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The Power of Hope

Story Emits

Word spreads through the city of the passing of Sister Juniper, former Whisper and beloved by many in the Compact. There are few details given on the exact manner of her passing, but coupled with other rumors spiraling from other parts of the Compact, there is no doubt that Sister Juniper left behind hope and light to comfort those that grieve for her. While many within the Faith and Whispers say words of mourning and offer prayers to the Queen of Endings in honor of her, it is within the Lowers where Juniper's death is felt the most. In taverns and inns through the Lowers, glasses are raised, toasts are made, and extemporaenous tunes are composed in honor of good Sister Juniper, who offered a message of hope and love that seems to especially stick here in the most hopeless of places in such uncertain times.