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Arson, Murder, and Tax Dodging

Story Emits

Fires in the Lower Boroughs are an unfortunate, dangerous, but not entirely uncommon occurrence. For instance, the fire roughly two months ago that utterly consumed a rickety old residential building where some of the poorest in the city who still occasionally had two coins to rub together for rent were living. That building went up like tinder, and took a number of those residents with it. It's a tragedy, but it's not a terribly unusual tragedy.

Except maybe it isn't quite an accidental tragedy. There's a short but rapid rash of rumors throughout the Lowers that claim the building's former owner--one Simran Blundell, a notoriously unpleasant slumlord of some of the cheapest (and most dangerous) residential buildings in the Lower Boroughs was dropped off with the Iron Guard, bound and gagged, with evidence stuffed into his pockets that suggests he might have deliberately had the fire set.