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Action Id: 1822 Crisis: Participants: Marian, Darren, Edain, Preston, Morrighan, Harlan, Olivia, Tobias, Cybele(RIP), Sigurd, Valery, Mydas(RIP), Ainsley, Cirroch(RIP), Thesarin, Aiden, Violet, Tallius, Eilonwy, Reigna, Astraea, Amarantha, Echo, Alban, Seymour, Agatha and Genevieve(RIP)
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 3, 2018, 5:24 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 5000
Economic Resources: 560
Military Resources: 886
Social Resources: 500
Action Points: 285

Action by Marian

Princess Marian, Warchief to Redrain, is gathering her military leaders together and setting the following strategy to repel the abyssal fleet that is sailing on House Crovane's Stormwall:

Phase 1: Call on the Spirits (Led by Khanne) - Shamans will pray to the spirits of Wind to blow away the clouds if the 'night walkers' are present or on Wind and Storm to storm on the enemy before they reach shore if they are normal humans (note: see @action 1878 if they make it through the storm, see below)

Phase 2: Stop the Enemy's Landfall and Defend the Beaches (Led by Vercyn & Edain) - Once the enemy is in range, there are 3 prong attack done in 3 rounds to cut down the enemy as they try to get to the beaches? Round 1) Siege Weapons used to fire on ships to try to sink the men before they get to shore (note: burn the weapons if have to give up ground); Round 2) Fire reigns down on the men that try to come ashore on longboats (note: when cavalry engage, archers retreat back to the castle) 3) Cavalry swoop in and cut down the men that make it to the beach

Phrase 3: Defend the Castle (Led by Marian, Mydas & Ainsley) - once the enemy goes through the gauntlet set up on the beaches... Round 1) As men approach the castle, arrows reign down to kill Round 2) If they manage to storm the castle, pike armies try to get them as they scale walls or break down gates; Round 3) Infantry engages if they get through (note: there will be a way out so we can slip into the passes if the castle gets taken; we would like to rig explosives to make Stormwall one big trap if we have to give it up); The Healers (Led by Eilonwy & Reigna) will be based out of the Castle and assist the wounded from those armies that fall back from the Beaches (note: they will be the first to evacuate if the castle is taken)

Phase 4: Retreat through the Passes (Led Sigurd & Armel) - If we can't kill them at Stormwall, then we will led them into the passes and take them there... Round 1) the Infantry triggers the traps; Round 2) Archers reign down arrows on those that survive the traps

Fairhaven Defense: Darren is taking a unit of Infantry and Calvary to Fairhaven that is going to be outside of the main defense of Stormwall.

Action by Darren

As Darren figures out how many Redrain soldiers will answer his call of banners, he begins organizing soldiers in to the most efficient army he possibly can. He'll use his knowledge to set up units and align them in Marian's army to give her a good balance of size and clarity of communication. While he won't be going to Stormwall himself (he has no heir yet) he wants to set up the army to have the greatest chance of success and will dedicate his own knowledge and the resources of Redrain to do it.

Action by Sigurd

Sigurd(Siguard?) Nightgold will be leading the forces holding the passes in case of eventual retreat.

Action by Eilonwy

Eilonwy is supporting the militia by working with other healers. She's using her experience as a triage healer in several battles to help lead and ensure soldiers are patched up and sent back out to fight in fighting form or sent to infirmaries for more intensive care.

Action by Reigna

Reigna will be coordinating with the other healers to set up and maintain triage stations within the castle, making use of several units of the now-trained civilian healers that she's called. Relying on the training they've been through in setting up and breaking down triage hospitals, she'll be organizing and coordinating with the other healers, particularly Cybele, Valery and Eilonwy to maintain protocols and ensure the best possible care is given, while being prepared for potential evacuation. Evacuation plans will be laid in case the worst happens, and Reigna plans to ensure there are drills run so that people are as ready as they can be, they know what they need to do if and when the time comes. With those preparations made, she is also going to be using her skills as a healer to aid the wounded.

