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Princess Allegra Pravus

Life is too beautiful to waste being all serious about it.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: The Kind Viper
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Birthday: 3/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Pale

Titles: Crimson Shark of Setarco

Description: Bright blue eyes gleam with unmistakable cunning as one finds Allegra Pravus' gaze. Belonging to someone who commands an ever-busy mind, they reveal someone capable of flowing through the narrowest of cracks to come out on the outside of any cage, find her way out of any bad spot. Lush lips are quick to smirk at the defeated foe, and to shine brilliantly at a loved one, while golden locks of hair spill down Allegra's head to mark her as another one of Setarco's sun-maned children. Delicate, Allegra is said to have been graceful like any courtier, but her brief captivity during the war against House Argento left the young girl with a limp on her left leg, something that adds an unique layer of mystery to the beautiful woman.

Personality: Allegra wears her sarcasm and wit like a veil of misdirection, the young woman's love for words and books expertly weaved into sharp cynism that is all the rage in the courts of Setara. The youngest Pravosi has no patience for arrogant fools, but may have a certain weakspot for good-hearted ones, her mercy towards broken things and underdogs derived almost entirely from her father's teachings and an ability to see herself in them.

The Pravosi carries herself with the ease of a Setarcan courtier and is renowned for her love for wine, her talent for butchering her rivals with her sharp words, and her kind and gentle demeanor to those less fortunate than her.

Background: It is never easy being the youngest daughter of a dynasty, but when it comes to a House like Pravus that is an understatement. Growing up, Allegra felt outclassed just about everywhere, simply too late to make a splash in a court filled with brilliant scions of a legacy older than the Reckoning itself. Condemned to be the second best, if she was lucky, Allegra knew she had to do something dire if she wished to fight her fate.

Much to the woe of her family, Allegra chose the books. Not occult knowlege, nor erotica or religion. Allegra just randomly selected a book each week, and ravenously learned it.

Although her sisters and cousins found it strange, and many thought such a beautiful woman should have sought the ways of a courtier, Allegra paid them little heed, and kept reading and when Pravus Keep library dried up, she had her beloved father expand it, twice and, a year later, three times its size. By then, many had pegged young Allegra as a sure-to-be disciple of Vellichor, but the girl was not ready to commit to the Faith just yet.

Time passed, and it was during one of her many trips to lands under Pravus rule that Allegra heard of House Argento's uprising and their assassination of Duke Piero. More troubling still was the fact her hosts, local merchants in Bravura, chose to throw their lot with the rebelling family. Suddenly, Allegra became a prisoner, and for much of the war, that is what she remained.

It would take the fall of House Argento and Lady Celeste Pravus' marching down onto Bravura for Allegra to be released from captivity. Since then, Lady Allegra Pravus has been an eerie reminder of the ugliest sides of war, a young beauty sapped of her grace as tortures visited upon her have the girl walk with a limp to this day.

Now fully healed, in mind and body, as well as she will ever be, Allegra joins her family in Arx, part of their court and by her family's side, where is her place to be.

Relationship Summary

  • Belladonna - Beloved big sister. I hope I can make you proud.
  • Celeste - You are so strong and brave. I wish to be more like you.

  • Family:
  • Sebastian - Cousin of best advice

  • Protege:
  • Aisha - A source of comfort in trying times. I hope I can help you half as much as you help me.
  • Name Summary
    Appolonia It's good to meet someone who is aware of their humility. It is truly something to boast of.
    Esme I wasn't sure at first. She was a little reserved, but then she started to warm up. We shall be the best of friends, obviously
    Graziella I have not had much chance to spend time with my cousin in the past, which is regrettable. But I believe we shall get along quite well!
    Monique She was welcoming, witty and lovely, and everything I've come to expect from anyone bearing the Pravus name.
    Sebastian I'm glad my cousin is seeking to get out more: she shows a great strength of character, and we will need her soon. I only hope she finds her way, and finds her place, before anything else goes wrong.