with Orathy, reminded that he's a beast of a man who knows his place in the world. It's high time I help him get comfortable in it.
    Tynan The kind of man you want watching your back, and not the kind of man you want trying to get you back.
    Valdemar A good sport, and a quick fighter. He gave me quite a lesson in our match.
    Venturo Came to the charity event, and such support speaks well of a man.