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Duchess Vanora Grimhall

We all need to look into the dark side of our nature - that's where the energy is, the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we're busy denying.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Noble Outsider
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 02/28
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: reddish-gold
Eye Color: pale green
Skintone: fair

Titles: The Penitent of Grihem's Point, Duchess-Consort of Grihem's Point, Second Reflection of the Thirteenth, Siren of the Mourning Isles

Description: This is a steel-forged beauty, plucked from the warmth of southern seas to be hammered to a razor's edge. An enviable figure, suited to be the subject of a marble sculpture appears just as cool as that stone itself. There is naught to beckon in her carriage, but rather to admire from a distance. Green eyes near as pale as frosted glass, there are elements of peridot beneath if less sun-soaked. Nobility is there in facial features, the high cheekbones and petite nose. Lips are soft, generous, and expressive with engaging smiles. Her hair would fall down to her waist if left free to, the color varying between rich crimson and pale honey as if strands are woven from sunset itself. Skin is porcelain pale, flawless, pampered as if hours a day are set aside for her vanity alone.

Personality: Vanora can be difficult to understand upon initial meeting, and to some may come off as frosty, a shell of careful politics and court etiquette that beneath holds deeper and more mercurial moods. She carries herself with an unflappable poise perfected over years of practice. There are some who remark on how cool she remains under pressure, but whether that is the truth or merely the illusion she strives for who could say? She should not be mistaken for a woman lacking passions however, indeed hers are examined so intensely she makes indulging in them an art.

Background: Vanora Pravus was born at the edge of scandal and has skirted it seemingly ever since. With her birth more than six years after her next oldest sibling and the ivory skin and red-gold hair not typically associated with Southern beauty, she has had to fight for her place. Rumors spread through Setarco that she was the product of a steamy affair, though Zacharie Pravus swiftly and vocally claimed the girl as his own daughter, insisting on her legitimacy and all the rights and privileges that went with it.

The next scandal to touch Vanora came through her eldest brother, who was captured and executed as one of the ringleaders whose coup led to the murder of Duke Piero. Vanora's parents and two remaining brothers were banished from court, sent to a far off coastal estate to live. Vanora herself, who had been off in Lenosia training to become a Priestess of Tehom, was recalled to Setarco to serve at her cousin Duchess Belladonna Pravus' whim. She spent the next several years in this role, following the Duchess to Arx to serve as her adviser, lady-in-waiting, and hostage all at once.

When the time came to serve Pravus' interests through a marriage alliance, Vanora was offered to Marquis Ford Kennex of Stormward, an arrangement which she found more than suitable. Shortly after their union the newly minted Marquessa found herself in the midst of political struggle when her husband freed all of Stormward's thralls with the stroke of a pen, relying on her for assistance with the fallout. With hard work the March was able to pull through the crisis whole. Unfortunately the Kennex marriage did not fare so well.

In the summer of 1008, Dominus Aldwin granted Vanora and Ford a dissolution of their union and permission to remarry in time, though a haze of whispers followed. Rumors which only intensified when shortly a betrothal was announced between Lady Vanora Pravus and Lord Valdemar Grimhall, heir to Grihem's Point and the son of the liege lord of Kennex. Court gossips immersed themselves in the Lady's infamy, requiring House Grimhall to stand firmly behind the union as alliances shifted and re-shifted.

Now she and Valdemar have two sons, the heir and the spare in their twin boys. Lady Vanora has been named a Voice of Grimhall and is said to be a force of influence within the family. Like a blade formed under the harshest conditions, she weathers the storms of court and continues to work for the glory of House Grimhall and the Thirteenth.