Action by Mydas(RIP)

Marquis Mydas Acheron will command his troops from the castle, with the intention to preserve as many of his soldiers' life as possible, while inflicting as much slaughter upon the invaders as possible. As such, he applies his tactical mind to the task, making plans within plans to make the pirates pay for every inch. Though they may be forced to retreat if the worst might come to pass, Mydas' soldiers will fight their very best, strike hard and ruthlessly, and offer no mercy to the enemies of the Compact, the Gods and the Spirits. All beneath the red.

Action by Ainsley

Ainsley will be bringing with him the Grayson ground troops. These men and women will be set to fortify the castle. He will also be bringing with him a Siege Weapon, which will be set up to help rebel any forces that attempt to siege the castle. He and his men will be set to protect and rebel. Anyone who gets through they'll fight. If it looks like the castle is going to fall, they will start getting the non-combatants and the like out, through escape routes to Sigurd and Armel's troops.

Action by Preston

Preston is leading the Templars en masse up North, leaving only a small force of Crownland Templars to guard the capital (Army: Templars on Parade #156) in case the Dominus needs them, or a army of cultists rises up and needs a right good stabbing. The rest, including the newly purchased trebuchet Aion, will be heading to crovane along with a heavy mounted knight contingent of the knights of solace. This is detailed in action #1774 as well as action #1874 in greater detail. The Templars will be offering an alternative to Phase 1, namely prayers to the pantheon and seeking Gloria's assistance to defend the innocent against the wicked, and to hold the honour she has taught us dear. The Templars are bringing gear for more temporary trebuchets as well as their more permanent one, so will be helping in that part of Phase 2, as well as engaging the enemy in what is hoped is a decisive battle. Templars have a deviation then after phase 2. As detailed in action 1774, the Templars will retreat south and should the enemy attack/siege stormwall and the defenders sally out, they will charge into the rear, otherwise as Phase 3 and 4 occur, the Templars will withdraw south to prevent the enemy marching down into the Compact.

Action by Thesarin

Thesarin will be leading the Riven forces in the defense of Stormwall, under the direction of Marian and Ainsley. He'll be paying special attention toward the forests around Stormwall, to bleed the Gyre's forces on the approach (@action 1844), with the plan of falling back to the castle as the army approaches. He'll help coordinate plans, lead troops, and fight in combat himself if need be.

Action by Edain

Edain will lead his force of 2000 mounted knights into battle on the beaches of Stormwall, per Marian's battle strategy, but he will be relying on Lord Alban to assist him his strategiest and look to him to help him set his formations.

Edain will be following Marian's strategy and coordinating with Duke Vercyn and Archlector Cassandra to arrange Cavalry strikes on the Pirate Kings Forces as the touch down on the beaches. When it comes time to fall back to the city he will direct his forces to cover the shaman, archers and seige engineers falling back to the city. When it comes time to fall back completely they will fall back and regroup, all the way to where Armel and the Knights of Solace hold the pass. Once regrouped and ready they will try and attack the Priate King's flanks once they are enaged with the walls of Stormwall. They will help Armel defend the pass if it is comprimised after falling back.

See action for #1821 for more details of those assisting Edain.

Action by Echo

Acting as infantry in the frontlines of the defense, Echo will hold her ground in Crovane lands with her blade in hand, doing whatever she can to protect the enemy from breaching the first line of defense. Should Stormwall's defenses fail and Echo be forced to fall back, she'll be helping out set off traps.

Action by Astraea

Knight-Princess Astraea swore a vow that she would see Darren and Donella safely to Farhaven and she intends to do so. She makes her pilgrimages to each of the shrines around the city, leaving her offerings and prayers to each of the Gods. After she believes herself armed with their blessings she will see to her duty. When that task is complete, Astraea takes her sword and shield with the fastest horse before making haste to the frontlines. She will fight to stop the enemy's advance and defend Crovane lands with all the ferocity and might she can muster.

