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Legate Hamish Farmer

They who fear not the flame may burn. They who fear not the sword may bleed. They who fear not death may do anything at all.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Commonfolk Priest
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Godsworn
Age: 48
Birthday: 6/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark blue
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Legate of the Lost, Shepherd of the Faith, Left Hand of Death

Obituary: Found dead in his bed on 8/16/1014 AR. Apparently of natural causes.

Description: Hamish is a big man, though not the big of a knight or a champion. Rather, he's the big of someone gifted with height and bredth who then put it to use in the field. Tall, with broad shoulders and the rough musculature of a laborer. Lank brown hair is kept long, generally tied back with a loose knot to keep it out of his face. Crow's feet at the corners of his eyes betray his age, though if anything the dark blue eyes themselves make him look significantly older. The backs of his hands and arms have the usual nicks and scars of someone who spent a lifetime rarely at rest.

Personality: Hamish is a man prone to biding his time, listening silently, then making his point using as many damn words as he feels like. He's not one for idle chatter, but he's also not one to sit by and keep his thoughts to himself. He is also not shy about letting people know when he's done with a conversation or when he's disinterested in a topic or opinion. He can occasionally be abrupt and sometimes demonstrates a point of view that makes it a little difficult to tell where he's coming from. One might call him eccentric, except he's generally comes across as too grounded for such a description.

Background: Until just a few years ago Hamish Farmer was, as his name might indicate, a farmer. There was nothing interesting about his origins. Hailing from a village in the Telmarch protected region of the Oathlands, a hamlet on a river whose founders creatively named it Rivlet, Hamish had an uninteresting childhood on his father's farm, taking over the farm when his father died, supporting himself and his mother until she died, then supporting himself and his wife and daughter until the first died in a shav raid and the second ran off to be anywhere but Rivlet.. He was neither especially kind, nor especially disliked. He helped out the village in the winter, but benefited from others in turn. As devoted to the gods as any Oathlander farmer must be, making his prayers to Petrichor and acknowledging the rest. All in all a very boring, very ordinary peasant.

Then he was crushed while changing a wagon wheel.

Rivlet didn't have any Mercies or Physicians, so they made do with good old fashioned farm wisdom. Though the accident looked horrifying, Hamish was less injured than expected. Within a few days he was good as new, except for one thing. He'd found religion, becoming a devotee of the Queen of Endings in one scant moment. Abandoning his farm and the village, Hamish Farmer went to Sanctum to swear himself to the gods before the Seraph there as a disciple of Death. For three years he preached the good word of the Queen from settlement to settlemen across the Oathlands and into the North. On a return to Sanctum he was told that he was wanted in Arx. So to Arx he went.

Relationship Summary

  • Ailith - Very tall.
  • Aureth - Good hair.
  • Symonesse - Golden eyes.
  • Korka - Kinda scary.
  • Evaristo - Very energetic.
  • Raymesin - Stabby stabby.
  • Tanith - Normal Cookies.
  • Nina - Queen's Lute.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sorrel - Too patient.
  • Shard - Less patient.

  • Enemy:
  • Tyrval - The Worst.
  • Horses - Always scheming.

