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Lady Antea Mazetti

There are two things I have found that will carry me through just about anything; patience and strategy.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Master Tactician
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Marshal
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark chocolate
Eye Color: sepia
Skintone: pale olive

Description: Of average height and slender to the point of looking coltish, Antea is a woman of sharp angles and severe countenance. For one so young she wears a serious expression, though it doesn't seem to detract from the elegance of her features. A wealth of dark chocolate hair frames her face, pinned up neatly to keep it out of the way. Her skin is smooth and has a dusky edge, though the undertone is somewhat pale, as if she doens't see as much sun as she probably should. Her eyes are sepia-toned, and always seem to bear a calculating look.

Personality: Antea has spent many years and much training in crafting her public facade. Studious, serious, even severe could all be appellations attached to the young woman. She tends to be brief and to the point in her speech, and while she strives to be respectful and polite to all she meets, everyone has their limitations and Antea does not suffer fools lightly. And then there is the rare moment where one can actually see the young woman behind the mask, bright with curiosity and looking to experience a world long denied to her. It is the rare occurrence to see Antea let her hair down, but she will do so at seemingly random intervals.

Background: The youngest daughter to Bacchio and Joye Mazetti, Antea was born to the couple late in life, something of a surprise to her parents. She was born early and while surviving, the girl child was quite frail throughout childhood. Antea even had her own personal physician that could be seen haunting her every step through her Ostrian home. Given her deficiencies, she was quickly given over to the best tutors her family could find to begin her schooling rather than risk the girl's health in combat training.

As she grew, her body strengthened, thankfully. And while she will never be the most robust of Mazetti, Antea was able to begin her battlefield training in earnest. Apprenticed in an advisory capacity to General Nico Scale of the Third Legion at the age of 15, Antea spent the rest of her teen years learning practical application of all her earlier lessons. Once she reached maturity at 18, she was sent to join her first cousin Valerio Mazetti in the Second Legion as one of his Captains.

It was during the Gyre War that Antea Mazetti truly came into her own, however. Sent to Setarco to help command the Mazetti forces there, Antea proved herself a capable leader and tactician. Her battleplans and strategies ensured that while Mazetti's troops suffered as heavy of losses as anyone, without her guidance it would that been much worse for them. That lead to her being named the new General of the Third Legion after Nico Scale's retirement from the position.

Antea served her House well as General despite her youth, commanding the respect and fellowship of those in her command. When Valerio fell in battle far from home and Mazetti found itself in need of a new Marshal, it was perhaps a surprise for some that Antea Mazetti was picked but the young woman accepted the honor (and responsibility) with the dignity and gravity she'd become known for. For the first time since the Gyre War, the young Marshal has left Ostria to join the family in Arx and take her place at their side.

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