Relationship Summary

  • Curiosity - it kills more humans than cats I think

  • Acquaintance:
  • Skye - Dreamer and Blackshore Baroness
  • Giulio - A man of many talents and a certain mystique.
  • Aldwin - the former Dominus has my eternal gratitude for everything.
  • Orazio - the Dominus has been a source of learning for me for some time.
  • Lethe - Lady Lethe Tyde is a potential friend from an unexpected source. I enjoy her.
  • Ian - I have regrets, and wish I'd had the chance to really know him.
  • Lucita - Baroness Lucita Saik has been wonderful and informative company whenever we've had the chance to visit.
  • Declan - Lord Tyde is an interesting conversationalist, and an endless fascination

  • Family:
  • Belladonna - Spider of Setarco, Duchess of Pravus, and my cousin.
  • Celeste - Stunning Mirrormask Cousin I've been close with since childhood, when permitted
  • Esera - Beautiful Velenosa cousin, taken from us too soon.
  • Isolde - Second Reflection, my closest friend since childhood and family too
  • Philippe - Uncle from the Blanchard side of the family, we don't know one another
  • Ingvar - Valdemar's brother and a stable, solid presence in the House
  • Lilia - Ingvar's wife from House Telmar, getting used to us.
  • Erik - Valdemar's cousin, a scholar and sailor both.
  • Sanya - Valdemar's cousin, and one of my dearest friends
  • Darion Kennex - The Little Duke, and my eldest, my only child with Ford
  • Arkyn Grimhall - eldest of our twins, heir to Grihem's Point. I see all he can and will become.
  • Antony Grimhall - younger of our twins, guided and shaped by his big brothers.
  • Lianne - a cousin through Pravus I wish I'd been closer to soon.
  • Harald The Younger - My youngest boy with Valdemar, still sweet enough to love his mother.
  • Lia Eleyna Grimhall - My youngest child and only daughter, may she grow to make her ancestors proud.

  • Parent:
  • Zacharie - You tried harder than I gave you credit for. There is time yet to make up for it.
  • Carole - My Blanchard mother embraced everything Pravus offered her, and remains a mystery to me.

  • Ally:
  • Vayne - Archlector of Tehom and source of endless wisdom
  • Galen - One of Valdemar's most steadfast companions and salt-father to our sons.
  • Talen - Archduke-Consort of the Lyceum and First Liar to our son Antony.
  • Octavia - the Kennex lady is Salt-mother to my son Darion and someone who I have learned to trust.
  • Jaenelle - The Archduchess-Regent and I have gone through much together, and I consider her a steadfast ally to myself and House Grimhall both.
  • Anisha - Though the talented Mirrormask is becoming a friend, she is also an ally, and her services as a Whisper to House Grimhall and to myself personally have been invaluable.

  • Sibling:
  • Fabian - my eldest brother was executed for his role in the assassination of Piero Pravus.
  • Marco - Nine years older than I, It's been some time since I've seen him.
  • Matteo - youngest of my brothers, six years my elder

  • Deceased:
  • Driskell - I am lost without a compass, but you have shown me how to find True North.
  • Titania - when the sea seems sad to me, I think of you.
  • Harald - Valdemar's father was among the greatest men I have ever known. I miss him deeply.
  • Ford - Former-husband, Father of my eldest son, Victim of horror and hate. He will have Justice.
  • Eleyna - I will keep my promises. All of them. And we will be reunited soon.
  • Mydas - An ally on this dangerous journey, lost just as it began

  • Spouse:
  • Valdemar - The stars in my sky. The blade between me and the world. My forever.

  • Friend:
  • Isolde - the other Second Reflection, we've been close since girlhood
  • Eleyna - a kindred spirit, my closest friend in the world.
  • Cassima - Her mind is sharp as steel and she's a beauty. Doubly dangerous.
  • Donella - the proud Thrax turned Redrain princess is a dear friend and confidant.
  • Iseulet - Her beauty and her wit combine into a dangerous blade, one I'm glad to have on my side.
  • Fatima - the exotic Eurusi princess of Thrax, she is delightful to be with, and though a staunch ally to Grimhall, I call her friend too.
  • Margot - who would have imagined that the Duchess Tyde and I would grow to be friends? I treasure it.
  • Gianna - The Nightingales music enthralls me and her friendship delights me.
  • Dagon - The Duke-Consort of Tyde Hall is charming and refreshing company.
  • Mabelle - This Laurent Lady is amusing and relaxing company both.

