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Tatienne Lachance

A merchant gets to see the world, and make a pretty penny doing it.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Shrewd Trader
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Lachance
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 03/19
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Merchant
Height: average height
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: suntanned

Titles: Rivenshari Minister of Production, Legendary Merchant

Description: Tatienne is by most standards attractive, but not anything special. Sinewy arms and calloused hands show a lifetime of physical labour, while a scar on her left cheek shows at least some exposure to danger. Her hair is usually kept short and out of the way, to better give her freedom to move. It's the eyes that draw the attention however, they study in detail anything they come across.

Personality: Tatienne is easygoing, chipper and always ready to offer a warm word or a witty retort. There's a more serious, shrewd side beneath that however, always evaluating people and objects, eager to estimate the worth of anything and figure ways to come ahead whenever she can. Those she trusts and cares for she makes sure get to share in her profits, but she is ruthless when it comes to everyone else.

Background: Growing up on a Rivenshari ship, Tatienne was exposed to the mercantile life early on. Among her siblings, she was shrewd in finding ways to trade favours and toys to get what she wanted, her eye for numbers was noticed and she quickly got apprenticed as a bookkeeper. It is doing that work that she mastered her field.

The Silent war was rough on her family, her brothers resisted Brand and didn't live to tell the tale. Her father grew sick afterwards, and she helped settle Riva so she could look after her father in a more stationary position. Eventually, he passed away. She packed up her things and went to Arx, to make her fortune and see the city at the heart of the compact of which she now finds herself a member.

