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Brother Aelgar Navegant

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: wandering scholar
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Navegant
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 4/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Prelate of the Scholars of Vellichor

Description: Deeply tanned, this athletic man is average in his height. Shoulder length brownish-blond hair is gathered back in a half ponytail behind his head to reveal a clear brow and angular features. That visage is centered around eyes like ocean skies and a proud nose, thin lips and a squared, thrusting chin. Weathered laugh lines nest eyes and mouth, visible clues to the good-natured humor that dominates his personality. Angular cheeks lead to a stubbled jawline, and then a sinewy neck that widens into sturdy shoulders supporting competent arms and clever hands. His build is firm and sturdy, with a broad chest and shoulders, and he bears the trim, balanced figure of the naturally active.

Personality: Intelligence and curiousity are often the things most people notice first about him. A more perceptive observer might note his common sense and consistently calm demeanor. He seems to act more from duty and considered thought than from emotion, although he is typically quick to laugh and to care. There is footloose streak to him as well, a restless need to search and learn.

Background: Growing up a noble son in Escuma, Aelgar was lucky to have House tutors and a physically active rural lifestyle in a relatively invasion-free location. He survived childhood uninjured and healthy in the unremarkably active way of country children. Of note, though, is that his curiosity was often commented by adults and his interest in learning occasionally drew ridicule from his peers. He eventually came to the attention of the Disciples of Vellichor, or, perhaps they came to his attention, so precocious was he. As the years passed, he became a student and then an acolyte and, finally, a priest. Along the way, his curiousity and cultural tradition also pushed him to explore the island, wrestle with his peers, learn horses and dogs, and otherwise soak up the normal learning for a boy of his station. As a priest, he carried on the tradition and taught children himself, and then adults, mostly about thinking clearly and critically on topics like medicine and ruling. Over time, the scholarly thinker received some acceptance as a man with a good head on his shoulders and even became respected by some for his contributions. Eventually, though, he became restless with the offerings of his island home. He decided to travel to Arx with a letter of introduction to the church and another for distant relatives living there.

