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Pastels are IN

Posted by Puffin on 06/12/18
Master Rook Grayward, Mistress Yasmine Rovashani and Mistress Aurora Thornburn teamed up for a fashion show and auction for three outfits in high quality linen, silk and seasilk respectively. It is well attended and goes over well amongst the fashion-minded crowd, with Radiant Selene Whisper, Mistress Mirari Corsetina and craftswoman Mistress Petal Penrose winning the auctions for the outfits.

Of particular note is Aurora's incredible attention to detail, and Yasmine's phenomenal way of finding the light and moving just so, all the better to accentuate and show off the divine garments. Surely these were inspired by Jayus himself!

It's an enjoyable evening that people continue to talk about well into the latest season. Such fashion!