  • Protege:
  • Edward - Baron Stormbreak is a rising force in the Isles and an important vassal to support

  • Patron:
  • Tyrus - Prince Tyrus Thrax is an inspiration, and I can merely strive to become all that he might expect me to be.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan She did a lot for Kennex's thralls, as well as Thrax's, and I'm grateful for that.
    Agostino Surprisingly insightful. Maybe it is something that runs in the Pravus blood. It was unfortunate that our conversation was so brief.
    Aisha PRavus turned Grimhall. Her company is as pleasuable as always. I'm curious to her plans.
    Alaric It's been a while since we talked. It's also entirely possible it'll be a while until we talk again. That said, she is the perfect blend of Thrax strength and Lycene graces, neither of which you want to offend.
    Alecstazi A Lycene import, and one who seems to have melded seamlessly into the lifestyle of a Thraxian Duchess. Smart, clearly deft in diplomacy and she suits her husband well. Together they are a formidable team, which is all that one can really ask for in a noble marriage.
    Aleksei A complicated woman, I'd say. She's navigating some tricky waters, but I do appreciate people who reach out and are willing to talk.
    Alessandro Disciple leader, willing to help fellow disciples.
    Alexandre Lady Vanora Grimhall proved to be both pleasant company and a surprise, for her ancestry was not known to me. I look forward to future meetings!
    Alexio Lady Vanora seems to be a hospitable woman. I look forward to future dealings with her and her house so that I might know them better.
    Amantha This lady seems to crave knowledge as hungrily as I do. Perhaps an ally to be made, here.
    Amari I don't happen to know her well, but on the occasions we've spoken briefly she's comported herself with great dignity and seemed kind. Perhaps someday we'll have opportunity to share more than quick pleasantries.
    Andry She has a political mind this one, I bet her book will be the talk of Arx.
    Anisha The Duchess-Consort of Grihem's Point is a fascinating woman. Everything about her is carefully measured to the last drop, and there is an economy of motion to her very essence that I find beguiling. Just enough charm, to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Just enough wit, to make you admire her sparkle. Just enough intrigue to draw you further in...
    Ann She's like the Thraxian version of me. Only with more style, grace, beauty... Uh. You know. Nothing like me actually, but still someone I highly respect for keeping her head high when times got ridiculous. A woman I'll call an ally any day.
    Apollo Breezily generous - I didn't expect that, but I don't know that I expected the converse either. Very refreshing.
    Archeron An interesting woman - driven that is certain. And it is never her that ends up looking foolish.
    Arianna Like our cousin Isolde this one is Blessed beyond her willingness to believe. Tehom truly cherishes her and if Isolde is the Queen of Reflections then she must be a Princess of the Thirteenth. I feel, no, I know our fates are entwined and while I have the itch to know more about her. I sincerely hope she doesn't think me another fool or a pretender to the faith and devotion we both have for our Blessed God.
    Artur The Duchess-Consort of Grimhall. She has a keen eye for talent and skills in artistic fields.
    Asriel Stories are important to us, and the Duchess Vanora has been the source of several during her time as a part of our Islander fealty. Some of them are good and some of them are bad and the rumor mill of Arx is ever-bound to churn between the two. I will tell you this. I have had many dealings with the Lycene people, and if I know anything it is that the Duchess will find a use for either kind of tale about her. I look forward to knowing her better.
    Astyr She has a better sense of humor than you'd expect from a Duchess of a place with Grim in the name.
    Austen A very polite Lady. I believe that she has a most excellent taste in tea, most certainly better than mine. She seems to keep her own counsel, as I do. It is most under-appreciated thing.
    Baltus Ah the duchess. Always a pleasure to see one so respected as her.
    Bastien One of many Pravuses at the Pravus opera celebrating smart, clever Pravuses. Unsurprising.
    Berenice I didn't get to meet her for as long as I'd have liked, but I look forward to our next delightful encounter!
    Bethany The Duchess-consort of Grimhall. A very fine lady.
    Bhandn I wonder how often the Duchess-Consort travels. If the opportunity presents itself, perhaps I will ask.
