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Conspiracies and Purges

Story Emits

In Arx and throughout Arvum, more shocking news spreads through the Compact of what seems to be the simultaneous murder or arrest of near three hundred scholars of Vellichor. In an extremely well coordinated operation that must have started well before the current unpleasantness of houses going to war with one another, scores of scholars traveling to and from Arx, and inside Arx proper, are found murdered in the city or cut down on the road in carefully planned attacks. At least two dozen alone were coming from the new Library of Lenosia.

Confessors led by High Inquisitor Alistair were seen arresting at least two dozen different nobles of a score of different houses, with Sparte of the Iron Guard fighting scholars in the street. Many, many scholars were killed by the Crimson Blades in brutal attacks, with the exact identities of the perpetrators still in question. Three nobles at least are known to be dead, Lord Farhairle Crovane, Lord Walter Harthall, and Lady Wenda Zaffria, all fairly closely related to the main lines of their family.

The reason for the attacks on the scholars is, as of yet, unknown.