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Kennex and Thralls

Story Emits

As the dust settles on Stormward, a few things become clear. First, the Compact was really willing to put its money where its mouth was on thralldom. Really, really. The massive, overwhelming ridiculous amount of silver thrown at Stormward was almost two decades of its GDP and eradicated the damage by burying issues under mountains of money. That is good, even if it should be painfully clear to most involved that there is absolutely no way that the Compact could afford to do the same degree of response to every domain in Thrax, which lends some importance to measured responses and hoping Victus' reforms and gradual transitions work and are fully supported by those wishing to see thralldom in the ashbin of history. Not that the current troubles are by no means over. There's still an uptick in piracy going on, taking advantage of the hundreds upon hundreds of ships that visited Kennex waters from dozens of different houses by flying false flags and trying to prey on isolated shipping. And there's a small matter of religious fanaticism, and thousands of heavily armed individuals of uncertain intent. And how the traditionalists of the Isles will respond to further developments. It's still a powder keg.