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Lady Brigid Moore

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Tempered Dragoon
Fealty: Crown
Family: Moore
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 29
Birthday: 12/15
Religion: Pantheon-Limerance
Vocation: Equestrian
Height: average height
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: stormy blue
Skintone: ivory

Titles: Dragoon of Acorn Hill, Knight of Solace, Voice of House Moore

Description: It was hard to miss the tall, lean figure of Lady Moore as she was a striking vision in knee high boots and clothing littered in horse or hound hair. Statuesque, the comely curvature of form was hard worked and the muscle evident throughout was a testament to lack of idleness. Skin that perhaps should have been touched by the sun given her times out of doors was a luminous ivory, hands were met with various callouses as long graceful fingers often held knicks or scars. The color atop head was a river rock sable, where light striking through highlighted soft copper tones. Being a woman of few words, most could perhaps recall the tempestuous blue of eyes holding a serenity in the swirling stormy mixture, thickly lashed to conceal many a thing that had not the right to settle on her tongue. A handsome face, liquid lines of good breeding and with a lush mouth given to the rare winsome smile complete the physical aesthetics of the Horsewoman.

Personality: A quiet presence, there was something to be said about the silence she often holds when in conversation or working stringently with the hooved beasts she trained, as all she had to say was in the set of her eyes, the quirk of her mouth, or the power of her stance. Given to words that held a lesson or meaning, it was rare for her to blunder into a situation without giving it some forethought and the same is to be said about outward emotion. While not visibly cold, some might describe her as lukewarm until they get to know the true woman beneath the layers of polite reticence.

Background: Raised at Acorn Hill, Brigid grew up steady and strong like the many mighty trees that surrounded her home. The forest pathways became so familiar she could traverse them blind, chuckling rivers guided her ears, and she learned to appreciate the land in which she resided.

The land that her family cultivated was perfect for grazing and housed a large stable where visiting households were known to stall their mounts given the skilled reputation for quality care. With a father who was versed in the various use of weaponry and a mother who was born to the saddle, it left an impression on their only child.

Molding both their teachings, Brigid grew into an accomplished equestrian and swordswoman training herself up to both protect the ruling house and assist the nearby military outpost where her cousin, Rane Keaton commanded a stalwart militia. It was what granted her the title of House Sword for her ruling Moore cousin of Acorn Hill and it was one she had planned on devoting her life to - that was until tragedy had struck her home. While having been granted leave to deliver mounts to the nearby Keaton outpost, a rider delivered the news that everything and one she had sworn to protect had been decimated by an outside force with not a soul left alive.

With direction having gone askew, Brigid remains to help see her home set to rights and to redeem herself in the eyes of the family she had failed.