Action by Seymour

Seymour will be overseeing supply lines and resupply from the safety of somewhere other than Stormwall. Specifics are in action 1782.

Action by Amarantha

Ordered to keep an eye on Giant's Reach's forces and lacking any real commanding talent, Amarantha spends her time volunteering and gathering funds. She sees that the supplies from Sanna go to the correct places and invests her own writs into supporting Redrain's armies.

Action by Agatha

Agatha will be involved in phase 3 of the plan, the castle defense, where she will lead the pikemen in their attemps to smash and cut down the vanguard of the enemy onslaught attempting to get to the castle at the doors and over the walls. After prayers to the Pantheon and communion with the spirits, armed with a mighty roar and indomitable spirit (and gear), she'll be doing her best to keep the men and women of the pikeline steady so they can help delay the enemy as long as possible before a retreat is necessary.

Action by Tallius

Tallius will ship out with the other Redrain, lending his bow and his skill as a carpenter in whatever measures they can be of use. He'll help with any building of last minute defenses, and then be present as a fighter in the battle to come.

Action by Valery

Valery's smoke bombs are useful again! She will prepare a batch of both her kinds of smoke bombs, the normal ones that just make normal smoke (around 15) and a few red ones, those that itch a lot in the eyes (another 3) and she'll give them to Marian to distribute as she thinks it's best.
She'll also make sure that those from House Redrain going into battle have some ointments and bandages other medicaments they may need to treat the wounds derived from the battle, so they can take some precarious care of them until a healer can reach them.

Action by Cybele(RIP)

Cybele is being asked to aid along the healers, so that is what they do - working with Lady Reigna and Eilonwy, guiding the Mercies as best they are able. Primarily working as a surgeon, trying to find the places they can be most effective.

Action by Alban

Alban is investing as much military support he can get into shoring up the defenses of Stormwall. The banners have been raised, but he is making last minute personal pleas to try and get more knights, soldiers, archers, and everything else to go to Stormwall to try and stop the Gyre in their tracks!

Action by Tobias

The Crimson Blades have been hired to do the high risk operations for this theatre under the direct command of Marian, and Tobias intends to do their job well. Blue and Tin Company (100 heavy infantry each) will be fitted for winter gear and light skirmishing, and heavy infantry bodyguarding as necessary. Ruby and Emerald Company (100+ archers/scouts) will be combined for this battle under Colonel Violet. Violet will be in charge of finding Crimson Blade targets, while Tobias will be in overall command of Crimson Blades in this battle, making sure they actually /can/ hit the targets she suggests, and working with the rest of the army commanders to make our job smoother; including discussing all he and his men learned from the Battle of Maelstrom so they don't repeat the same mistakes made there. They've been contracted to be high mobility skirmishers and bodyguards for this one... and Tobias intends to see them through. Tobias will be typically wielding Requiem, his alaricite blade. If they face obvious undead though, Tobias is going to try an rubicund blade, and see if that makes them easier to destroy... or anything with resistance to Requiem, for that matter.

Action by Aiden

Aiden's part in this act is the Commander of the Grayson Archers (adding military res 50). He's received his orders in the strategy meeting. He will work alongside Mydas to ensure unified command amongst the archers within the castle and upon the walls. Runners are assigned to ensure that messages get to Mydas in case the strategy has to change and the tide of the battle turns differently than what they've planned for. The Grayson Archer forces will be spread out along the walls, covering key points and using murder holes in the lower levels to be more effective when it comes to sharp shooting. The Silver Wings specifically have been told to aim for the heads of their enemies. Longbowmen will be arranged in the courtyard and will upon command of in coming enemies (with range called out and wind accounted for), offer volleys over the wall and into the battle field. There will be a percentage of archers who will always be resting to ensure lower levels of fatigue. He'll make sure that the sub-commanders and captains below him are aware of the strategy. 1) If fog conceals the beach, they'll wait for the order to loose their arrows, are to be taken so to not risk friendly forces. 2) Should the enemy start taking the castle, they will follow the escape routes and prepare to give ground in an organized rout, coming together again at the passages once they escape through the tunnels. 3) No fire arrows.

