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Lord Kastelon Keaton

I walk the places few dare to tread, I remove whatever causes dread. Did that rhyme? Damn. It rhymed.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Guardian of the People
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 8/21
Religion: Oathlands Orthodox
Vocation: Noble huntsman
Height: tall
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: hazel green
Skintone: tanned

Description: Kastelon Keaton is a tall man, standing just under six and a half feet. His is a leanly muscular build; a form honed to whipcord strength and agile grace. His hair is a sun streaked chestnut, a short, well maintained beard only enhances his rugged good looks. Hazel green eyes have flecks of gold, hooded as they are by thick brows. Dimples are hidden beneath is beard, his lips are thin, though expressive.

Personality: He is a man of rare smiles, though he is not without humor. He is simply wary, and guarded, aware that attack might come at any time, often when least expected. Despite his proclivity towards gruffness, his is a generous heart, a protector of all things innocent. He would be the last to say he is a good man, but those that know him speak of his loyalty to family, to Compact and to the gods.

Background: Born a distant cousin to the ruling branch of the Keaton family, Kastelon never considered the necessity for all the political niceties and simply focused on the good, honest work of keeping the people of Oakhaven safe. He easily took up the skills of a Huntsman, efficient with both sword and bow, trained to walk stealthily through forest and field.

He was good at his work, and soon found himself in need of a challenge. So it was that he began hunting more dangerous game. Not just bandits and poachers, but the creatures found deep in the woods, the sources of rumor, of legend and myth. Mostly he finds really angry, really messed up bears. Sometimes he finds things he'd rather not speak of.

After a particularly difficult mission, he has decided that he's earned himself a bit of a rest and a chance to recuperate with his family in Arx.