    Bianca In the face of judgement, the Marquessa showed us all her dedication to her people and the people of the Compact. She did not speak against critics to her house and instead proved by her actions not only is House Kennex deserving of compassion and support, but so is the Marquessa herself. It is rare one so young can act without the passionate respite of youth, but Vanora never faltered in her dignity.
    Brigida Divorcee. How novel.
    Cadenza I didn't get to speak to her much but she was very polite.
    Calista We've known each other a long time but she continues to impress me. She rules with such grace and aplomb I cannot help but be so proud that she is Lycene born and bred.
    Calypso A young woman who has been through some ugly situations. She has not run from her duty, either. Now married to the heir of Grimhall, she is in yet another difficult place. She can do it.
    Calypso There's never going to be another Harald Grimhall, but she and her husband have kept things afloat in trying times.
    Cambria I spied her from afar at the dinner hosted by the Velenosa. A breathtaking beauty - just what you expect of Setarcan women. I hope she's fairing well after the Stormward crisis, and rules wisely at her husband's side.
    Caspian A Southern woman who took on a Thraxian name. She is charming and wise and a joy to speak with.
    Caspian So much changes in a short time. Just a year ago I remember here being married to Ford. Now she is Duchess of Grimhall. Can't wait to sit down and talk with her again.
    Catalana Still a joy to be around yet, she has a backbone of steel. I look forward to working with her again.
    Christine Ford's wife. She's such a cutie. And we'll soon have more little Kennex around!
    Constantine The mother of my nephew Darion. She is engaging and demure as well as congenial.
    Coraline A true lady, she is grace, warmth, and wonderful company all found within her lovely person. I am very glad we found cause to speak, and I hope to have many occasions to know her better.
    Cristoph Nicia's cousin is quite the whirlwind of a personality. I suppose that all things considered, she would have to be.
    Cullen I can see why the Duchess came highly recommended - she's clearly intelligent and adept at social gatherings, and has the interests of her people and Compact in mind. I will be pleased to assist her.
    Daniella She seems happy in Thrax, I hope they appreciate the value of what they have in her.
    Darren A very interesting woman -- there is much more here than she wears on the surface. I look forward to working together more in the future and combining our skills for the greater good.
    Declan A talented leader. More talented than many would suspect.
    Delia Dignified, forthright and honest, she is the picture of good nobility in my eyes.
    Delilah A delightful woman who has made it past so many hardships with nothing to show for it at all. Beauty and elegant all in one - A proper Marquessa.
    Delilah Moonlight on night-dark waters, an impossible study in contrasts. We circle one another within these stories, and yet our paths cross rarely. Something to be corrected, for few share such insights as Vanora has.
    Dianna A truly exquisite beauty shines like the brightest star upon even the starriest of nights. Such is the Duchess.
    Dora The Second Reflection was a delight to meet. Charming as I heard she was. A pleasant conversation had at the Salon. I hope to have more of them.
    Duarte After seeing her often from afar I finally had chance to meet the Lady Pravus. She is unabashedly Pravus - it will serve her well. I think we got along.
    Dycard A Lycene woman, married into the upper echelon of one of the most reserved and traditionalist houses in the Isles. A part of me is very curious how that particular match unfolded.
    Echo Marquessa Vanora has seen a similar story as me, at least -- On the surface. Lycene marrying outwards. I wonder if it was for love or duty? She seems very well spoken and incredibly nice, regardless.
    Eleyna A Pravus that seems to be close with Isolde. She's a bit of a mystery, to be honest. Now that she's returned to the Lyceum, perhaps I should make some efforts to see past the enigma.
    Ember A classy woman who clearly isn't from the Mourning Isles. That's fine, I've seen some amazing people from different fealties do amazing things. I figure an outside perspective will do everyone some good.
    Ember I owe the Duchess Grimhall much, though at times I wonder if I should curse her instead. And yet, I never wonder seriously -- for I know that even if the path that I am on is difficult, those who helped me to find it have also felt that difficulty.