Name Summary
Aella A quiet and kind man of the Faith. Someone called him a prelate? I don't know what one is, but I'm sure he's good at it.
Amund An honest Scholar godsworn. After all, if curiosity isn't what drives one to service of the gods and especially of Vellichor, what else would?
Anisha Brother Aelgar strikes me as a cheerful and bright man, with a knowledge of the path he wishes to follow, but not so stubborn that he won't stop to smell a rose or entertain a diversion.
Bran An observer with a level of intentionality seldom seen. Not to be underestimated.
Brigida Needs to learn more to be a scholar in my eyes. Relentlessly cheerful too.
Cirroch willing to learn of other cultures in the compact. I was mildly afraid that they would be the other type.
Claude He seemed very engaged with the sermon by Sister Giada regarding change. Thoughtful and well-spoken.
Dio A courteous man of the Faith capable of asking penetrating questions.
Domonico A boarding axe and the Navegant name. I would wager this man has had experience out on the seas.
Duarte I met Brother Aelgar in Giada's chamber. He...I should like to speak with him some more.
Ember It is rare that I find a Scholar whose temperament suits me. Brother Aelgar is that rarity.
Esme He seems so very very serious. Which only makes me more curious. However, opposites attract in friendship. I am sure that we are going to be the best friends that have ever best friended. /He/ may not know that, want that, or be aware of it, but surely it is going to happen.
Evaristo What a lucky coincidence - running into a man that you just immediately feel 'this person would be so perfect to work with'. Also probably party with. And have interesting conversations with. Looking forward to meeting again!
Everett A seemin'ly absent-minded bookish sort with an affable nature. First done seen him at the seminar on Healing Herbs. Seemed a decent sort. Well read, which is the type o' knowledge that me own self be lacking. Respectable. Seems a good feller. Friendly like. Mentioned field work, which seemingly be contradict'n his nature. Will done have to find out what he's about!
Gael An adherent of the faith whose virtuous imperative hinges on the matter of truth. Unaware, perhaps, that intrinsic in all things is ever a darker road that winds away with a troubling, serpent-like treacherous suggestion goading all to walk its path and find the sickness within. Good luck.
Georgine He seems like a kind sort of man. And as overwhelmed with a thousand people talking at once as I am.
Giada Easy going and a godsworn.
Graziella Another wandering scholar too smart and too observant for his own good, I wish him the best in all his endeavours for knowledge and greatness.
Ian A better idea of what it means to use magic than most people I've talked to, but maybe a few too many ideas on the subject.
Isolde Quiet, but his fondness for animals speaks of an undeniably gentle nature.
Ivy A disciple of Vellichor, very quiet. I would hope to find him without the more ebullient Sister Giada sometime, if only to hear his thoughts.
Kaia Ah! A former lord of Navegant chosen to become a humble and devoted man of the Faith. There's certainly honor and a noblesse of its own in that choice. He has my respect. He seems to me like the studious sort; I gather with a bit more of time we may be able to learn from one another. I look forward to it.
Leola Godsworn, and he seems a grounded, sensible sort. I do wonder what the Blessed Brigida will make of him. Possibly literally.
Lianne Supportive and inclusive, as the Scholars need. Easily engaged in conversation without too much fuss over formality or pretense.
Lou He is a man eager to seek out adventure, but the proper way. Being a pragmatist, Lou approves of his approach of wanting to learn before joining the Explorers. There are no half measures when surviving out in the wild.
Lyra Marquis Gaspar's right-hand man, so must be well-trusted. Probably a good person to know if for that one reason alone.
Mabelle Why are all those Crownsworn are particularly handsome? Should be a rule against that.
Macario Considering all the battle of whit happening in the room, Aelgar held himself quite well. As well as me. We kept out of it. Racoon vs owl. Who knows?
Martino Scholar perhaps to a fault but is starting to deepen their knowledge of the Pantheon at whole. Slightly absent minded but, truly, keen to offer their and and offer to converse more on the deep topics. That is very respectable place to be.
Medeia A delightful sense of humor paired with kindness. His manner with people and animals seems impressively easy.
Mirk Godsworn and spear-fighter. Not the combination I suspected, but then, Gloria is as much a part of the Pantheon as Gild. Curous about all that the world contains, it seems, and open to new information and new experiences.
Orland The man is a Scholar, dedicated to his books even in privacy.
Pasquale A little difficult to engage in conversation but well worth it. A very intelligent and insightful man.
Piccola This brother does not really talk much. I'm not sure what he's about. That doesn't mean I won't find out.
Porter We met briefly at the Cathedral! Or what's left of it. Nice to run into another godsworn Islander, didn't get to spend a lot of time talking however before I was hauled off into something! That happens to me a lot in crowds.
Quenia I have found him to be rather perceptive about various individuals and he makes a great conversationalist.
Raimon A gentle soul, patient in his explanations and generous with his time. Much gratitude!
Ras Got a big dog. It's got manners though. Not the usual type of fella you see at the Murder, but he ain't bad. Maybe I'll see him again.
Rosalind Aelgar is so super smart! I can't wait to find him again, we have so much to talk about!
Sasha A joyful brother of the faith. I look forward to him doing the renewal vows
Sorrel A very pleasant Godsworn with a curious mind and an eagerness to learn. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Sparte Brother Aelgar seems a friendly down to earth sort. The sort of man with opinions about gardening and recipes, who will hopefully gain something from the training I provide him.
Thea Smart. A scholar. Those are the ones that you should you watch for.
Valerius An interesting man and a scholar. I would love to be able to have a longer conversation with them.
Vitalis Incredibly deft hands, though I'd rather they be binding books than wounds. Something about him reminds me of Giulio...
Zakhar Well attended and always vigilant for the seeker of knowledge. Virtuous, though not in a means some scholars and teachers can get when they know of the dangerous information which should be kept from the general public. Will need to find time to really sit down with them, if its allowed.
Zyxthylum Did the Gods drop you off on my doorstep? Too many coincidences for us not to be fated to work on a project together.