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Ephrath Drake

Words are like gems - most valuable when they're real.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Original Sin
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Drake
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 8/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Umber

Description: Neither very tall nor especially curvaceous, Ephrath cuts an unobtrusive figure in frame. It is her facial features, however, that may draw notice. While her dark, umber skin is seemingly flawless and complemented well by long, sleek black hair, it is her eyes that provide points of sharp contrast. Beneath high-arched, expressive brows, they are silver lined in a deeper grey just at the edges; thick lashes shaping them. Her nose is perhaps a bit too broad and flat, but smooths into soft cheeks that still hold the illusion of youth where they sweep into a delicate jaw and full, pouty lips. And though the rest of her is free of many marrs, her deft hands hold the many small marks and nicks of someone who has worked by a forge.

Personality: Ephrath is not a shy woman, but she is a reserved one. She simply withholds her thoughts and her exuberance for the right time; right place; right people. While she can be very focused, intent, and excitable over certain things -- such as her craft -- she is the utter opposite when it comes to everything else in that she can be cold, distant, and even flippant about things that do not interest her. When she is in her element, comfortable, and interested it may be nigh impossible to shut her up, but if she doesn't care about something it is equally likely that she'll simply change topics as it is she'll wander off.

Background: When she was but a small girl, Ephrath didn't speak. Her parents, thinking her simple, sent her off to the village smithy where she would at least be useful in assisting around the shop. Whether it was the older man's gentle ways or Ephrath's interest in his work, she eventually began to speak to and with him. After some time, he took her on as an apprentice rather than simply someone tending to cleaning the shop and around the forge.

While Ephrath did take to the basics of forging, it was the smaller things she found skill at. When people would bring jewelry to be repaired, it was often Ephrath who did the work (even if none but the smith himself knew). She had a knack for it, particularly under his tutelage. When he passed away, another came to take over his shop and assumed the girl came with it. They had no time nor care for her 'playing' at the forge nor the pets (snakes, mostly) that she kept. Ephrath lost her voice again.

When the new smith turned out to be an abusive taskmaster besides, Ephrath simply left. She was not beholden to him in any way: it was a job. And she felt herself skilled enough to find a job anywhere. 'Anywhere' turned out to be more difficult than she initially thought: most towns, villages, and even ships in the Isles having no need (or want) for her. So she turned her attention to Arx, opting to take the risk so many have before her.

Name Summary
Alarissa A lover of snakes it seems, a little on the high strung side. But her craft is where she shines and there are few I think, who could shine brighter. I wish Joscelin were here to see her.
Amund Business drive and a touch of mischief. I think she's the next great jeweler in town.
Anisha Messere Ephrath is as delightful to speak with as her creations are to wear. And her companion is a lovely creature, too!
Arcadia So very very thraxian.
Dianna Fine taste in craftsmen, with gall enough to pull off quite an extraordinarily unusual gown. Nonetheless, a little ill-at-ease for some reason. One can only wonder why.
Esme Oh! The wonder of wonders. She has Fluffy and that is already something wonderful. She's taking steps on her path. That is also wonderful and we are going to be the best of friends. BEST OF FRIENDS.
Mabelle A demure yet talented crafter. I'm sure she will do well in the city.
Mirk A touch eccentric, as most creatives are, but reasonable when it comes to her business. I look forward to seeing what she creates.
Ras Kinda weird and interesting. All that chalk in her scarf. Guess she's big on art.
Roran I wandered into her shop, to see who the new jewlers are in the city and always do I find Jayus's inspirations, laid out and gleaming. Though surely not all can be laid at Jayus' feet, this is a jeweler with whom I am sure, one should watch.
Sabella A lovely young jeweler who seems a bit shy, but since Lady Esme has taken a shine to her I'm sure that won't last! Or if it does it won't matter for she will make sure she's the talk of the town before long!
Saya She is like Saya. She sees things differently. Saya likes her. Saya and Ephrath can be strange and different together.
Tatienne A jeweler from the mourning isles, who knows people Felix does as well. I'll have to keep her in mind next time I require jewelry.
Zoey A good eye and skilled hands. I may have found my new go-to jeweler.