    Erik The Duchess is still the quick witted and pragmatic woman I remember. I'm glad my cousin has someone that can support him like she does.
    Esme How can one not like Vanora. We have yet to meet and truly get to know each other (even if I spend a lot of time at her home), but she is graceful and warm hearted from what I can see. I am sure we will be fast friends
    Evaristo The black and white ball - what a marvel! And such an amazing hostess, very glad I went and got a chance to meet finally.
    Evelynn The Duchess Grimhall exudes elegance with every movement.
    Ezekiel She was so lovely and seemed to melt on my harp. A wonderfully expressive woman!
    Fairen Brilliant and engaging. This is a Marquessa who certainly forces you to think.
    Faruq Better left unsaid.
    Fecundo Mistook her as not being a Lycene, though she may be one of the first I have met that is not at least a second cousin. Not too many of those so far.
    Fiora Things like this can be hard. Here's someone who is trying to have a good attitude amongst others who are... well. Not.
    Gabriella A former member of House Pravus, one I regret not having met until recently. She is bright, sweet of voice, and seems to share a similar mindset to mine; I would not mind opportunity to get better acquainted.
    Galatea She seems to have a nuanced and knotted background, with a lot of twists and turns. I suspect she has lived much more life than a retiring sort like me. I look forward to assisting her in research.
    Gaspar A friend of a friend. Perhaps my own friend one day. Confident, gorgeous and I imagine unflappable in the face of challenge.
    Gianna Lady Vanora has excellent taste. I hope to see her around the College.
    Gilroy Like one of those decorated eggs they produce in the Volkov Woods. Beautiful, intricate, precious and completely empty inside.
    Gwenna Lady Vanora Pravus is an exceptionally poised yet warm noblewoman that I met at the inaugural Skirts and Gowns ladies event. Duty called me away sooner than I hoped, though I look forward to crossing paths with her again soon.
    Haakon The Duchess Grimhall. Dresses rich. Very rich. Doesn't drink much, though. Unsure whether it's a Lycene habit, or she just has good taste.
    Hana A noblewoman who seemed to have a passing interest in my craft. (Or perhaps more than passing in at least one small area; I could swear I saw her eyes literally light up when I mentioned that I make some jewelry as well.)
    Harald A stubborn, overproud, and vain young woman. A typical Lycene.
    Harlex A curiosity, how we were introduced. I was glad that I could aid her husband, or attempt it anyway. We are connected by our faith, from what I understand. Even with only brief interactions, I'd wager we could find more common ground.
    Hickson The Duchess of Grihem's Point is an excellent hostess and patron of the arts. She also seems to have diverse interests, and wields her power effortlessly.
    Ian She's young for the position she's in, especially if she's under the power of the Marquis. I hope she'll know to ask for help if she needs it.
    Ingrid When I arrived in Arx, I was uncertain as how to feel about Lady Vanora, Valdemar's new bride. She comes from a place so different from the Mourning Isles. From what I have seen, however, she is warm and generous and has done what she could to ensure that I felt comfortable with my move here. I am very grateful for that.
    Ingrid My Lycene sister. I learn much from watching her. She is educated, firm but knows how to jostle gently to get changes to happen. She doesn't realize how canny she is when it comes to politics. Or maybe she does, either way, she's amazing.
    Ingvar Valdemar's wife, she seems a good sort, though I wonder what the Longhouse will look like in a year's time with her influence. And her maid is pleasant to look at as well, I wonder if these Lycene fashions will grow on me, or not.
    Iseulet My Patron's wife has come a long way from when I first met her. From stranger to best friend, I've seen her blossom in her role as Duchess and leader for Grimhall, facing adversity with her beautiful chin held high. Her strength definitely comes from within, and she's a woman that I aspire to be like.
    Isidora The Coffee and the skirts meeting was a lot. Yet she was kind and let me be the quiet me I am.
    Isolde A dear friend and someone I can confide in. Even when things are weird.
    Itzal A Marquessa met at the Hall of Heroes, insightful or modest, further meetings will uncover that bit, I'm sure.
    Jaenelle To say that I have enjoyed Duchess Vanora's company would be a gross understatement, and not do the woman's charm, wit, and elegance justice. She is equal parts silk, steel, and sharpness. An ally when one is needed, a friend through all else.
