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Seren Walker

Being a merchant isn't just about the money! No, it's about spinning dreams that people never knew they had, and then helping the customer achieve their new dream.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Ravashari Jeweler
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Walker
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: average height
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: black
Skintone: warm bronze

Description: Whether it is the radiant bronze of her complexion or the turn of a smile on her lips, there's something approachable and warm about this woman. Even the depths of her black irises are more akin to a moonless summer's night than the foreboding black of fear and dread. The short stature plays out only up close as her movement and carriage are done with such confidence as to make her appear even larger than reality. The hourglass of her figure is paired with the subtle, wiry strength of her profession.

Personality: Seren's personality is usually split along one of three ways: happy, curious, and focused. Few are the times when a stranger has not been greeted with the warmth of Seren's smile. She's not always bubbly or even exuberant, but there's a level of joy that simmers just beneath the surface, constantly infecting her features with the light of real warmth. And you know those people that take in strays? Be they pets or neighbors? Yeah, she's one of those people. But don't cross her with a deal made in bad faith or it becomes all storm clouds and lightning and threats of Ravashari curses.

Background: For the first score of years of her life, Seren knew the road and a wagon as home more than anything else. She was born in the back of one of these traveling homes, and raised by an extended family of Ravashari. It was from these transient prodigals that Seren would learn her joy for life and her passion for instilling that joy into others. First it was with song and dance, two things that she likes to think herself quite skilled in. Later it was with tinkering and small metal repair.

Ask any that make their living on the road, however, and you will learn that it's a harsh and dangerous place to be. Luck runs out sometime and when it does, its end is often announced with banditry or starved animals. That was the case for Seren. An early snowstorm caught their caravan before it could make the mountain pass, stranding them in Nightgold lands and making the whole group easy pickings.

The first tragedy in Seren's life was the largest. Half the caravan was destroyed when caught unawares by the raiding of brigands. Had it not been for the timely march of Nightgold soldiers then the rest would have followed. Seren was rescued, along with some others, and taken for shelter.

With her immediate family lost to her and a rather cute guard offering to help get her back on her feet, Seren spent time, the first time in her life, in one place. She stayed, rested, enjoyed her time with her Merle (The Guardsman) and even took an apprenticeship with one of the local jewelers. But staying wasn't for her, not really. So one day she was off again, to see what was over a different horizon.

Now she's come to Arx, ready to tell stories spun from metal and gems, and play a game where she sees how far in the world those baubles can make it.

Name Summary
Agostino Hospitable, with a great eye for detail and some common interests that I look forward to helping her explore.
Anisha Messere Seren is the first Ravashari I've met who's not a part of House Rivenshari. Goldsmith, dancer, flirt. She's an intriguing woman, and I'm pleased to share my time and expertise with her. I expect we will learn ever so much from each other in the days and weeks and months to come...
Astrid A very polite new jeweler in town, and one of the Ravashari! It brightened my day to see more of us in the city, and opting to remain here. Color and smiles will be brought to lives because of this!
Ember When Messere Walker dances, it becomes difficult to even clap along to the beat. Too much of one's mind becomes devoted to making sure that what one is seeing is real.
Evaristo I salute someone dedicated in the pursuit of lore to make music or art or, even for personal satisfaction. Me? I don't know if I could be that patient! Seren Walker is also very pleasant and charming, and easy to talk to. I wish her all the luck finding what she looks for.
Gaspar Wild, uninhibited and lovely. A dancer's body coupled with an unbridled spirit. Beware, those of little restraint. You will fall under her spell.
Gunnar Mistress Seren is quite the jeweler, saleswoman, and hostess. I look forward to seeing more of her works in the future.
Ida Seren Walker is someone who, when she speaks, immediately draws you in. There is an energy there that seems to sharpen words into images, or at least it was so for me. She is warm and easy to speak with, yet I get a feeling there is a great deal more to her than meets the eye. As well, it is always wonderful to laugh about and talk a bit of shop with someone who truly understands.
Iseulet A lovely woman on a path of mystery. I wish I could help her more... maybe in the future I will be able to.
Mabelle A polite young jeweler with a real knack of goldsmithing. She's amusing as well.
Matteo Lovely, wild adventure.
Piccola A craftswoman looking to broaden her horizons. There is much to find in this world, and it will come with time, but she seems the sort to do what she wants when she wants to, and so it is best for her to prepare for where her heart takes her.
Ras Knows more than most folk about some things. Seems like a decent person. Wonder if she's that trusting with everybody.
Reigna An artist with metal, gem and stone. She is warm and captivating in the way of her people, blessed in many ways and someone that i hope shall develop into a dear friend.
Rosalind Ren is great! It looks like I have something to talk to her about! I may need to order some, since I don't own any!
Saro A Ravashari woman with her gaze on the stars, intriguing as most of her people.
Svana A fun Ravashari woman who has many talents and I could talk to for hours. She's truly a treat - now that I see it, I will not be letting her get away unfriended!
Talwyn A dancer that has a star falling in her honor. I look forward to learning more about her as she shares a name with Iseulet. And apparently, interesting body things that she doesn't show.
Tarik An interesting REdrain, and the second person I met who is studying the stars. I am not sure if I made her smile face to face, but I hope the knowledge I shared will be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Xanthe She seems a lovely girl. Patient and not annoyingly demanding for me to tell her about things I know little of.