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Story Emits

It's mid-morning when the servants of the Redrain Estate go to check on Prince Fergus, Sword of Farhaven. He isn't in his chambers that morning, which is no great surprise. Out training, they suppose. And so they go about their usual business, changing the bedsheets, checking the candles, sweeping the floor. Nothing at all seems out of the ordinary until one of the servants finds a pile of dust in the middle of his chambers, like an old fire got emptied out on the floor. But men will be men, the servant supposes, and it's not her place to ask, really. She goes on sweeping that pile of dust up until she sees something gleaming at the bottom of it, something that didn't burn down with the rest of the ashes. With a sweep of her broom, she reveals it: the Sword of House Redrain, Demonslayer, laid out reverently, without any sign of its master.

Crisis Updates

Southport has been busy. In the wake of the heist, or the dereliction of duty, or whatever it is that people are calling it, one thing is very clear - Duchess Calypso Malvici takes her responsibilities seriously, and she has friends. Speeches are made, alliances proven out, friends visible from all over the Compact. Trade routes are re-established, the chain of command has been restored, and no riots seem to be forthcoming.

In short, a triumph of the Compact working together to aid one of their capable leaders.