Name Summary
Aella I can't believe I didn't recognize him right away. Thankfully, he was gracious enough not to hold it against me.
Amari While he claims to be more comfortable in the woods with the squirrels than not, I'm sure he can still learn the ways of the Arxian wildlife and endure, if not thrive. If not, at least everyone will like his dog.
Audgrim Did not hesitate to kill a wounded animal, and seems amicable.
Calla Very hard to get a read on, stoic even I might say, but I do wonder what's going on in that head of his. Color me intrigued.
Celine Lord Kastelon is possibly a little deeper than he at first appears, though I couldn't be certain on such a brief encounter. Things that hide in the shadows. Hmmm.
Cirroch Quiet and observant when he wants to be, otherwise a sturdy fellow with calm head.
Claude A rugged and genial man, quite friendly and accepting. Handsome animal companions.
Cristoph I'll forever weep for Lord Kastelon's failed venture into becoming a professional cow racer. Luckily for him, he has other traits that will likely serve him well in the future. Like being a well spoken, intelligent conversationalist that makes a good impression and also understands it's unwise to grind himself into a literal dust in an attempt to complete his duties.
Damiana Lord Kastelon is pragmatic, willing and able to consider the downsides and worst case scenarios. That mindset isn't as common as I would wish, and I find it very refreshing.
Daria Another lover of the hunt. I met him only briefly but do hope soon we may enjoy a hunt together.
Denica Balanced. A clever conversationalist. Perceptive.
Drusila If he manages to heal that eye, I hope he keeps the eyepatch. I'm kinda into it.
Erik A warrior or a hunter? It seems he is favoring his leg, and an injury could have been from either activity. Seeing how he handles his own family is giving me at least an idea of the man.
Esme Oh but a man with many ideas. I shall have to delve deeper into his mind soon. We are certain to be friends.
Everett Lord Kastelon! I was lucky to be able to deliver a fresh cask of mulled cider to the Sleepless Knights Inn while the Lord Keaton happened to be there and where he just happened to be drinking cider himself. Gave my heart a good wholesome feeling to know that folks do appreciate good food. Makes all of the summer's hot work worth it. Lord Kastelon was gracious enough to invite me to table, where we sat and chatted about Acorn Hill, Pieros, the harvest, and home.
Gaspard A deadshot, I'm glad we're on the same side. I'll have to speak with him later. If he survives.
Georgine Taciturn, maybe? Or perhaps just very very dry...
Gerrick The lad that had landed into my troop has grown to an amazing man. He alone could carry the name of the Shadow Rabbits if they chose to. Dutiful, kind, and an amazing friend through the years.
Giada Not bad. It was a nice chat.
Grady A hardened warrior, of the sort that Arx seems to be turning out of late. Still, he wears it well. The eyepatch is quite dashing.
Ilira Not a pirate? A man so leather-clad and armed to the teeth should be!
Isabeau Pleasant, engaging company. I hope to get to know this new "pirate" over time, as I do all those from the Oathlands.
Iseulet A big bear of a man that easily hides his sense of humor. Not much of an apetite, even if you set the food down in front of him. Good for telling stories. I will see him again, I'm sure.
Jaenelle A quiet man. Not because I don't believe he has nothing to say but because he is careful with the words he chooses.
Kaia A seasoned archer hailing from the Oathlands. Eager to compete; polite and friendly. I look forward to getting to know him better.
Katarina There is wisdom in keeping up one's guard. TOO MUCH of it rotates back around to the other side of things, but nothing indicates to me that such is the case with Lord Kastelon.
Klaus Another polished and unspasting knight of the oathlands, if perhaps a tad grim
Mabelle Good old Lord Keaton. I'm going to get in trouble now for calling him old right? Well he called me skinny!
Margerie My young cousin, more of a nephew, of true Keaton stock: excellent with weapon and beast.
Maris Tall and well-built, a lord of House Keaton. Seemed a jovial an' affable sort, not too serious. Not the worst type of nobleman to brush shoulders with.
Mattheu The Keaton lord does have a sense of humor, just need to dig a little to find it under the otherwise rough exterior
Medeia The tall, pensive, tree-climbing Keaton lord of cow-racing fame.
Pasquale Seems to put doing his duty above doing what his heart tells him is right. I hope that never comes back to haunt him.
Porter Some nobles claim to humble and retiring because they're attempting to achieve a certain image, this one I actually believe.
Raimon Lord Keaton was one of those wounded in our latest battles in the southland, more honor to him and praise to his name. A steady man, a stalwart huntsman, he and his avian friend Dart made my acquaintance at the Valardin Pub. Good cider. Good times. Good man. Well - met!
Raja He hit the nail on the head. Good people are people you can rely on to have your back, especially when things get rough.
Reigna Our Lord Kastelon, a quiet and thoughtful man in all things. He is mild, or at least gives the impression of such, but I think there is a deeper self lurking underneath the surface.
Rook It is always reassuring to meet someone so focused on his responsibilities, and where they lie in the greater good. A man worthy of being called noble - were I ever to engage in a hunt, I would want him at my side.
Silvio The immediate impression one gets is of the strong, silent type, noble gameskeeper, et cetera... but there's a profoundity and poetry that strains to fly free. Oh, there is certainly more to him than there may appear on first glance; I find myself inclined to learn how much more.
Svoli A hunter who seems to be more comfortable in the wild than in the city. I totally get that.
Talwyn A Keaton Lord. I can appreciate his honesty. There is never anything wrong with being true to yourself.
Temira Although we come from different backgrounds and lives, we share similar views on life. He was enjoyable to talk to and I hope to see more of him. He was quite good looking as well. oh and his dog was super cute.
Thea The Lord Kastelon hasn't changed at all. And you know--still enjoying his cow and wooded areas. He keeps it simple.
Thesbe Vigilant in scouting, seems to take his duty as huntsmen seriously. And he favors the bow. Hopefully we can test our skills against each other in a tournament, always nice to have like minded people about.
Valencia When I first met Lord Kastelon in my Hart the first thing I noticed was his warmth. Surrounded as he was by spirited ladies, he was calm and at ease and a delight to converse with. There is quiet strength to him that I think is likely underestimated.
Volcica The strong, quiet type. The best kind of person to have around.
Ysabel No doubt it was a fluke that allowed my cow to best his cow, he is a Keaton after all and I am in awe of him and his skills.
Zakhar An amazing shot