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Baron Aedric Blackshore

"...for when the beast fell, its sickly ichor polluted our waters -- and our blood. Even now, after countless generations, we can feel it coursing through our veins. Dare you tempt the might of a leviathan?"

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Wayward Mariner
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 40
Birthday: 9/13
Religion: Pantheon - Mangata
Vocation: Sailor
Height: tall
Hair Color: ashen
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: pale

Titles: Baron of New Hope

Description: Tall, like his brothers, and lean. He keeps his dark hair cut short and ensures his facial hair is always properly managed. He is known to adorn plate and chainmail during skirmishes on land or sea. In the eyes of a pirate, hurricane-force winds are preferable to boarding any vessel under the youthful Blackshore's employ. Cold, ruthless, relentless; few scoundrels are known to have escaped the man's wrath. To merchants and port authorities, Aedric is prompt, professional, law-abiding, and discrete. Those under his directly employ, whether they be marines or contracted sailors, admire his fearlessness, discipline, respect for the sea, and knowledge of sailing. If caught ashore, he is usually seen in garb that would signify him a simple commoner (e.g. leather boots, loose trousers, and a linen tunic).

Personality: Aedric takes great care to show empathy and respect to men and women from all walks of life, no matter their heritage or occupation. Curious by nature, he can often be found in markets inspecting books or foreign goods. Though often perceived as stern by enemies and clients, he frequently smiles and is usually the first to introduce himself when in the presence of strangers. Due to a semi-obsessive attitude toward record keeping, the sailor maintains a ledger on his person to record a wide variety of important dates, names, values, drawings, and observations. At sea, or when matters are of some personal significance, his countenance may be perceived as unflinching and austere.

Background: Born in the shadow of Cornelius and Oswald, Aedric developed an immediate aversion to court politics and family diplomacy. Opting instead to follow in his bloodline's rich history of mercantilism and exploration, he spent most of his childhood pouring over textbooks, joining vassals and fishmongers on their expeditions to sea, and memorizing naval trade routes. The older he grew, the less time he spent ashore -- missing even the marriages of his brothers and births of his nieces and nephews. Rather than utilize the resources granted to him by noble privilege, he worked tirelessly to establish commercial and personal relationships throughout Arvum.

Name Summary
Alarissa He rises to the occasion with a grace and dedication that I do not often see and I know that all that has been built will flourish with his additional guidance.
Brigida A stout fighting type. Stood firm against the Tainted.
Dante A mariner efficient in bladework and not lacking in bravery, it was a delight to explore and fight beside him cleansing evil from the world. I do not know much of the Blackshores, but he acquitted himself in a manner favorable to his house.
Denica A polite man, one that no doubt has a great amount of knowledge and experience. He isn't one to flash it about, rather his subtly shows a level of strength and composure that will surely serve him well.
Desma Lord Aedric strikes me as someone who could calmly navigate the stormiest of seas, and it looked like there were plenty of those happening at the Blackshore family soiree.
Domonico One for notetaking this man, especially after pertinant questions. I do not fault him for doing so at all.
Dycard You do not know what a relief it is to have my fears confirmed, as paradoxical as that sounds.
Ember A fine hunter. There are very, very few more useful qualities in life that someone might have.
Emily The lord does not give up and has a practical outlook. Certainly someone easy to work with and I greatly appreciate his aid in securing Lord Eswynd as best we could.
Gaspar Lord Aedric is a stern man with a driven focus. I feel whatever leash he finds himself attached to is near to snapping, as his future is being shaped by sheer will. House Blackshore is in driven hands and it will be an exciting ride.
Haakon Solid sort. Steady fighter. Just don't ask him to hold a rope.
Jasher Lord Aedric appears to me a haunted man. I would pity him but for the tenacity he wields in spite of his demons...or perhaps because of them.
Katherine When I met Lord Aedric, I discovered the true value in recalling that old saying: a book should not be judged by its cover. He was covered in brine from head-to-toe, his hair a wild mop, and his attire selected by a shav pirate. However, upon speaking with him at some length, I found him educated, well-bred, and as with most new people I have encountered since I first arrived in Arx, direct in his speech. I look forward to seeing what blossoms from this acquaintanceship.
Martino Older Lord and a wise hand in the ring. While he lost, he kept his composure. He kept allowing his cousin to try and test against him, keeping his family ready for the worst to come.
Medeia We have more beliefs in common than one might expect at first glance, and I respect his willingness to say the hard things people do not always want to hear.
Orland Traditionalist.
Rane Stoic and skilled, he is earning his keep with my cousin, Brigid. These horrors did not frighten him and that is a good thing, as we needed bravery today. He was a quick dispatch with a blade.
Romulius My uncle - a wonder that he calls my father brother. His steady hand keeps Blackshore afloat.
Scylla My liege lord, captain, savior and friend. That's a lot to be to one person, but I can't think of a time he's failed at any of them.
Valdemar He clearly has a keen mind for logistic matters, something I greatly appreciate, and good humor atop that.
Vittorio A man of few few few words. Another coin master like me.