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Sir Cabrera Godsworn

Everybody dies. It's what happens _before_ that, whether you live or not, that you should concern yourself with.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Lycene Templar
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Godsworn
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 10/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: black
Skintone: dark

Description: Both long and lithe, Cabrera is a man of wiry, ropy muscle, a live wire of energy that finds stillness only rarely. It's hard to say what his features would look like in stillness, except maybe when he's asleep; in sleep, boyish innocence softens the lean angles and hard edges of his face, lashes thick and dark against the deep sepia tone of his skin. Awake, he is lively and animated, his black eyes bright beneath the high sweep of thick, dark eyebrows, beneath the cropped curls that crown his head. His smile is wide, his lips full, his teeth brilliant against the dark backdrop of his skin. His muscles are those of a runner, a leaper, a swimmer, a dancer, a man who fights by wit and speed as much as strength. He has long fingers and even when otherwise still, his hands are moving.

Personality: Clever and quick, energetic and vivacious, Cabrera's is the kind of charm that can be hard to keep up with. His sass could get him in trouble more often if his smile were less winsome, but his engaging humor and bright eyes are welcoming, inviting, encouraging people to join him in the laugh, whatever it happens to be. More a wordsmith than a prankster, he prefers not to punch 'down', and tries to keep a bright, upbeat approach to life and service, encouraging people to embrace life with both arms. Passion is his watchword, service his focus, and life his reward. While he is a serving priest and serving soldier, he's also a devil-may-care punster, ribald roisterer, and stylish man about town. Turn down no opportunity, leave no stone unturned for what curiosity might reveal beneath, and definitely never leave a party without dancing.

Background: Cabrera was a beautiful boy, the pride of his parents. He was born large and strapping, and grew quickly. But he grew in the backdrop of chaos and war, and his parents were cut down in their prime. His mother was a knight-captain who laid down her life for Fidante in the Tor-Southport war, and his father was brutally crippled in the aftermath of the fighting; though young, he simply was in no state to care for himself, let alone his son. There was no family left who could take care of this young boy whose parents had had such high hopes for his brilliant future, so the Seraph of Tor brought him to the Faith, that he might be raised with the children who knew no other family.

A child who ran and scampered among the servants of the Rectory, fitting into strange places and exploring weird corners was young Cabrera's raison d'etre. He was too young to squire when he first came to the Church-- a child, five years of age -- but somehow he managed to get places and make himself useful. His bright eyes and raffish smile were weapons of war he waged upon the Faith. He was everyone's gopher and no one's; a disciple of the Church when he was far too young to be so. He wasn't the only child of the Faith, but he was certainly one of the most vibrant.

As a teen, he came to understand how he lost his family, and he was reactive about it, fierce and hotheaded and miserable. He tried to get into duels about it, but the Lycenes he challenged knew better than to duel a boy of his years, and he was given a hiding and sent back to the Rectory. He screamed his outrage at anybody who would listen, and one of the priests -- the same Seraph who had brought him from Tor -- took him back to the Lyceum to visit the grave of the cripple who had been his father.

When he returned again to Arx and the service of the Church, he was a quieter, more thoughtful version of himself. While the mischief and warmth returned to him, and he would never lose the laughter or the quickness of his wits, the Cabrera who recognized the indelible part that loss had played in his development was a more sober, serious one, with a fierce understanding of what it was to be loyal to a cause, and a deep-seated recognition of the horrors of war.

He squired with the templars as a youth, and as a man, he took his oaths in service to the Faith, and enlivened their quarters with lively cheer, an upbeat attitude, and a sense of humor that danced between classic soldierly raunchiness and more obscure absurdism.

Resourceful and clever, Cabrera lived by his tongue and his wits, and in more than one campaign, served the Faith with sword and shield, putting his life on the line gladly in service of something greater than himself.

Name Summary
Amari I'll have to be careful around Sir Cabrera, it seems he'll happily jump on any bad idea I propose, provided it sounds fun.
Astrid Gallant, easy to talk to, and dedicated. He's what a Templar should be.
Braith A bit of a flirt though not obviously so. Dinner he said after he saved something for me. Have yet to have dinner and I will remain hopeful we will. Seems like good company.
Cassima A duty bound knight of the Templar. He is interesting once one stops the flowing compliments...
Gaspar A bold templar of Lycene graces and personality.
Julian A fellow knight who is also fresh in town. I look forward to seeing what he is capable of.
Mabelle Serious. Stern even. I might need to learn more about his opinions about charity.
Sabella A templar from Tor--or most recently, since it seems he was raised here in the Lowers. He was quite gracious and kind and I look forward to speaking with him further about the intricacies of charity work!
Tescelina A Templar very gallant in appearance. He seems kind and curious. I feel the passion of Gloria exuding in that smile and heart.
Thea Seemed still upset family pasts...I'll have to watch him
Zara An entirely fashionable Templar, he is both courteous and well-spoken. He seems to have a sensible and practical approach to charity and aid. True, lasting aid.