    Jasher I suppose that could have gone better.
    Jeffeth A lady interested in learning about what's really going on. She seems lovely and kind. A good sort.
    Jordan Lady Vanora is a gracious host and held a legitimately fun event, even if the main course of it, so to speak, was a little belated. I'll look forward to more tourneys in the future.
    Josephine A lovely Grimhall
    Julian A duchess, and it is easy to see why. Beautiful, confident, graceful, intelligent. The whole package.
    Juniper A Lady who has such a passionate love for her people, those both related by blood and those in her care. Her people are fortunate to have her.
    Kaldur The Duchess made a welcoming place of the Thirteenth's Shrine. That alone is impressive.
    Karadoc The Lady Grimhall is a paragon of Lycean virtues.
    Karina Someone told me today that culture is whatever one associates with the Lyceum. In that case, my lady Vanora is culture: dark sophistication made manifest. May I rise with unearned rapidity in her warm and elegant favor, and may I never piss her off.
    Karina She's calm like water when the winds are still, though I see passion's ripple in the pools of her eyes. I'd count myself fortunate to earn an ardent companion in her.
    Katarina Katarina absolutely adores this woman, with such resplindent grace and beauty so striking compared to her darker complected relatives.
    Katarina Although much scandal follows the now twice-married Mirrormask, Vanora still remains a close friend in which whom Katarina has enjoyed watching progress through the muddied waters and reshape her image over time in her new role as Voice of Grimhall. It's exciting, guessing what the woman will do next.
    Katarina Duchess Vanora is a trusted friend. I cherish the history we have shared and yet I know that it is nothing compared to what the future must hold.
    Klaus An outspoken and passionate woman. I do not know to envy or pity her husband.
    Lianne Well-mannered, observant, driven, clever. Our interests overlap with increasing frequency these days. I hope time will be kind to us.
    Lora It is always interesting to see what comes of those drawn to distant shores. She and I have so much in common, and yet so little. Perhaps we can change one and build upon the other.
    Luca Valdemar's wonderful new bride! Oh, but I will always think of her as a woman of her homeland, first and foremost. They have stolen her, but if she is happy, I am happy. I got lemon cake in the trade, and that is not worth nothing. A delightful woman, to be sure.
    Lucita Interesting, well spoken, dignified. I thought I detected a hint of reserve that leads me to want to know her well enough to see past that.
    Luis An intelligent woman, seeking the passionate responses and desires of others. Such a pleasure to speak with and I forsee very leading and questionable conversations to follow. Questionable in the most clever of ways.
    Lydia When I first saw her, I did not expect her to seem mysterious. She appeared so grounded. But when you meet people in the Shrine of the Thirteenth, and they call themselves disciple, I suppose one should expect the unexpected.
    Mabelle Such beauty and elegance, she makes the stars pale in comparison and is such a lively conversationalist. I bet she's the center of every party.
    Madeleine It seems that those who are inquisitive really are the ones who have all the knowledge.
    Malesh My cousin via Grahama and Arianna's mother and so a Pravus. She seemed everything I would expect of a southern lady, and that Arianna was close to her will always count for something in my book.
    Matteo My sister has grown into a mighty, intellectual woman. I need to remember to listen to her advice more often.
    Merek %bMerek thinks Vanora is an interesting person. But he thinks that all Mirrormasks are interesting. Still, he has his thoughts.
    Mikani Duchess of Grimhall. I'm not sure what to make of her.
    Miranda Generous woman, with praise and gifts! Her manner is quite catching. I can see her walking into a somber occassion and shortly, everyone will wear smiles upon their faces and be dancing for joy
    Mirari One of my very favorite customers. Every time I have a moment to speak to her, I'm a happier person. She reminds me a bit of me, but she seems to have a better handle on her duality.
    Mirk Duchess-Consort of Grimhall. A devout woman, it seems, in visiting the shrines. Perhaps next time we meet it'll be more in my element.
    Monique We share a common bond and I find the Lady Vanora a level headed woman with a good sense of irony.
    Mydas A Mirrormask who clearly shows her faith to Tehom, and inspires the same from others. She did well in preaching His name.
