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Green Thumbs

Story Emits

Rumors swirl around the city of a number of gardeners working in house estates suddenly dropping dead. Now, most assume this is just a coincidence, or perhaps a sign of some sort of plant being far more toxic than assumed, but rumors hold that a separate gardener working the different estates of Houses Redrain, Velenosa, Laurent, Pravus, Fidante, Rubino-Zaffria, and Thrax. Ridiculous rumors that the gardeners actually dissolved is, of course, dismissed as nonsense.
While it's a bit unclear, the talk in the Iron Guard and some of the Lower Buroughs is a group of notables killed some large bear or some such that was running around the Lower Buroughs in an alleyway called Wolf's Run. Presumably escaped from the Menagerie or some such, there's some degree of thanks for Lady Monique Greenmarch, Lord Alessandro Greenmarch, Count Thesarin Riven, Lord Percephon Telmar, Archlector Etienne Telmar, Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Princess Coraline Thrax, Shard, Valery, Prince Barric Grayson, and Lord Commander Silas Whitehawk. It is assumed among the Iron Guard that Silas was recruiting some friendly notables for Iron Guard work, and it's much appreciated to take time out of his busy schedule for pest control.