Name Summary
Amari If my name had been even remotely similar to 'Eugene', I think I would have jumped to attention. She's a very impressive and commanding woman. Confidence alone doesn't inspire that sort of loyalty and obedience from others however, so she must also be of peerless talent and unyielding will as well.
Amund Dutiful and able. I hope to be deserving of her trust.
Andromeda Lady Brigid Inverno, formerly of Moore. Dragoon of Acorn Hill, Knight of Solace. She is an Oathlander in Pravus, much like Princess Adrienne. Time will tell if she'll adapt as well - but she is a woman with a temper to match my own. I imagine she'd make for a good comrade on a line of battle.
Brigida A good name.
Clara An interestin' woman with an interestin' problem. Perhaps we will be able ta help one another here.
Cristoph Lady Brigid Moore is a true warrior of the Oathlands, a guard against the darkness. I look forward to working with her more and seeing what else is going to come in the future.
Dante The Baroness is an impressive figure - a tall and strong woman with the required resolve to take back her blighted land. Her bravery and stoic demeanor makes it an honor to aid her in this tough endeavor I myself know so well. Let this forge a powerful friendship.
Drake A stern, strong woman, not one to joke around, but at least she didn't seem mortally offended that I tried.
Drusila I can almost taste the weight of tradition from this dragoon. How delightfully different from life in Setarco. Perhaps in time I'll explore her idea of what it means to be good.
Dycard A staunch ally, who carries herself with the strength, charm and guile one would expect of a Baroness. My uncle is lucky to have such an anchor.
Eugene Truth be told, I missed her for that year. I can only imagine the earful I'll be treated to. But it'll be pleasant. Familiar.
Evaristo You can tell she is a knight, and I am looking forward to making her this jewelry to that dress - she will no doubt look stunning, just as she does in armor.
Gaspar She will be a project. There is clearly no lack of beauty or charm, but the darling woman has no sense in how to use it. She will be honed into a fine edge, whether by me or if she someone manages to piece it all together herself, and then there will be no stopping her.
Haakon I swear, I killed someone exactly like her.
Icelyn As military a woman as I am, and with the grace to wave away what others would have considered a slight. I appreciate that mixture.
Ilira I am, in every instance, addled by the dream in blue eyes.
Kastelon An elegant warrior.
Korka The Drag of Acorn Hill. Seems fitting. You say it's Dragoon? I guess that makes sense too.
Kritr An open-minded Oathlander. I do not think it was tradition that led her to respecting the departed's beliefs, I will follow her example when it comes to respecting the Compact's gods.
Lena Talks... not much. Commanding. Good to study for authority.
Lora Poise under intense pressure, but the crucible of thorns breaks all lesser creatures. I only pray that I might be of assistance in what lies ahead.
Mabelle The Baroness Moore. Beautiful as she is strong. Playful yet proud as oathlanders go. I should get to know her better.
Martino Stoic feels too unfair a word to use on her, but some may see the path to see glory and the Oathlander ways as that. Not I. She is quite the delight with a wry and funny side. Not giving in and, well, for that I applaud. Well made.
Mattheu A lovely rendition and performance as The great Huntsman of the West.
Medeia My cousin's betrothed has all the markings of a stern Oathlands woman about her, but she keeps company with some of my favorite company - there must be some bold spirit lurking under the surface. I will simply have to find it.
Miranda I don't know how I feel about this woman yet... I think I may love her. She keeps up with Prince Gaspar's antics so well! Truly, she has wit and cleverness. I do think I like her!
Mirk The Dragoon of Acorn Hill, I'm told. Remarkably open minded, for an Oathlander, and respectful even of traditions that are not hers.
Narcissa The martial training is undeniable in how she carries herself, every gesture measured, but in repose each expression and curl of lips is just as well executed and effective in its cut.
Norwood A woman with the interests of her heart firmly in her sights. Also, not getting me a kitten.
Orland She knew precisely why I downed a drink the moment she turned around and looked. Might be potential for later less formal informals to share a drink properly.
Reese Baroness Brigid has suffered a terrible loss and it is admirable how she strives to better her house and holdings in the face of adversity.
Reigna The last remaining Moore. She is... quiet, demure. I am told she was the Sword of Moore, but she seems more than reserved, and more than willing to hand her claim to a lady of Fidante. Curious.
Richard The Baroness is as well-honed as the blade she carries. I am always heartened to know people like her stand ready to defend the people of Arvum against whatever may rise against it.
Rowynna A friend of my cousin Romulius and also a friend of my House. I hope to know her better before war whisks her away.
Sebastian The new Baroness Moore as a quick wit and a quick tongue -- qualities most admirable by any Lycene of astute nature. A delightful soul I hope to run into again.
Theophania She swept in, completely masked, and instantly stole our attention. When it was her turn to speak and tell the story of her costume I could not help but be enthralled. I can only hope to learn more about her.
Valdemar As lovely as she is knowledgeable about animals. I hope to learn more about her in the future.
Vitalis A good mix of caution and care. The kind of mix I like to have on uneasy ventures.
Zakhar elegant and hiding something