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Dame Gwendolen Blackram

One day, I'll stand above the rest.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Towering Knight
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Blackram
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 09/09
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Halberdier
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Fair

Description: Gwendolen's most remarkable feature is her height, the greatest indicator of her Blackram heritage. She carries herself with a dignified bearing that befits her knightly station. Her blank expression and dull, green eyes communicate little about her emotions. Long, black hair frames her face and falls to her shoulders in stringy locks. It's immediately apparent that she has fully dedicated herself to soldiery, years of physical training giving her a sturdy build.

Personality: Though she is very well able to act the part of a gallant knight, Gwendolen's utter lack of social graces becomes immediately apparent whenever she opens her mouth. She feels far more at ease in a suit of armor than a set of elegant robes, and prefers the crass banter of soldiers to the genteel discussions of noblemen. Her time as a guard has taught her to blend into the scenery around her, and she can most often be found with her back to a wall at any given function. This doesn't mean that she doesn't enjoy the company of others, however. Those who can look past her awkward mannerisms will surely find her amicable company.

Background: Some time before her birth, Gwendolen's parents struck out from their ancestral home at the Cloudspine and set out to make their names on the frontier. When her mother's pregnancy became apparent, they still persisted with their nomadic lifestyle. Gwendolen was born amid their quest for fame and fortune. Long periods of time spent in the wilderness and among the village-folk did little for the girl's noble graces, but they did imbue her with practical knowledge. From a young age, she learned to ride a horse, hunt animals, and survive without the amenities of a city.

Some time later, when Gwendolen was a teenager, her family decided to return to their former lives in the Cloudspine. They had not achieved notoriety, and instead earned the ire of their relatives for shirking their noble duties. Gwendolen was taken in by her grandmother and formally educated, but she didn't take the lessons well. Instead, she entertained herself with stories of adventure and came to idolize the figure of the knight-errant. At the age of 14, Gwendolen forced herself into the company of passing knights in the hope that they'd take her on as a squire. Her opportunity came some years later, when she was old enough to participate in the hunts. A passing knight, known only as Sir Wymar, was impressed with her ability and took her as his shield-bearer.

During her time with Sir Wymar, Gwendolen became well-acquainted with the wider Oathlands. She put her survival skills to use and proved herself a valuable asset to her mentor. In return, he educated her in matters of chivalry and swordplay. One day, when traveling the road between Greenhaven and Highhill, the two were set upon by a band of shavs. Gwendolen took up a spear from Wymar's pack and pack and aided him in combat. She spotted a shav preparing to strike her mentor from the side, and quickly ran him through. Sir Wymar dispatched the other two with his sword. Following the battle, the old knight dubbed her on the field. By the time that Gwendolen left her mentor's employ, she was a proud knight.

When she returned to the Cloudspine, she enlisted in her family's army. Gwendolen proved herself a capable soldier, and became intimately familiar with the heft of a halberd. Her unit saw combat during the construction of the Great Road, often deployed to combat bands of hostile Abandoned. Gwendolen earned a name with herself during a skirmish that took place in a peasant village. A host of shavs appeared in the night and began to set houses alight. The watchmen roused their comrades from slumber and Gwendolen took command, leading her retinue into combat. They were far outnumbered and pushed back into the center of the village, where they formed a barricade and held out. Gwendolen sent one runner to call for reinforcements, which arrived at the break of dawn. They pushed back the raiders in the morning, and her unit was finally relieved after hours of fighting.

Tale of their stand must have reached the ears of her fellow knights. In the month that followed, while Gwendolen recovered from her injuries, she received an invitation to be inducted into the King's Own. She was more than eager to accept.

Name Summary
Arcadia A soon to be crownsworn. I admire her. I don't think I could ever fulfill that type of vow myself.
Dante Aspiring King's Own. Seems to have the imposing build and the right mindset to keep from driving herself insane. Likely she'll do a good job of it. Gutsy to sit around in the Queensrest like that, that shows spine and therefore promise.
Eleanor Talented and capable - she has pride for what she's done, and ambition to do more, but there's nothing wrong with either of those things when done in the name of the Crown. I think she'll do very well and I'm excited to watch her do it.
Liesel A sensible someone in a sea of dagger-eyes.