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On Wings

Story Emits

Brother Tomwell Leary has gone missing, seemingly vanished without a trace. Truthfully that's hardly an emergency for the Faith of the Pantheon, with the sheer number of godsworn in Arx, even for one as wellborn as Tomwell and as respected as a counselor as he. Though quite a few templars remark under the strange perfectly white eagle feathers found in his bedroom in the Rectory, and how little sense it makes for him to be able to leave without being seen by the numerous guards. It remains a puzzling mystery.

That passes without notice to much of the city, who are more talking about an odd sighting in the sky. It had been cloudless for most of the day, and then there's numerous reports that a sudden cloud bank that looked just like a gigantic bird started moving rapidly to the west. Others claim to have seen a huge convocation of eagles, which is quite rare as they are normally solitary near Arx.

A day later, similar reports of strange sightings come from Sanctum, and then finally from Westrock Reach, as a great flight vanishes over the Eventide Vast.