  • Frenemy:
  • Kevin - Jerk spider.
  • Ras - No idea.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I had the pleasure of listening to the Archlector answer questions on the Queen of Endings. He is an eccentric, truly, and in that eccentricity? Wise.
    Aindre I suppose it is a good sign that a first meeting with an Archlector of the Faith should find him leaving you with wisdom you did not expect to encounter. He's a bit grumpy, but nearly humorously so. Still, he leaves me with something to think about and that is invaluable.
    Ainsley Is he truly that enamored of hard bread?
    Alaric The advice is noted - do not make a Kingdom out of Chairs. Also...a good sense of humor.
    Alaric Archlector Hamish and I have frequented many of the same public events and social settings. Each time I have been humbled before his wisdom and intellect; his warmth and understanding; quiet magnetism and verve for life that invites one to know him and explore his mind on a number of matters. I am hopeful that there'll be a time where I can speak with him without interruption. Something tells me that I would be the better for it.
    Alarissa The Archlector of Death, a man who speaks often in a foreign tongue. He is... interesting.
    Alessandro One need only meet the newly named Archlector briefly to see why he was selected for the position. The new face of the Queen is both appropriately dignified and yet also accessible to those who seek Her. A fitting choice.
    Alessia It's a tough position he holds, but he seems capable of handling all the stress that comes with it.
    Anisha The Archlector of the Queen is a man of solid convictions and a sharp tongue, both of which are traits I can appreciate in a religious leader. And hope that the latter is not ever a tool he deems necessary to use on me.
    Apollo I don't find the Harlequins any less mysterious for meeting him, though he does sort of seem to fit. He's serious though, and curious, and serious again - nothing perfunctory, and I'm sure he's got a purpose for what he does.
    Ashur The Farmer of Death is a very easygoing man for his title, and I liked him a great deal upon our first meeting in the gardens.
    Bellamy Oh, was that the archlector of the queen of endings? He seemed quite nice!
    Bianca A man of strong opinions who does not hesitate to speak his mind. I envy him in that. Though I do sometimes feel for poor Sir Daniel.
    Blacktongue Very good listener. Helpful at sorting things out.
    Braelynn A practical man with a good approach to common sense. He's teaching me to conceal alcohol in juice.
    Brigida Smart enough not to get in my way.
    Cadenza He made Count Philippe smile. I never thought it possible. Tis not a mere man, but some sort of divine creature!
    Constance An Archlector who heckles during sermons. Wonders never cease.
    Corrigan Main topics of conversation seem to be how he's bedding Korka, the infirmity of age, how he's bedding Korka, and spiders. He also really wants those present to know that he's bedding Korka.
    Cristoph This man is loud and aggressively religious. I'm okay with this.
    Dianna Quite the memory, and hands no one could possibly forget. I must know him better.
    Drake Gods blessing to a man who can show such enthusiasm for the church's finance work, and the day-to-day of his job. A hard-working soul.
    Elizabetha Had I grown up around him, bedtime story hour would have induced far more nightmares than sweet dreams!
    Esme Oh! This is wonderful! He asked me in a mask to worship Limerance. That was the best thing ever. Truly. Ever. So I am interested in hearing his views on religion and faith. We shall be the best of friends.
    Evaristo Facing Death will not rattle this one. Pardon the pun!
    Faye The Archlector of Death. Seems both serious and devout, and I would call him trustworthy, with one exception. I would not leave any animals in his care, except ones I expected in short order to become dinner. Unsuited to own pets, I think.
    Fiora He looked at me and I don't plan on forgiving him anytime soon.
    Fredrik Nothing more useful than someone who can spin a tale. He does tell them well, humor is vital to life in this city.
    Gabriella He invoked a levity in Count Philippe, and fury in Inquisitor Korka, all practically within the same breadth. The skill of a man chosen to speak for the one who spins the wheel is not to be trifled with, it seems. I am duly impressed.
    Gaspard The Archlector of Death, for someone that deals with grievous matters in a daily basis, he often sounds quite hopeful and is able to provide some good advice. People would do well to listen to leaders like him.
    Graziella He is not what I expected of an Archlector, particularly that of Death, but his aura seems... soothing, despite.
    Hiram I am told this man is the Archlector of Death. That is a fine and fancy title. I do appreciate his humorous ways and surprising advice on all the best card tables in the city so I will not entirely hold against him his love for ledgers or penchant for getting into precarious positions with beasts of burden.
    Ian A little bit Strange, but I guess that's to be expected.
