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Lord Moros Inverno

And the dying man asked, in shock, 'You bit me! Don't you know honor? Loyalty?!' to which the shark replied 'I do not. I only know how to swim, and to kill.'

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Libertine Deathdealer of Caina
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Inverno
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 2/13
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Warrior
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: tan

Titles: Black Tooth of Caina

Description: Moros is a product of his mixed heritage of Inverno and Pravus, a handsome man of chiseled features that give him airs of sharp deviousness. Debonair, the man has confidence in spades, often leading many to think the brash young Shark isn't taking things seriously until it is too late.

Standing at six foot one, the graceful Lycene is fierce and agile, his strong body showing the scars of his training and muscle tone that blends grace and power in deadly fashion. His hair is kept short on his sides, giving the young man a fin of sorts in the form of a mohawk fade. Although not common among the Inverno, it seems to agree with Moros's wild demeanor.

His eyes are amber-colored, and the young Shark's face is seemingly always eager to relax for a joke or a flirt. Moros acts in bursts of agility and purpose, skill built on talent and confidence, and on his left cheek he bears the mark of his father, a sharp shark tooth.

Personality: Moros is not content with being just a Shark of Caina: he is widely known as a hero of the people, and he acts like it. Dashing good looks? He has them and he knows it. Good dancer and singer? Not really, but taking part is what matters. Brave and fearless? Well, of course he is! The young man is a hurricane of charisma like a fire burns within him and he cannot, and will not, ignore it.

That does come with its downsides, however, as Moros is often thought to be unreliable. He is almost never on time, and at any gathering the Shark is more likely to be drunk as a skunk than somber like the rest of his stoic family. Thankfully, Moros has learned a long time ago to perform at his peak even in these conditions, so much so that many think his performance is predicated in this lifestyle, not despite of it.

Background: The story of Marena and Moros begins with the wild romance of their parents, the tale that inspire the Ballad of Hearts and Swords. Bitter enemies for years, Adela Pravus and Auster Inverno would meet again when the Sin sailed to Caina demanding a match to end their rivalry once and for all. The Black Tooth aquiesced to a duel, if the challenger could defeat his disciples. The Setarcan dispatched the Shark's apprentices with swift violence. Auster, however, would prove himself to be far more skilled and would come out victorious. As Adela, bloodied but not beaten, glared at the breathless Inverno, their fires changed and mingled, and a month later they would be wed. From this union Marena and Moros were born, and the legend of the Twin Fins of Caina would begin.

From the onset Marena and Moros were designed for war, the combined Inverno and Pravus heritage and upbringing under the Black Tooth having sealed their fates. Each twin did pursue their own hobbies, with Moros leaning towards physical activities, hunting and jousting, drawn to the rush of life that made him beloved among the crowds. Each sunrise started the same, however, with the two training under Auster.

A harsh father, and demanding tutor, Auster believed one of them would inherit his Gift of Endings, while the other would disappoint him. Only one would bear the title of Black Tooth of Caina, and for that he would make Marena and Moros not just rivals: they would be enemies, and would bear their scars to prove it. Caina knew of the dispute well, and many felt for the young children of Auster Inverno. The city would grow used to the heated arguments between the Black Tooth and his Setarcan wife over the subject.

A year to go before their final test and the writing was on the wall: Lady Marena was all but sure to be the heiress to her father's title. She had mastered the Inverno posture of fencing while Lord Moros had fallen behind. To the experienced warriors of the Inverno it was the the drunkard Moros had squandered his potential.

As Lord Auster fomented further strife, it was during their birthday celebration that the two fought at the Throatcut Docks. The argument was heated and soon devolved into a fistfight, a quagmire of bottled emotions bursting free, old wounds bared for the city to see. By the end the commonfolk watched in pity as the ever-serene Marena gave an indignant screech of defeat, Moros standing over his sister bloodied and looking anything but victorious.

Adela would divorce from Auster and take the broken Marena to Setarco to heal while Moros stayed behind as the new Black Tooth. Moros would be embraced by the people, cheered as a hero and, ever the free spirit, he would behave as one. Every day a new duel, every night a new lover, and the cycle would have continued, if not for the summons of Marquessa Tyche Inverno, and the war in the Saffron Chain. Just like his father had done a year before, Moros stood up and left without notice, meeting his liege in Arx and offering his sword to her service.

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