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Action Id: 2328 Crisis: Participants: Jeffeth, Bliss, Niklas, Korka and Caith
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 14, 2018, 12:53 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 50
Military Resources: 50
Social Resources: 100
Action Points: 40

Action by Jeffeth

We are going to Morning Mist Hill. A place lost to maps. A day or so northwest of the Twilight Court, heading towards the Mother river before it branches into the daughter. The mission is to find the ancient site of the orphanage and abbey that Sandrine fell at. We have the knowledge that Gray Forest Reavers, an abandoned Tribe, may have a shrine at this site, and they may be Teindpayers. Also Nox'alfar may be here? Unsure. Prince Tyrval has provided rough directions. A small team is going with Jeffeth Bayweather on this expedition as a scouting operation. The intent here is to get a look at what's going on and how possible setting up a future orphanage and abbey would be, setting up a holy site for pilgriamage.

Sir Jeffeth Bayweather will be ranging. His primary task will be making sure everyone survives to get to the location in question. The others will be brought around to make contact and BE NICE! We do not want to hurt or kill any Gray Forest Reavers here. If there is hostility, Sir Jeffeth is expecting the more social creatures in his crew to smoothe things over and make contact, learn about any potential paths forward. It also doesn't hurt that Jeffeth is bringing gifts (resources) to gift to the Abandoned tribe (or whoever they find), finely made things and treats that they may not be able to get all the way out here!

Action by Bliss

Bliss is not a diplomat. Nope. In fact, the Whisper loves nothing more, it seems, than riling up those around her - except, perhaps, attention. She can handle herself with her sword if need be, of course, but what she can really do is charm with song. Likely working with Niklas, she will use the universal language to soothe any worries or impress the Gray Forest Reavers.

But what she's really hoping for is an appearance from some members of her fan club. After all, that's why she's been asked along, isn't it? And if the Nox come out to meet their idol, she is just going to have the most wonderful time with them. She's even brought souvenirs - dolls of herself and the like. In a big box. Presumably dragged along by a mule. Someone is bringing a mule, right? Well, if not, there's Jeffeth.

Action by Korka

Korka is coming along! She will assist in defending those going, and do her best to assist with smoothing any trouble over with the Abandoned (as she can). If they do make it to the orphanage/abbey, she'll scout it out and gather what info she can on who (and what) all might be using the ruins.

Action by Caith

Princess Caith is here to FITE and be a BADASS!! Haha, no, don't be silly. Her role is to charm her little patoot off and soothe any hostilities that may arise. She is good at reading a room, figuring out the emotional wants and needs of a group in order to diffuse a situation. Plus? She's just delightful company! Stories, puns and laughter -- when appropriate. Always when /appropriate/. See: earlier 'reading the room' comment.

Action by Niklas

Niklas is going along with Jeffeth to act as the group's diplomat just in case any diplomatic crises break out. And to play the banjo just in case people need the morale boost! But mostly the diplomacy thing. While hiding behind Jeffeth for the most part.


Roll Result: 118

Off Jeffeth goes, and he takes a merry band to travel to Morning Mist Hill, the place where Sandrine once met her end in the protection of children. They travel through the day, north and west of the Twilight Court, following the exceptionally vague directions Prince Tyrval gave and hoping they don't get accidentally caught in a Folly and killed. Though perhaps a few of them are privately thinking it would be nice to be caught in a Folly and survive (never tell them the odds).

And then Korka notices something in the trees. They're being followed. No one else notices it, mind - but she does, and when she points out the movement, an extremely aggravated and marginally embarrassed Nox'alfar shows himself. "Humans," says Norever, with a roll of his eyes and a heavy sigh. Even the sight of Bliss isn't quite enough to cheer him.

"You're running into Reaver territory," he says to them. "And if you get into a fight with them I'm going to help them win. Don't kill the Tiendpayers." He glares at them but then as they start to turn away to continue on, he blurts out as though the words are torn from him, "Can I have your autograph?" He hands Bliss a paper and pen and then slices his wrist open, offering it to her to use for ink. Not until she has signed are they allowed to proceed.%
Duly warned they move forward with caution. Jeffeth's size alone intimidates the people who come at last to meet them. But with Caith and Niklas doing more of the diplomatic talking, punctuated occasionally by very earnest comments about Sandrine and the children on the part of Jeffeth, they finally explain their purpose. The Reavers think about this for a long while.

"Alright," they say at last. "But we want a treaty with the Compact to leave our lands alone. We leave the orphanage alone and let pilgrims pass, and you leave our lands alone." Their main diplomat is man who speaks impeccable Arvani. "And don't think you can just agree here - you have to have a signed agreement from the King and the High Lords or we won't agree."

And then the Reavers leave the group with their hefty demands and an elf who crossly encourages them on toward home and away from the Gray Forest Reavers.