Aiden does make a speech to his men, lofting up a Cobalt Bow, quick and efficient: "Today we stand against those who would devour our homes and make us slaves to their might. Let them know we will not fear them and that we will fight them. Remain strong, stand firm. There are None Greater. Archers - Make every shot count as it could be the one that matters! Prepare your bows!"

Action by Cirroch(RIP)

Cirroch will be leading his troops in battle to try and defeat the enemy host. In addition to his own leadership he is adding to the defenses of Stormwall to aid in it’s defense; wooden planks on the beach for archers to hide behind, trenches between the beach and the walls to slow down the enemy host (hopefully with enough spikes in them to make it hurt), and plenty of heavy objects to drop from the walls on anyone trying to scale it.

Action by Violet

Violet has been made the Colonel of the combined Ruby/Emerald Company. Violet's job is finding high profile targets for the companies to attack. This is where her preperation of learning the city a few days before the battle will be important, as well as map studying up until that point. They will be using hit and run tactics, bolstering Tin and Cobalt companies as they move through the city. Violet will also be able to keep an eye on the flow of the fight and intends to arrange a way to send vital info to the leadership in the Castle while they are out in the city.

Action by Harlan

Off to war! Duke Harlan Ashford will be leading the Ashford ground troops with the Compact forces on the way to Stormwall. Once there, he'll turn over command of the ground troops to Ainsley, while he and and his archers will be positioned to assist in raining down arrows upon the invading forces, as well as assisting with the retreat as necessary.

Action by Morrighan

Along with many from the Redrain fealty, Morrighan travels to Stormwall with the family, assigned to Marian. The Redrain Knight will be glued to the Princess's side, acting as guard and protector to the Warchief - where Marian goes, Morrighan follows. She'll join the battle to defend the castle, fighting the fleet once they come on land and make their approach to their location - and she's armed to the teeth. In addition to being clad from head to toe in her exotic leathers, she's bringing with her her rubicund blade, an alaricite weapon, and a Cobalt cutlass.

Action by Olivia

Olivia is accompanying the Grayson forces under Prince Ainsley as a healer. Presumably she'll be stationed at the castle with the other healers! It's her second battle doing triage etc so everything should be fine, right? She'll bring her assortment of medicines, rare and unusual ingredients and strange flowers just in case.

Action by Genevieve(RIP)

Genevieve will be in Emerald/Ruby Company of the Crimson Blades. She will be part of the skirmishing, lending her bow and blade to the mission of the Crimson Blades.


Roll Result: 716

At Stormwall, the Compact's soldiers have worked hard to fortify the city. They evacuated as many as possible, they came up with a coherent first plan that didn't last beyond the first engagement with the enemy (as plans never do), and they responded to the insane strategies of what must clearly be a madman directing the troops. And miraculously, it worked - or it seemed to at first. Gradually though, Compact forces were overwhelmed as wave upon wave showed up to press into the city.

And then, seeing what they faced and the numbers that came at them, they put into motion a brave (and possibly insane) plan of their own - they strategically trapped the enemy in the city, and they burned it down around their ears. It was one of those plans that you only put in motion when all other hope is lost. One that has no reason to work. One that only the truly desperate would use - and those who understand that the value of a place is not in its buildings but in its people.

And it succeeded. The enemy died where they stood. Those who fought that day watched the ships retreat and wondered if they would come back - but they knew that the day was theirs. Those who saw the end of the Battle at Stormwall were left to lick their wounds, patch up who they could, and bury the rest. And there were so many to bury.

And yet the Pirate King did not get a toehold in Stormwall. And Redrain lands remain free. A victory, if at a staggering cost.