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Lord Cassimir Inverno

Why are you unnerved by silence? What comfort do you find in all the noise?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Erudite Researcher
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Inverno
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 10/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: tall
Hair Color: umber
Eye Color: sage
Skintone: fair

Titles: Voice of House Inverno

Description: On the whole, Cassimir is in complete possession of himself. His posture is strict, his attire is comprised of the finest fabrics and fashioned to the current trends, and each wavy hair upon his head has been tamed and shaped to sculpture-like perfection. He is relatively tall, broad of shoulder, and lean in frame. Irises are soft jade in hue, though others might not necessarily recall it. His eyes are ever trained upon the ground he moves, thinks, and sometimes when he speaks.

Personality: While most feel a prismatic spectrum of emotions, Cassimir feels only in a range of limited monochrome. It makes it infinitely more difficult for him to read and understand gestures and microexpressions based on emotion, such as the pout of a woman's lips, or the crease of a man's brow. He relies almost entirely upon interpretation of speech over the suggestion of body language. Words uttered are words meant; Euphemism and innuendo hold little meaning. As such, he goes to great lengths to engage in casual conversation with particularly expressive individuals, and really prefers the company of those who speak in a forthcoming fashion. It may be evident, after only a short time speaking with him, that he is well-acquainted with the rules of social etiquette, which lends itself as a boon to him in times of uncertainty. When in doubt, rely upon the power of an eloquent apology, and try again.

Over the years, this man has pushed his pursuit of academia to the extreme, in that he is betimes stumbling into situations and experiences that are beyond his ken. The bittersweet temptation of acquiring knowledge for knowledge’s sake may result in great achievement, or his untimely demise. Only time will tell.

Background: Cassimir is the only child of Artemis and Theda Argento. From his birth, his mother exercised control over the minutiae of his life, while his father was emotionally and physically distant. Without a firm hand to tame her overpowering will, Theda's oppression would contribute to the bulk of his underdeveloped social skills and a period of adolescent malcontent. When Cassimir came of age, he decidedly channeled every ounce of his free time to knowledgable pursuits that he hoped would one day be the basis for his escape from the prison his estate exemplified. At every turn, he shunned his mother's wiles. Such overt acts of rebellion greatly displeased Theda, who, agitated by an increasing awareness that the family's reputation and favor in Arx was steeply declining, sought above all else to secure a good match for her son and, through him, herald in a new age of prosperity and power.

On the morn of Cassimir's twentieth birthday, Theda stirred to find his chambers empty, with nary a trace left behind to inform her of where he had gone. She searched and she waited, but it became quite clear that he had abdicated his wealth and titles, and ultimately rejected the Argento family for good and all. In the very same year, Theda's most potent fears would become stark reality: House Argento was summarily eradicated, and his parents with it.

Cassimir is keenly aware of the events that transpired, and the unfortunate reputation that his surname espouses. A cautious inclination to emerge from hiding has budded over time, so sightings of the scholarly scion have become more frequent in the capital city. With the rise of Lianne Pravus claiming the title of Marquessa of Nilanza after the destruction of his house, and the formation of House Malespero from the remains, it was with readiness and great relief that Cassimir cast off his ruined name to join them, and start anew.

Relationship Summary

  • Tyche - Cousin and marquessa. You truly have no equal.
  • Leonel - Cousin and marquis. My opposite, my friend, your rascality has grown on me.
  • Medeia - Cousin. Neither time nor distance apart can abate my regard for you.

  • Spouse:
  • Brigid - My wife. It has been only one year, but the best of my life.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sebastian - I've never known a prince more worthy of royalty.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I met the Lord Inverno at a gathering hosted by the Pravus family. He is earnest and with manners more kind than I've come to expect from the Lyceum. I would judge him a man of action and thought in equal measure.
    Caprice Sometimes when you wander the stacks, you come across a walking library. I hope he found something new to capture his interest, and I wouldn't mind the chance to talk with him again, about pretty much anything, really.
    Evaristo Some Lords are just so perfectly lordly and pleasant, and Lord Cassimir is one of them. Draws out the perfect manner in others, and is extremely interesting to converse with. I hope he finds what he seeks.
    Georgine Hm. Nobility has left him polished, but he still has the idealism of youth. That's a good place to be.
    Haakon One of those.. social creatures. Pleasant enough, I suppose, even if he is mad in the manner of folk who just walk up to a body and start talking.
    Lucrezia Smart enough to run at the hint of treachery. He's a scholar and kind to his friends.
    Mabelle He has changed since I saw him last. It seems something has unleashed in him and he is more lively. I like that.
    Medeia My dearest cousin, who saw that I was more than the way people treated me. My heart is full having him back in my life.
    Nina A scholarly sort, he's well-connected too! I hope I can get to meet with him more... maybe I'll meet new people and learn some new fodder for stories from him.
    Orrin A well spoken man and one who clearly has compassion, as was evident by the discovery of a long last member of his family. Even still, he showed the presence of mind to include others in conversation. This speaks well of the man's character.
    Piccola The Lord Inverno is friends with the Marquis-Consort, my cousin, and that says something. But I worry that his quest to find a weapon will befuddle what strengths he already has.
    Sebastian I can't help but to admire someone willing to reassess their own involvement in the world, knowing what is happening, and decide it is time to make a change. For that, he has my admiration and my ongoing support.
    Yuri Lord Inverno is an of astute mind and, short of the Marquis and his brother, has had such a lasting and warm effect upon me during my short time in Arx. I do hope I find in him just as easy a confidant as I would in Marquis Gaspar. While I think his preference would do well in the art of a rapier, I am quite certain he is already in possession of one. It would be a treat to see a practiced swing of his rapier wit than that of his sword arm. Time will tell.