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Northlands Civility

Story Emits

Different construction projects have been underway in the march of Aviaron's Peak for some time, but the sheer scale of them catches much of peerage by surprise as word spreads of what's been completed at Aviaron's Peak. The Grand Bazaar of Aviaron's Peak is arguably the single largest center of commerce in the Northlands, and one of the largest outside of Arx. Most striking with the growth of a huge new economic hub is the distinct lack of conflict around its establishment, with great pains being made to keep stability. Aside from the oversight by the Red Guard of House Acheron, its informal Merchants' Court is a widely praised notion in having the different mercantile factions quickly and amicably resolve any number of disputes. Trade is flourishing throughout the Northlands, but the Grand Bazaar is only one of three major construction projects at Aviaron. A huge stronghold for the Knights of Solace was constructed by the former grandmaster, Dame Thena, as one of her last acts before departing the service, and the hostile Northlands' roads are becoming considerably safer in the territory in between domains. Meanwhile, diplomats have made Aviaron's Peak a frequent stop, as Radiant Bliss Whisper and Gianna Whisper, the Nightingale of the Bard's College, founded an immense Whisper Palace some time ago. The quiet resolution of numerous disputes in the oft-fractious Northlands has been extremely noticeable among northern peers, and the combination of the increased trade, the Knights of Solace, and the Whispers has made for a dramatic drop in violence in the domains near Aviaron's Peak.

There is, however, an unexpected drop in Abandoned attacks throughout the rest of Arvum, even in the furthest flung reaches of the Mourning Isles or the Lyceum, which puzzles no few scholars that a more peaceful Northlands could result in reduced violence throughout the Compact. Some believe that Zulana's new Abandoned holding may be at least partly responsible, as uncomfortable as the thought might be. Others think that perhaps less violence in the Northlands reduces the migration of Abandoned groups that have caused them to travel throughout Arvum along the Great Road. It's unclear at this time, but it's the least violent period at present since the construction of the Great Road. For now.