    Ilira Oh, come, the beer is not too warm.
    Ilvin A more amiable man bedecked in skulls and spiders I have never met. I must drop by the Queen's shrine and see him in his element sometime.
    Josephine The blessed and beloved of the Queen and Mother. There is comfort in his words and his presence even in the darkest hours of ones lifes.
    Jules You love the archlector because he's so kind. He's serious but that doesn't mean anything. You're glad to know him and would be happy to do what you could for him.
    Juliette That skull ring is everything.
    Jyri The Archlector of Death seems strong of mind and body both. Witty, too. I got a good feeling.
    Kastelon A very respectable man who is well prepared for many occasions. I was pleased to be on his side during the mighty snow battle on Valardin grounds.
    Katarzyna I'm not sure if the Archlector has a massive sweet tooth or if he's just trying to feed a bunch of spiders with pudding. He /says/ it's for a Downton Folly. I suppose I will believe it when I see it. Until then, I'll try not to let my curiosity get the better of me.
    Katryn A gentle and softspoken soul who, nevertheless, commands respect befitting his station. How fitting that the Archlector favors repose! I shall endeavor to comport myself with honor before you henceforth.
    Korka Gods, he's old. Doesn't like nicknames either. I thought all Harlequins enjoyed bad jokes.
    Laurel The Archlector feels settled. Safe. Right where he should be. The willingness to servce and aid those in times of difficulty can not be an easy job yet it seems that he is exactly the steady force that is needed in such a position.
    Lenne I've never really met a Godsworn of Endings. He isn't what I expected one would be like. He helped my city in its time of greatest need, at what is sure to be great personal risk. I don't need to know more of the man than that. My respect is due.
    Liara Surprisingly insightful on matters of love (in a hypothetical sense). He didn't mention spiders once, which was even better.
    Lou I may have surprised him with a mission to Whitepeak, but all those people who died there at the hands of Lorwroth Kinsbane deserve to have the Queen of Endings touch and help. I hope he does right by them.
    Lucita Archlector for the Queen of Endings. A capable man with empathy and down to earth common sense... wisdom. I much enjoyed conversations with him.
    Lys Blessed Hamish is ... I don't really have the words to describe him. He's like looking a cool expanse of shade on a hot summer day. I find his presence comforting.
    Mabelle Goodness he tells good stories!
    Macda He's got a sense of humor. I was not expecting that. But perhaps I should have, given who the good Archlector represents. He's well-informed, too. Too well-informed.
    Macda Legate Hamish, man of the land, the people and speaker to spiders.
    Magpie Magpie is never going to give an Archlector of Death as much respect as Aureth got. (If he even got any from Magpie) That said, Hamish is not a bad fit. He talked to people like they're people. That means something to the Grayhope. It means a lot.
    Miraj Very large. He can be very loud. Has a wonderful sense of humor and timing. I can see why Death favors him. He would make a terrible Inquisitor. Luckily he's an Archlector.
    Miranda This Archlector has given me much to think about - the least of which is that I should maybe do the work of a disciple and see if it suits me. It's something I've considered before, but not tried. Indeed, he's given me much to think upon.
    Mirari I get the stern, unimpressived vibes of a tutor who is fed up with his pupils lack of attention to the lessons. But I could be off base, I suppose I was distracted.
    Mirk Three times I've encountered him, in a different setting each time, and never the setting I've expected. The Archlector of Death is a man who is down to earth, and willing to see and experience the city.
    Monique Trying to steal all the sculptors for Faith-based workings. How dare he! Doesn't he understand the importance of indulging my extreme vanity!
    Nijah In an attempt to kindly introduce himself in my language, he'd somehow mixed up the words for "my name is" and "toast" and seemed to be declaring a deep appreciating for toast. The effort is appreciated and it was a bright spot to my evening.
    Oddmun Never did get why the Faithful feel the need to wear their Faith so literally. Does he -want- folk to be scared of him, or are the leering skulls worn ironically?
    Olivian Archlector of Death, Blessed Hamish Farmer. He's excellent taste in loud, over-the-top jewelry. What's NOT to like?
    Orelia Definitely one of the wiser people I've met since returning to Arx.
    Oswyn Man, Archlector, enemy to donkeys. Quite funny and unintimidating. Now with fewer ticks.
    Petal The new Archlector of Death who is named for farming and from a simple town. He probably gets everyday people, having come from everyday roots and I like that in a leader. Taylor is a good name too.
    Piccola My first encounter with the Archlector was in the ring at the Golden Hart's Arena. We beat each other to a friendly pulp. If devotion were measured in violence, there's no questioning his faith.