Name Summary
Alexis Not a silk, but a merchant. Given my own reactions when people mistake me for noble, you'd think I'd learn to do better. Seems like a decent person.
Anisha Messere LaChance is a clever and innovative in her business, and that straightforward Oathlands honesty amuses me every time.
Apollo Incredibly savvy at market and almost fatuously dedicated to perfection - but also generous. I can't complain about any of it.
Astrid Tatienne was kind enough to answer my questions about the Ravashari and provide a few paths for further investigation.
Bianca It's good to have questions -- better still to ask them. I hope you can find yourself a bit more comfortable with the Faith. And hopefully, I can help.
Brady A tough one, not going to get run over. I think I'll like working with her.
Braith A rather strict sort who enjoys predictability. Definitely needed in the market but perhaps we have different views on life and how it all applies. Further conversation would reveal such.
Brigida I suppose an Archlector -is- a little bit like a shaman. I will have to properly explain the differences to this young woman later.
Cahal The first time we met she was all business but the second time we got to debate the wrestling habits of bears and both times she was accompanied by the tinkling of bells.
Corrigan Happy enough to chat with a bunch of Hoods about corpses and how she might end up dead. Not as prissy as some merchants I've met. Decent sort.
Dante A very persuasive and insistent merchant! She has a charming and conversational quality about her I like that will certainly help with doing business with her in the future.
Dariel A trader, I'm told, but one with a good sense of mischievousness. Who can forget poor Prince Sonow Mannaz of the Frozen Empire? The bells are rather a curiousity.
Dimitri A procurer of fine materials, it would seem, and one that seems well respected. She slips easy into the conversation around her and is quite pleasant to speak with. I look forward to getting to know her better.
Domonico Eager to train and spar. That's a good sign. Seems unfazed by the presence of the nobility as well. I approve.
Drusila I appreciate someone who knows what they want.
Dycard Survival is the ability to swim in strange waters. Mistress Tatienne is evidently not of the Compact originally, but she treads water well enough here.
Ephrath Came by my place with a few others. Reserved soul in ways that she may not even realize.
Evaristo She doesn't play around when it comes to business, I'm glad to see. Nothing more useless than a merchant that gets dazzled by the promise of fame and glory, but forget all about the end-game - profit. And she sure doesn't!
Evelynn A woman interested in the workings of the faith. Despite our differences, I appreciate that she remained.
Gabriella Sharp, forceful, direct. She has a keen mind for business and wades into it fearlessly like a true warrior on their chosen battlefield. I like her.
Gaspard A merchant met while shopping. A nice woman with a fine store. I look forward to doing more business with her.
Gianna A Rivenshari merchant, she seems to possess some sass, which isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. I can appreciate someone who's come to Arx to find their fortune.
Gwenna Tatienne Lachance is a name I have heard quite a bit at the markets recently. A skilled and fair merchant, without question, getting to meet her in person was somewhat exciting. Friendly in conversation, she seems a woman who can juggle social events as well as she does steel and precious metals.
Josephine An up and coming purveyor of goods at the market. Perhaps this can blossom into something good for the gracert's guild.
Joslyn I've seen her about quite often, never sat down to talk to her before, but she has quite a mind for numbers, could teach me a thing or two about Ravashari life.
Kenrith A courteous and kind-hearted merchant who has helped me find my footing in Arx. I am sure I will be in contact with her again.
Leola There is always a home for you, always a hearthfire lit for you, if you seek it. You've but to ask.
Llewella An ambitious merchant that makes for pleasant company. I can see her becoming a name known to many. Far and near.
Mabelle A pleasant woman with bells in her hair, a merchant when I was just seeking one. Perhaps we can work together soon. Perhaps more.
Marisol The Mistress has a good head on her shoulders. I look forward to hear from her and may the Gods watch over her and the future ahead.
Matteo A merchant princess who enjoys her station. She is rather refreshing.
Miranda A prodigal. She looks as if she's seen and done some things.. But if she cares to sneak up on people, she should get rid of those bells. Or at least, make them cat proof! I don't think Jewel will leave the poor woman alone now!
Nanette This one has a lot of fire in her, and I mean that only as a compliment. I do not believe I could ever have a mature conversation with her, at least not until she's grown mentally, but I am sure she will take that fire of hers and do great things one day once she's learned to harness it.
Neilda A clever merchant with the ability to haggle with the other merchants. I expect the other nobles will be all over her soon.
Pharamond Ha! I don't know what impression I left on her, but I appreciate her straight-talk. I think we will do business if I don't chase her away...
Quintin A sharp-eyed woman sporting some bells. I wonder why.
Raja This woman seems a bit savy in the ways of business. I met her purchasing diamondplate and discussing the different facets of business.
Ras She's got hustle! And she gave me a good idea.
Reese A merchant who seems smart and is learning to defend herself and cares about survival.
Reigna A sharp young merchant with clear goals. I bet she goes far.
Rhue A kindly woman, she exhibits strength of character and compassion in regards to the horrible business of slavery.
Rodica Well now apparently I need to add a bloody Cog to the fleet.
Rosalind She sails on rivers, I sail on the open sea. And she's quick to make silver, which is frugal. I get it! I like her!
Samithel Money drives her; most certainly a creature of the city.
Sunaia A Rivenshari merchant with experience of taking a river barge on the sea. It sounds like the absolute worst thing - though, if it was the only choice? We'd have to make do with it, wouldn't we? Maybe install a sail or three....
Svana A merchant who doesn't sell hairpins - but looks rather dashing in them. I would like to talk to her more later!
Sydney A merchant, to hear tell, but she was willing to meet me on the sands and put her talents to the test without condescension - save for a little too much self-reproach. Bold, and to be respected.
Tescelina A professional, truly. Very talented at her trade. I will always be grateful.
Thea She seems to have overcome a lot. She's smart and witty. I could stand talking to her longer.
Thomas Certainly a fiery young merchant, unafraid to let her voice be heard. There is more than a little good to be found in carrying such an unwavering flame, in these times.
Verity Just watching her do business once, I can tell the strength of her mercantile spirit. I appreciate that kind of industriousness. And also her taste in hair accessories, which is unrelated but still important.
Viviana A savvy young woman, to be certain. I expect a sizable chunk of the city's peerage is salivating at the idea of offering her their patronage.
Zara Clever and ambitious. She knows the value of her work, and I expect her family will be very glad to have her in the city.
Zoey Confident and capable.