    Nanette At first blush, she seems like a proper role model - a woman to aspire to be like. A woman who has not forgotten or forsaken her roots, but still finds a way to show proper respect to her current family and fealty. She's the first woman that has brushed on the topic of fashion with me and -not- told me to wear something more freeing, and for that, I will be forever grateful.
    Naomi I have a feeling that when the Marquessa puts her mind to something, none can stand in her way. I approve of her actions to improve the situation of House Kennex.
    Narcissa Another Mirrormask who was rather welcoming upon my arrival to Arx; at the very least I can give her accolades she does not come across as a caricature some of our
    Natasha The duchess has always been a complicated and mysterious creature, but in many ways, this has always been one of the main reasons I was so drawn to her company even when we were two young women training in our respective vocations. She has taught me to consider issues in webs and I give these lessons much credit in enabling me to go so far in my chosen vocation.
    Niklas Ford's wife is as impressive as they say. Her dedication to her religion is admirable.
    Niklas She was once my sister-in-law. Things have gotten exceedingly weird since then, but she is still, I hope, my friend.
    Niklas It's said they're going to found a Pravus dynasty in the eastern seas. Don't they know that Vanora has already done so?
    Nisaa She must be the singer I was told of. I am interested in hearing her song some day, and perhaps in speaking with her about her own experiences were in learning and understanding her talents.
    Orathy She be knowin where I be havin influence, aye, 'n aint afraid to call me on it. Tis an intrestin thing, aye.
    Orazio She is a Lycene noble, which means Orazio should not be surprised by her ability to keep her temper when provoked, or her self-control in difficult conversations. He is, anyways, and pleasantly so.
    Orchid My Duchess is kind and assures I am never left wanting of anything.
    Orrin An utterly charming woman, capably blending personal and political into a single breath without her warmth undiminished.
    Oswyn A duchess with an interest in books and scholarly pursuits.
    Petal elegatn and answers difficult questions with seeming ease
    Piccola Dealing with the Duchess of House Grimhall is a delicate affair. I feel her my superior in all respects that matter. She bears careful witness, not out of distrust but out of respect.
    Preston A noble lady who attended to prayers quietly and respectfully. It is important the nobles show their people by example.
    Prisila Pravus. Quiet confidence. Beautiful. What's there not to like? She's from the younger generation of Pravus cousins but I think we might have a lot to talk about.
    Quenia I do not envy the issues the Duchess must face within the Mourning Isles, though she faces them with great comportment.
    Ras Don't seem like the kinda silk I'd usually spot on the streets. Classy. But she's pals with Karina, so can't be all bad.
    Reese She is a survivor, but a lovely and charming one. Probably has claws and spirit both.
    Reigna I admit, I have been judging this one from afar. From the wedding fiascos, divorce and remarrying so quickly, to her lack of commitment to the Physicians Guild, it is hard, still for me to believe I can trust her. She is *charming* though. I want to like her. Perhaps I will try to keep an open mind, and anticipate being let down. That way if I am not... it is a pleasant surprise.
    Rook A Grimhall lady whom likes to eye up the stalls at the market for my broker and my wares. If House Grimhall is anything like House Redtyde, we shall have to see how our business acumen gets along.
    Rosalie She is very smooth and polished and in control. I could likely learn a lot from her, and she reminds me very much of Princess Alarissa.
    Rysen Courteous and eloquent, she is also a gifted poet with true depth of feeling.
    Sabella I did not get to speak with her as much as I would like to, but hope to do so in the future as she seems quite engaging and delightful. I should probably do this before I become a huge headache for her and her family. So. Maybe too late?
    Sabella Vanora has always been very kind to me, especially when my future with Niklas was up in the air! I am delighted to see her so happy now and always find her a fun, pleasant person to sit with at events!
    Sabella The Duchess is as fashionable as ever and her sons simply adorable!
    Salvador The current Duchess of Grimhall, and a former Pravus noblewoman, I do not know her well, perhaps something that could be remedied in the future.
