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Niccolo's Farewell

Niccolo's Death

Story Emits

In the early morning hours, servants of House Velenosa reportedly discovered Niccolo Velenosa seated under his quiet rooftop gazebo. The former archduke wore a serene expression as he slept, a half-finished whiskey on the small table beside him and a small mirror in his lap. None of this would be unusual, save that the former archduke's skin was cold and pale and he did not stir when his guard moved to wake him. Simultaneously a heroic and a tragic figure, scarce few among the Lycene remember a time when Niccolo did not feature prominently in public life - those old enough recall his early days as the dashing and notorious heir apparent of Setarco, while others recite the famous love story of Niccolo and Carlotta from memory to their children. Nearly all know the more recent tales - the death of his true love, then of his closest daughter Esera. The disappearance of his second wife and the death of his beloved niece and withdrawal of his adopted son followed. Some say the latter and most recent misfortune was too much, after so many years of effort and focus. Certainly his retreat from formal activities was abrupt and noticed. Still others whisper less-than-fond memories of a man who played the Lycene game all too well, tales of intrigue, manipulation, and murder. As for his death, rumors and conspiracy fly through the Lycene district and beyond, but no official account has yet been given as to whether old age or some other culprit finally caught him.