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Action Id: 1497 Crisis: Participants: Sasha, Calypso, Bianca, Cirroch(RIP), Aiden, Jayanthi and Amarantha
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 25, 2017, 1:06 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Sasha

Sasha, along with those who with to come along, is going to be spending some time at the Lodge at Petrichor. She is sleeping during the day so that she can be awake all night to try and see the Unicorns. She wants to ask them if they guard the mystical Moonflower or know where to find it. And she hopes they can guide her or give directions to it since she seeks it for her cure.

Action by Cirroch(RIP)

Cirroch will be coming along to meet the Unicorns. This is Sasha's quest and he is here as support for her. If given the chance he might chime in with a plea for their help using the skills he has honed in the battlefield and as a Marquis of Giant's Reach.

Action by Aiden

Sasha's plight of illness has always been a concern to Aiden. They are second cousins after all, with a relationship that started when they were both young. They've supported eachother over the years and it goes without saying that if Sasha asks him to help, he will. He will attend the Lodge at her side. Due to recent events with other First Children, he will be reluctant to do much more than introduce himself, unless they ask something of him. However, he will make thorough notes on where the Moonflower is, should that be revealed.

Action by Jayanthi

Jayanthi goign with Sasha on her unicorn venture. She's going to do what she can to use her medicinal knowledge to help obtain the moonflower.

Action by Amarantha

In an attempt to assist her March Lord and his future intended, Amarantha is tagging along to meet the Unicorns. If needed she's happy to negotiate, charm, and in general use her social skills to help things run smoother! Worst comes to worst she can write them a song? Right? Right?

Action by Bianca

Bianca will be assisting to the best of her abilities, her first priority being Sasha's health despite her immediate desire to you know... see a unicorn. For the most part she will be acting as a diplomatic envoy as needed, otherwise documenting events as they unfold for Sasha's future reference should it be necessary.

Action by Calypso

Calypso has been spending a fair amount of time at the Lodge of Petrichor. A light sleeper, means she spends mornings, before dawn breaks, walking the ground. If there are any unicorns around, Calypso will talk to them about moonflowers.


"Come back when you have the rest of the ingredients, and the Lodge is safe. And we will help you make the potion. I will stir it with my own horn," said the Herdmother, and this promise keeps Sasha warm as she travels back to Arx and continues her quest. She has found the Moonflower, and with the promise of the unicorns now she must finish gathering the rest of the ingredients - and hopefully find a way to help protect the Lodge. The cure may yet be possible.