    Poppy The Archlector of death and grower of a terrific thorax
    Porter Legate Hamish, a man possessing of a very dry sense of humor that I often enjoy. Also he likes buildings to have roofs, which I suppose that I agree with most of the time! And he happens to be a fine priest and likely to be an excellent Legate for Dominus Aureth as well.
    Qadira Though I find his revelations hard to accept, a good man is a good man. Didn't think I'd respect this one so much.
    Quenia I have finally gotten to meet the new Archlector of the Queen of Endings, and I find I very much like the man. He's practical and to the point.
    Raja The Archelector of Death. What a powerful title. It's one of the more scary sounding names. However, this man is actually funny.
    Ras Guess Josephine Arcuri was right about the Queen havin a sense of humor. Must be why this guy's her archlector. Maybe I should call him a jokewad instead of a jerkwad. Or I probably shouldn't call him nothin...
    Reigna The Archlector of the Queen. For the little I have had the chance to speak with him, I like him very much. He is not at all like Aureth, but he is no less a perfect representative, quietly calm, serene in a way that those in tune with her should be. I certainly do hope to work with him and know him better.
    Revell He is most certainly entitled to his opinions!
    Richard One must hope not to end on the wrong side of his tongue, for certain. I have made strikes with my mace that have proven softer than his rebukes when roused.
    Rinel Someone should have warned him about me. But he has responded to my fury and sorrow with gentleness. I cannot stay enraged at a man who possesses such serenity and kindness.
    Rodica If religion had more people like Hamish, I am pretty sure we would all be better off.
    Roran A fine farmer, and afine Archlector to the Queen of Endings, Mother of Beginnings.
    Rorik The Archlector of Death. I find him absolutely hilarious. We're going to get along just fine!
    Rosalie The Archlector pulls no punches and is all the better a conversationalist for it. I look forward to learning more from him in the future, I am certain he has much wisdom to share.
    Rowenova Archlector of Death who takes the time to preach the Faith to those in the Lowers. An amiable fellow who seems accepting of Northern folk.
    Sabella He's the new archlector of Death and very well spoken even if we was arguing against what I was saying! He seems quite nice.
    Scarlett A man with whom to discuss bloody c- I mean - er- cuisine, and animal preparation.
    Scipio The Archlector seems to be a good man. He offered me advice, as best he could in any case, in my time of need. He sought to provide understanding rather than to turn me away with a short response and waved hand. It is good to know that there are those willing to sit down and have an honest conversation. To help those in need. Hopefully one day I might repay the service.
    Shard New Archlector of Death. Does he qualify as 'new' anymore? I don't know, he seems fine. Not an idiot. Doesn't lose his shit even when other people are losing theirs.
    Sophie Interesting man. I hope to speak to him more fully one day. I would like to deepen my relationship with the Queen of Endings, and perhaps he can help me do that.
    Sorrel The Archlector is clever and kind, with a warm charisma that brings the faithful closer to the Queen of Endings and Beginnings.
    Sunaia Busy, apparently; but maybe it's just this evening. Interesting to note, as I didn't notice he was asked for regarding births or deaths - except by me.
    Sunaia I'm fairly surprised to meet Death's Archlector in a gaming house, but that may be on account of never seeing him outside of the Shrine before I last left. He looks the same, just more friendly.
    Sydney Not often I see an Archlector at the Murder. Seemed down-to-earth, and fit in astonishingly well.
    Sylvi The Archlector of the Queen of Endings certainly has an enlightened view of things in the world around him, and as far as I have seen speaks not only his truth, but his wisdom. I appreciate his insight on my journey to hopefully swear myself to the gods in time.
    Tanith The Blessed of the Queen. Oversaw my vows with Raymesin, when we finally tied the knot. Strange, -delightful- sense of humor, I rather like him the more I speak to him.
    Valerius An amazing man, I shall want to pick their mind at another time on the faith. Many great stories were shared.
    Verity When I think of Archlector Hamish, I think of how wise and eager he is to help! I tasted his wisdom when he explained the background of my patron, Mother Bianca, to me. Slightly incorrectly, as it turned out, but it's the thought that counts. I also appreciate his moxie, incidentally.
    Vittorio Spins a tale like I spin coins. And about turnips. I did not think I would ever be amused by turnips.
    Zebulon Though we interacted only a moment the man seemed strong of mind. A friendly and sensible sort, I would not mind conversing with him again.
    Zoey Clearly holds some strong beliefs, but seems to run dry when it comes to how to move society forward.