    Sanya She has been so welcoming and helpful since my arrival. I'm glad to have her in the family as we have much to achieve.
    Savio Talented, knowledgeable, ambitious, confident. I can already tell there is so much I can learn from her, and I hope to.
    Sebastian We so rarely have a chance to cross paths anymore, living our own busy lives. She is family though and should know I would help her in any way should she need me.
    Selene I doubt the Compact has women as complex, refined, and remarkable as Duchess Vanora. She is a celebration of her Lycene heritage wedded to the extraordinary accomplishments achieved in the Mourning Isles. Such delights in conversation, she wields words in silk and diamondplate, a display that leaves me coveting more of her company. And that is high praise.
    Shard Not the kind of discussion I would have imagined us having. I certainly didn't expect there'd be an invitation to actually talk more.
    Sheena A very intense woman. The amount of titles she has isfar too confusing for me. She seems to seriously want to help ex-thralls, so I suppose she is a good person.
    Sorrel Although Clover called her a gibfaced hornswoggler, mumble cove, and a pigeon-livered ratbag, I suspect that she's not nearly that bad. Miscommunication, probably, though she should learn to enjoy a good duel. Perhaps we'll get to know one another better in the future when Clover isn't terribly miserably moody. She's probably nice, after all!
    Sudara At times, it feels as if my cousins somehow manage to simultaneously become both younger *and* more competent. Harmful though this might be for my vanity, I am glad to say that we share more than one common interest, and I am warmly impressed with her intelligence and capabilities.
    Tabitha What an elegant and composed lady!
    Talen While the first impression was one that led Talen to believe Vanora had the same inclinations as her husband, if not as strongly, the second meeting held such assumptions at bay. Marquessa Vanora proves herself to have an open mind, and is well connected. Should anything ever befall her husband, House Kennex would be in suitable hands.
    Tescelina Ah, she has been enchanted by the stars. Seeks their answers. We will travel together on this journey, I hope. It is always wonderful to have such beautiful companions. Her curiosity shines as brightly as her mind.
    Thea A seemingly strong and smart woman
    Theron She's knowledgeable, and intriguing. I should endeavor to get to know Lady Vanora Pravus better.
    Thorley The wife to Valdemar Grimhall. It was an honor to serve beside the Duke in Arx's time of need. His wife is lovely and strong in the faith - I hope that should I need her assistance in leading Farwatch I can call on her assistance.
    Turo Not at all what I expected. So far. In a good way. Good enough for a start. So far.
    Tyrus An interesting woman to know, with a good grasp of numerous subjects. I am curious to see how future meetings unfold.
    Valenzo Perhaps one of the most surprising chance encounters yet in the Cathedral, in the course of the task set to me. She seems brilliant, and every inch a Duchess. I hope I can prove of use to her!
    Venturo The Duchess-Consort, a woman sharp in understanding the needs of her lands, and how to navigate complex situations.
    Vincenzo Rubicund and pearl. She shines as if in a constant moonbeam, her skin has the radiance of a pearl. For all that there is flash to her, she is no ornamental metal. She is blood and steel. Sweet voiced, but the edge is there, lurking.
    Vitalis She made a very kind offering at my father's funeral. I don't recall much of that day, but it stood out for some reason. I think on it from time to time.
    Wash It is no surprise that Ford sought a Lycene wife. The surprises are entirely in her. I might like her, perhaps she will soften some of the Marquis' rough edges.
    Wilhelmina A caring lady. She seems hardworking and planning events for her House. She is also nice.
    Willow Gorgeous Duchess. I really look forward to knowing her better.
    Yasmine Beautiful, charming, and she seems to be a little dangerous with that silky smile. I would expect nothing less from a lady from the Lyceum.
    Zacharie Didn't know whether to expect her to be angry or reasonable, turns out it was equal measures of both.
    Zara Once of Pravus, now Duchess of Grimhall: perfectly charming; a clever and interesting companion for a walk and discussions of theology, so long as we wisely avoid the topic of the Thirteenth.
    Zoey An indomitable woman, and there is no doubt in my mind as to the dianamics of her relationships.